Half elves fall in love chapter 207

Chapter 207: Cats Kingdom 4 [Lina Yuna]



Cat girls Lina and Yuna. Actually, I remember them as a pair, so I’m a little suspicious about who is Lina and who is Yuna.


When I called Lina for the time being, the flashy girl with tiger-striped hair raised her face. I see, Lina has a flashy hair color and Yuna has a plain hair color.

“For the time being, I would like you to introduce a place where we can feel rest assured”

Unfortunately, Lina didn’t seem to understand my serious request.

“I think you can rest assured anywhere in the colony?”
“E, Emm, for example, Lina´s home”
“Ah……I’m sorry, I haven’t cleaned up, so now……”

It doesn’t matter if it’s not cleaned up or if the bed is vacant, it’s okay.

“Where is it okay? Anyway, we’ll all get along with each other tomorrow night♪”

Yuna says happily.

“Well, it hurts if it’s not in bed? Because we will move”

It may not be what I say, who is good at having sex outdoors or in strange places, but it’s mostly girls who get hurt. No No. To be honest, that’s an excuse. Even if I was told that it was okay in the back alleys, I’m currently concentrating my eyes from all over the place. With so much attention, it’s quite embarrassing to stay in an open environment. I have to take them to an environment where we have a bed, preferably without worrying about our surroundings. ……That’s my persuasion.

“Nya……maybe I like it hurt a little”

Yuna stumbled upon saying that she had slipped diagonally. How did I persuade her?


When I’m worried, the eyes of the cat beasts in the surrounding houses and under the eaves increase. Although reason is blown away on a full moon night, they are living normally on other days and in the daytime. What kind of feelings do they have when they see Lina, Yuna and I, who are having a conversation that doesn’t suddenly happen in the middle of the road?

For the time being, I am a local celebrity as the center of the situation that female slaves are somehow, but there are properly 「Multiple bigamy ants in Celesta」 and 「Female slaves are a kind of story related to men and women and are not really slaves」. That’s not the case, because there is a part that is warmly accepted. I would like to appeal on the premise that anything is not really an anarchy lewd genie of ants. On top of that, I would like them to understand that it is very hard to be exposed to cold eyes in a strange society. Let’s admit that I´m a little pervert. Let’s admit that I like women and am greedy. However, I don’t want to reopen and be treated like an obscene material.

When I shouted inwardly, they couldn’t tell. Even though I wasn’t asked, I couldn’t make such a speech. It only accelerates misunderstandings. Oh, I wonder why Grandma Donna’s ears made me wonder why she came out. I know from the beginning that it’s all about making things easier tomorrow night. Why didn’t I ask Grandma Donna to hold a regional rally and set it up to gain the understanding of the entire colony? I have no regrets. As time goes by, the withdrawal becomes uncool and my pride is dented. Everyone, I’m just expected and urged by Grandma Donna as a slightly energetic male and it’s not as harmful as it looks, so don’t look at it with such caution.

“Yuna, older brother has difficulties in choosing. Before he changes his mind”
“Yeah. Fast, Ansmi-san”
“Don’t shorten my name without permission!”

When I inadvertently made a tsukkomi, Lina and Yuna smiled and began to untie the cloth band on the spot. Wait a minute. Here in the middle of the traffic.

“Don’t take it off! Are you not ashamed!?”
“Eh, because we can’t be seen by a man, we can’t take it off, right?”
“There is only older brother here♪”
“Ecchi is something that people can see……”

……When I think about it, these kids only know the orgy where many women get mixed up. In addition, it seems that this colony, where men have not settled for a long time, isn’t well educated about the idea of ​​shame.

“Look Look, older brother, take it off quickly”

The two of them, who had taken off their simple clothes and became naked while seeing that I was in need of persuasive words, took off my clothes. I try to grab the buckle of the belt and resist, but if I resist so silently, I just make them suspicious. After all, my pants and underwear were taken off.

“No……No, everyone, I’m not suspicious……”

I close my eyes and make excuses. However, in the afternoon, when two young naked cat girls are innocently kneeling in front of me, I can’t shrink in the situation.

“It’s full of motivation”

I hate my honesty. I glance at the facial expressions of the cat beasts around me. Those with a confused face, those who stare with no expression, those who clearly expect something. It’s not as disgusting as I expected, but there’s no doubt that it’s a very bizarre sight to suddenly see girls and bare friends in the middle of the streets lined with houses. I made up my mind.

“It’s all instructed by Grandma Donna! Don’t feel too bad about me!”

Completed excuses for myself.

“Lina, get on all fours!”
“Push your ass over here! I’ll pour it into your pussy right now! In the middle of this midday street, I’ll impregnate you in front of everyone!”
“Nya……wh, when you say that, it’s really……♪”

Lina dyes her cheeks and with a slightly euphoric face, she pushes her tailed ass up in the middle of an adobe street filled with dust.

“Me too?”
“Stand here and play with your pussy and sucking your boobs while I´m committing Lina”

Swiping the tiger-striped tail to the side, I bury the glans in Lina’s slightly moist pussy.


The vagina of a cat beast girl who is still not wet enough doesn’t hold me deeply. However, under the sun of an oasis shining down, I grabbed the ass of a naked cat beast and shook my hips without hurrying. Although it is daytime, they´re affected by the moon. It is not so far that she secretes a large amount of love juice. In parallel with that, I hold Yuna’s bare skin in one arm and stroke the base of her tail from a tight and beautiful spine. Rubbing her youthful buttocks with my entire palm and then crawl my fingers from the back of her hips to her pussy as if I was pressing my wrist against her butt.

“Nya……n, naughty touch……♪”
“I’m lewd. I’ll sexually harass you so much that your head is erotic and punctured”

I kiss Yuna’s two nipples. The high sun creates high contrast on the skin. The movement of my waist gradually increased and the glans finally reached the back of Lina’s vagina.

“Nyaaa……i, it’s all the way in……♪”
“That’s right. It’s inside your vagina. I’ll pour in my semen in front of everyone’s eyes. Tighten your pussy and get pregnant”
“Nyaa……i, if you say that……”
“How is it?”
“I’m thrilled……♪”

Enchanted Lina. I start hitting my hips in earnest on that butt.

“Nyaa……ahu, a, aa……nyaaa”
“Yuna, stick out your boobs more. Let me suck them”
“Ol, Older brother, like a baby……”
“Until you have a real baby, these boobs are mine. I’ll do the same midday seeding show to you after Lina”
“S, Something like that great……nyaa, both my ass and pussy are touched as you like”
“I’ll tell you something good. I love your boobs, ass and pussy”
“……You’re a lewd man……♪”

Yuna holds my head tightly with both hands as I rub her ass while rinsing her nipples. Lina, on the other hand, shook her tail and slammed her hips against me, screaming and squirting her love juice just like a female cat. Blue sky. Green palm leaves, white rocky mountains, adobe and white plaster houses. Feeling the eyes of the cat beasts from here and there, I thoroughly enjoyed the naked bodies of the twin cat beasts.

“Get pregnant!!”

I feel free to ejaculate in the back of Lina´s vagina. It’s just sex to get pregnant. I don’t put up with it. I don’t even confirm. However, semen is spit inside the pussy of this girl who is probably not fully grown. ……I was surprised to see a lot of sperm released.

“I think it’s because of the grilled liver……maybe a little more than usual”

While being struck by the sweet numbness immediately after ejaculation, I pull my dick out from Lina. Semen drips down from the weak waist.

“See, the next protagonist is you, Yuna”
“Nya……h, hey, older brother”

Yuna is on all fours next to Lina, who has fallen on the street and she opens her legs and sticks out her hips, giving me the gaze I expected.

“Tail, grab it and commit me roughly……♪”
“It will be painful”
“It hurts, but I like that kind of violence……”
“Nympho cat beast”

As she said, I grab Yuna’s tail and shake my hips at full throttle from the beginning instead of a bridle.

“Nyaaaaa……g, good, older brother´s……older brother’s dick, I like it!!”
“Pervert cat! You should als be conceived in daytime before everyone’s eyes”
“Nyaa……nyau, nyauuu♪”

Both are like estrus cats. Yuna and I roughly hit each other’s hips. The sound of banging, banging, banging,and hitting the hips against the clear blue sky disappears. And the tail of the gray-haired cat girl is pulled very strongly.

“Let’s go, receive it!!”

I also start ejaculating inside her vagina. Both are cat girls who are a little younger than Luna. I cast black shadows and white seeds on both.

“Nyaha, a……”
“How was it……”
“Ehe……feeling, good……”

Yuna, who sucked up a lot of sperm in her womb, smiled with a melting smile.

“……But I wonder if it’s better not to get pregnant……”
“You desecrate my existence”
“Ehehe……but, again, I want to have sex with older brother……more and more……”

Yuna’s head, which says something cute, is roughly stroked in a shy manner.

“Even if you get pregnant, I’m a man who will do it if I want to do it”
“……Then, can I get pregnant……♪”

……And, I enjoy the afterglow while covering her.

“Emm, me too……”
“……I, I want you to seed me before everyone’s eyes……too……♪”

Some cat beasts came by our side and began to loosen their cloth band. The influence of the moon is strong. The estrus may have been transmitted to the sensitive girls while they were watching.

“……I’ll tell you first”

I raised my face and declared so with a crisp appearance.

“I’m being told by Donna, aren’t I? Don’t treat me like a pervert, right?”

I´m laying two naked catgirls down. ……I can say that they nodded, but there was no persuasive power.


“So, 6 people were dealt with by the evening……. Not bad. I didn’t think you would start having sex in such a place”
“I didn’t even think”

Dinner on the banks of the oasis, illuminated by a bonfire. Grandma Donna praises me while pouring stew from cubed meat and fish from the pot to Laila.

“It would be nice if you could crawl at night as well. Everyone is quieter than tomorrow, maybe”

I nod vaguely while devouring grilled liver. It belongs to Hell’s Boar that Laila and her friends have captured. I may only be able to eat liver here. ……And.

“Well, don’t worry, Naris. We´re going to the dwarf colony next time, so I think they’ll get it fixed”

Naris broke Crash Harken and was depressed. ……I encourage Naris, but the moment I see the debris, I can’t stop pounding.

It’s my mistake. I relied too much on engraving crests. Because it was carved considering only the impact in the direction of attack, it was extremely vulnerable to the defensive action of hell’s boar, that is, the impact from an unintended direction. It’s my fault made by the theory of the desk. I haven’t become a blacksmith yet. ……I have to improve it.

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