Half elves fall in love chapter 188

Chapter 188: To my hometown through the snow, again



“Now, it’s a bit late for lunch, but let’s go out to eat after a long time. We’re heading to Polka in the evening, so we’ll have souvenirs and greetings done by then”

The moment Dianne gives a command, everyone who has settled down stands up. It’s a great mansion, but we can’t even take a good rest. Well, if we go to Polka, we can relax as much as we want.

“Smithson, can you buy me a skewer or something like that. I’m taking a nap”

……No, Keiron was willing to rest as hard as he could for the last few hours.

“Why me! Ask Lantz, Goto or Boyd!”
“Well, because if a ogre asks for a single piece, he’ll have a whole pig’s leg or whatever. And Lantz and Goto were burning in erotic picture scrolls”
“And you go outside because your girlfriends are hungry”
“Why are my subordinates so free……”
No, Boyd is a good boy.

When we all tried to get out of the gate to eat at a food stall or bar, we met Lord Buster and some other soldiers who seemed to come from the castle.

“Are you going out?”
“We were thinking about having lunch. How about you, Alex Buster?”
“Let me introduce a good store. There is always a shop with a festival price after the invasion”

Lord Buster turns his cloak and stands half a step before Dianne. Waving to the soldiers and instruct them to go home.

“Escort? You’ve come to be cautious”
“The Queen was worried that I was always too flabbergasted by relying on the magic of avoiding tailings. Since the last disturbance, it has been used as a focus. Well, it’s like an alibi guarantor and no one expect me to have escorts”

Well, I don’t think anyone is trying to assassinate Lord Buster. Or rather, a person who can do that wouldn’t have a problem with the shield of five to six people.

It was said that the bar served by Lord Buster was neither Celesta-style nor Renfangas local cuisine, but a restaurant in the style of Valerie.

“Valery over there is not as much as a trot, but the land is fertile and rich in crops.”

A lot of small dishes are lined up. Anyway, it seems that the more dishes you have, the more hospitality you have.

“Ah, it’s good for everyone to pick up this dish, but the dishes that you want to eat are all small plates.”

Naris says as he squeezes his hands on small plates one after another. I mean, because it’s Lord Buster’s goggles, it’s too aggressive.

“If you don’t have enough, you can order the next set again. But……Naris, isn’t bikini armor really cold at this time of year?”

Sir Buster is worried. Well, honestly, bikini armor is a bit slutty at this time of year. No, if you look closely at the city, it’s surprising.

“It’s cold, but it’s a woman’s spirit to do her best”

It is Naris’s all-out intention not to say that she cant prepare proper armor because she is poor.

“Well, you don’t need armor in Polka or our forest. You can just wear heavy clothes normally”

Irina follows her while reaching out for small dishes. Sir Buster raised his eyebrows.

“Are you going to be drawn by Trot?”
“Ah, let me do that. Even if there are a lot of people during the winter, you can’t make use of it. Instead, I want Catalina to be protected by General Kingfisher and Celesta´s Ace Knights……”
“Hou, I was wondering if General Kingfisher would move differently from 100-man commander Dianne due to class and command system”
“Because we´re old acquaintance. He decided to collaborate on my mission”
“I understand. In any case, there is plenty of room for Catalina, so let’s arrange it”

I don’t think it’s about talking while eating in a bar, but it might not be so formal for us.

“But Valerie doesn’t have any ogres, right?. This meals are smaller than a spoon for us”
“Goto, let’s ask for a ogre set. I’m scared of Irina-san”
“You stupid fellow, aiming for the dish I want, you will pay……”
“!!, M, My hands don’t move……!”
“Hey, Irina-chan, don’t use magic while eating☆”

The others didn’t seem to have any interest in Dianne’s conversation. I should also eat quietly.


In the evening, we quickly leave the Celesta Mansion.

“We will go to Basson after Polka, right? If possible, I would report to Silvia about my safety……”
“What Boyd. You just left the other day”
“Even if I say I don’t come, it’s just before the great invasion. It’s when Luna-chan joined”
“Is it right to be told that?”

I feel like Basson is returning a lot, but isn’t it?

“Rest assured, winter is long and Laila is free. We’ll go when we´re done with the chores. ……I mean, Boyd may take a break during the winter”
“Well, it’s a bad impression on the contrary”
“……To Silvia-san and her parents. They say we can get married if I become a 10-man captain. ……It feels a little out of my power”

Everyone in the carriage laughed.

“Well, apart from the whole winter, you can stay with your fiance for a while”
Dianne says it with a smile, on top of that Anzeros,

“Instead, until then, it’s twice as much practice”
“What’s up? You should at least be at a level that can be used as an infantry. If you don’t do that, it’ll be a dream again”
“Ho, infantry is tough……”

Everyone laughs again. Well, there is a part of Anzeros who is trying to raise Boyd to the point he can take part at the Ace Knight exam. Good luck, young man. In the back, we support the success of such a warrior rather than the serious soldiers who are seriously recollecting the harvest of erotic picture scrolls.


Around midnight, Maia quietly landed in a snowfield near Polka. I mean, everything is already covered in snow. It has been so since we came here before, but now the snow that has accumulated is quite deep.

“H, Hey, Goto or Body, pull tightly”
“……Isn’t a fox walking lightly on the snow?”
“I’m a fox beast, not a fox!”

Keiron was rescued with a vigorous disembarkation of the lower body, buried in the lower half of the body. At this depth, aside from the roads where snow is normally avoided, we can’t proceed without rowing in a place like this.

“Should I carry you closer?”

Chibi Maia listens anxiously. However, it is not possible to guarantee for a moment on the day when it approaches too much, and all the old women of Polka see the appearance of a dragon floating in the dark night carelessly. There will be heart problems.

“No, I managed to make a way……”

As I was about to say something, Anzeros jumped into the snow. Because she is much smaller than Keiron, she doesn’t sink as expected. But.

The snow bursts, and a mortar-shaped hole opens in front of Anzeros.

“Yes, i think I can make a way. Andy, it’s a little bit down”
“Even if you ask me to go down”

I can’t move forward because of snow. I can’t go back. But Goto pulls me out of the snow with one hand.


After seeing this, Anzeros’s chop made a shock wave and made a path for one person, about 10 meters long.

“It’s kind of interesting……let’s make another one”
“I also want to try it”

Aurora also joins the ensemble, which strikes the shock wave happily somehow. The road that the beast caught in the snow field is made to snoring for a moment by two people.

“That technique looks like fun, isn’t it? I wish I could use it too”
“Can’t you use it Naris?”
“The motto is that it is wide and shallow”

She is not proud of it in this situation.

“I know Neia can do it, but what about Sharon and Almeida?”
“I can shoot things that seem to depend on my physical condition, but it’s not stable……if its my brother or Berga”
“I don’t use such a messy technique. If you run with guts, you won’t be buried in the snow”

Sharon’s reason was too massive for Almeida.

Sharon, at any rate, Almeida’s logic was too much.

“Do you not ask me?”
Tetes is smiling.

“……If Naris and Almeida arent good with it, I don’t think Tetes is good with it either”
“Muu, it’s rude”
Tetes jumps down and swings down the two-hand sword with a sheath.

She blow off a few meters of snow with Anzeros and Aurora.

“What are you doing, Tetes!?”
“I, It’s cold……”
“……If I try, I’ll be able to do it unexpectedly”

It seems that it was imitation from watching. ……I think Anzeros and Aurora are also genius-type, but Tetes won’t be defeated by them.

“……It would have been nice if I had melted it”

When Laila murmured, everyone on the spot was surprised. Do we have such a hand?


When we arrived at the inn, the half-sleeping owner was in a hurry to prepare for unexpected visitors. ……Every time we come, almost everyone can stay, but I wonder if we can do it when we aren’t there.

“Will you say hello to Tommy Smith, Baron and Jeanne tomorrow?”
“…I’m at a loss”

Irina’s question is quite subtle. If possible, I would like to meet Jeanne, Peter, and Selenium, who are very heavy, but it’s not a common time to visit them. The baroness’ virtue is that if you go there, you will be up and entertaining even if you go to bed.

“Do you want to rest tonight?”
“That would be nice”
Dianne agrees, too.

“Hmm. Then, will you go to bed as it is for the time being tonight? I’m bored because I didn’t do anything today”
“You’ve been moving all day”

Is it tough or is it difficult to move? However, Laila approaches with a bottle of liquor.

“Ho, I’ll drink and take a bath before going to sleep”
“You’re pretty full-time, aren’t you?”
“Don’t envy. Don’t envy. If owner throws away the fleeting life, he may live the same life as me”

That may be fine for Laila, but I also have children who are important in the world, and social life is also important.

“But can the bath be used at such a time……I see”
“Indeed. It’s not a bad ending to the day”

Irina grinned and Dianne nodded.

“That, Smithson-dono lets go”
“No, wait, why me? Let’s check in properly”

For the time being, everyone is in the process of carrying in things such as luggage. I think it’s bad to get out, so I try to help them with that task.

“Hoho, don’t worry. It’s not a village to say that hard”
“I will also go. It’s going to be hard to take care of two people who don’t know what to do at night by Laila”

Dianne doesn’t have to make an outer surface at all and is returning to the 「Home side」 and is slightly excited about this, as she often associated with the no good clan chief and self-indulging dragon.

So. There is no light in the women’s open-air bath at midnight, and of course there is no one.

“Ah, Irina-sama. And Black Dragon……”
“It’s Laila. I’ll disturb you”

Several elves were bathing in a fantastic atmosphere, with magic lights floating on the blaze of a bonfire.

“At this time, why are the northern elves here……?”

When Dianne (of course utterly stark naked) questioned, they smiled softly.

“We decided to live here”
“There is also Cherry Blossoms Christie……and there are still a lot of presbyterians complaining about interacting with the outside world”
“I understand. I understand. Then you’re from the Gold and Silver Clan”

When Irina nodded, they agreed. I wonder if Gust’s influence has been dispelled. So the young elves seeking inspiration are going to the Red Clan territory or relying on Christie to come out here. In addition.

“……So you wouldn’t be surprised if I was there”

Silver clan. As for hot springs, there is a naked association rule like Talc.
Gold clan. Although it is far from the peep, the younger ones of the clan are bathing in a rather open environment. ……When I thought about it, they blushed.

“No……after all, the famous animal trainer, so……”
“If Irina-sama came to do something like that, it would be a waste to stop it, no, it’s presumptuous”

It seemed that some misunderstanding and disorder of the morale based on it were spreading in the northern forest.

“I, I didn’t call him because I wanted to be trained like that!”
“Ho. Let’s get trained”
“W, Wait, what are you talking about? Just because you didn’t involve Lord Smyson with that intention, it’s not like you shouldn’t do it.”
“……Hey hey”

In the pale magic light, the limbs of a young Irina, the brown limbs of Dianne and the white limbs of Laila, which can be said to be perfect as a woman are visible. And about three or four young elven girls (though it really can be said that they are girls based on human standards) who are glancing at us with little disgust.

“……So if that’s the case, I’ll really start doing that”

I also mutter something bold.

“I won’t stop it, but……I’m worried about the future of the northern elf territory to see if it’s okay to be like that”
Dianne crossed her arms and sighed.

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