Half elves fall in love chapter 148

Chapter 148: Preparation of the Dark Elf



The night at Rennesto’s 「Celesta Mansion」 is over.

“Are you going now, Dianne-dono?”
“We don’t have any arrangements. Basically, we’ll be able to reach Catalina if you tell us”

Preparing for departure from dawn. Lord Buster had been visiting the mansion early in the morning, presumably he sensed the sign.

“Ace Knight dispatch from Celesta has begun, but do I have to join with them?” 」
“It’s not my jurisdiction. Or rather, can you enter the country now?
“There are few ways to stop Flying Dragon flights. The traffic ban is originally a safety measure, so there’s no reason to stop it”

Apparently, Ace Knights ride directly to Rennesto with the Flying Dragon Service. Well, it certainly doesn’t make sense to shot them down.

Maia takes off in the morning sun.

“The carriage has become narrower as expected”
“Hinohuno……it’s close to 20 people”

Tetes counts the number of people to Keiron´s complaint. Indeed, as the number of people increases, even the largest carriage becomes harder.

“Whatever, I will save my place”

Irina, sitting nearby, gets on my lap.

“Hey, don’t get on with it”
“Don’t complain because it is narrow♪”
“Ho. Then will owner get on my lap? It wouldn’t be heavy or painful when I put two or three people on my lap”
“You don’t have to do that, it’s just a bit narrow!”
“Andy-kun, even Hilda-sensei, you can stick around a little bit☆”
“Emm, if Andy-san is okay, I’ll get a little closer”

Hilda and Apple also begin to cling to me immediately.

“Can you guys stop with that. ……Ah and without delay I tell you, that I and Laila will go to the dummy facility in the demon territory shortly after arriving in Catalina. We won’t be back for about three days, so I’ll leave the command to Keiron”
“Ke, Keiron? ……Has the command”
“It’s okay. He’s just the person in charge. Andy is injured and it would be easier for Anzeros and Aurora to be better off if they haven’t the command”

That’s right.

“Let’s follow the instructions”
“Is it okay, Knight Chief Sharon? Isnt 10-man captain Keiron one rank below you”
“We don’t know how to handle anything other than being a vanguard, Naris”
“I know, but you don’t have to do it”

A Black Arm is equal to a Master Knight. Becomes compatible with the general rank, a thousand-man class. It is strange that they are commanded by a 10-man captain, but it is certain that it will not be difficult to be commanded by an assistant foreign knight.

“Ah, Emm……can’t we just stick together a little more?”
“Hey, Apple……”

Apple was shaking. ……She is afraid of flying.

“……I’ll leave it to you”

Diane shrugged.


When we approached Catalina to try to land, Sharon and Tetes jumped off first because monsters were approaching, albeit slightly. ……Tetes, I mean, it’s not impossible to jump off a flying carriage.

“Can’t you just wait a minute before you jump off and start with the vanguard?” Am I the worst?”
“……No, you don’t have to worry about the vanguard because it’s not a specialty originally”
“I worry!”

Naris is appalled when she notices that her peers have diminished. ……Aurora shyly shouted and coughs, appealing to her that she was not good at it. If Aurora isn’t good at something, with a little training, she will be fine.

“Now, well then I´m off. I ask you to put in the carriage, Goto, Boyd”

Leaving the carrying of the carriage into the town to the two powerful ogres, Dianne and Laila move to Maia´s back. I also move as Maia´s assistant.

“Will Smithson-san not return to town?”

Sharon looks strange.

“I and Maia are coming back soon”

And we take off again.

As Catalina disappears, Laila and Dianne jump off of Maia and begin to fly as Laila changed into her dragon form.

“Dianne……I can’t hear it even if I raise my voice from here……”
“Keep the crossbow stock with you. That would make it easier to talk”

Did she senses that I was about to talk to her, as Dianne immediately jumped over to Maia. ……Put that leaping power behind.

“So what?”
“Can I take a peek at the construction site?”
“……Well, it’s not something to hide. Maia, can you figure out the direction of Catalina?”

Chibi Maia, who appeared on my shoulder, agreed in an unexpected manner. A dragon’s sense of direction seems to be so good that it doesn’t need the sun, the stars or magnets.

“All right, then, let’s go. ……Laila, fly to the third point!”
“Ho, over there”

Laila leads and followed by Maia.

A simple tower was standing on a small hill. It seems to be a simple lookout hut built by an ogre made of timber on the front line. I guess there is no big difference.

“I don’t care much about livability because it’s a dummy building that is supposed to be destroyed, but it’s withstanding rainy weather well. There are five of these so far and we want to build about five more before going back to Polka”
“So much”
“Well, it would take a long time to work with only two people, but we can’t help getting others involved. I don’t have enough physical strength and if I let Maia help, the city is full of gaps”

Well, I guess that’s true.

“But it’s ants that come to see us once a day, right?”
“That’s right”
“If you do that, you’ll get strength here, too”

As expected, both of them have strong and bottomless physical strength, but I am worried that they will struggle for three days without sleep.

“Then, we’ll be here to see you tomorrow, right Maia”


We return to Catalina and I drink ginger while changing my hand bandage.

“……Is the taste different?”

Subtly. I ask Apple for a slightly subtle sweetness. Apple looked strange.

“I haven’t changed the recipe, but……I wonder if the ingredients have gone bad”

It tasted strangely interesting.

“Well, it’s always a luxury to have the same taste, it’s a great place to stay on a battlefield like this♪”
“That’s right, but……”

I was a little worried that Hilda-san seemed to be in a good mood.

Evening. The vanguards trained in indoor training all the way because they came to the forefront and held down Sharon (retreating immediately in the evening cold and out of her fur cape) trying to go into battle. After the training, Aurora came back sweaty, and my eyes, which were absent-minded, met her eyes. She came by with a smile.

“Good evening, Andy-san”
“Training right after coming back from Rennesto? Is it hard?”
“Because, above all, we are the ones who relax and watch crying”

Aurora, who always likes elegant long robes, does not wear such clothes during training to bully her body. She wears a tank top that is as healthy as Anzeros and pants that are a little expensive and stretchy. The figure that sweat was oozing on the thin body was full of pure sexual appeal like a girl.


Elf-like slender nape, shoulder line. Although slightly unsatisfactory, the line at the chest draws a feminine curve. The waistline and buttocks seem strangely emphasized, probably due to good posture. Pants that do not hide the undulations of the skin, probably because of the elasticity of the material, seem strange and frustrating now.

“Andy-san?-What happened, being stupefied……”
“Aurora. Let’s have sex”
“……E, Eeeh?”

Aurora is surprised after a dash.

“Th, That’s right, Andy-san doesn’t care so much……”

It seems that she was more surprised by the loyalty of desire than the sex itself. I mean. wait. I’m not starving so much. I guess it was just perfect with Almeida yesterday. Why is this…….

“I was dying when I looked at your ass”
“……I, I’m very happy with that, but……it looks like it’s not going to be good enough”
“It’s okay, just put out your butt, Aurora”

It’s strange. Somehow the desire is uttering, or somewhere in my own words there is no realism. However, I keep my eyes on the fine and detailed skin of Aurora. I want to have sex. I want to pour semen into Aurora. I want to bury my nose in that red hair. I want to see that this young elf is tossed by sexual desire and breathless.

“Aurora. ……Let me insert my dick. Let me put it in your pussy under those pants. Cumming inside your uterus”
“Well, I don’t mind that, but……in such a traffic……!?”

Aurora, who is not confused by consent, seems to be reluctant to start suddenly in the middle of the traffic in Catalina, just in front of the girls’ room. Hilda with a funny smile appeared there.

“Uhuhu, I’m sorry Andy-kun☆”
“The ginger drink that you drank just a moment ago, it seems that I accidentally dropped the drugs that I experimented with in Rennesto last time in it”

That drug. ……That drug. …………Ah. Perhaps that drug that made me have sex with Luna and I couldn’t be patient!

“So it seems like Andy-kun’s hornyness will be released a little bit♪”

Once I knew the cause, I was convinced that one question had disappeared and I could only react to a degree. I want to peel off Aurora’s buttocks and put my son in her pussy. Such a desire swirls.

“Hi, Hilda-san, the medicine, is it bad for my body……”
“I don’t think there’s any problem. Andy-kun might become the right of sexual desire☆ Dianne isn’t there, and I’m glad it’s time for Keiron-kun to finish with his duty. In that situation, Andy-kun lets do it carefully☆”
“……Isn’t it on purpose?”
“……Well, it’s good. I’m a female slave. I’m ready to treat Andy-san as much as I want.”
“So-so. Let’s have fun☆”
“It’s okay, Aurora, let’s do it”

From the lower body to the throat, my sexual desire echoes in my throat. I pushed Hilda and Aurora into the back alley of the girls’ room, dragging their pants and skirt down at the same time.

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