Half elves fall in love chapter 149

Chapter 149: Unexpected Dark Elf [Aurora Hilda]



In the women’s room, one side of the wall is adjacent to the outer wall, but there is an alley between the next warehouse. The alley has nothing beyond that, it is just a blind lane that only one person can pass. I pushed Aurora and Hilda in athletic clothes there and poked their asses mercilessly. I have no idea that I’m unreasonable. However, I wanted to see Aurora’s white, firm, fresh ass and touch Hilda’s crisp brown ass, before having sex.

“Auu……wi, without warning, I´m not ready”
“Ahaa, this is a bit decadent and it’s a bit depressing to say 『I only use holes into which my cock can be inserted』☆”

It is troublesome to respond to the two people who are saying something like that, so I silently stroked their bare asses and compared them. Aurora’s snow-white, small, tight buttocks. The height of her buttocks is also slightly higher than normal. Hilda’s soft, plump, brown ass. I stroke the contrasting buttocks, but it is frustrating that Hilda’s ass is difficult to enjoy because my right hand bandage is in the way. However, I don’t want to unwrap the bandage. Even a vague head was so severe that I could understand that it only hurts.

“Don’t move……”

I focus on Aurora´s butt. The butt sweats after the exercise, and it sucks into the palm of my hand. It’s not big, but the curve and elasticity of this 18-year-old girl who is blossoming as a woman attracts my stupid libido.

“And the smell of Aurora´s sweat……”
“……Af, Afterall, will it be a personal grooming?”
“No, I want to put my cock into the sweat-smelling you”

Aurora dyes her cheeks when I said she smells sweaty smell. Aurora is usually the most afraid of both lewd acts and perverted situations, but it seems embarrassing to be told that it is truly awkward.

“But it’s okay, right? You want to have semen poured into your womb persistently every day, so I will do as I want……”

I smell her hair with my nose and move my tongue between the desert lizard leather collar and Aurora´s slender neck. Aurora sweat taste and leather taste. A strange taste.

“I want to thrust into. I want to seed it in your small womb. ……Ah, hey, Aurora…… Aurora……!!”
“……So, So much, for my……lust……?”

Only the buttocks are exposed. I hold her waist with my bandaged hand and insert my other hand into Aurora’s belly from under the tank top to touch her discreet boobs. Aurora, who is usually a brilliant swordsman, becomes a normal girl once she is hugged. She’s also a beautiful girl, dignified and worthwhile.

“Th, That’s it……Andy-san’s, penis, please insert it in my thin womb……I’m sure my child-making hole will be sweaty soon……♪”

Aurora lets me rub her bare ass, saying that she couldn’t endure my relentless hug and tongue use. I for a moment, removed the belt of my pants with trouble……and then Hilda squeezed out her plump ass and says.

“How about having fun with Sensei, until Aurora-chan gets wet? Hilda-sensei gets wet whenever Andy-kun wants to do it♪”

Silently check the word. Specifically, put your hand freely between the buttocks. The petals between the warm thighs were, as I said, covered with joy juice.

“Well then……”
“Ah, Andy-san!!?”
“Ehehe, first♪”

Without thinking about anything in particular, I turn to Hilda-san. The alley is so narrow that you can stretch out one hand and you will not be able to bend naturally, so it is inserted while standing and pressing Hilda against the wall. It was a bit difficult, but thanks to Hilda’s dexterous waist, I was able to quickly penetrate the soggy and hot vagina.


Hilda, who groans for a pleasant tightening, immerses himself in delight.


And Aurora´s bare ass is left alone just before the climax. Without worrying, I start shaking my waist. A woman’s body and vagina are sweet, comfortable and soft.

“Haaa……Haaa……Hi, Hilda-san……it feels so good, great……!!”
“Haa, Haa……I’m feeling good too……Andy-kun’s devourful waist movement, I love it……ah, hit me……my uterus will open……♪”

I usually feel like I’m being fiddled with, but now Hilda doesn’t use any of her tricks and presents her genitals as we are having sex. Aurora is sad and enviable. Her gaze gets me more excited.

“Aurora……you want to be fucked?”
“Eh……Ye, Yes……like Hilda-san……I am……”

I pull my son out and attack Aurora´s pussy as it is. I’m not particularly worried that Hilda isn’t there. Aurora said it herself that she want t have sex and can’t endure it, so I just switch to Aurora and push my cock in with a momentum.

“Yann……mou, Andy-kun!”

And I hug Aurora’s body from behind and enjoy it again. Aurora in agony is cute after all. The stimulation transmitted to the lower body is really fresh and powerful and you can see that the crisp mucous membranes that is appropriate for a young girl welcome my dick.

“Hey, go, Aurora……look, look……!!”
“Haaa, a, ahaaa!!”

Then, I press Aurora against the rough wall and shake my waist while embracing her. I also like stripping someone naked, but it’s interesting that Hilda-san said there’s a strange feeling of conquest as well as the feeling I put it out just where I want. And, the ejaculation feeling approaches when noticing while waving my waist towards Aurora´s body. I feel like I’m there right away while I’m really crazy and I have no idea to endure it.

“Aurora, I’m about to cum”
“Na, a, huaa……e, eeee……!?”
“……Take it”

I find the uterus in Aurora’s genitals and I ejaculate without saying. Dokun, Dokun, Dokun and I ejaculate on my own as if I´m spitting into her uterine opening.

“Haa, aaa……!?”

The elven princess who is puzzled by the suddenness is willingly accepting it. While being satisfied with that obedience, I shake my waist in rhythm as it is. Still not enough. I still want to ejaculate. I still want to enjoy a woman’s body. I still want to make children.

“Ah, Andy-san, how far are you……!?”
“Andy-kun, me too♪”
“……Ah, then there”

I push into Hilda’s pussy again by pulling out my dirty dick and pushing it back inside as it is not understood well somehow. It feels good. Both of them feel good.


Alternately committing two people about a few times and when everyone gets wet with sweat and bodily fluids, somehow my sanity comes back.

“……What is that, Hilda-san?”

In one corner of the girls room, Hilda was interrogated by Anzeros and Apple. I’m at the spot or better said I’m the victim, so I want to hear. Aurora, who I had sex with many times in a long time, leans on me and is indulgent in the afterglow, but it seems that the unspoken understanding of working with Anzeros and the others to miss that much is not blamed. Hilda than said.

“Yaa, there’s no Dianne and Andy-kun is useless because he can’t use his hands……don’t you think of acting without restraint a little bit?”
“That’s why it’s not good to use medicine! Please do it normally after negotiating with him! What are you going to do if Andy really gets weird!?”
“Emm, Anzeros-san, you should at least say 『Please refrain from it』……”
“… Please refrain from it, Hilda-san”
“Eh, I can’t accept that”
“No, that……I heard it all”
……Apparently, there was no concealment work in our affair, so it seemed that almost all girls, including Renfangas´s knights and Neia, could almost hear it. Or rather, they came to see it, but we were so engrossed that we didn’t notice it.

“Smithson-san……I was convinced of the fact that you had a lot of interest in the previous case, but you really don’t care……”
“No, Sharon. This is the result of some troubled medicine”
“Even if there is no medicine, it won’t change that you don’t see it. Including the War God Dianne and the dragon”

Sharon hides her mouth and looks at me with strange eyes and Almeida also stares at me. A little bit discretion.

“Well, Al-chan is so stingy that she can’t say much. Even in the bath yesterday……”
“Eh, wait, what is it Tetes-chan? I’m sure we went in together, didn’t we?”

Tetes and Naris say something more awkward. Almeida is silent.

“Hmm. Well, I can’t help it with medicine. It’s a big deal if you’ve really run into rape without any sight, but fortunately neither the sky-blue princess nor Hilda-san are particularly troubled”
“A, A little spice, spice♪”
“Well, eventually I’ll have Andy-san’s child……Huhuu♪”

Two people who affirm Irina’s partition. ……Sure, if it were to be said, it might have been in many ways a tough time to attack Sharon and Narris with force.

“Don’t get close to me when I’m crazy because I don’t know when it’s going to be served, Sharon, Naris”
“Eh? ……Haa”
“Be a little more aware of Hilda’s pranks, 10-man captain Smithson”
“I’ll be careful, but some time I have no choice but to rely on her……”
“Well, I don’t care if you say that, isn’t it?”
“I don’t know if the guts to Tetes, knowing that she is Lord Buster’s sister, will boil to me even if I’m a sly person……”
“Muu. That’s rude”
“Yes, I know that Great Knight Chief Buster is scary, but isn’t it just that my brother is insignificant?”
Tetes and Sharon look strangely dissatisfied. I don’t know what to do.

“An, Anyway. ……Hilda-san, please refrain from this kind of mischief. ……I don’t like the Andy who is losing control”

Anzeros seems to be 「I don’t want to get fucked while Andy is out of control」. ……There is a point that seems to accept anything comparatively if there is no out of control somehow.


“If 100-man commander wouldn’t return, then……lazy”
“10-man captain Keiron will have the command”
“It would have been better if the command is left to 10-man captain Anzeros……”
“I can hear you, underling. Do you just add three round trips to the Big Corridor?”
“The training time is over, isn’t it?”
“I’ll probably get a complaint if I run around from now on”
“……Yeah, it’s going to be troublesome. I’m not good at commanding anyway”
“I’m not going to be fooled!”

Keiron and the boys were really peaceful. So, Luna and Irina are sitting on my bed.

“What are you doing?”
“……Andy, it seems inconvenient even when eating, so I’m thinking of helping you all the time.”
“Hmm. I’m just thinking about using human heating because the straw is cold”
“I wish I could sleep well in the men’s room”
“……It doesn’t matter except for Boyd”
“Who knows what to do with the straw? Irina maybe could do something with her magic”
“Well, that’s okay”

I don’t usually like the girls to expose their sleeping faces to a man.

“Do you want to go to bed?”
“Let’s do a arm pillow properly!”
“Yes yes”


Midnight. I woke up somehow. Lifting my upper body to go to the bathroom.


I notice that my head flickers strangely.

“That drug……it shouldn’t remain, but”

Did the effect remain? That’s bad. There are Luna and Irina and I have to be careful……. I see two silver-haired girls with my arms as pillows. Luna is wearing thin short sleeves and shorts and irina in a slightly childish one-piece sleeper. I can see each chest well. And.


Before realizing my desires, I notice that I’m turning my hands on their asses. It’s bad. This unstoppable feeling is bad.

“Kuu……first, the toilet……”

I focus my consciousness on my bladder and control my behavior. Calm down. Calm down.

I go to the toilet and stir appropriately. Anyway, when I return to the room in the current state, I will embrace Irina and Luna in front of the other boys. I may return to normal after a while, so I have to be patient. I thought, walking around like a dog looking around the territory.

“Ah, Smithson-san”
“What’s up, Andy Smithson. No way……”

Apparently Sharon and Almeida were also taking a walk in the middle of the night. I confront them from the front.

“……Ah, Almeida”
“Let’s do it”

I tried to keep my eyes off Sharon’s chest as much as I could, even though I might die.

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