Half elves fall in love chapter 162

Chapter 162: Intermission – Intruders in the Fortress City



The man, who called himself Geese, showed Alex an empty fist.

“I got a mission to come here. There’s nothing to kill. You know?”
“That’s right. But I’m in the middle of capturing you now. At worst, I can’t just trust you unless you prove that you´are unrelated to Count Pound”
“Pound……ah, Count Shane Pond. I see”

Alex gets a clue as Geese nods and shows off. Count Pound is a less important person to foreigners. He has a relatively rich territory, but that’s a story in Renfangas. Many foreign powers who define the point of the kingdom as the Gauntlet Knights don’t look into such a territorial lord. Celesta who are interested in Pound are narrowed down. The Eastern Army Corps or the special intelligence brigade is prepared with the force and things of Count Pond. I see, he knows his remorse. It is not the job of the general army to investigate that far. When it comes to.

“Ace Knight of the Intelligence Brigade……?”
“I don’t know. As one would expect, Alex Buster, Shadow Prime Minister”
“I’m having a hard time. I’m tired of not being able to get information unless I get it”

Then, the question is the unnaturalness that you don’t call yourself 「Ace Knight dispatched from Celesta for the search business」. What kind of work does he do in Celesta? It doesn’t matter at this time. This is because if Renfangas can turn Ace Knight who participates in the rock dragon flight or exploration project, there is no point in asking the previous history etc.

“……By the way, how did you get into Rennesto? There is no news about the arrival of a Rock Dragon flight”
“I came on foot. This team has had a difficult selection, so I’m the only one who’s got here first”

It was unexpected in many ways. Alex feels dizzy. There is no one among the Black Arms who can do it, such as walking through Renfangas during the monster invasion by walking alone. However, it came into view. If you fly as many as five rock Dragon flights, it will take only one day to put in dozens of people. Still, alone, a man who is turned over here by himself. Before the official formation decision.

“Why did you suddenly come to this mansion without going to the castle first? It seems that you can quickly understand the situation at that speed”

Geese scratches his cheek.

“……I’m sorry, I’m lazy……I thought to take a rest with my friends first”
“You’re lying”
“I didn’t really intend to come to the royal castle. I planned to secretly join 100-man commander Dianne to help her and collect information, regardless of this……well, that’s the way it is, isn’t it?”
“I don’t blame you. ……I don’t know what it’s like to be a parent”

In other words, he is a 「Personal Secret reinforcement」 that 6th Minister Ashton gave to his daughter and wasn’t dispatched according to the request for support received by Celesta. Otherwise, this unpleasantness cannot be explained. Even if there was some kind of faction conflict, if you think normally, the first thing to be introduced will be the one by flying dragon service. There is such a difference between the wings of a rock dragon and the legs of a human and it is difficult to walk to Renfangas at this time. By turning it over, the person who dispatched him had been moving him long before the decision to dispatch Celesta’s Ace Knight. Nothing could be beaten by such a move, except by Minister Ashton, who was watching this trend along with the safety of his daughter.

“Good grief, you’re a great detective”
“Incidentally, if Ashton’s hand piece was too fast, it would be pretty predictable. The pseudonym is because it’s a place where it doesn’t make a wave.”
“… I don’t like it, you. If you knew that people were thinking about things, you wouldn’t be able to take it into consideration”
“I’m so
“I’m sorry, I can’t afford it. ……Just in case, show me the emblem”

Geese who thought he would be asked that, took out a small Ace Knight emblem from his pocket. Alex uses magic to make sure. It was old but real.

“Good, I trust you”

Alex makes a quick decision. Despite some magical insurance, it’s irretrievable if he makes a mistake with the person he trusts now, but he can’t wait alone for the situation to clog up. Felios and some Blue Arms who are somewhere in the royal capital are the only allies who can hope to defend the Queen until they seek Alex.


Looking downstairs, several soldiers were lying down.

“What is that, Ge……no, Geese Howard”
“If you try to sneak in, you have to match up with each other. I felt like they were robbers, so I kicked them down”
“It’s not wrong. Well done”
“It’s not for you guys”

Alex approaches them and casts a powerful, personally developed hypnotic technique on them. Even a ferocious monster can’t wake up for a week without having it solved by him. This is less expensive than to tie them up poorly.

“I’m sorry, but can I ask for a little scouting? If you can find Felios or Berga, please bring them here”
“I just entered the capital in the evening, so what I want to do now is to take a break”
“You can take a rest later, please”

Alex can’t run around with the queen and no matter how much he trusts, he can’t leave the queen to this man. Besides resting slowly. Then, Alex has no choice but to protect the Queen himself. The doubling of manpower increased the possibilities, but not the options for action.

“First of all, I don’t know that guy called Felios……I might make a mistake”
“Why do you think our knights have such an easy-to-understand mark?”

Alex points on his Golden Gauntlet.

“It can’t be a fake”
“I wonder if there’s enough room for excuses……feel sorry for the pitiful exhausted errand boy”

When Geese sighs, he disappears into the town of Rennesto, which has begun to light up.

“……My Queen, you can come out now”
“Ha……that, did you notice”

Queen Flare sneaks out from the corner of the corridor. Alex told her to hide, but he felt cold and sweaty when he noticed that she had come to see him while he was responding to Geese.

“If I ask you to hide, it would be easier for me if you follow it”
“Sorry……wh, who was he? I didn’t see him in the Gauntlet Knights”

The Gauntlet Knights are a group of close to a thousand people. It takes strong memory and attention to look at a person at a glance and determine if that person was in Gauntlet Knights. Of course, the Queen isn’t the only one who is solely for the control of Gauntlet Knights. There’s no point in not remembering the end and you can’t blame it, but this young queen knows it properly. That fact, though modest, would be very encouraging for the Gauntlet knights. Alex is pleased with it and explains who the man who has just disappeared is.

“Geese……No Sieg Becker. Called Celesta’s most troublesome Ace Knight. Probably so”
“Is he strong?”
“It’s a man who is said to be evenly matched with that 『Dancing Spear』 Almeida if he is serious. Minister Ashton gave us a pretty good reinforcement, although it was not intended”
“……I suppose so. I don’t know the details, but I can see that Alex has a little bit of a gentle face. It is the face that a good wind is blowing”
“M, Muu……My Queen, I will retire in ten years. I don’t want you to rely on this face to judge things”

Flare grinned and stared at Alex, who purposely looked grumpy.

“I don’t like what I think is cute, but I observe it”

Alex patted his face as if he had grasped it and looked bitter.


“I thought it would be a hassle to run around the city and find one person. I just wanted to join Captain Dianne”

Geese runs around the city in the morning. The planned fort was much easier to move than Celesta´s chaotic capital Quica, but also to his opponents who should not be found. Too good streets for prospects, no obstacles, and no passages on the city walls. Most of them have the same height as the roof. Stealth behavior during the day is difficult.

“What the hell are you doing? Climbing the city walls is prohibited for ordinary people!”
“Damn it……”

He is often chased by the guards. And in the streets, he can see strange soldiers here and there. Geese was familiar with the city during the war or right after the end of the war.

“Don’t stand guard……”

Even now, he remembers the atmosphere of trying to find and suppress rebellious things. It was not easy to run around, avoiding the eyes of soldiers who looked like such special military police and the eyes of the guards.



Geese stops when he finds a corner with a distinct air on the outskirts of the town. There are neither guards nor military police. There is no pressure. When he entered a private house that was intricately attracted……blood thirst.


Jump and dodge. A long sword strike was passing by where Geese’s torso was.

“Did you dodge it?”
“Felios, calm down, take a distance!”

The sword smashed the wall of the private house, but withdrew without waiting for Geese’s fall. When Geese put his hands on the roof of the private house and rebuilt it, he saw two elf male knights there. Gold and black. In this country, you’ll see a distinctive gauntlet that means a strong man.

“Felios……you’re Gold Arm Glory Felios!?”
“You are……”
“Who are you? Why draw a bow knowing we’re Gauntlet Knights?”
“Don’t draw! Why are the guys in this country trying to kill me for the time being?”

Before Geese’s words are over, Berga’s slash comes. Geese bounces around the wall to avoid it.

“You’re not ordinary”

Two knights taking the same posture.

“……A noble who is also a knight. Well, I know it’s crunchy……”

Geese puts his hand on the anesthetic needle hidden behind the cloak. Worst of all, he should put them to sleep and then take them with him…… When he tries to put this rough idea into action, a few figures appear in the air.

“What, this time!?”

Surprised knights. And.

“……Both sides stop! I’ll take care of this here!”

Standing in the middle of both sides in a dignified manner, Geese……no, Sieg wanted to meet that person.

“Captain Dianne!”
“……Why are you here, Becker. Explain the situation”
“You want to know the details”

On the other side, a female elf knight is pleased to see the two knights again.

“Is it safe……”
“Yes. What’s the situation, Berga?”
“……Before that, what is that collar? No way”
“It’s not important in the current situation Berga”
“Wait, Sharon, this is also important”

Tetes breaks into the quarrel.

“Please put an end to it, Knight Chief, Great Knight Chief!”
“……You are a subordinate of Sharon……”
“I’m Regular Knight Tetes. I’ve been contacted by the Queen’s emergency”
“……Well in fact, we don’t know yet……”
“So why are you fighting……”

Tetes and Sharon are stunned. Laila, standing next to Dianne, snorts, wearing a cloth taken from the air.

“Ho, it’s been a while. That wild boar elf comes to a settlement. I think there’s a clue in your hands”
“……It’s been a while, Laila, older sister”
Sieg shrugs his shoulders. It was overbearing, but it was clear.

“All of you know Alex Buster. I’ll bring you to him”
He seemed to be able to talk straight at last and Sieg breathed out a sigh not knowing how often he did so today.

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