Half elves fall in love chapter 104

Chapter 104: The circumstances of Sword Princess Sharon



Sharon, who appeared in Jackie-san’s workshop without wearing armor and having a sword, seemed to be a little clunky, with no aggression like 「I’m going to bite into a human for the time being」 until now. However, is it difficult to handle it?

“Fo, For the time being……I’m working on something right now, so why don’t you wait for a while. I think I´ll be free by the afternoon”

Since the work of engraving a work on a ring was in progress, Sharon looked a little out of time.

“……Let me wait here”

She says that and sits down on the bench in the corner of the workshop. The clothes she wears are not as dignified as Aurora, but are cotton clothes based on the light green color worn by common northern elves. Because of the simple clothes, the lines of her body come out clearly, and there is a natural ambition depending on how you look at it. Unexpectedly, for a pure-blooded elf, the line of my sight stagnates on her big chest and I hurry and concentrate on my work. Regardless of Laila or Hilda, normal women wouldn’t want to have someone to stare at their breasts. Nonetheless, if you’re making a flashy sound with the hammer, you’ll have trouble keeping yourself silent if you’re embossed.

“……Is the wound already good?”

I tried to change the atmosphere with that question for the time being. The wound from the last duel was received when the bikini armor was destroyed, as it was in the middle of her chest. It should have slanted from the armpit to the shoulder.

“Fortunately. It was completely cured by the power of the miraculous spring in the Silver clan territory. ……Wo, Would you like to see it?”

Does she really want to show it? I was a bit suspicious when she was wearing bikini armor.

“N, No. ……that, if you want to see……I’m the loser”
“But I’m not the winner”
“I think it’s Aurora who had a fight with you. Why do I win?”

I understand. Apparently, what I said “I’ll make an alternative armor” was received as a test for her pride. Of course, on the assumption that the production process is humiliating for Sharon, if she still accepts the loss and is not acceptable, then the sincerity of the Glory clan is also so great. It is a perversion as Gorkus pointed out.

“That’s why you were surely stopped by your big brother before coming here”

Felios is a man of a very bad attitude, but there is no doubt that he cares about Sharon in light of her actions so far, including listening. Felios has a place to communicate with General Lucas in terms of unfavorable big brother, but I think there is something to see only in that regard.

“I’m telling you, Sharon. I may be the cause of the fight, but I’m not crazy enough to be fooled by elves now.”
“Fi, Fight……that was a respectable duel”
“Be silent. A fight is a fight. ……And I’m a craftsman too, so I don’t do half the work to harass the customers who said that they really want it”

Dianne’s bikini armor was made for mischief from the beginning. In the first place, she is a person who doesn’t need armor.

“So if you think it’s your duty to have me make armor while making a lewd prank here……then go home. I’m pretty busy. I don’t have time to play with armor that no one wants”

Sharon stares at me stunningly. I said what I wanted to say, so I concentrate on my work. If you just say this much, you don’t have to worry about how it is going.

The ring engraving ended just before noon. Then finish the surface. Aurora’s birthday will be in time.

“Did you finished?”

Suddenly, Sharon was still sitting on the bench. I was wondering if she had already returned because her presence disappeared from the middle, but did she use her mind to kill her presence?

“……More or less, na”
“A ring……”
“It’s a reward and birthday gift for Aurora”
“……I’m envious. Ring……I wonder when I last put one on”

Sharon smiled. It’s kind of creepy because she is strangely calm which goes beyond gentleness. ……But that’s it. She has been waiting for me so far, I’m sure she really want an armor. Then that’s fine. If she really need it, I won’t be hesitant.

“I will make your armor, but it’ll take about a week to make it now”
“Is it okay to use the same design I made before?”
“Ye, Yes”
“……I’ll tell you, but I’m not going to engrave a transparent mark on it”
“……Th, That’s right”

And of course I thought I could make it transparent. ……However I make it seriously.

“If you don’t mind, sign a purchase order. I don’t take any money, but I need it to record the materials I used”

Sharon puts a little ink on a feather pen and signs it in smooth elf language. I can’t read it, but it’s probably signed properly.

“Good. Then the measurement is……well, I don’t need it. Is it okay to use the same size as before?”

If it is the same size as Dianne, there is no problem. I thought that, but Sharon shook her head.

“It’s not about play or punishment, it’s about making my armor properly. Please measure it properly”

If you return with the same reason as me, you can’t deny it.

“Then……that is so”

I’m worried about trying to measure with a paper rule.

“Do you want Jackie-san’s wife to measure you?”

Sharon wouldn’t be that anyway, even if she doesn’t care if I touches her boobs. I thought so, but Sharon pulled my sleeves back and said it’s fine.

“You……Andy Smithson, you measure it”
“……Is it okay?”
“You make it, don’t you? ……You can’t understand the shape of a woman’s body just by hearing the numbers, right?”

When she says that, Sharon loosens the belt.

“……Mu, please turn around”
“No, no, no need to take it off”
“What do you do with only seeing it with your eyes without taking off even though it is armor that you wear on bare skin?”

She really wants to show it? ……But if she takes it off, she’ll never go out of it. In many ways. I wait for the sound of surging and rubbing to disappear. And then.

“……Here you go”

I turn around to Sharon. She was naked.

“What is it?”
“It’s normal to leave your underwear on!”
“Yo, You don’t wear underwear below a bikini armor!”

She wants to show herself after all.

There’s no use pushing and answering too much (or if I think about it, I feel like she is not angry), so I start measuring Sharon’s naked body. I knew from when she was wearing my previous bikini armor, that she had a really well-balanced body.

“Because it’s embarrassing, don’t bring your face so close to my buttocks……”
“I’m taking its measure!”

Can you take it away from my face instead? Then I just turn the paper measure around her waist.

“Don’t draw back”
“I haven’t drawn back”

……Well, you can draw back. Anyway, your belly isn’t related to bikini armor. The belt position for women is different from that for men. And boobs.

“Don’t make a sexy voice. Are you asking me out”
“No, its different……”

Anyway, it’s big. Even though the chest size is the same, it’s a little taller than Dianne, so the overall impression is like Laila. However, this woman has boobs of an cheeky impression while Laila has a pretty bowl size. Slightly sharp.

“……I see, this is certainly……”

There might be a shape that fits a little more. And if I use the engraving to adjust the elasticity, the fit will increase. Ideas have started to spring. This is worth the working.

“……You are……”
“……Are you still happy with my nakedness while enclosing me?”

If I look around Sharon and Sharon’s boobs from above while inflating the image of a cup of armor, I was asked a question that is difficult to answer. However, it is shame of Polka´s child that gets muffled here.

“I don’t think that there is a man who hates such boobs”

Sharon smiled bitterly when I responded strongly.

“……Human men are really……”
“If you’re just a man who doesn’t like a woman’s boobs, you can’t prosper. Breasts are wonderful”

Speaking as if the spirit of shoemaker Harry-jiisan (Polka’s best boobs sommelier) was transferred. No, Harry is still fine.


Sharon keeps laughing a little bit. Then she closes her eyes and starts talking.

“……The last time I received a ring was thirty years ago”
“It was my fiance who gave it to me. ……We didn’t get along very well”

In the middle of the blacksmith’s workshop, the afternoon sun shines down from the window. A fantastic scene where a beautiful naked elf closes her eyes and tells an old story.

“He hated people. Not only humans, but all people, including his own elves and other races, he hated everyone. He was an exuberance who said that nature is beautiful, the sky, the sea, and the stars are the value of the world, and that the forest is his wife”
“……Elves are euphoric”

I’m not sure.

“In Arcus, elves are said to be enjoyable enough to leave the world. Because it is easy for elves to take over the work of the forest. ……Being a noble in the forest means to govern it. Be intelligent, value the harmony of people and be useful for it”

I feel that the direction is the opposite of 「Sage」 that humans think, but is it because the elves are too good in the sensibility of living in the forest?

“I left the forest that year before I married him. I relied on Berga, who was deputy head of the Royal Guard Knights, with my brother”
“Because you didn’t want to get married?”
“What do you think? Maybe I didn’t understand. Trying to be a noble in the forest, being a royal family in the traditional Arcus, being a woman. It’s worth it and everything”

Although it is a problem that I don’t understand well when I hear it by the side, but I guess Sharon was worried.

“I wanted to be who I am. In peaceful, powerless, greedy and lethargic Arcus slumber, I would have become the wife of that person who is not interested in me and spend my life without anything. I wanted to be someone who was helpful to someone and a woman needed by someone, so I threw away that ring. I wasn’t the only one who would become his only wife”
“But……maybe the life for someone who wants myself as a woman may be good. Suddenly, I was watching that Princess Aurora”
“……I don’t know how much of an elf has such a leisurely or vague impatience”

I roll up the paper measure and put it back in the tool case, and say so to Sharon.

“I think life is about loving each other. Rather than spending time on running away because I hate it, I think it’s more satisfying when I die because I’m embarrassed by my favorite person”
“……I wonder why this was the story”
“Don’t ask me”

Suddenly, Sharon turns around to my face and looks up with a serious face. And,

“Bocchan, do you have lunch……so, sorry you are in the middle of something”

When Jackie-san opened the door, Sharon screamed, recalling Sharon’s momentum and embarrassment. What are we really doing?

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