Half elves fall in love chapter 202

Chapter 202: Swordsman’s Secret Special Training [Aurora Almeida Oregano Fennel Laurier Savory]



I haven’t seen Aurora recently.

“Hey Keiron. Don’t you know where Aurora is?”

I find and ask Keiron, whose tail is being tampered with by children, by the steamed bun shop.

“Aurora-san? Isn’t she with Anzeros?”
“Recently, Anzeros is making a full turn with Boyd’s training and Linda-san”

And Aurora isn’t with her. Or rather, Anzeros and Aurora are treated as a set among everyone…….

“Well, I don’t know. I’ve only been to hot springs, here and the tavern lately. And Aunt Lindsay’s miraculous spring”
“I’m not feel like it”
“No, there is no one who is seriously training with our crossbows!?”

Boyd was beaten up by Anzeros, Masturbation Brothers were exploring the mystery of a woman’s body if there was a chance and I went to the Baron’s mansion, messed with Maia and Laila and sexually harassed Sharon’s boobs if I had proper voluntary training. Yeah I’m not the best. … And then the door opened and a new customer came to the steamed bun shop.

“Uncle, two whites and a cup of tea”

When I think it’s a familiar voice, it’s 100-man commander Becker.

“100-man special duty commander”
“Oh, Smithson and Keiron. It’s cold”

He is completely relaxed and steams from his hair. Is it the way home from the morning bath?

“I mean Keiron is popular with children”

Children often come to visit the steamed bun shop, but recently, children often gather because of the temple study time (instead of the academy) and have entered the holidays. Then, they had Keel´s mother make snacks from a non-sale material and they ate it, but that became especially noticeable after Keiron took a nap at the steamed bun shop. It is in a nursery state.

“Beastmen are also quite rare, so hey, Trot”
“Well, there aren’t many beastmen out there……”

There is not so much persecution, but beasts who are not as strong as Oga and Dwarves, and who do not have extensive mutual assorted relationships like elves, do not want to leave the colony very much. That’s why Keiron is treated as a rare beast.

“It’s nice to touch, but don’t pull out my hair. It hurts”

Well, I don’t hate him, so that’s fine. ……That’s it.

“Did you see Aurora, 100-man special duty commander? I haven’t seen her so much lately”
“Why did you get overwhelmed by your affair?”
“……It’s not like there’s no possibility of that”

There is always the possibility. A little.

“No, it’s a joke. I know your woman’s weird cohesion. ……I saw her go to the forest in the morning. With Dancing Spear”
“Forest……that, elf territory?”

If it is Luna, there is a possibility of training in the forest as it is, but if Aurora and Almeida enter the forest, it will normally be in the ancient barrier.


Somehow I got interested and decided to go to the forest.


Irina and Christie are still unable to escape from the Baron’s mansion due to Linda-san’s 「Guidance」. I can’t enter the ancient barrier alone. When I was wondering what happened, I came across four girls after the hot springs on the road.

“Good morning, animal trainer”
“……I’ll ask you to do something about that name”

I’ve given up on the recognition from the elves, but at least I want them to excuse me at the time of traffic.

“E, Emm, then……Smithson-sama?”
“Yeah, Andy or Smithson is fine, but that’s it”
“Are you using the women’s baths? There are a lot of female humans now, but……”
“Fennel. Please, don’t say I’m like someone who often uses the women’s bath”

I wanted to question the perceptions of these children a little more thoroughly. But before that.

“Which reminds me, you guys can always be in the forest, right?”
“Yes, of course”

If they are not good at magic, opening and closing the barrier will be difficult, but they don’t seem to worry.

“Then, can you take me to the forest? I want to know what Aurora is doing because it looks like she’s in the forest”

Well, I can make a rough prediction.

“I don’t mind that
“Apart from that Smithson-sama, when will you come to our house next time?”
“Ah, emm, you can come anytime. There will always be someone except when we’re in the bath”
“Everyone is there at night. I’m the only one in the afternoon, but whenever that’s okay……come and hug me”
“That’s why I don’t go back and forth. I’ll go. I’ll go soon”

I don’t know who has ears, or please forgive such an invitation right in front of the women’s bath where women take their morning bath.

After the bath, the four sexy girls send me to the silver clan manor. And when I asked the elf who was walking around that area, it seems that Aurora and Almeida entered Barrier Prison village.

“You’ve been coming a lot lately”
“Indeed……thank you”
“No No. Protect the benefactor of the forest with all things”

I tell the four girls about it while having them carefully cut the mark as a greeting.

“Then, over there”
“Fennel-san, have you been taught the key spelling of the barrier prison?”
“Of course. When animal trainer was there, I used to be on duty for cooking”

When I heard Fennel answering Savory, I think that was the case. Was she one of the care elves at that time?

And when I enter the barrier prison with them.

“It’s late, princess!!”
“Still more!!”

I heard the sound of a slamming tree hitting each other. As we all headed toward the sound, as expected, Almeida and Aurora were in a fierce battle.


Gakan!! Almeida’s long pole hits Aurora’s dual wield to the left and right without difficulty and thrusts the tip to the throat.

‘My concentration is disrupted. I tell you, I haven’t been half as fast yet”
“I, I know……”
“And I’m a paladin and a red arm. It’s the same rank as Princess Aurora who is a Ace Knight”
“I still need to devote myself. I’m still worried about my basic physical strength. The speed and power are also higher than Anzeros-cono. Not to mention the blast technique”
“I know”
“If so, let’s finish swordsmanship today. Fortunately, there is a miraculous spring, which is very good for teasing the body”

I thought that Aurora became considerably stronger, but it seems that it is not even close to Almeida’s feet. I mean, Almeida is amazing.

“I, I saw this swordsmanship match for the first time”
“I wonder if those people are stronger or weaker than orange clan´s Gorkus-sama”
“……I’m not sure what they’re doing”
“Dark green clan´s Almeida is so amazing”

Each of the four girls are admiring. And it was Aurora that spotted us.

“Who is it!”

We who rise up. It was a little scary voice. However, when she admits our figures, Aurora relaxes.

“……Andy-san. ……You?”

Before I answered, the tense Savory stepped forward and answered, swinging her side pony.

“Th, That’s the one who participates in the favor of our animal trainer!”

I’m going to do my best from where I don’t have to answer separately.

“……My name is Fennel of the silver clan”
“I´m Oregano of the gold clan”
“Laurier of the gold clan”
“I, I’m Savory of the gold clan”

……After giving the name, what remains is Aurora’s stunned sigh and Almeida’s gaze.

“Unknowingly……Andy-san, we’re free every night”
“I feel like you’re going to have to make it difficult to get back to Marie-dono, Andy Smithson!”
“If you say so, let’s take off the collar, Almeida!?”

She is always saying that sticking in one’s throat if she doesn’t like it.

“By the way, the proof of an animal trainer’s love is to receive a collar……”
“Are we still lacking in service?”

The four girls also start making noise in a strange wind.

“Are you going to be such a man’s female slave, wake up girls!”
“Almeida-san. As I say, I don’t think you’re persuasive……”

Almeida is looking for a vocal reconsideration and Aurora feels like giving up.

“I, It’s okay because we’re too young to have a fiancé, even in the clan!”
“Don’t call the animal trainer such a man if you were saved by the animal trainer’s warmth, although it was originally a crime of death!”
“……Well, honestly, I agree that the lower body isn’t sloppy”

Laurier, aren’t you a little too honest? That’s fine.

“I’m wearing a collar because I can’t stand the bad publicity of Marie-dono’s son anymore! I, If my sacrifice could stop the damage even a little……”
“I wonder if having Dancing Spear as a pet has led to the bad publicity you say”
“I, If you also say that, Princess Aurora!”
“From the beginning, I’d like to be Andy-san’s favorite woman. Being a wife and a slave is just a form. Be loved by Andy-san for a long time. I don’t care”
“Mu, Muu”
“It’s just right. Andy-san, how about going together?”

Aurora smiles and points to the building next door. A dressing room for the hot spring.

“Oh, Princess Aurora! Dedicate yourself to recovering your physical strength! Yeah, your opponent is me!”
“You shouldn’t say that after hearing my reply, Almeida”

In addition, the four girls join in.

“You have too much love!”
“Animal trainer, please satisfy your libido with us”
“Please tell me more and more about naughty things, I’ll do anything”
“… I don’t have to do it, but I want to be impregnated normally”
“I think you should calm down a little too”

……I don’t feel bad about it.


So. After all, in the middle of the open-air hot spring, elf beauties are entwined with my body in turn.

“Andy-san, how about it……♪”
“I want to make it a little more intense……”

It is Aurora who is hugging me from the front and shaking her hips. She has just finished growing up and is younger than Laurier if she is not good at it and may be the youngest of them, but her expression is definitely the most bewitching of all. Almeida is pushing her boobs against my back.

“……Without this moderation”
“Almeida-san. If you are dissatisfied, why don’t you leave?”
“This collar is a contract. I can’t run away because I vowed to stand up with this man’s libido at all times”

Annoying guy.

“Aurora, get off a little”
“I will attack Almeida”
“Attack!? You which mouth……”

Pulling out my dick from Aurora, I press Almeida against the edge of the bathtub and insert it from the back.

“GGu……hu, aaaa……!”

And as soon as I begin to shake my hips, Almeida begins to scream.

“Ah, haa, aa, ya, aaa……♪”
“You pervert knight. you really wanted mw to do something erotic”
“Ya, id, idiot, noo……♪”

Every time I poke her uterus, her facial expression melts. All the other elves see it. Savory and Aurora are pressing their bodies against my back and arms, while the other three are looking from nearby.

“What a naughty face she has!”
“Pushing one´s hips up like this……”
“Such a rebellious woman, you should have conceived her as soon as possible”
“Mu, don’t overdo it, Laurier, this guy is indispensable for his mission”
“Uhuhu, so……do you enjoy using her as a hand piece and toilet without intentionally conceiving her, animal trainer?”
“It’s not Andy-san’s preference to rush to get pregnant”
“You’re really going to have fun……”

I mean, when I listen to their words, I’m really like a villain.

“Yaa, Yaaaa……no, noo……I can’t stand it……♪”

Almeida is quicker than usual while being tampered with by other elves. When Almeida squirts, I pull out my dick, hug the naked Oregano who was looking at us from the side and insert it in the standing back posture. Pleasure reaches the climax at the point where I thrust and I ejaculate suddenly.

“Hiaaa!? Hey, animal trainer……!?”
“I’m sorry. Do you hate it?”
“……L, Listening while vaginal cum shot……♪”

Oregano happily entrusts herself to my barbarism, which seems to have thrust in just to put it out. And Almeida, who was left unattended, looked up at me with a sad face.

“Why don’t you give it to me……?”
“Because you´re so noisy, I’m sorry. You can masturbate yourself”
“Th, That……”

Releasing Oregano, I raise Fennel’s leg, who puts her hands around my neck and inserts it face-to-face, shaking Almeida.

“If you don’t like it……don’t mess up things like you can’t help it or because you swore”
“……I, I understand, I won’t tell you……”
“And……if you want to have sex, say so. Don’t use my mother as a shield. That’s ingratitude for my mother”

It’s fine to be told that I’m a pervert or a bad guy, but I’m sorry or feel bad for my mother to be used as an excuse.

“I understand……Marie-dono……it’s bad for Marie-dono, but……I love having sex with your……!”
“……That’s not it”

I stuck Savory and Aurora on my back and shook my hips on Fennel quickly.

“I want to show my mother the grandchildren you gave birth to”
“……Uh, you devil……I, I want to give birth to a grandchild for Marie-dono♪”
“……Make me squid with a vaginal cum shot……♪”

I pulled out my dick from Fennel and rushed into the open crotch of Almeida. Then, hugging Almeida, I make several round trips while kissing.


And ejaculation.

Releasing Almeida who is satisfied and reluctant, I insert it again in Aurora. Laurier kisses me, Oregano sticks to me and asks for the continuation.

“Ah, n……Andy-san”

Aurora, who continues to be pushed up, smiles and sledges in my ears.

“……No matter how you look at it, it was the first time for a good 『Animal Trainer』♪”

Stop. I’m depressed. Certainly it may have been a little too much now.

“Why don’t you train me too?”
“Andy-sama, me too”
“There’s a female here that hasn’t been seeded here♪”
“Fennel-san, its too much”

……I was depressed.


I’m fine. I stayed fine.

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