Half elves fall in love chapter 59

Chapter 59: The determination to save



There were a number of stabbing wounds on Laila’s human body. Rather, I now know that the wounds she suffered in her dragon form will remain in her human form.

“Hoho……that holy beast was able to pull the scales off this black dragon”
“Elder sister Laila……”
“Don’t make such a miserable face Jeanne, it is not a big deal”

Laila smiles while saying so, but 7 to 8 round red blemishes on the front of her upper body such as arms, chest, flanks, and neck which can’t be concealed (Or rather she is scolded to dress her clothes), which is painful for Jeanne who would like to keep her eyes down.

“Hilda-san, take care”
“Yes yes……but I wonder if the medicine works well for dragons like humans and elves”

When Hilda opened the first aid set, Laila frowned.

“Ho. Don’t waste it on me, it’s a waste of medicine”
“Hey, look”

Laila points at a wound on her neck. Painful opened wound. It shrinks and disappears while we see it…….

“Ho. I can’t say that I’m the strongest creatures in the world. ……But, let me rest for a while. It’s my physical strength that accelerates the healing of wounds by force”

In addition to unmatched fighting ability and flying ability, a questionless breath, it is another order of magnitude to recovery. As long as no dragonslayer attacks her she will be untouched.


According to Laila, it takes about three hours to wait for the wounds to disappear naturally.

“Maia, what about breakcore?”
“Alright, it’s frozen. I think I’ll hold it for a while if I spray it this much”

Maia’s little illusion image crawled on my shoulder. ……Maia´s main body is suppressing the outflow of cold air by using her body now at the entrance of the holy beast room. If she doesn’t do so, we who have escaped to the corridor will also freeze.

“Let’s think about the next trick in the meantime”

Dianne says while wiping the blood from the broadsword.

“Next trick?”
“Yes. Ending up right back where one started to smash it. Together with Bonaparte-dono”

Dianne sees Bonaparte. He also nodded.

“You could see the part that was blown off, but it was back by the next shot. It’s still good if the smashed part has been 『Decreased』 rather than 『Back to the original』”
“It is good to see that the prototype as an immortal creature is already fixed in that shape”

Anzeros and Aurora look at each other.

“……Is that so. Then, even if it is burned without a trace or make it to buried charcoal”
“It can’t go back to a horned horse……”
“Yes, it’s just a waste of time”

Dianne asked.

“Diel is rescued. The holy beast is immortal, we can’t do anything……even if you give up, no one will blame”
“More or less, if we don’t kill it once, the old elves will have an excuse”

Laila, who has recovered her strength while sitting cross-legged, also raises her neck and defends. But.

“……It’s too much to be saved”

I think desperately. Everyone, also haven’t lost the spirit of war from their expressions. It was like that.

“Holy beast……how to restore the holy beast……”
“If it’s a normal malformation, you can get right of it by surgical operation”
“It’s not normal. Maybe you’ll stick to it as soon as you cut it, or you’ll grow the same thing”

Hilda-san’s proposal is rejected by Dianne. Even if you say rejection, it is a category of a premise in the first place.

“Do we have any trick to stop the regeneration after we destroy it? For example, gonna burn the wound and stop it”

Sir Bonaparte shakes his head to Jeanne´s proposal.

“There is no subject of regeneration for the Holy Beast. Even if you burn the wound in the middle and hold the regeneration only on the spot, the regeneration starts from somewhere else first. Even if you cut the arm off and burn the wound, it will regenerate a finger first”
“Th, then smashes the end part”

Jeanne’s plan is also dead. It is not said that it is immortal if it makes it to the extent to burn well.

“How does it work with magic?”

Anzeros murmurs. …… Well if it is not good enough to do it normally. But.

“Can you use magic to block the natural healing? ……I don’t know that much about it”
“It might be a trick to say that the poison of Trent’s disease is thrown in……but it’s only a matter of how happy it is with its current state”

Hilda and Selenium are said to be “unreasonable” in a roundabout way. The Holy Beast originally has the mighty magic background of Holy 「Qi」. With Hilda, who is a healer and Selenium that can do it a little with small instruments, it’s like they are trying to compete with an ant’s arm against a human’s arm.

“Then, all doors closed……is it?”

Anzeros is stunned. Of course not. There should be no such thing.

“Andy-kun, what are you thinking about?”
“You know, magic is convenient, but the power that can be handled is not so great. Anyway, if the holy beast and the spirit use it, usually the breakthrough is……”
“No, wait for a moment Dianne”

It was a flash.

“It was the flow of holy nature that made the holy beast a holy beast”
“That’s it”
“This is a labyrinth. Accumulated with 『Qi』”
“That’s right”
“……If so, let’s borrow the bad feeling”
“What are you saying”
“If we mix the bad feeling to the source of the power that flows into the holy beast and put it in a state of plus or minus zero, at least the inexhaustible resiliency should not be usable anymore”
“So you’re telling us how to do it”
“If you can prepare a complete picture of this labyrinth, we can do it”


Labyrinth. It is the legacy of the ancient civilization with the ability to adjust the「Qi」flowing through the natural world. Why is it in the shape of a labyrinth? ……It is said that it is because「Qi」flows through labyrinth-shaped passaged. Same as the crest. By making a constant movement,「Qi」is transformed while dissipating the influence on the surroundings. The nature which flows in the labyrinth will create monsters, while the seal measure of some degree is done automatically and it is somewhat clean and goes through. There is a natural device similar to the natural world. Many places are said to have such a function like a large forest or a mountain.

Many holy beasts are generated in the immediate vicinity of the labyrinth by the 「Qi」cleaned in this labyrinth. Holy beast breakcore is no exception. Here is the deepest part of the labyrinth. A spout nozzle that is just cleaned out. That’s why it is infinite power. But.

“Modifying the labyrinth and just let breakcore accept the bad「Qi」that is used for giving birth of monsters temporarily”
“Destruction of a labyrinth is the worst sin. Andy, you know what happened to the east of the snake mountain range”

From the east of the snake mountain range to the land north of the continent was said to be a rich land with seven kingdoms. However, people at a time who didn’t know the power of the labyrinth regarded the labyrinth that produced monsters infinitely as the root of all evil and destroyed many. And the monsters were born uncontrollably on the earth and six kingdoms were destroyed and turned into a world feared by people. The country called Renfangas kingdom that was the only country left out of the seven kingdoms was fiercely fighting with the monsters who are still rampant. A labyrinth that has been calculated and arranged by the ancient civilization causes only the destruction of order by destroying only a few. But.

“We are not trying to do that”
“Can we do it?”
“We can’t be saved unless we do it”
“You can say that you can do it”

In the meantime, Dianne had the face of a 100-man commander. The face of a commander who is responsible for the upcoming battle. Ah, what we´re trying to do is unheard of. There is no guarantee that we can do it. 「Qi」 is the power of nature. We don’t know how the people in the past did it, but it’s like re-arranging the structure of firewood with the fire in the firewood. But.

“Let’s try it”

That’s it. Unless we do it, the holy beast will suffer forever. We were asked to help, so can we leave it alone and go home? That’s why we can be proud of us doing it.

“Ho. Dianne, isn’t it good?”
“I……I will go with my master. I believe. My master’s heart is justice, its fate is not good. That courage is justice”

Laila heals her remaining wounds quickly and stands up.

“I also go along with Andy”
“A trial originally imposed on us from the beginning. we can’t run away”
“Let’s follow, if elder sister Laila and 10-man captain will do it”
“I can’t do anything, but I am going to. ……Its Andy-san decision”
“Selenium……I, I’m not really useful, but I’m with you”
“Okay, Andy is pretty timid with this. Let’s not overdo it”

Everyone supports me. Dianne sighs.

“……Sir Bonaparte, Sir Guto. You go back first……”
“Hahaha. You’re kidding. If I run away from such a big job, I will lose my name as a swordsman of Trot”
“A youth of Polka is facing the danger that started with Polka. Where can this nobleman escape and hide?”

Both middle-aged sirs laughed at the option of withdrawal. When. we heard that the earth was sounding.


Chibi Maia who is on my shoulder shakes for a moment and has a painful face.

“Holy beast began to move……”
“Maia again, blizzard……”

Maia who is showing only her tail from the passage is seen. And again, the sound of the earth shaking.

“It, it doesn’t work……use……kyaa!”

Maia topples sideways.

“Good, pull back here!”
“Uh, uh……!”

Maia turns into her human form and rolls away.

“Holy beast……is seriously angry……!”

Several heads of the horned horse have broken through the ice and are looking at us. And the air is distorted when I think they´re looking out.


Bonaparte with the palm of his hand, Anzeros with the sword, and Aurora with the sword made a shockwave. In the middle of the passage, the attack from breakcore and the shockwaves collided and a gust of wind came here.

“That’s Breakcore’s original attack”

There was a voice from behind. Seeing, Diel was awake.

“I’m going to hit it inexhaustible. You really want to do something about that breakcore, human”

I’m coming up a bit.

“Damn, do it. ……Do it!”

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