Half elves fall in love chapter 23

Chapter 23: Magic doctor [Diane Hilda]



“I’m home”

I hear Dianne’s voice from the entrance. The first trial of finally cumming into Anzeros three times ended (Finally it took time since Anzeros didn’t want to release the glans from the womb, so it took time), afterward Selenium and Aurora jumped into my crotch and extended their tongues to my penis when they stop suddenly out of surprise.


Selenium and Aurora just exchange glances. Staring for a couple of seconds, they restart their licking from both sides as it is.

“No reaction!”
“I don’t need to hold back against Dianne-san”
“This is a good opportunity, I will go to declare war on Dianne-sama like this”

On the bed Anzeros who exposed her secret place where blood and semen dripped down got dizzy. Next to her is me lying on the bed like a tuna and a naked elf and half-elf lick my dirty dick.
Well. There is not much difference from the scenery that I showed to Aurora this morning and panicked, but what happened? Is it because of Dianne?

“Andy are you here? I brought my elder sister……”

Dianne, who opened the sliding door……was with someone else.

“……I came, but……you finally put your hands on Anzeros……”
“Araara, really, you are not an idiot”

The person standing next to Dianne was a little taller than Dianne, a woman with a clean impression, like a doctor. The feeling she showed was about the same age as me. Wait. It will be too incomprehensible to say hello to Dianne’s elder sister suddenly with a cum shot.

“U, uwa, emm”
“Don’t overdo it, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to get a scratch on your penis while you’re in the middle of ejaculating, right?”
“……Ah, yeah, well”

That woman smiled with caution when I tried to jump up to my feet. There is also a place where the site that I came across is settled in spite of the site.

“… It is amazing, isn’t it?”
“I would look away if I were you”
“f you think so, I’ll make an effort to get away and wear clothes”
“Yaaaa, Andy-san´s penis isn’t clean yet”
“It’s kind of like running away before Selenium-san”

Two people who are on my crotch aren’t willing to draw away from myself to the last.

“……Aurora. Andy, I didn’t know that”
“A little, little while ago, I was pushed down before we departed from Helicon”
Dianne is amazed. Her older sister is smiling while holding one hand on her cheek.
“Rival, how many people have you said?”
“Three people……miscalculation, it has increased to five people”
“You too. Such a child”
“Who are you talking to, to Andy or to the girls who are swarming on Andy, which one older sister?”

Regardless of outfields like ridiculous, Aurora and Selenium keep licking my penis. And in front of these dark elves sisters, I ejaculated grandly in Aurora´s face.


Selenium and Aurora who are surprised for a moment of the spouting semen, stretch out their tongues in a hurry. Dianne and her sister exhale.

“Well then, why don’t we talk?”

The older sister who isn’t moving also takes care of the place by saying so. A big thing has come out in a different meaning until now.


“Yes, then, everyone, I´m Dianne´s elder sister Hilda, I´m a doctor at a small colony in the west of here, thanks for having me”

The forest elf & half-elves group are taken aback by Hilda-san´s way of doing things. It was quite easy to come in during the time we had group sex without such a margin. Dark elf, is she someone old who has wisdom? By the way, everyone remains half naked and naked. Aurora wears a sheet on her body for a while, Anzeros wears a blanket, I have only my crotch hidden at the edge of Aurora´s sheet. Selenium was naked and only wearing her collar.

“Well, well, for the time being, I feel it for sure, but can you show me Andy-kun’s leg injury?”
“Ah, yes……I hope you heard that it didn’t get better with medical treatment”
“Maybe there is a possibility of being able to manage it for a while.

Dianne-chan, was it 130 years since you quit as a doctor? Well, with your old techniques, you have to 『Pretend』 to be a doctor”

“……Mu, ashamed. But I agreed with the doctors of Klaves”
“So for the time being, please extend it up”
“I cannot extend it”

Surprisingly. Hilda-san says something unreasonable.

“………… As expected impossible”
“Sometimes the joints are at a loss”
“Uuhh. I guess it was burned severely. If it’s a person who was knocked out with a sword skill of a night class, he could recover once in a while”
“It might have been bad to put some time to the joint operation. It was a delay-based spell that prevented corruption”
“Uh, I can’t say anything about it. Soldier-san Dianne-chan won’t be hanged around that ……but it’s amazing that Klaves’s transplant magic is so great, is this deer’s thigh meat?”
“Yes. That surprised me too”

Hilda-san and Dianne who punctured me scratch my feet happily.

“Hmm, emm, it is impossible”
“……Is that so”

It’s about 30 minutes since they started tinkering. Hilda said it as easily as possible. Well, I didn’t expect so much……ye, yeah, it’s a bit disappointing. I still have the miraculous fountain of Polka.

“Afterwards is a request for the miraculous fountain of Polka”
“I wonder how effective it will be to such an injury. Although it is certainly famous, is an injury that has no nerve connection recognized as an injury?”
“Please don’t break my heart in a natural way”

Even though I was trying not to think about it.

“Well, Smithson, I will also retire and help you a lifetime if you can’t do it anymore”
“…………Ah, Andy”

My vitality restored a little after having been called by Anzeros. I am super cheap.

“Well I will care for you for the rest of my life from the beginning♪”
“Huhuhu, it is a challenge against me”
“Wait, Aurora, what are you fighting for?”

Three people mix the story with blessings. Ah, it is very appreciated now that my mood is about to go down.

“Yes Yes, a bit of a stop. Well, I certainly can’t cure it, but it doesn’t end there, for Hilda-sensei”

TskTskTsk, Hilda-sensei shakes her finger.

“Because I’m a magical doctor”
“What you want to say, older sister”
“Andy-kun, do your best a little and stretch your leg again”
“Mu, it’s impossible,”

This person is stubborn but softly surprising.

“────, Yes, scream”
“Ngu……o, oo!!?”

I could smoothly stretch my knee. I am surprised at the feeling of an extremely long time.

“Yesss, success~♪ Dianne-chan high five”
“Ah, ah…… wh, what did you do, older sister”
“Well, I just added a pattern to the deer meat and just tried putting illusion magic in the fourth type of deformed syntax?”
“……I, I see.”
“What do you mean?”
“In other words, she tricked the tear-and-nerve parts with an illusion and let them recognized that they are 『connected to each other』. Well, it is a kind of squid”
“You can do anything with trickery…..!!!”

I stand up. Jump around. It is amazing. It is as it was before being cut off. It was such a wonderful thing that five people were satisfied that I could walk. Hayakho.

“Thank you!! Thank you Hilda-san!”
“Ah, but that technique, there is a problem a little”
“Even if you put it perfectly for 30 minutes, it will only work for 30 minutes. If the effect expires, I think that your leg will come off at once even if you put it on for next 30 minutes it would be dangerous to do something more than 30 minutes”

Short-lived elation.

“30 minutes……I can’t do marching training……”
“Well, I will retire from military service as it is”

Anzeros nods heavily. But, even in that case, I heard that she is going to spend her whole life with me, not caring whether I am a little happy.

“Well if you say 30 minutes……then, I guess the most important thing is to use it to have sex”

This female doctor is never embarrassed nor take it to a counter for stories. It’s too natural to be embarrassed.

“You may not use this kind of magic for erotic things……”
“What do you say, Andy. Magic is not shameful to use to have sex”
“Is that so?”
“Well it’s basically a family standard”

Hilda-san is smiling. ……Her point of sight is that.


I jumped out of Aurora´s sheet and jumped around so there was nothing to hide from me. Because I am surrounded by half-naked ladies (some naked) around me, I have ejaculated very much, but it’s still half-erected.

“Haa……hey, won’t you let me, Hilda-sensei eat it a little bit, Andy-kun!”
“My husband, he already has gone to trade in the Toho Mountain area for more than 10 years and hasn’t come back since”
“Are you married!?”

It is convincing to the super-margin so far. It’s understandable, but married people are really bad.

“Wait a moment, I haven’t been embraced by Andy-san yet! Please give me that opportunity!”
“Wait, wait! I want to be fucked by Andy!”
“I want to bump my hips with Andy-san like animals after a long time!”
“……You guys”

Dianne is disgusted by raising her eyebrows to the white elves group who showed sudden motivation. Hilda-san also tries to quarrel with her mouth sharp.

“To that extent! ……Alright everyone goes up to bed!”

Everyone is silent for a moment because of Dianne´s roar. Dianne looked at them and turned around to me while slowly taking off her clothes.

“It would be stupid to waste limited time, Andy can move by himself, you can put it in your favorite woman at your discretion”
“That’s right”
“Mu……A, Andy, you love me properly”
“Well, I will offer you the best pleasure even if I go around to the side of the princess of Klaves!”
“You can’t do this without Hilda-sensei? Isn’t it a source of gratitude?”

Five elven beauties came up to the bed at ease and are tempted by each.

“……What should I do”

I´m at a loss. But I can’t forgive my lack of time. There are only twenty more minutes.


For the time being, I first put it in Dianne.

“Huhuu……after all you miss my vagina?”
“A little, if I care for Dianne, I will see a good face”
“That’s right……I am happy right now, that’s what I say……!”

Supri, I grab the butt of Dianne and insert my son all the way to the back. The brown skin of the national hero who has the finest body and is only for me is very beautiful today. Amid the tiny light of candles, her artistic bare skin shakes plumply without regret. It seemed that her soft but also tightened limbs were sweating gently with heat as they touched me.

“I will go full-scale from the beginning”
“Uhh……coming…… for a while, Andy’s full power mating rape, shit……♪”

Seriously overrunning the vagina. Although I am proud of that presence only if it stands, Dianne is happy to be embraced by me. And her big tits are always waiting to be crushed by me, even her butt hole is waiting for me to be invaded. Receiving my piston and adjusting it, I realized a basic and deadly hot fact to that sitting waist movement, while I was scared of her vagina, I thrust greedily into her uterus.

“Nn……th, this……Andy, I love you……I´m Andy’s woman, I want a child from you, I love you!!”
“Areare, Dianne-chan……in front of your lover you are so obedient♪”
“Ye, yes, because Andy, he is dull……always because he doesn’t love you with all his power, he doesn’t understand that he is loved……so I won’t hide……♪”
“I, I understand, Dianne-sama”

Beside, Anzeros and Aurora nod with a bitter face. Do they think of the past that they tried to wait to be fucked, as they were aware of my heart and wanted to be held? Sorry. Or rather I still don’t know why they like it much now.

“Well then, a reward for Dianne-chan”

Hilda-san who reaches for our joint part twists up Dianne’s clitoris. I thought that she comes to rub, but she grabbed my son lightly as it is.


I heard something muttered in between Dianne’s and mine breath. At the next moment, a terrible energy rushed from the lower body to the pier and a strange feeling running down from there to the dick.

“Hia, a, aaaa!!”

And, as soon as we couldn’t withstand it anymore, Dianne got stuck with a strong stimulation from her clitoris, as I pushed deeper into Dianne’s uterine mouth and ejaculate grandly.

Dokun! Dokun, Dokun, Dokun, Dokun, Dokun……Dokun, Dokun, Doop, Doppup, Dopuu…….

“……U, Uwa, stop!?”
“Secret magic of our clan commonly called sperm hell☆……it is a magic that must be used by the person in question, but it has been improved♪”

Ejaculation won’t stop and will be infinity. The amount which scares even me when coming out flowed into Dianne´s vagina that tightened by the continuous climax. Dianne squeezed out a crying voice after I released my semen into her lower abdomen.

“A, ga, aa, this, in this way,i, aaaaaa!!?”

And finally, the last pulsation ended. I pulled out my son from Dianne and the semen burst out sharply from her crotch. ……Bunya. Isn’t it thick?

“Ha, a, aa……”

Dianne is breathing constantly as it is. Hilda-san strokes Dianne´s hair and the other three look envies.

“……So much, was ejaculated……”
“When only that much enters, then my uterus is definitely full”
“Ah…it will be broken……♪”

I’m a little scared of this phenomenon, but I’m afraid of myself as a person, so I’m scared.

“Next, me!”
“Selenium will be full!!? I also want Andy’s waist once as well”
“Me too”
“Yeah yeah, everyone is getting along, but I guess Andy’s knee’s magic will burn out when you are fighting”

While talking about it Hilda-san sucks my crotch and licking the blood and sperm dripping down the thighs……her tongue use is quite skillful for a married wife indeed.

“Well then, next is Hilda-sensei, right?”
“… Is it really okay?”
“Alright Alright. Believe in the magic doctor♪”
“……Uh, that’s not the problem”

Still, I’m a weak person who can’t win against the temptation that I´m invited to fuck a married woman which is committing a crime. It’s being stuck in my brain’s core for some sense of moral sense, I insert my dick into this pretty married dark elf who shakes her naked butt alongside Dianne who has white lava flowing down from her crotch.

“N, hu……aaa♪”
“Ku, tight……”
“Huhu……because it was a long time ago♪”
“It is an affair, isn’t it, this……”
“My husband is bad for leaving me alone. The first time he was so greedy, but he got absorbed in his work before we made children……I wonder if this person is also lonely sometimes”

I guess this person is sad and it might be lonely. That’s why I don’t want to imagine absolutely that the surrounding girls sleep with someone else. Even so, I hold Hilda-san. Its selfish values ​​and the sense of spirit caused by it burns my brain.

“Yan, great……as expected, Dianne-chan’s boyfriend is amazing……gorigori, gangankuraa……!!”

I look at Dianne´s face who is surprised as she opens her thin eyes from the side and Hilda-san, but only the touch is looking forward to fully in a very different vagina.

“Huhu……cumming? Are you about to cum……?”
“……Then let it out, ee!!”

Byukku!! Byu, Byu, Byu, Byururuu! Topu, Topu, Topu, byururuu!

……Again, an exploding ejaculation inside her vagina that won’t stop for tens of seconds.

“Ha, aaa……nice……well, it certainly was satisfying……”

Extract. Two beautiful dark elves lying beside each other and having their pussies covered with love juice and semen. It is like a dreamlike scene with no context.

“……Yaachyaa, ta”

Somehow, I mutate. Laila (Masochist Dragon). Jeanne (looking feeling like a little girl). Anzeros (Colleague who used to be a man for a while). Aurora (forest elven princess 17 years old). ……I had made a mistake while trying some other partner, but I finally got involuntary. ……It is not good. I feel that something is not good this time. However, I draw such hands of me and the remaining three hips won’t let me rest.

“Please do it quickly, please release a lot while moving your waist”
“I, I also want to have sex……I, like you are a beast, like a siren, like a siren, I dream, what a dream……!”
“I also want to swallow it in my stomach, Smithson-san’s sperm, as soon as possible……♪”

Magical effect time, I wonder how many more minutes.


“Yaaa, drink”
“There is nothing to do with the currency of the world.”
“Ku, my western continent Jewel knife……from just changing the stand, since I will cry no matter how it goes! It is a rare weapon with only four in the northwest plain!”
“Somehow, something shaped like this will break someday”
“Young girl! Don’t say something like that!”
“She is drunk, don’t mind it.”
“Aren’t you drunk at all too……you’re having the fun of playing with me……”
“There is absolutely nothing to do”
“Damn it!! Smithson, where did you go! If you’re the owner, put on a collar!”
“……Ah, that’s right. Collar”
“Which reminds me of something. See you, enjoy”
“Oh, my God, that’s not what I meant!!”

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