Half elves fall in love chapter 206

Chapter 206: Cats Kingdom 3



For the time being, it seems to be a definite matter that I will spend the night of the full moon in the cat beast colony.

“Did you get such an agreement before you know it?”

Aside from myself, it’s puzzling that it was the norm between Laila, Dianne and Luna. Aside from Luna, Laila and Diane have no return. ……Thinking so, I asked Dianne and others who came back for confirmation.

“I didn’t care, but Laila”
“Ho, when did you say that you promised the kittens that way? I heard when you sent them to the colony”
“……No, I said I’d definitely go on a full moon night someday”

I don’t think anything should be at this time of year. The full moon is three days before the spirit festival.

“If you have a promise, it doesn’t matter. It’s a crisis in Donna’s hometown. It’s good to scatter your lust to the fullest”
“……I think I’m not able to use my waist at the spirit festival……”

There is no magic doping from Hilda-san this time. It is a folk remedy, liver burning and a competitive game. After having an orgy with the girls of the whole village, I wonder if Dianne and Laila will forgive me at the spirit festival in Cascus. ……Now that I mention it.

“I don’t have much in mind for spirit festival. If you can’t keep up with your physical condition, you can take a moment off. Most of the other female slaves who have been left behind are right to participate from the beginning, if you think about your dissatisfaction……”
“I have nothing to do with the spirit festival in the first place”

These people were such mental people. Laila is ignorant of the customs of the world, as Dianne, who is concerned about her surroundings. ……Isn’t that something you care about?

“It’s a big problem for me”
“Well, I’m not obsessed with anything special. The spirit festival isn’t just a seeding festival, it’s just a warming up for lovers and family. It’s flirting all night”
“……That’s also the way it is”

Aurora and Jeanne were finding a compromise on their own.

“When it comes to that, is the remaining problem Naris?”

At the point where Dianne looks, Naris immediately talks with the cat beasts and makes a skewer. I can’t feel the repulsion of the monster flesh that I and Anzeros had. She is a tough guy.

“Hohou, are there a lot of these pigs in the Desert Labyrinth? Well, I think I should hunt them too”

She is motivated to carry the crash piton properly.

“Laila, can I ask you to monitor the desert?”
“Ho, leave it to me”

Naris’s arm, which can be bent as a red arm, will keep up with one or two Hell’s Boars, but there are various dangers in an unfamiliar labyrinth. You may be surrounded or encounter unexpected monsters and I feel that it is possible for Naris to get lost. No, somehow. Laila implicitly joins the skewered circle and looks at Naris’s departure.

“It’s worth it that I can’t think of you as the master of the labyrinth here”

Dianne smiled bitterly.

“It’s worth it that I can’t think of you as the War God”

Dianne smiles at Aurora’s counterattack.

“The War God is a nickname at the time of war. Unlike those days, I already have a lover”

Dianne is looking straight at me with goodwill and trust in me.

“It’s a strange story to help that lover spear with others”
“Dissatisfied, Jeanne?”
“Nya. Andy’s kindness and social contribution”
“I have that view too”

……At least the performance of my lower body seems to be trusted by the iron wall.

“But you may want a little jealousy”

In the sense of caring for me.

“Good luck”

Luna presents a plate of grilled liver. I shook the 「Salt of Purity」 as much as I could, closed my eyes and ate the grilled liver.


……Ah, if I close my eyes, it might be surprisingly delicious. But I want alcohol.


After eating, resting under a palm tree, Grandma Donna appears out of nowhere. ……Although she is an old woman, she feels more than average in her manners. Sophisticated movements cultivated by years of continuous attention to casual movements, such as 100-man commander Becker and Gorkus. Sometimes she just 「Played」 with Laila when she was young. If you feel like it, I’m sure this old woman is strong.

“Where did Laila go?”
“……Watching over a girl in the Desert Labyrinth”
“Ah, that elf girl. She’s a strange child. She doesn’t smell like a normal forest elf, doesn’t have the subservientness of a half and doesn’t have the pushiness of a dark elf”
“Are dark elves pushy?”
“Somehow, they’re more credible than humans, but it doesn’t make sense to stay away……well, that’s fine. Hey, she asked for my home cooking……well, it’s a simmered dish, so she has some”
“……I’m sorry, I was the one who sent Laila”
“It’s not something you care about. It’s bad for the idiot dragon to say and forget about it”

No matter how much she 「Played」, she can’t forgive the strongest creature in the labyrinth. No, that’s not what I say when I push someone around.

“… Did you eat all the grilled liver?”
“Thanks to you. If I had alcohol, I could afford it”
“There is only silver vine liquor, in my colony”
“……Is that good for humans?”
“I don’t know because I’m a cat”

I want to try it a little.

“Well, I don’t care about alcohol. More than that……”

The old woman brought her lips to my ears. If she’s a young cat girl, I’ll be surprised.

“If you can afford it, why don’t you start training my daughters right now. There is a limit to what you can do at once on the full moon night”
“You´re accompanied by a woman, isn’t it a good idea to invite her? You always expect it, unless its a child or an old woman and if its a little meal, I raised my family and they´ll open their crotch”
“I’ll say it many times, but the situation hasn’t improved as much as I can say four or five times. My daughters, who I trained earlier, will stop here on a full moon night”
“……It’s like a free brothel town”

I’d like to say something a little rude with a slightly gentle feeling as I´m treated as a stallion.

“I can’t afford it, I’m going to experience that night. If you can say that you enjoyed it that much, it’s reliable”

I try to smirk. ……Okay, then I think I did it with that intention.

The problem is. ……I’ve never set foot in a brothel town and I’m not used to inviting girls at all.


After a little long meal break (it took me a while to practice inviting a cat girl in my head), I stood up and wandered the streets of the colony. In every house, a cat-beast girl does a nap or does handicrafts. ……I can see that they care about this while pretending to be. I’m not dating Luna to date. I also know the habits of cat beasts to some extent. Their ears follow their concern sensitively? As I slowly paraded through the colony, they were keenly aware of my immaturity. ……Yup. When I think about it, I really can’t do the basics. I don’t even know the fragment of a handicraft that approaches Moody to a stranger (not necessarily, but similar because I don’t remember the face or name). Even if I think of it as a red-light district, I have never actually set foot in one because I only saw it from a long distance. Because I heard that ogre’s scary brother would make a debt certificate if someone wasn’t good at it and in the first place, the customs of Trot and Basson were all female humans. Imprinted on Apple, I had a lot of hurdles about the appearance of other people, so I didn’t feel like approaching the customs of Trot and Basson, which are likely to be bad. I made an excuse, but there is no change in the fact that I am walking suspiciously around in extreme tension without being able to approach any house or girl more than a certain distance. What should I do? How do I call out?

Do I want to say 「Hey, lets have sex?」 or something straight. It’s endorsed by the colony leader and I won’t be screamed at as a suspicious person. ……No, but there may be some girls in the colony who aren’t so enthusiastic just because Grandma Donna and Luna are telling so. And what I’m listening to is actually not curious but vigilant and maybe they’re ready to run away or fight back if I try to do something strange. When you look at it like that, everyone looks like that. No, even if the majority actually wants to have sex, there is no guarantee that I´m paying attention to them is no exception. If I’m suddenly rejected, I’m not confident that I can talk to other girls until the night of the full moon.

“……E, Eem”

At the last minute, I caught multiple cat girls on a line a little far from talking and my throat was groaning as I tried to raise my voice.

“C, Can you give me some water?”

When I call out to a cat girl, she puts a glass of water in the bowl of pottery and serves it. Oh her eyes are scared. I’m scared. Other than this one……n, no, but which one……. I wonder if 100-man special duty commander Becker will approach them smoothly. I want to run away with all my strength without any meaning. Help me Luna. Help me Aurora. Help me Jeanne. Help me Dianne. I don’t care about Naris. So, do I want to come back? Will I come back?

So I asked Grandma Donna and Luna to act as an intermediary……no no, I’m surprised.

“U, Uum……”

Even though it’s not so hot, I sweat and think on the street. It’s already a suspicious limit. ……There.

“What are you doing?”
“For this one? Should I guide you?”

There are two strangely familiar voices. When I turned around, a black-yellow mottled-haired cat girl and a gray-haired cat girl were looking up at me side by side. Well.

“……Lina, Yuna?”
“You remembered us”
“……So what’s your name?”

The two are innocently entwined in both arms. Heaven’s help.

“I’m Andy Smithson. ……Emm”
“……It’s been daytime, but why don’t you ecchi?”

……No, wait a minute. There will be a little more stage, right. I didn’t notice until three seconds later that they were too tempered and made a persuasive way of persuading myself. But.


The two were very enthusiastic. ……But there is no sign of pulling me anywhere.


……Two cat girls who make a bright noise trying to ecchi in the middle of traffic. As a suspicious person, I think I’m on the next level. I was at a loss.

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