Half elves fall in love chapter 193

Chapter 193: Misty Palace Masters, Part 1 [Maia Asti]



Although Laila takes off her clothes in public, she is a resident of the clothing culture area. Even if I don’t say it, she will dress herself to some extent. However, the Blue Dragons, the residents of Misty Palace, didn’t seem to care at all even though they got the attention.

“Bu, Broll-san, if you get out of the hot spring, you should wear clothes!”
“Hmm? Oh, yeah. It’s a rare thing to come to a village”

Broll-san steps out on the road without any hesitation while leaving his cock hanging around. Since he took the initiative without hesitation, Tsukkomi will also be delayed. And of course, Maia´s mum and the other dragons who followed naturally didn’t wear anything either.

“If this is the case, Polka will become a naked village……”

Grandpa Harry nodded so powerfully. It is a problem if you nod.

Asti, put on your clothes”
“I’m sorry, uncle, I forgot to take it with me”
“Nu. I’m sorry, Andy-dono. The clothes seems to have been left in the Palace”
“It’s okay, go in once! Don’t come and go naked!”

I pull the dragons through the wall.

“Laila, do you have any spare clothes?”
“Ho. I don’t have the hobby of collecting clothes”
“I want you to become a costume chief in the future by all means”

It’s a kind of image of collecting glittering clothes and jewelry, but dragons?

“Wrapping clothes is enough. Then Laila will take them out”
“Oh, that’s not the case”

As Dianne points out, Laila takes out several clothes.

“Wrap it properly”
“Thank you”

Blue dragons wrap the clothes around each other. When I calmed down……there were 5 people in all and all were female except for Broll-san. The clothes aren’t very wide and even if they are wrapped around their chest and waist, it becomes a sensational dress that the gap is very worried about, but it might be better than walking through the town center completely naked.


“Cheers for a happy reunion”

Broll-san and the beautiful women arrived at Polka’s inn and toasted at the cafeteria. It seems to me that they are dragons that bring only alcohol without clothes.

“Nevertheless, Andy-san, don’t you feel bad if you ask the elves and often come back and leave us alone for almost a year?”
“Ah, no, hahaha”

Maia´s mum asked me and I look away. This person is also very young to look at, and even if she is said to be Maia’s sister, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. The wrapping of the cloth is appropriate, so the skin I see and hide is dazzling, but I want her to understand my feeling that I can’t stop at Dragon Palace so much. Because nearly thirty shots were pulled out last time.

“Andy-sama, he was so busy……it took him a while to get his hands on the holy beast and the elves. Don’t blame him too much, mother”
“Well. Aside from the holy beasts, about the elves……tell me if there’s a need”
“No, what are you going to do if you don’t like it?”

I don’t feel like being calm when a dragon says something like that.

“Andy-sama is my rider. Mother if you don’t like that, not good”

Maia steals the liquor bottle from her mother.

“Don’t interfere too much with the world when you don’t have a rider, right?”
“Yes, but……well, why don’t you contract with me, Andy-san?”
“No, no, is that all right?”

I know that there is no limit on the number of people in a Dragon’s 「Power Contract」, but is it okay for her to be under a male´s control?

“Ho. It’s a good thing because I and Maia aren’t so obsessed with copulations! From a person’s point of view, if you surround a bottomless dragon further above this, you’ll be able to keep it for many years”
“……Why shall I?”

When I got on Laila’s point, Maia´s mother backed down as if it wasn’t too bad. She wasn’t expecting that much from the beginning, right?

“However, it is not a great distance from the silver territory. You may come and visit us. Of course, just for seeding……♪”
“Even if it’s not me, it seems to be normal, but a man wants to be naughty with a beautiful woman at Misty Palace”

I answered while drinking the liquor brought by the dragons tightly. When I think about it, I feel that it is not a good story to be calm in the dining room of the inn no matter how much. But Broll-san and other Dragon Beauties were chatting with Hilda and Irina, who had pulled out of the women’s bath and no one was sticking to them because they didn’t listen to them. However, it is a delicious liquor with a very dense aroma. I wonder if it’s an elf liquor.

“Of course, we used to have partners in the past, but……I don’t like elves because they have a long life and they hate sexual desire. It’s not uncommon to spend a little intense night in a village on an yearly basis. But no man, no beast, no one can come close to our palace”
“Ogres and dwarves, too?”
“It goes without saying”

Well, it’s a cave between a mountain range and the elf forest. Even Polka as close as a dozen kilometers has hardly been recognized until now (that’s why the fire dragon war and Polka could have been unrelated) and it can be understood that other races have no connection.

“I also heard that in the human world, you are alienated simply by being involved with dragons. In such circumstances, Smithson-sama, who can negotiate openly, is special in that way. For dragons, it is a precious partner to be involved in with peace of mind. It’s the kind of person you can invite with peace of mind……”
“Yeah. Andy-sama is special”
“……How is that?”

I once again drink from the liquor. Well, I don’t know what they’re saying, but it’s because of the political power of Dianne, Irina and Aurora. I couldn’t have Laila or Maia without being a recluse alone and I’m wondering if I could endure such a life. However, it’s also difficult to call a dragon.

“But this liquor is delicious. It’s neither a rush like 『Stormy Whale』 nor a tingling sensation like 『Great Ice field』 but just by including it in the mouth, the scent comes out”
“Huhu, Smithson-sama is quite a good drinker, isn’t he? This is the treasured medicinal herb alcohol of our palace”
“Medicinal herb alcohol?”

There is a stereotype that you can get such medicinal liquor and have a weird taste.

“Why, why did you drink such a thing? This is the Great Ice Field”

Apparently, the dragon liquor isn’t being drunk except by the blue dragons and me who was drunk. Well, I remember this development quite a bit. I have a very bad feeling.

“Treasured……are you using medicinal plants that you can’t get anywhere else?”
“Now……the mix may be special and our palace is negotiating with the outside”
“We use the herbs brought by the elves. It takes about 10 years from preparation to drinking”
“……I know it’s valuable. For example, emm”

I glance at Irina. Isn’t Christie also here……?

“Why don’t you use Kanetsuki grass?”

I try to say a little bitter name that I pulled out of the bottom of my memory.

“Ah, that one……I was using it……”

No, dragons were much more resistant to such weird effects than elves.

“The herb has been proven to have really dangerous effects on humans”
“R, Really, Andy-sama?”
“I was accidentally made to drink by Christie and it was terrible”

I stand up in a hurry. I haven’t had any other sensation other than drunkenness at the moment, but it’s not very good when I take a detour. Neia, Naris and Tetes appear to flicker in the corners of the field of view, but I can’t cry when I attack them and do a lot of things in self-defense.

“Ma, Maia. And Laila. I’m going back to my room, so follow me”
“? Nursing?”
“Ho, I think it’s better to look for Hilda”
“N,No, it’s okay with you guys. Hilda-san……I think she’s going to squid exceptionally easy when I attack her. That’s why I feel so miserable”

I intended to keep the latter half of the lines in my chest, but if I got drunk, I would say my whole thought. Thus Maia´s mum stands up quickly.

“I see, is it a dangerous effect that might attack a woman……♪”
“Mother, I and Laila are all right”
“……Give up, Maia. She has a hopeful face”

Laila shrugged her shoulders.

I run into the bedroom in a hurry so that I don’t run into any more oddities.


When I got to the bedroom, I found the corner of my field of vision to be a little strange. It may be the effect of the Kanetsuki grass. Do I fall asleep early? If Laila and Maia come while I’m enduring, no one will receive any harm if they take my desires to their heart’s content. Thinking so, I take off my clothes and sit down on the bed. Then, the door opens soon. There.

“I came to get some seeds……♪”

Maia´s mother and other dragon beauties slowly entered, removing their clothes one after another at the entrance of the room and throwing them away.

“Sorry, Andy-sama. I couldn’t stop them”
“Hoho. Well, I don’t mind trying to have a good idea without using temptation, but it doesn’t matter”

Two of my women come in after that, too. I breathed a stinking sigh of alcohol.

“……Hold on”

I push Maia´s mother away who approaches me with her chest.

“Do you only want seeds? Then sit there and wait”

Maia´s mom is a little bewildered. And I get up and go through the female dragons and catch Maia. I roughly press Maia, still dressed, against the wall, roll up the hem and shift the panty down by the distance necessary to put it just below the buttocks.

“Ah, Andy-sama……?”
“It’s okay, just stick out your ass”



I entered into Maia´s vagina, which was barely wet, relying only on my own pioneering work, which had only been expected since I was aware of the effects of Kanetsuki grass.

“Ah, Andy-sama, mother and the others……!?”
“I don’t like the fact that they want only my seed, so I’ll just throw in seed later. Laila and you are in charge of sex”

I’m in Maia’s vagina, who shakes her hips and makes only slight movements and I don’t thrust into the back. However, I’m in a weird mood, whilst shaking my hips and holding Maia’s butt. It will get wet soon.

“……So…………I’m good, but……nn♪”

Maia shouts at a complex tone. She is the one who makes my penis go up. Ejaculation is another person. I’m going to do that for four Misty Palace dragon beauties in this room. It’s just a tool. I feel quite toxic when I don’t feel guilty about it.

“Wh, Why……?”

Laila smiles and explains to Maia´s mother who is confused.

“Ho. Our lord loves to be pampered by a woman with all her might. If we only ask for seeding and only for pleasure, we will be twisted”
“Eh……then, what should I do……”
“Think about it”

Laila approaches me from the side and kisses my cheek while pushing her boobs against my arm. I gradually shake my hips towards Maia, who is gradually getting more moist and I look into Maa’s writhing face and grin while pulling out.

“A, nn……♪”

Leaving the sexy exhaling Maia alone, I show off the climax of the climax.

“Look, when you want to be seeded, open your crotch, stick your ass out and show it to me!”

If I were calm, I would think that this would be great for me against dragons who are a natural disaster itself. However, I’m not normal and only the clinging feeling to them that they came to be seeded is prioritized and I become arrogant.

“Y, Yes……seeding here……♪”

As I told them, some of them opened their crotch on the bed and turned their hips on all fours towards me, but Maia´s mother looked at me with a confused look.

“What’s the matter, you just want the seeds?”

When she sees me negligent for a while, she finally smiles.


And she gave me a kiss.

“……I hope we can love each other.”
“……Pass. Open your crotch”

Maia´s mother, no, I push Asti down on the bed. Pushing my son into her vagina that was expecting and then ejaculating suddenly in the fully-ripened vagina.

“That’s bad. Then do we make love to each other?”
“Y……Yes, I love you so……n, naaaaa!”

While ejaculating, I ignore the pleasure and start shaking my hips. I don’t feel as if my head is vague and want to thoroughly enjoy the ejaculation and begin to overrun while ejaculating.

“……M, Me too! If we can make love to each other, there’s nothing better than that!”
“Can you make love to my ass……?”

The other dragon beauties changed their policies in a hurry. It’s a little humorous, but I’m happy.

“Yes fine, I will make love to you. I’m going to stick all over you……!!”

Putting Asti’s feet on my shoulders, I shake my hips like a monkey and knead Asti’s boobs in agony. Also ejaculate, pull out before it ends, sprinkle sperm and aim at the next woman.

“……Oh dear, troublesome owner”

Laila sighs while undressing again. And, Maia is sticking against the wall and sticking her ass out.

“……What should I do……?”

I was at a loss.

“Come here, I’ll love you all together”

I was puning the butt hole of a dragon beauty and I made a good decision.

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