Half elves fall in love chapter 27

Chapter 27: Love Sex with a married woman [Hilda]



“Well, I’m almost out of time. Then I’ll make it a special 30 minutes☆”
“Wa, Wait, Hilda-san!?”
“Elder sister!? It is unforgiven for us to lose our minutes!”

Dianne, I know how you feel, but I want you to be more genuinely concerned. I’d die if I will keep coming once every three minutes.

“Fine. What do you think Hilda-sensei is?”

Hilda is sharpened to take off her clothes and wrapping my penis with both hands.


Dianne squints her eyes. And Laila and Selenium, who are exhausted, speak for themselves.

“She’s a frustrated devil”
“Is she a traveler who was given a cock in the desert where she fell over?”

Regardless of Laila, how about that example of Selenium?

“No. Even this is a magic doctor”

While saying that childishly, Hilda-san´s hands use snaps to stimulate my dick at high speed. It is not a handjob that counts as foreplay that you will try hard until just before ejaculation and then she licks it. It was a skilled, relentless movement that came unpacked from the beginning.

“Ua, wait, that……!?”
“If you are talking to Hilda-sensei, I want to have your penis overnight ……good, now───!!”

She suddenly grabbed strongly and cast a spell. The pleasant feeling that was being enhanced accelerated from the palm of Hilda at a stretch,

“Uga, aaaaa!!?”

Byururururuu, I´m ejaculating. The influence of sperm hell magic spews out like urine. It’s almost like a fountain. And a somewhat weakened ejaculation sustained ……which doesn’t stop. It won’t stop even after a minute.

“E, Eeeh!?”
“One of the 108 Hilda-sensei´s special move. Valve Crusher♪”
“What do you mean!?”
“Your ejaculation won’t stop for about 10 minutes from now♪”
“Wa, wait, I will die”
“It’s alright. Just because you can produce sperm at the same momentum as ejaculating like a dog”

Saying just. What is 「Just」?

“Well, how about?”

Then, Hilda-san mercilessly swallows my stinky cum that keeps flowing out like a fountain like that.

“U, o, aa!”
“Ehee……th, this, you don’t want to do this, right? I will let your continuous ejaculation inside my vagina”

Hilda-san is welcoming it by herself. Putting the glans into the uterine mouth and let me ejaculate continuously, further skillfully manipulating her vaginal tract and squeezing my son from the bottom to the top like a milk stop.

“Haaa……NNn, Nooo……♪ My stomach is full of pregnancy juice……♪”
“Wa, wait, this, if you squeeze, uaaa!?”

Pleasure spins in my head continuously and persistent. My sight is blurred. My penis feels comfortable. Her vagina is the best………..

“……Iiii. Hey, Andy-kun”

I woke up. No, my eyes aren’t closed. I was stunned with my eyes open.

“Ah, after all this was difficult if it was the first time?”
“E, Eh……?”

My ejaculation is stopping……even so, It has stopped, but still, whenever Hilda-san goes up and down with her hips, the sperm is spotted from the back, and it overflows and falls to the interior.

“Elder sister is too reckless”
“Uh, I still have a little trouble with this one”
“Th, This one…..going easy on someone?”
“My husband had a lot of trouble and I was going to make illusion magic that would be a base-hit”
“……You went crazy, aren’t you……?”
“All right, I’m good at finding out what I can’t do”

She’s a devil. A great demon. How could her husband’s mind keep sane after he kept being frenzied every night in a pleasure that would make you go crazy? Isn’t it a kind of torture?

“Shall I do the next killer technique?”
“No good”

I have to correct this. A few seconds through the window, I saw a blue sky in the desert. I felt like I could see the good smile of Hilda’s husband who had never been seen before. Swearing there. I will say words of advice that will make him come back.

“Please sit down for a moment, no, not on me”

Hilda-san sits on the workbench. The semen that flowed inside her lower part before spreads under her waist while watching it, but I don’t look at it.

“It’s not good if only you feel comfortable”
“But it’s nice to feel good, right? Because it’s sex”
“You’d feel good better when the man has the control and you feel good together”
“That’s right.”

This person, it seems long to be pursuing her to give the pleasure of limit margin during sex. She doesn’t feel any doubt about adding torture to that pleasure.

“Is it OK? … Of course, it is necessary for sex to feel good, but I also have fun to make others happy with my own hands.”
“Hilda-san it is just you who feels good!”
“……Eh, but Andy-kun, didn’t you feel good?”
“Not really, there is no room for men to do their best!”
“All the sperm is served and it feels soooo sweet and gorgeous, right?”
“It is because the response of the body arbitrarily leads to Hilda-san’s pleasure, but the conquest desire of a man has not been satisfied at all!”
“Con, conquest……desire?, N, Not good, Andy-kun, you wanted to conquer Hilda-sensei? But it is only for you Andy-kun”

Yup. As I thought, this person, can’t understand it herself that she is somewhat selfish. She hasn’t noticed that she is robbing her opponent’s pride by rooting on her opponent’s pride, with a great technique and confidence in her service to the other party. Excessive service is the act of doodling as it is. And, if an S or M does not meet the other party’s desire, affection is not exchanged.

“I will be dare to say……Hilda-san, you are forbidden to use your erotic skills anymore”
“E, Eh? Didn’t you feel comfortable?”
“I am different, please consider your partner”
“Even if I say I do think it……but, I don’t feel comfortable……I can’t help it……”
“A prostitute is enough if you feel comfortable. And I’m not troubled by a woman who needs to be a prostitute”

Uwaa. I say I’m super good. But I have to say it.

“If you want love, don’t change strangely. I don’t want to do ordinary sex, I’d like to do lovey-dovey, erotic or ecchi sex with Hilda anyway”

Hilda-san got bright red. Dianne coughs, Laila gently trembles her shoulders and Selenium raises her face.

“Andy. ……Seriously you want to make my elder sister fall”
“Indeed, it is a bad master who strips a woman straightforwardly off her appearance”
“Mou… Do you really want to be a married slave !?”

No, I’m not going to do that. Just as it is, Hilda-san´s sex, it’s not going to work out forever.

“……U, Uhh……then, my killer technique, I seal it”
“Did you understand?”
“……And then, you will do lovey-dovey and erotic with me, right Andy-kun?”
“I can do it”

Not only I but also your husband.

“……Lovey-dovey, erotic……”

Hilda-san turned bright red for a while, kept muttering before she suddenly hides her body shyly. And then.

“……Emm, that, ……then wait a moment, restart, wait ten minutes”

She gathered her clothes from the side and go out.

“……, Somehow, she looks strange, isn’t she?”

Listening to my own monologue, Dianne shows a stunned face I do not know how many times today.

“Idiot. ……it’s embarrassing, she was just being ecchi to get on……or if I’m seriously asking for a woman who just wanted to ejaculate and have fun”
“Keep on grooming”
“I will do so”
“……10-man captain, it’s bottomless”
“Our turn is……”
“Well, that’s right, compassion for now”
“Well, wait a while for my older sister”


Exactly ten minutes later, Hilda-san showed up again. She did the grooming with a wet cloth or something, refreshed her perfume and was strained as if she is another person. First of all, she confirmed the time she came back and made my leg move with illusion magic.

“……Well, then, please, let’s do it”
“Hilda-san, don’t be so nervous”
“It’s fine”

Lightly stroking Hilda-san’s hair, she calms down with a light kiss.


She is going to calm down, but I feel that her stiffness has increased a little as well. She takes off her clothes one by one and the skin which I should have been seen a little while ago is seen again slowly.


The skin looked somewhat different just because she was a little nervous and ashamed. An illusion that it was supposed to have shown that much, but it seems that I see something that is somewhat inadmissible. No, it is something you shouldn’t look at. She’s a married woman.

“……Is that okay?”

I kiss her skin. Licking this dark elf´s youthful skin slowly with my tongue. It’s probably not enough for Hilda, who was good at bringing out direct pleasure. But that’s fine. It is no use trying to create pleasure at full throttle. Hoping, expecting, wanting, giving, and being given. It is inconvenient unless you take that process.

“Don’t lick that place……”
“I want to lick”
“Shall I continue with your boobs?”
“Tell me properly”
“……Please lick and suck my boobs……and rub……”

She does as I say. Hilda-san finally entrusts herself to the desired pleasure that finally arrived. In the meantime, I rub her body, stroke the flanks, thighs and her crotch. To orthodox, to normal. I continue to caress like ordinary lovers.

“……Such a thing, it is my first time……”
“I’m getting tired of just the main dish suddenly. I will do it more carefully, patiently, gentle and sweet”
“……I see”
“Well, it hasn’t been half year yet since I have been taught by Selenium, but……”
“Don’t talk of other women while making lovey-dovey”

I am doing this with other women around us.

“……But it’s kind of nice”

I gently stroked her with my hand. She finally entrusts herself to my tongue and lips that sometimes move to eat her nipples.

“Because I was interrupted at the end of sex only to make a child if I think well, I let my body become so leisurely……I didn’t do it all the time. My Husband, I thought he was tired of my body, but……I wonder if I was the one who got tired”

Hilda-san tells me so as she laughs at herself. Certainly, her husband might have been bored. I guess it was painful. But she surely has skills which she got at the end of the effort. At any time, if there was room for thinking that it is love, that the brake is love, they may have been able to get along well for a while. But……elves, dark elves are ‘unchanged’ creatures compared to humans. Comparatively, there is a tendency to spend time while stuck in the place where it is likely not to be able to stand back there. It may be one typical example.

“Well then……I will bother you again”
“…Yes. Do your best”
“I will do my best”

I don’t know exactly what to do but I will enter Hilda-san´s vagina which opened completely.


Her vagina hole which had been made moist to the expected feeling was still hot and narrow without any tricks.

“I was ejaculating inside until a while ago, here……”
“Oh well……”
“But men don’t just want to 『Creampie』 women…I mean 『Ravish』. After all, I’m excited to have children, but after all, I want to taste the important things of my partner with my own will”
“……N. I’m sorry, let me have a vaginal cum shot”
“I will have you pay for it now”

I move my hips.


Hilda-san´s vagina entangles nervously. There will still be semen left by me from just before. However, I finally have a taste, finally, I was getting drunk by the feeling of a married woman’s vagina that I got as a male device instead of just a sperm injector. I can’t escape the sense of virtue as usual. This vagina, this uterus originally belongs to another man. But now, Hilda-san gently and carefully opened it for me and accepted it. I am stealing the body of this married woman now. It makes me feel pleasant to feel it as a real feeling instead of only a fact.

“Hey, Andy-kun……kiss me, hold me while rubbing my breasts while kissing”

Guchu, Guchuu, Guchuu, Guchuu…….

The waist movement becomes gradually rhythmical. Then, as soon as I rub the soft tits to match the movements, we entangle our tongues mutually with a deep kiss. Increase. Love is enhanced with pleasure. ……I’m sorry, Hilda-san´s husband. Only now this time, Hilda-san, belongs to me.

“N, gu, nguu……♪”
“Neruu……nbu, ngugu……”

When the movement of the waist has reached the climax, I take my hand from Hilda-san’s breasts and hug her tightly. Hilda-san also puts her legs on my back, attracts herself exactly, and puts her strength on her arms so as not to escape. And I cum inside.


Blow out. Love juice is released like urine again and tries to inflate and fill Hilda-san’s womb.

“Nha, haa……haaa……haaa……”
“Pu, huuu……”

Hilda-san separates from my lips and smiled at me satisfyingly.

“……Ahaa……it seemed like my first experience, it was……♪♪”
“I am honored”

The intertwined legs aren’t released yet.

“……Ehehee……that’s right……if you can make children with such ecchi……it’s a crystal of love……I say……”


“……By the way Hilda-san, I’ve ejaculated all the way inside, but there are some contraceptive means, right?”

I was able to tilt my head with a serious look.

“Inside? I mean, I don’t use it, it is okay, right?”
“……That, you’re a magic doctor?”
“……Alright, Alright”

Hilda-san struck my back with her finger as if it were relieved.

“Even if I am able to do it now, my husband won’t come back until the child is born, so when he comes back I will tell him it’s Dianne-chan´s child”
“Older sister!?”

There is no reason for Dianne to scream. I mean, this woman is too terrible. I’m really sorry, Hilda-san´s husband.

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