Half elves fall in love chapter 191

Chapter 191: Skin-colored Harmony [Jeanne Selenium]



Morning. Everyone who stayed at the inn obediently surrounded us, (including Selenium & Jeanne) who parted from Laurier´s group and returned completely softly.

“Dianne, what happened? You said we wouldn’t stay overnight without permission”
“Irina and Laila were there, so I thought there would be nothing wrong with it in Polka, but at least……I’m to blame”

Especially the ones that came close to me were Anzeros and Aurora. Well, they’re in charge of the corps discipline and they didn’t mind if something happened.

“Well, it’s the land where 10-man captain Smtihson ´s brides are. I thought he’d be crawling on his brides at night”
“There was also a possibility that Naris-chan could flow”
“S, Stop, Gehogo!?”
“Ah, Naris, wipe it off. You’re a restless guy”
“Gehu, Gohu……ah, those words that hurt when Almeida-san says it!?”
“What do you mean”

The Red Arms are peaceful. In such a situation, Sharon and Hilda-san’s black-and-white big-tit combination put their hands on their cheeks and sighed.

“I went to my room thinking that Andy-kun will come to eat me tonight”
“I didn’t think I could……”

Apple hugged Selenium lightly and was pleased to see her again, but thrusts Sharon with a bitter smile, a troubled face or a subtle face.

“……That, Sharon-san is also very open……”
“Yes, of course, when you get the collar♪”

Sharon is completely familiar with Hilda-san and Irina shows a scornful gaze.

“……I think that an elf who has such a position and honor as such may be a frivolous elf in such a condition. You don’t weigh yourself in public”
“But Irina-sama, too…”
“I´m properly weighted!”

I don’t think it’s as hidden as it sounds. And, Maia and Luna have a stuffy breakfast without regard to us at all. It’s a little bad how they use a fork or how they behave, but, well, I appreciate that they don’t get involved in such a scene. I mean, Luna aside, I wonder if Maia has heard at least the conversation when it came out.

“So what do we do? Is it okay to take a day off today?”

It seems that Keiron and the other boys weren’t particularly worried, so they talked to me from the table.

“Ah, there’s no fight or a journey for a while. Take a great rest”
“Yeah, let’s go to the hot springs and buy steamed buns at Keel´s shop”
“Of course drinking alcohol at night!”
“Calm down Lantz. We’re at the hot springs until 8 o’clock”
“Of course, brothers”
“Well, at least it’s good for both of you to have no girlfriends……”
“What are you saying, Boyd? We were just talking about soaking in the hot springs?”
“Yes, that’s right”

Lantz and Goto, who were already seen with white eyes and didn’t care at all, were shining.

“Ah? What about 100-man commander Becker?”

I look for him who is supposed to visit this town for the first time, but he isn’t here.

“He told me, he is going to walk around the town”

Luna tells me, while chewing.

“He has a habit of always investigating the terrain in which he is staying. Well, it’s not such a big town, so I think he’ll be back soon

I am satisfied with Dianne’s supplement. Well, sure it’s natural as an intelligence officer.

“There’s nothing better than a lot of escape and hiding places”

Selenium nods. ……I think she has the genius of a really good intelligence agent.

I go back to my room and put on my properly washed clothes. ……Well, I was alert because there would be nobody in the middle of the night, but I went straight to the hot springs with my dirty clothes from my Catalina life. I can’t go to the Baron’s mansion as it is. Then, when I was feeling refreshed, Selenium, Jeanne, Dianne and all the others headed to the baron.

“The city is standing. This is……mostly from Trot´s side?”

It is not uncommon for a town to stand on a town square until early winter. It becomes less frequent as the winter gets deeper and it will be completely cut off before spring, but it is a good business because the hot spring guests are quite rich. However, it took a lot of scale. I’ve seen a lot of elves bring in lots of money for foreign currency lately, but maybe the first time a human merchant has come this way.

“It seems to be in place of elf demand. It seems that Orange Clan Gorkus-sama is doing his best to exchange human resources with Folklore, so the recognition of elves is rising”

Selenium explains to me. Gorkus, I haven’t seen him recently, but did he do his best there?

“There may be pressure on elves in the city, but it’s tough.”

Due to the history of conflict over the years, Trot people have a strong fear and dislike against the elves. There are not many people in the countryside like Polka, so it is not difficult to change the policy, but in places with many people, there are people who are stubborn and sparse. I think the direction of the wind will not change.

“It seems that Celesta is exerting external pressure. Because the elves are guests of Celesta, I don’t know if it’s bad……”
“……I see”

Celesta’s dominance is gradual, but he is completely reluctant to deal with a completely disadvantageous opponent. There used to be a Trot aristocrat who led his hand against Celesta’s Great Chamber of Commerce and expected to step down, but there is also a story that the Overnight was thrown in immediately and the whole town was destroyed in retaliation. Thanks to the innocent case, the safety will increase considerably if Celesta applies external pressure.

“But I’m worried that they won’t buy a horn or a cheap one-horned horse”
“Ahaha……Christie seems to be careful about that, too”

Knowing the market price is important. I think the smart Christie will control it well.

As expected, we were welcomed by the Baron at his mansion.

“Andy good to see you. Did you get hurt?”
“Well, Laila and the others protect me”

He slaps my shoulder and welcomes me with a big smile. Well, it wasn’t too long since I brought out a lot from Polka last time and since then there has been a big battle……yeah, there was a fight with Orn, but it was safe. Generally good.

“Irina, it’s about time you settle down and work? You’re not very helpful over there, are you?”
“Well, she’s useful! ……Maybe”

Irina is rebuked by Christie.

“Irina said she must be the ambassador of Polka, but it’s not good to rely on Christie for everything”
“Uh……I, I know. I’ll do it properly during the winter”
“Good Good”

When I stroked Irina, she was stroked quietly even though she was turning over for a moment. Cute.

“Hey, Christie, some elves have started living in Polka in earnest?”
“Eh, well, I think they´re more adventurous……either way, if you live in clans, there isn’t much difference in going through and interacting with each other every day, so I told them to live in the forest. But”
“Muu. And all of them are young girls”
“Did you meet them, Irina?”
“Umm. I’m so sad because they´re lost in the incense of Smithson-dono”

I show a super insincere smile. Christie also smiles in a very troubled manner.

“Well, as a test case……I’m relieved that even people who don’t know much of Polka will not come. I thought it would be for training people who can pass outside the forest if it will continue to work”
“Umm, if that’s the case, please come”

The baron guarantees. The elf territory is rich in supplies and responds quickly to monsters. It seems that the baron will not be harmed if they get along. I thought so.

“I really hope that there will be more beautiful places in the city!”

……How about being honest when there is a wife and children.

“Dear, please don’t look too sloppy in the presence of many women”

As expected, the Baroness appeared from nowhere and reached for the baron’s cheek and twisted it. A dozen mustache hairs are pulled out.

“Ah, Baron-sama……?”
“It’s okay. My husband has to reflect a little”

There was no style of noble person who represented Polka to the baron who crouched down and fainted.


Peter still sleeps comfortably in Baron’s mansion.

“If you don’t have your own house somewhere before you think about it, your son is going to grow up thinking for himself that he is the baron’s child”
“I will do my best to have a home”
“……First of all, I wonder if I owe it to the baron”

While struggling with the baron, I patted Peter with Jeanne.

“The Baron said, 『If it’s Andy, I can give him a house as a gift』. He’s a benefactor”

I wonder about the words Selenium said. I know my father took care of the baron in various ways, but I don’t know much about the baron……or rather, I feel that there are many things that have been protected.

“Thanks to what Andy did, we were able to reconcile with the Elves and we’re all happy that life has become easier”
“That is……I wonder?”

Without Laila, Lord Bonaparte and Aurora, I think I couldn’t survive last year’s incident. I mean, I don’t care if I’m not there. ……I’m getting sad.

“When I think about it, I really missed this town and didn’t do anything……”
“Eh, why are you suddenly depressed!?
“Andy-san is really helpful. Alright”

Selenium patted my head. I feel kindness in my body.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been spoiled by Selenium”
“Uwa, Selenium is sly!”
“Selenium, can I suck your breasts?”
“Huhu, Andy is really, Peter’s daddy”

Selenium exposes her chest with a familiar hand. Big breasts jumped out from the left and right and were in front of me. Even if it is not Peter, they are splendid and beautiful boobs which cannot help but to feel inferior as a man.

“……Thank you for the meal”

I put Selenium´s nipples in my mouth. I can suck and chew her nipples sweetly. After a long time, I love her body since I lost my virginity.

“NN……huhu, more than Peter, how……you suck♪”
“Can I lose to my just-born son because of eroticism?”
“Ehehe. You’re praising me, aren’t you?”
“I know”
“……I don’t think so either”

Even if I suck it, the taste of her skin is felt. Isn’t there milk yet? I also suck the other breast. I sucks her boobs with a nice amount and elasticity in front of my son’s cradle. Look at it, my son. The boobs of your favorite Selenium mama belong to me. ……Or, with a sense of unprecedented superiority, I stroke Selenium’s ass.

“Ah……Andy-san, no……”
“It seems that ecchi is still useless. It might flow out”

I´m booing while rubbing Selenium´s butt.

“I was thinking that Selenium would be mine in front of Peter and I would complete the declaration with a vaginal cum shot”

I mean, in words, I’m the worst daddy. Selenium giggled.

“I can do it with a fellatio……but is that alright with you?”
“I feel like I’ve lost something to the circumstances……”
“You can’t win!”

Selenium reaches for the belt while mocking me who is licking her breasts. It seems to me that there is no option to put up with it for the time being. However, Jeanne’s hand was entwined around my belt earlier than that.

“Selenium is just sly♪”
“Hehehe. Husband, my husband is just licking Selenium’s boobs”

Jeanne took off my belt, pulled my pants down to expose my penis, got up and took off her clothes. The Baron’s daughter may have used these clothes before, silk long-sleeved shirt, woolen cardigan, slightly long shorts and small white panty. Jeanne gets rid of them and gets naked.

“Then, I declare my womb belongs to my husband……♪”
“Ehehe. So then my boobs are master’s declaration at the same time……♪”

Jeanne puts her upper body on Peter’s cradle and sticks her butt out. Selenium strips off her upper body and presses her boobs against my face. I nodded and squeezed my son against Jeanne´s butt and squeezed into her vagina.

“Nu, a, haaa……♪”
“The two of us were flattered by the master. ……This, my boobs too……”

I still suck Selenium’s boobs while poking in and out of Jeanne´s narrow vagina. Not only the nipples are sucked, but I also add kiss marks on her boobs.

“N, kyuu……ha, huuu……”
“This, pussy too……it’s just for me, it’s just for me to enjoy……no, I´m pretty happy”

Despite trying to say something with a lot of momentum, I can’t control my sense of happiness by looking sideways at Jeanne’s erotic face and being intoxicated by my penis. Jeanne’s skin. Her small back is happy. She gave birth to my child from this little womb and she is still naked and waving to be seeded by me. Selenium’s breasts are also nice. A half elf with such beautiful big breasts holds my child deep inside her body, raises and cherishes it and tries to satisfy my lewdness. I feel the maximum dedication and charm of a woman from them. I cannot help feeling happiness in enjoying that passion.

“Andy……Andy, it feels good……more deeper, it’s good and it’s good even in the womb……♪”
“Haa, a……Andy-san is so busy with kissing……Andy-san loves my boobs……its been so many days, its wonderful……♪”

I hold Jeanne’s small waist and shake. The cradle shakes. As expected, it is tingling. Peter will wake up. Can I ejaculate before he is crying? It might be scary for a child that a naked mother is crying on himself with an extremely naughty face. While feeling guilty and feeling a little excited about the situation, I attached a tooth shape to Selenium’s breasts.

“Nhya, aaaaa♪”

My son is squeezed by Jeanne’s tightly closed vagina and spits semen into her uterus.

“……W, Womb, I wanted you to ravish it more……”
Jeanne seemed to be tired, but she seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied that I didn’t let my son into her uterus.

“I, If I did it more intense……the cradle will be broken”
“M, Muu……hyauu!?”

Jeanne suddenly makes a strange voice when I think she had a difficult face.

“What is?”
“Something……uh, what the hell is Peter doing?”

He seems to have approached Jeanne’s modest boobs from the cradle and took it into his mouth. He doesn’t cry while being done only by the close range, and he sucks for the time being. He’s a strong son. I push Jeanne’s ass and pull out my dick. The proof that it has become comfortable is overflowing.

“E, Ehehe……milk is dripping from my pussy and boobs……♪”
“That’s what a man should say. Don’t say it yourself”

It is me who pats Jeanne’s head while saying that.

“It’s fine. I want to say……『Milk comes out from top to bottom♪』”
“It’s romantic, isn’t it♪”

For the time being, Peter seems to be happy with the two mothers who share a strange romance. Once again, he was hugged by the naked Jeanne and he literally sucked milk from his mother who has semen overflowing from her crotch.


Anzeros and Laila, who came to love Peter after a while, seem to have noticed the smell in one shot.

“It’s bad for children’s education. At least outside, Andy”
“Ho. Rather, it’s the dignity of parents. Why don’t you show Peter how great his father is?”

My greatness is only that kind of pervertness……? I can’t do it even if I want to argue.

“……Why are you so depressed, owner?”
“Can you comfort him, Laila-oneesama”
“Ho? Well, that’s fine”

I had Laila stroke me. I feel kindness in my body.

“Laila, can I suck your breasts?”
“Ho, you can suck them as you like”
“Ho-w-ev-er! Do that kind of thing outside!”
“Do we play outdoors next time?”
“Anzeros is a pervert”

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