Half elves fall in love chapter 195

Chapter 195: A Small House in the Great Ice Field, Part 1



It’s been a few days since I came to Polka. Everyone is spending their time by themselves. Boyd is trained every day until he can’t move by Anzeros and the Masturbation Brothers have to devote themselves to preparing a new peeping position (with a drawing) in collaboration with Becker-san. And for some reason, Keiron is taking a nap at the front of Keel´s steamed bun shop and is becoming a favorite among the children.

“It seems that they like my tail so much. Especially that big brother of Smithson. It’s a blacksmith”
“Yeah, there’s that guy´s daughter? That girl touches me for about an hour without getting tired of it”
“……It’s an unexpected combination”

It seems that Keiron´s tail is fascinating for those who like fluffy things. Not only Sara-chan but also Luna was seen from time to time and even in Basson, men sometimes gathered and even looked down. The scene was a little unusual.

“My tail is bifurcated, so it has more volume than a normal fox beast. I think it’s because of that”
“Is it bifurcated……it looks like a single line”
“Didn’t I tell you?”

He’s a pretty rare guy. Well, a man named Keiron is rare in many ways, so I’m not surprised now.

And after the self-training in the morning (just running around the town for a bit of shooting), I also met Peter, Jeanne and Selenium at the Baron’s mansion and practiced blacksmithing with Jackie-san’s help. I’m spending time with him. Renfangas had a bloody odor, so I felt very happy about such a mild moment.

“Smithson-san, did you come again?”

While Jeanne and Selenium make cookies, they put Peter to bed. Christie spoke to me who was enjoying such a papa’s time.

“Cant I come?”
“No, that’s not the case. I thought I’ll see you a lot”
“That’s because Peter is taken care of by Jeanne and Selenium. I’ll come as much as possible”

It would be a problem to have Peter misunderstand that the Baron was his father.

“Ah……is that right? Smithson-san will also come? I’m going to visit Fennel’s house right now”

It seems like I heard that name somewhere……is it too early to forget? It was one of those female elves I met at the hot spring in the middle of the night.

“Are there any inspections?”
“There are some elves who don’t settle in their homes because they are safe in the forest. But if you come out into a human village and live a very sloppy life, it will be related to the elf’s race-like impression. ……I’m thinking of looking at her house and give guidance and sometimes going back to the forest to start studying again”

I can’t imagine what it’s like not to settle in a house, but I wonder if that’s the case because Christie is very serious about it.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen if I follow you”
“All you have to do is follow me. It’s embarrassing to say this, but besides being an elf, women’s places without the eyes of the opposite sex are also likely to become unsasonable by themsalone. If you make men aware that there are things they see, that alone can be an improvement”

……No, I don’t feel like Basson´s corps building has been subtly beautiful since the women’s building was created.

“If so”

I pull Peter’s coat up to his chest and hit it gently, then stand up.

“Thank you very much”
“Well, if you just want to see it, it’s a cheap treat”

Christie and I leave the Baron’s mansion.


“It is over there”

Christie pointed to one of the old houses on the outskirts of Polka. It’s not a very large town, but I still think, 「There was a house in a place like this」. A small house behind a hill.

“Is Fennel the only person living there?”
“No, they borrowed it under the name of Fennel of silver clan, but I’m sure she also lived with Laurier, Oregano and Sevory”
“……All four of them?”
“……Well, all four of them……on the day when they were lost in Smithson-san’s charm, for example, other children also……?”
“No, why is it my charm”

I think it’s correct that we were swept away by the momentum.

“Anyway I know all four of them”
“……W, Well, that’s convenient. You probably don’t need to be introduced”

Christie, who is a little red, clears her throat. Then, she went up to the terrace a little quicker and slammed the knocker.

“It’s Cherry Blossom Clan Christie. I wonder if you can show me how you live”
“Fennel-san, its Christie-sama!”
“Wake up Laurier!”

You can hear the sound of running around.

“……Haa. Good grief”
“Its okay, because humans take it for granted that customers come in and rush to fix it”
“That’s right, but……”

I soothe Christie as she gusses around her temples with her thin fingers and waits. The door opened shortly thereafter.

“Christie, welcom……so……”
“A, Ah, Mr. animal trainer!”
“E, wawaa, if we knew that Mr. animal trainer would come, there would be no fruit pie……”

When I smelled it, it was as if they were making a pie. ……Laurier is still half swaying like in a dream, so there are other children.

“Oregano. I’m good, so why isn’t it good for Smithson-san?”
“No, it’s not that Christie-sama is good, but because humans prefer to have a strong seasoning……”

Oregano corrects her bandana in a hurry. ……Was it mainly this child who made it?

“Fruits are the specialty of the silver clan?”

A sweet and sour fruit which was eaten a lot when I was imprisoned before.

“Yes, that’s right……Laurier likes it, so I tried to make it for lunch”
“I like that a lot, so if you give it to me, I’ll give it to you”

Not bad. It’s not bad at all. It’s tough to have a full course that uses only fruits from morning till night.

“That was……good. Hey, Laurier, wake up. Christie and Mr. animal trainer come over there”

Laurier stands up and has open eyes, but she always seems to be sleepy, so I don’t know how clear her consciousness is. Sevory shakes her shoulders but she still seems sleepy. Alright.


I began to feel mischievous and I gently approached Laurier.


I hold her cheeks with both hands. ……I pulled it to the left and right.

“Wh, niii”
“Wake up, Laurier”
“……Ah, that……why is Mr. Animal trainer here……?”
“At least I want you to call Smithson-san……”

When they think of a trainer as a trainer, they’ll probably think that my profession is that. ……Yeah, I know that it doesn’t make sense for them that I’m a soldier.

“……Smithson-san, I was surprised at what you are going to do”

For some reason Christie started and all the other elves had bright red faces. ……Why?

We had lunch together. The menu is sweet and sour fruit pies. It seems that they were making a large amount and it was a size that would cause no problems even if I or Christie broke in.

“I’ve heard that Christie-sama is coming soon, but……why……Smithson-sama is coming”
“Am I in the way?”

When I asked a little nervously, Fennel laughed bitterly.

“I didn’t think you knew our home, so I was surprised”
“No, I was just pulled here by Christie when I was playing with my son in the Baron’s mansion”

Sevory received that and looked at Christie for a moment.

“I heard that Mr. animal trainer’s son was at the Baron´s place, but……it was just a casual conversation with Christie-sama”
“What, Sevory. Are you dissatisfied?”
“No. I’m a little sorry for the son”

……If you ask me. She may be crying again. But Sevory is also a little steep.

“Sevory, I’m jealous……”

Laurier murmured while devouring the pie. Sevory was told and turned bright red.

“J, Jealous”
“Christie lives in a place where she can be trained by Smithson-sama if she feels like that…”
“Wait Laurier. I’m not training Christie”
“That’s right. We’ve only been doing it twice……”

A subtle silence spreads. Everyone stopped watching Christie, except for the sound of Laurier eating the pie. ……If you can, Christie. I wanted you to say, 「I haven’t done that」. It depends on your opinion.

“Ah, why don’t we just put away the lunch for the time being……? I don’t think it’s a story when eating……”

Oregano tilts her head and laughs and recommends the continuation of the meal. The handy braided ring is pretty.

“……Oregano is the sole winner. She’s done it three times”

Laurier seems unexpectedly like turbulence. Exposed to everyone’s subtle gaze, Oregano bounced off her braid ring.

“Smithson-san. We the elves of the Northern Forest certainly gave you the blessing of the whole family, but that doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want”

After eating, Christie started preaching with her fingers up, as I was straightened up when I was told, 「Please look over here. It’s an important story. It’s a chair」, but it’s stopped by Fennel that interrupts.

“The blessing and Smithson’s charm are unrelated, Christie-sama. We just fell in love with Smithson-san´s work and wanted to receive it”
“That’s not what I’m talking about! In general, while keeping touching the treasure of the elves, the sky-blue princess and Maia……”
“Up to Irina-sama?”

Christie nods while confused by Laurier’s words.

“Ye, Yeah, holding Irina in his arms……besides, what do the conservatives in the forest say if he touched their daughters from one end just because he saw them?”
“I’ll reflect”

For the time being, Christie is right. Nowadays, the hero of the forest is being celebrated, but if all this is done, then it would be unavoidable if the forest banned me from entering and leaving as I´m a mere demon. But believe me. Mostly it’s a gangbang. The only thing that isn’t gangbang is my first experience with Christie and that’s actually not bad for me.

“So……avoid this kind of thing in the future. Fennel´s group seemed to be happy, so they’ll keep silent……if you can’t endure it, I’m willing to be your partner”

Christie was embarrassed and whispered in the second half, but as expected, all were elf girls with good ears. It seems that there was nothing they couldn’t hear.

“Christie-sama, you’re too domineering!”
“Isn’t it just because your share is reduced!”
“Don’t bind Mr. animal trainer”
“Ahaha, Laurier, that’s kind of interesting……perhaps”
“I am thinking of your future! It’s been a hundred years in no time!”

Christie and the four elf girls scream at each other across me. ……At first, I was very proud, but it’s getting a little troublesome, right?

“Wh, What?”

I stand up and approach Christie. There is a difference in height if you get close to her. Christy falters.

“I can’t stand it anymore, so let’s do it here”
“Eh, wh, what……”

Perhaps she got lost, as Christie takes a step back. I don’t chase.

“You don’t like it. Then Sevory. Instead of her I will have sex with you”
“Eh……y, yes……♪”

I turned around and called out to Sevory, who was at hand for the time being and Sevory approached me, even with a confused face. Laurier and Oregano also approach. And finally, Fennel hugged my arm and smiled at Christie and proclaimed victory.

“Well then, we will have sex……excuse us♪”

I’m wondering if this is all right, but if I don’t do it this way it won’t fit. And.

“……I, I understand. It doesn’t matter here or anywhere. Yes, I will protect what I said. This is still in the name of the cherry blossoms clan!”

Christie yields with an angry face. ……Unexpectedly troublesome guy, Christie.

“So it’s just the two of us……”
“No, Smithson-sama is with me already!”
“If Severy does it, I will also do it, Smithson-sama”
“I think I’m the one who handles Sevory and the meals”
“Ah, emm, you promised that we’ll do it again, animal trainer!”

Christie and the four girls scream at each other once again. I feel that the situation is exactly the same as before, but this is very comfortable unlike the one I mentioned earlier. Yup. I’m a very selfish man. I understand without being told. But it is good. I’m a selfish man in the northwestern plain since I fucked Selenium and Dianne up to Anzeros. It’s too late already.

“Then……Laurier, Sevory, Fennel, Oregano, Christie. ……Take it all off and wear only an apron”

Maybe with a very sloppy face, I give them such a great command.

“……Muu, naked apron……I’ve heard about it”
“Y, You know about it, Laurier?”
“It doesn’t have to be Laurier to know. It’s one of the confirmations of love for newlywed humans”
“I, Is that so……? Smithson-san, try all of us……?”
“I, I can do it. We all had done it in the hot spring together and now it’s such an easy victory!”

Yup. To be clear, it doesn’t have a deep meaning. But when they undressed and put on their naked aprons, I felt a strange sense of conquest as I watched. I think that it stimulates man’s desire for control more than nakedness in a sense because it is good to do naughty things no matter how it is seen on the clothes of the matching as it is said by a man.

Laurier wears a black apron, a little overhanging on her young body. Sevory with a cheerful side pony with a clean white apron. Fennel with a fluffy pink apron and her hair tied up to a knot. Oregano with a silver braid ring that embarrassedly hugs a plain, grass-colored apron. Then, with a long floral apron wrapped around, Christie looks back with her exposed hips facing back, while hesitating a little.

“The best”

I make a thumbs up sign.

“If you want to wear clothes, you can wear them. I’ll give your share to Sevory”
“I, It’s different, ……I thought that if I was dyed like this, I wouldn’t be able to go back
“The destination is a female slave with a collar, Sevory?”
“……Does Christie want to go that far?”
“I’m……even so, fine……”
“Oregano is bold……”

In front of five naked apron elves, I take off my pants. My penis was so tense that everyone couldn’t complain.

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