Half elves fall in love chapter 26

Chapter 26: Masked Sadism [Laila Jeanne Selenium]



First of all, I lean on the nearby Laila.

“Huhu. It is good to serve while being accused by words, but it is still firing up to ride you to one’s heart’s content”
“Anything is okay, you can even thrust your penis even if you don’t care into this slutty dragon”
“Hoho. I will not deny, if it is master it won’t be day and night and I will not be afraid of being caught in any way”
“You don’t have to be me”

The collar is gripped from the front and pulled and I say so while thrusting my index finger into her expanded hole. About half of it was a rough play of Laila’s taste, but the other half was a little antipathy against the story of this dragon’s sex life that I heard earlier. Everyone is good even if it is comparatively a change. There is no relation between sex and bondage. such as Laila’s, against this dragon’s view of sex……the bottom line is that greed is a greedy monopoly and a jealous mind that no one knows. However, Laila was drawn to me by the collar and she saw my painful eyes, as she looked at such a narrowness of myself, laughing joyfully before she whispered.

“Just now, no one is missing”
“We aren’t tied in mating. It’s just that. Not the other way around. Master, as long as you want my body, I will always give you everything. I won’t allow anyone other than you to inspire me. As long as you are in this world from now, the role of my womb is to refine your penis, suck the semen and give birth to a child. Oh, my rider, as much as you like anytime, anywhere, monopoly me with unlimited selfishness, insult me and use me as a meat toilet♪”
“……Good grief”

Even if it is an erotic body that is worth holding, I´m troubled longing for it to that extent.

“As you wish, I will push my cock as long as your hole spreads so you cant tighten. How much can you still walk the table with a hole spread out in the shape of my cock!?”
“Huhuhu, don’t despise, don’t despair, I won’t mind if you sweep the boulevard steadily without repeating the seeding, I won’t mind, as it’s the main hall of my pride!”

By the way, it was a perverted thing like watching for free.

“How long will you be unreasonable at my hometown?”
“I’m sorry”

Dianne got angry.

“Ho, great master Dianne also want to enter”
“If you think loudly, let me shut up his penis quickly. You can bully my uterus as much as you say♪”
“You said it”

Without any notice, the leg of Laila was caught, and the waist was pressed and my penis was rammed inside.

“You’re a sopping wet pervert woman!”
“Haa, Haaa……of course it’s so as I´m always waiting while preparing for a cock by masturbating……whenever you see my face at any time, you can just silence me by exposing your dick and I will always stick out my buttocks……aaa♪”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t have such a position if I do such things!”
“U, Aa, that……but, ah, uuu……but any time, I want your cock! I want to get pregnant!”
“I will wait until you say its good!”
“Instead, if you can hold back……horaa!”

I rampage inside her vagina and ejaculate without permission. Laila sticks out her long tongue out of heat and pleasure.

“Haa, Haa……what are you doing?”
“……Te, Terrible master……only to make me sexual excited……♪”
“You are bad as you are a pervert”
“Huhuu……, but, quite a while……uguu♪”

While talking, the pleasure of release lasts long. Incessantly endlessly, I continues to release sperm into the belly of Laila. …… It seems that the sperm hell magic is still going on.

“Guuu…….he, hey, look……my womb is so big……aaa♪”

The tough female pervert who is enchanted seeing her belly inflated from inside by semen without knowing the details.

“I will pull it out……”

When pulling out my dick from Laila´s pussy, the sperm blows out and spreads out on the jute bags laid on the work table. Every time it’s a terrible sight.

“Since when has it become so peerless……?”
“Come on……since around yesterday”

Suddenly Hilda-san sits next to me, waiting for her turn and answered my question.

“How long will the effect last?”
“About 100 hours. Hilda-sensei is amazing♪”

100 hours, emm, surely the day has 24 hours. ……for more than 4 days?

“If my foot could move with that affect duration……”
“Ah, it’s because it’s a simple magic that it can last a long time”

Jeanne who is waiting for me a while now got a little jealousy and pulled on my sleeve.

“10-man captain, thrust into my vagina. I want the 10-man captain to rape me. It will be a loan, I will return it”
“You too, you……you are a pervert”
“I´m a pervert♪ 10-man captain, I’m a pervert dwarf, punish me♪”

Standing behind Jeanne as a matter of course, I grab her small waist and lift her up. She is very light. Despite how much power she has, the weight was still that of a young girl.

“Yaa……a, are we going to do that?”
“It’s your punishment”

It is said that there are customs of villagers to masturbate in the chicken’s buttocks and child goats in some areas. While thinking that it is a bit big for chickens but small for goats, thought that it is not much different from masturbating acts that satisfy sexual desire like that. I picked up Jeanne’s body and thrust into her small vagina and began rhythmically shaking my waist and Jeanne´s body.

“A, uaa……hi, giuu, gre, at……!!”
“As expected, it’s tight…..!!”

As Jeanne’s body is inevitable because it is in an unstable position, I spread her vagina and the tightening becomes more than necessary. However, Jeanne desperately looked back at my face and showed a happy smile while shaking her upper body.

“Here, this, I’m doing……nu, a, I’m really……a cock hole, 10-man captain♪”
“You too……, you got a collar easily, but……a man’s possession is like that! That’s when the pants are peeled off and you are handled like a hole to satisfy my dick without permission. Well, I don’t know……!?”
“Aaa……I am excited♪”

This was also a deformity direct to Laila. By the way.

“I’m going to be an ejaculation tool at any time♪ I´m 10-man captains cock hole……♪”

This lovely dwarf girl is saying it as if she is swearing. Trembling her small shivering body while my penis is conquering the bottom of her young vagina, she lays down her little hands on my rough hands. To her vagina that tightens like a sea cucumber, I again ejaculate.

“Ngaaa……ha, aaa……!!”

From the beginning, in Jeanne´s small vagina, there is no space where a lot of sperm can enter. After feeling like a boggle to press for a moment, blended products of bush and semen and love juice are scattered from the gap of folds which spreads the vagina to the limit.

“……Gu, haa……10-man captain, vomit till a handsome man pass through……”

I gently lay her next to Laila. Taking a rough breath, Laila caressed her head and grasped her hands and closed her eyes with a refreshing expression that Jeanne had done well.


Well, the next one.

“……Selenium, shall we start?”

Selenium´s skirt is rolled up and her pants are lowered. Looking down on Selenium´s expression while descending, Selenium was Selenium and she was staring at this strangely.

“Wh, what?”
“… … From a while ago Andy-san, you like being an S?”
“No, besides, it isn’t bad, but……it was strange that it was a different way of doing things than normal, so I was surprised”
“……If you say so”

Laila and Jeanne are a separate frame in a sense. In accordance with their taste, it is supposed to have been such a feeling that it finally began to feel like a thimble inside of me……, but it is somewhat scary myself who is starting to get used to such behavior gradually.

“Ah, that attitude is their hobby……so let’s go back”
“Ah, ya, not good”

Selenium´s shout stops. However, smiling as if misleading, she continued her words.

“……I, I would like to be accused of being nasty like them in such way”
“……You too?”
“Yes. This……this lewd half-elf, Pisyaah! I’m ready”

Selenium whispers so with excitement and blushing little cheeks. Somehow.

“This time only”
“Ye, Yes♪”
“This lewd! Lewd woman!”

Pisyaah, I slap Selenium´s butt. The sound sounds well, but I try not to hurt her as much as possible.


Selenium feigns it. However, rather than it hurts, it feels good after all. I got the role of defeating Isaac at the banquet festival for the year-end party of the crossbow corps last year and I thought that it would be useful in such a place that I devised how to make snaps work and how to put air into the palm for a while.

“You! Inviting a man with such a lewd big ass!”

Pisyaah, Pisyaah, I slap her ass again.

“Obscenity is like walking in clothes, this penis slave!!”
“Ye, Yeess!! I, I, I´m the lowest obscene female slave, obsessed with Andy’s dick, I´m lewd and nasty!!”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry for being lewd!!”
“No! You apologize to my penis, slave!”
“Ye, Yes, I’m sorry that you got an erection!! I’m sorry that I don’t relieve your erection with my vagina! I’m really sorry for delaying your ejaculation!!”
“You indecisive woman! Open your pussy before apologizing!!”
“Ye, Yes! Please enter this obscene pussy!! Don’t throw away this lewd female slave who is incompetent to let your penis cum! Please be sure to ejaculate as much as you like by thrusting into my pussy!!”

High spirits. I will come in her vagina as it is just another hole and my penis will just goi in and out like by Laila and Jeanne.

“You´re not reflecting on this, sow! You just want to be pregnant to pretend that you reflect!?”
“Haa……yes, sorry, I’m sorry……yes, I want to get pregnant……I want to get pregnant as soon as possible and have a baby and get pregnant with the next baby!!”
“You´re really an obscene woman……a splendid vulgar woman who isn’t embarrassed even if I put it out! A woman like you, I didn’t know if I go to know the world and I will keep you as my slave for the rest of my life!”
“♪♪♪Yes, I will spend my whole life sucking Andy-san’s cock! I want to spend my whole body becoming muddy with Andy’s semen and it is the best happiness of a slave like me. I really want to stick to Andy’-san´s penis all day long! I don’t need clothes, I hide Andy’s son in my mouth all, my pussy, my boobs, my asshole all day and I want to live like Andy’s human pants!!”
“What are you thinking about this obscene thing!”

Selenium´s fantasy is too much and intense that I also got excited.

“Even if you don’t do that, your belly is going to get pregnant with my cock! Impatient on! Fertilize! You´re going to bear my children and have no way of leaving my side!”
“Yes! I will do my best to get pregnant!! I want to get pregnant!! So, fuck this nasty female slave fast and rape me so much that I can’t stand every anymore!!”

How far is the real intention from the origin? I’m a bully. I don’t know myself, and Selenium’s words are more refreshing. But the words of the newish controversial and the word of torture is not even a little hesitation, Selenium and I synchronize the movement of our hips fast to be synchronous. ……Ah, I think I have a good affinity with this girl. Even if I hear words of entreaty which I don’t understand the meaning at all even if a terrible word is thrown, there is a sense which conveys something like the auditory illusion. There is a feeling of confusion. Even if I grab her shoulder strongly enough to make blood come out, pull her arm and push her lower back till it hurts. Even if our breathing becomes rough, even if I continue to get frustrated without forgiveness. Still, Selenium tells me “I love you” with her whole body. I am also loving her unbearably, and there is the feeling that it is transmitted as I hug Selenium. Such a strange, pretend play which isn’t understood. At the end.

“Kuu……move, move, open your uterus tightly and let me fertilize you, sow!!”
“Hahii, please break, my, my ovum, violate the deepest part!!”

Dokun, Dokun, Dokun, Dokunn…….

My ejaculation starts. We pressed our body against the workbench, trembling, with drooling hanging down, while my child was occupying her belly, as a large amount of semen flowed directly into the uterus thoroughly.

“A, A……u, aaa……”

Selenium fainted. In a panic, I slapped her cheeks.

“Hey, Selenium! Are you okay?”

Did we go too far? After a few seconds, Selenium’s eyes regained their focus.

“……Mo, Mou, Andy-san, I’m pretty stuffed”
“There, even with water, it spread out my asshole”
“……Laila-san, do you want to join?”
“I might do it”
“Mou, so gentle……I love that kind of stuff, too”

Aa again.

“Uu…..I can’t make that yet……”
“I, I’ll do it, Selenium-san”
“It’s not that I’ve been stormed from a female slave from my own in date”

The waiting pair is admiring in the back.


And the last half of the first half. When trying to turn to Hilda, Hilda isn’t there.


The next moment I thought it was okay, I was held tightly from behind and pushed down to the workbench in reverse.


Bahu, I who falls down on the face lying on the lump of jute bags and sagging clothes.


“Eheee. ……I have only about a minute and a half”
“Magical effect time……I can tell, you’re in a state of the rest of magical power”
“Is, is that so?”
“So it is more dangerous than this. If you suddenly fall out of power and fall, you will be injured in such a workplace. Time is up”

Although she seemed to be a suitable person somewhat barking, she is a doctor after all. She seems to give priority to injuries and worries about disease rather than desire.


I will bear in mind the full power of her whole body. Soft boobs and fragrance of a subtle flower perfume make me feel very relieved somewhat.

“My turn from here”
“Hilda sensei’s 108 Special Move – Night Part, I like to show off just a bit♪”
“Night part!?”
“Afternoon part is medicine, the night part is a mid-range technique♪”

Hilda-san arrives at the top of my back lying face down. Withdraw my previous words. She’s a proper doctor but desperation also seems to have priority.

“O, older sister!”
“What… It takes 30 minutes before I can cast my magic on your leg again. It is more special to me to make tuna people be madly in love♪”
“……Which reminds me, brother in law was also a patient of you before, apparently……”
“Hmm, that matter is a se-cr-et♪”

……Now. I saw something. Her husband who has been sexually drunk in a place that can not move as a patient, but after the marriage, he couldn’t endure the dreadful nightlife, so the reality is that he was trying to travel to a distant sky.

“So, where do we go from here? What do you want?”

Hilda-san laughed mysteriously. ……Oou. I might have put out a hand to amazing people in the momentum maybe. That’s a Master knight class.

“It’s hard if you don’t say it soon. Sensei will squeeze you ten times until we reach the 30 minutes”

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