Half elves fall in love chapter 184

Chapter 184: Catalina Holiday 4 [Sharon]



I don’t like parties at full height. Or rather, I think that it is no longer a dimension that only dwarves and dragons who cannot get drunk survive, but anyway, in the corner of one room of Catalina wrapped in a rich drunkenness and the wave-like hustle and bustle, I was taking off Sharon’s clothes with a fever-like touch. As I expected to remove the clothes, the breasts that were plump and sloppy aren’t wrapped in underwear. A delicate and fleshy female elf as a whole. Sharon, who was hidden in the illusion with her unbelievable splendid big breasts, exposed in the middle of the snoring and cheers of the vulgar warriors, had opened the mouth to excitement while being ashamed.

“……Smithson-san. That……”

As for myself, I was in a state where I couldn’t control myself at all because of the surprisingly high alcoholic power of the famous elf liquor 『Stormy Whale』. I know it’s not so good, but I got on Sharon’s modest temptation, and then I got on my tune, lick and duck the boobs and shook them lightly with my hands. I´m completely struck by the presence of her breasts and playing with them by instinct. Stroking my hair with a gentle hand, Sharon opened her mouth again.

“Ma, Master……can I call you that?”
“……Ah? What……?”

The saliva that I applied to the nipples with my tongue made them sticky, but I couldn’t understand Sharon’s intentions and was vague. Uh. I’m sure Sharon wasn’t……a slave or had a masochistic hobby. She wore a collar just because she wanted to keep a relationship with me. Aside from that. Yup. Certainly it should be.

“Is that your hobby……?”

While gently playing with her soft boobs, I think carefully while looking at Sharon’s expression with half-open eyes. After all, I am in a state of drunkenness and the idea doesn’t work even if I think. Just vaguely, was it like that……? Sharon smiled at me, and slowly closed her eyes and continued speaking.

“I am the last member of the Glory Clan and called a princess. ……But even though I was worried about the unknown of my clan, I never felt uncomfortable being a woman”

I vaguely nodded about the story that suddenly started.

“When I thought about it, I thought I was losing. Berga, who had been a caretaker since I was a child, was an elf, but he was able to get the feat of dwarfs. My brother was born in a good political class without holding a sword, but he climbed to a user who could surpass Berga. There’s nothing you can’t do. Thinking that it is only when I die that I am born, that I am a race, a blood line, a woman. I was proud”
“……Ah, well……I wonder if that’s the case……”

I’m not sure, but I nod. When I suddenly hear about the birth and pride of another person, I can only understand it.

“But I think. Now that I think about it, it was right and in vanity”
“Being a woman is not a handicap. Living like a woman is not at odds with being a knight. First of all, it is an empty theory though it says without understanding pleasure which is a woman. I finally understood that you loved me. I felt happy that I was born a woman”
“Y, Yes”

In short, it is interpreted that the experienced sex was satisfactory. That’s good, isn’t it?

“And what has it to do with calling me master……?”

Thinking desperately, while stroking the boobs, I carefully ask this question. Sharon continued to speak slowly, somewhat neatly, somewhat bewitchingly removing her coat.

“If I feel so happy to be embraced by you. Why do all the other women who adore you recognize themselves as female slaves……self-confidence as your captive?”
“No, it’s terrible……I don’t think I’m usually told by girls……”

If I think about it carefully, Apple and Selenium, which are said to be good-looking, and Laila and Maia, who are tribally or kept, and Jeanne, who is like a child for Laila, are inevitable. Also, because Anzeros is a pervert, I cannot help it. The rest of the girls don’t have that kind of inevitability……well, it’s just that if they continue to have a relationship with me, it’s just like that. Hmm. What should I say? I thought for three seconds.

“Well it’s fine”

I was abandoned because I couldn’t come up with a common sense answer with a nicely drunk head. In addition.

“No matter what you say, I’d love if you could be mine”

After all, that’s all. I was spoiled by Selenium and Dianne, decided to keep Laila at hand and not pass Anzeros to another man. At that point, I realize I’m a greedy egoist. And I also want to keep Sharon mine. I’ll probably admit someday even if I’m not vague. Sharon, Irina, Almeida, maybe Breakcore, Christie, maybe Hilda. They´re mine. I want to make them my own. That kind of self-consciousness is being considered in the bottom of my heart. And.


Everything is half-baked, and that’s why all of them, who have different roots, continue to worship me according to their own rules, that I can’t warn them anywhere. That’s fine. I’m sure I’ll keep spoiling for that momentum.

“Sharon. You are……my female slave”
“I haven’t put up with it so much before, but from now on I’m really going to do naughty things to you anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a princess or a knight”
“Yes. Of course……♪”
“I’m persistent and do dirty things. Maybe I’ll keep hiding you in a dark room for days, or I might pop up and let you suck my dick even during your mission. My son also might invade your secret hole to kill time by taking a nap. That’s good”
“……Yes, fantastic……♪”
“One day I’ll let you quit the army and tell you to spend all day just taking care of my cock without dressing around Polka or somewhere else. You don’t get angry, right?”
“……I’m looking forward to it♪”

I don’t know what I’m thinking about, but Sharon affirms everything with an excited face, without thinking of the delusions that alcohol amplifies. Maybe we both know it’s just a delusion. I know it’s just a desire. Still, someday.

“One day, you will give birth to my child, okay? It’s the duty of a female slave, isn’t it?”
“……In that case, I will do my best♪”

Someday, hoping that it would occur. I take off Sharon’s underwear and leave her naked. Then I let this pretty elf princess swear that she is my female slave……her crotch is opened and I thrust my dick into her wet vagina.


A white and neat body that accepts my son. At the nearby table, dwarves and Maia are swiftly on the rise. In the midst of a loud cheer, 100-man commander Becker makes a voice as if a frog was crushed by one of the dwarves. Meanwhile, Sharon shakes her big tits and catches my waist. Probably the greatest Renfangas soldier here, she is naked and panting happily as my female slave. It’s a very unrealistic situation. I change the position. From normal position to doggy position.

“Haaa……li, like a dog……♪”
“Which is miserable, female slave or dog?”
“……I’m a slave of love, is it miserable♪”

Kissing my cheeks, Sharon laughs gigantically as the heat flew. And I thrust to make her cry. Fucking her like a dog. In the hustle and bustle of the orange light of the lantern, a pure white body emerges out of place. It’s a pity that they can’t see such finest nakedness, neither the soldiers sleeping next to us, nor the dwarves looking over there just a meter away and cheering for Maia. No, I’m not really sorry. Just a sense of superiority. Then the desire for ejaculation begins to rise. If I was sane, I would have been patient and tried to make Sharon squid, but now I am the egoistic master.

“Sharon. I’ll give you plenty”
“Haa, haaa……eh, master……!?”
“I’m releasing now……n, nn!”

Shake the hips on my own, I get excited and spit a large amount of semen int Sharon’s womb. Burururu, the semen is released with a ferocious momentum. The sperm hell from a few days ago hasn’t declined yet. Sharon’s womb is filled with semen in no time and Sharon is surprised. Semen that did not fit in the vagina flowed backwards.

“Ha, aa……th, this……!?”
“……I’m sorry, it was a large amount because of magic”

It seems to be difficult to clean up, but I am not satisfied yet. Today, there was a scene in which the woman was appreciatively appreciating from the center of the bath.

Sharon, now you’re on top”
“Eh, eeh……are we continuing……?”
“Keep going. Female slave”

Whispering into Sharon´s ears, I lay on my back in the chaise lounge. Sharon thought for a while, gave up and got on me as it was though Sharon showed the gesture of what to do to the sperm which flowed out in large quantities as the inner thigh became sticky.

“Stand up. I want to see your breasts”
“……Huhuu, Smith……master likes it, my breasts”
“I love them from the bottom of my heart”

Sharon starts the up and down movement on me while laughing at me who answers immediately. The chaise longue is low and thin, and when Sharon moves, it’s just like horse riding down on the ground. She put her hands on my chest and shake her hips as she was told. The metal fittings of the collar and the hair of gold thread shimmer in the light of the lantern.

“……Beautiful, Sharon”

Sharon is desperately trying to concentrate on her movements while being shy of the words that come out of my mouth. Compared to drinking around. The excitement is at its best.

“It’s really hard if they find out”
“……Let’s see……I really think I’ll have no choice but to hide as your female slave……♪”
“You look happy”
“It feels good……master’s penis……♪”

Sharon gradually transforms into a crunchy waist movement. Is she tired of the monotonous movements herself, is she feeling too much and is unable to put her strength in her knees or both? I push Sharon’s elbow and fold it, then let Sharon fall down and hug her.

“Your womb feels good too”
“Now it’s my sperm bag”

The uterus is made conscious by vulgar words on purpose, and the waist is launched suddenly.


Sharon bent her throat. I launch my hips. Two wavy bodies. And.

“Ha, Hahii……iii♪”

Byururururu, I ejaculate again. Again, cloudy liquid gushes from between the labia and the cock. I hugged Sharon, who was trembling with pleasure and Sharon exhaled a hot sigh into my ears.


I feel conscious. It’s not oxygen deficiency or anemia that comes. Just drowsiness.

“……Listen, you´re……my……”

As it is, I fall asleep. I felt like it would be difficult if I kept doing this, but I couldn’t help because I was sleepy.


When I woke up, I kept hugging Sharon. And it was morning.

“Ho, you woke up, owner”
“You´re too defenseless and I fell in love with it”

Laila and Irina, who were having breakfast at the table, turned their eyes to me.

“Th, That……?”
“I know you, but the little girl wasn’t sleeping either”
“If we didn’t stand guard and kept the illusion, you would be exposed like that”

Sharon in my arms was having a restful sleep. Of course, I can’t wear clothes when we´re hugging, so I’m naked and have a morning erection.

“……W, We didn’t catch a cold well”
“That’s my windbreak magic”
“You’re really defenseless”

……They could both be amazed. Reflection.

“Uuu……my head hurts……uwaa!? What are you doing in the morning, 10-man captain Smithson……mugugu”
“Ho, don’t make a noise”
“And it’s not from the morning, it’s from last night. This sex maniac”
“Muguu, Muguu……”

Naris, whose mouth is like a iron claw, said so.

“……Irina, by the way, can you pretend not to see it once more?”
“……Are you going to do it with a sleeping woman, you demon”
“Not good?”
“……Next time me also”

I love kids who are good at understanding.

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