Half elves fall in love chapter 58

Chapter 58: Diel rescue strategy



For the time being it is good to have raised the mood.

“Ho. First of all Diel……we have to dig out his body”

Suddenly it is a difficult problem. First of all, the chunks of white meat of this holy beast are super big. Even if it says a room, the room to say in a labyrinth is a very big one. It’s a normal room, but it’s almost a house. The large room of the deepest part is the enormity of whether one side is 150 meters. It is said that it is in the size of about 70 percent and Diel is somewhere in this fierce, feeling bad state that covers only three to five meters in height with meat. While Diel is somewhere, we can’t just burn up the holy beast with Laila’s breath.

“We’re making no progress. Let’s tear it into pieces at once”

As Diane approaches with the broadsword in one hand and swing it down, a horse’s leg was suddenly generated from the inside of the meat and suddenly jumped out like a back kick.


Dianne avoids it barely with a back roll and takes a distance. The legs just stick out of the meat and are shaking.

“It’s like a bad active slime”
“One of the horse’s heads sticks out to that side……so it might have recognized Dianne as an enemy. It’s very troublesome”

Aurora says so to Dianne who makes a bitter face.

“If so, cut off the protruding heads one by one……?”
“It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth trying”

Sir Bonaparte lined up next to Dianne. Anzeros and Aurora also advanced next to them. They nod to each other and dash out silently.


The heads of the horned horse are being cut off. Dianne and Bonaparte are almost like mowing, in contrast to Anzeros and Aurora who slammed with their full strength.

“There’s no need to do everything”
“To a certain extent. ……Uoo”

A few seconds after the start of the attack, the kicking of the legs from the meat begins. Dianne and Bonaparte avoid it vividly. Anzeros seems to have no more power to do so, so she hurries up and gets away.

“This time, no head is no longer sticking out”
“There may be a head buried in the meat……”
“That’s not good!”

Anzeros bites. Damn, isn’t there any way to help?

“Aren’t there any measures? Hilda-sensei……”
“No, Apple-chan. It has a lot of such heads, and even if we cut them off, it’s a cool creature……it’s not the scope of medical knowledge”


“Anzeros, can you not attack from a distance with shockwaves or something similar?”
“Don’t be stupid! You know, that’s a little killing force, it can only be used for restraint! I mean such a meatloaf!”

Is that so? It will be blown away, but it doesn’t get injured very much itself.

“No, not so”

Sir Bonaparte says while kicking the legs away one after another.

“It depends on how you type it. …This kind of trick is also possible!”

His large sword smashed the legs growing together and the back of the meat is attacked with a backswing from the whole body, tossed a blow. And, a mass of meat……bursts violently.

“Sir Bonaparte!?”

White meat scoops up and there are holes and blood clots as large as 10 meters.

“If you look at the body of a living thing, you’ll get a water bag. If it’s fluid, there’s no way it can cause a blast attack”

“…Sword Saint seriously is scary”

Selenium nodded to the impression on my face.

“But if you beat it, will you pass through Diel, who is supposed to be inside?”
“That’s right”

It is pointed out by Dianne and Bonaparte is reluctantly returning to the head removal.

“Yes, medical common sense goes beyond anything……is there a seed that can locate Diel, Hilda-san?”
“What do you mean?”
“When you treated my feet, you might have measured the state with the flow of magic or something?”
“It’s a category of medical common sense, there is a pattern in the flow to the healing of a human body……ah”

*Clap*, Hilda-san claps her hands together.

“Yes, this isn’t a mere creature, but it must be regular in the flow of macroscopic life energy…… then it should be possible to figure out foreign bodies from the bias of vitality when it is hurt!”

What Hilda-san is saying suddenly is a different dimensional language-like thing of her.

“Everyone get back! We wait for recovery!”
“Wait for recovery?”

Suddenly Hilda-san started to partition.


“That’s right, now the holy beast……Breakcore-chan is like a slime. All in one. Essentially this kind of life with excessive recovery is biased in energy and it requires a large amount of recovery. And it is a premise that it is easy to wear out, so the performance is biased so that it can be recovered quickly with a little power, but it has infinite recovery power and it can limit the whole brain, legs, mouth, and viscera as a whole apart from the split parts. Maybe……the energy is equally distributed everywhere”
“Conversely speaking, the volume and shape of the whole can be used to calculate the amount of energy that can be sent back. If there is a part that swallows and maintains a foreign object when something is greatly damaged, the amount of energy from that part will stagnate. So we just have to specify the place in the way of triangulation, right?”
“……Di, Difficult”

When I make a loud noise, Dianne looks amazed.

“It’s not difficult. The point is to stand around and listen to the sound and narrow down the location of the source by specifying the direction where it was heard with two points. It’s just that”
“I understand it somehow but life energy and so on……”

Hilda-san looked a little troubled.

“It’s good enough to be able to calculate the overall volume bias”

We look at our faces. In other words, we have to look over this pile of meat and see where it’s going to be concave or swelled up.


Maia transforms into her dragon´s form and raises her head to the ceiling. On top of that, old man Bonaparte and Selenium got on, and a volume identification operation began.

“The other end has a head. It’s probably an archetype, maybe 4.8……no 5m”
“Yes yes ……He is not here”
“Umm. 50 cm deep, round dish. 7 meters in diameter”

The right eye of the old man Bonaparte has good vision and special performance. “I overlook the space,” he said. This seems to be an extraordinary spatial grasping ability that can grasp visions and boundaries visually and always, as well as grasping the distance to an object, and the size and length measurement with eyes, almost accurately.

“……For Bonaparte-dono with that eye, it’s not possible to beat him with the crossbow corps”

Dianne sighs. Well, it was horrible to have such an outstanding swordsman as an opponent, but it was a powerful performance. And Selenium is a sketcher. The lining of the cloak that I borrowed from Diel as a traveling dress, she draws the sea of meat in a bird’s eye view. ……It was only because the dragon body was smaller than Laila that I made Maia take the leading role. It was likely to have stepped on the edge in Laila because it had only filled 70 percent of the room.


The sketch was completed in about 30 minutes. From there, Hilda begins to estimate the amount of energy.

“I think, but it’s not so different from drinking a single serving”
“If you believe in the fakes who say 『Live』 being swallowed in such a sea of ​​meat. I don’t know how long he has left here, but keeping the people who have been captured alive in order to do that, there must be some sort of energy allocation, whether digesting or keeping it alive for some reason, something must be used more than the volume of the meat is decreasing”
“In war, if you kill the enemy soldiers in half rather than kill them completely, the enemy will lose much of their strength”
“Dianne, how about that……”

Apple doesn’t look at the blood, meat and various corpses.

“It’s almost right. ……If not, he was a fake liar, or he was very tough, and after being taken in, he opened a hole in the floor and ran away. Anyway, it is good that Laila-chan does not hesitate”
“Hoho. Leave it to me”

Laila sets her chest with her arms folded. ……Gorkus had a slightly uneasy look looking at us who made and implemented the holy beast measures from non-standard.

“Hey, Irina. I have a feeling that if we do bad, we might have put our hands on people who are more fearful than the military”
“At least you should be happy that you didn’t have to do something to buy a grudge against the expulsion of the executioner?

Christie also nods to Irina´s words.

“Unexpectedly, it was the deployment as it was shaken by the fake Diel. ……If we can manage to beat the holy beast here, at least……the elves of our clans will acknowledge them as worthy”

I hope so.


The calculation is over and the meat mass of the holy beast has almost healed its wounds. At the point where Bonaparte blew up earlier, it was completely fine again. Dianne also holds the broadsword in line symmetry position.

“If Diel is in that position, it’s out”
“Bet that side”

Hilda-san can easily say it off. ……Well, I can’t help but be mindful. So I make the command.

“3, 2, 1, ……Go!”

The blood column stands at the same time from each position of the meat and two people. The meat mass was scooped out almost as much. ……Dianne, with an unfamiliar one-handed sword that doesn’t have the size or weight, can use the same power as Bonaparte´s great sword.

“Recover energy, read!”

Selenium who has the knowledge of healing magic sees the meat mass with Hilda-san. Their eyes should be able to see the powerful recovery energy of the flesh that is filling the wound.

“……There is a recovery abnormality! Left……well 20 degrees, strength 20%!”
“Right 40 degrees strength 40%……All right, down there!!”

Two people identify the direction. At the same time attacks flew out from the surrounding of the meat mass.

“Dangerous older sister!”
“Bend down Selenium-kun!”

At the same time, Dianne and Sir Bonaparte clear off the leg attacks. However, immediately after that, a sharp thorn squeezes out of the meat that has been blown off halfway and diagonally behind Selenium and Hilda. It’s a horn. Symbol of a horned horse. It peeps as an odious trap.


I start to run, but I can’t make it to the horn where it rushes out. But.


Aurora and Anzeros who were close to me were launching shockwaves at the same time. It eases my feet and overtakes…… or blows myself off, not a thorn of a wound of a mass lump, but directly hits four people there.


Four people who flew away escaped the threat of thorns by a hair’s breadth.

“Laila! Maia!”
“I know!”

The two instantly become dragons and stretch their head and wing membranes under the four who fly in the air and catch them. Two legs kicked into their bodies from the bottom, but they don’t feel anything.


Laila confirmed with Hilda and grasped a mass of meat with her claws. I could see something like a membrane of an unfamiliar egg in the back of the deep open wound.

“Be careful”
“If you’re kicked this way, it’s dangerous”

Laila’s head, arms, belly, is kicked from the legs of the mass. Anyway, the first shot, if the kicking keeps coming, again and again, you sway yourself.

“Leave it to me!”

Jeanne rushed out there. In her hand is the Hoshihagane dagger she got from Diel´s mansion.

“Ho! ……Jeanne, I’m relying on you!”

Laila received the legs with her body and pressed her body down so as to protect Jeanne. From the gap of her body, I also jumped in and struck a sword to the meat mass.

“10-man captain!”
“Hurry Jeanne! ……I can do it as long as I dig meat”
“It is a good skill”

Jeanne returned a bloodstained smile and digs Diel out at the back of the meat wall.

Only a few minutes of work felt like hours.

Laila is kicked by a lot of legs on her back and is painfully enduring. It may not be just legs. She may have been attacked by sharp thorns that pierce the dragon’s wings. Laila will take it all to protect me and Jeanne. She will never retreat. So we have to do it quickly.

“10-man captain, there’s no way! My hands are dull!”
“Ba, bad……”

Even though I say so, I am only doing half the work of Jeanne. Dwarves are strong. No, because I’m working hard for Laila.

“……Damn it”

……That’s it. It’s not a moment when I’m invested here. Laila. and Jeanne. ……I´m their master.

“Don’t give up. You’re just tired. The enemy is strong”
“10-man captain……”
“I´m Laila´s master. With her, I decided to make everyone happy.”

I encourage myself.

“If you don’t have a weapon, throw a stone. If you don’t have a stone you’ll have to throw sand. There’s still something you can do”

Lighting up the possibilities in me. I am not the strongest warrior. I´m not a hero chosen by God. But I was not like that. Other people are. There should be more I can do.

“Jeanne, stay back!”

Let’s go……!


The sword splits the meat. I engrave light on the meat. The technique turns it into a shield that prevents the fist of an ace knight from just paper. Turning it into a sword then it can cut an ebony desk. And if you turn it over, you can use a piece of paper as a shield to prevent an Ace Knight’s fist. I asked for this kind of technique and I use this sword. It can. Yes, to me. It’s not a break, but a remake. There is a power to overcome any troubles with ingenuity and cooperation.

“Jeanne, now cut!”

Having carved a rough crest in a minute on the whole surrounding meat wall, I open up a place for Jeanne. Jeanne seems to have been captivated by my weird movement, but as said by me she waved her dagger.


And I was astonished that the wall was cut more easily than pudding.

“What did you do, 10-man captain!?!”
“It’s so good, get Diel quickly!”

……No, this technique, Jeanne didn’t see the real thing.


Diel was wrapped in something like egg thins. I carry Diel with Jeanne and get out of Laila’s belly. And I was surprised to see Laila’s appearance.

“Ku……ha, you were quick. I thought it will take a little more time”

While Laila was stabbed at the corners of her body, she was eating, smashing, and fighting hard at the heads that pierced the corners. She can’t move her belly.

“It’s good already, Laila here!”
“Ho……let me do it”

Before being able to finish her words, Laila became a human again and fell to the ground. A lot of legs attack Laila, just waiting. Anzeros and Aurora slipped in and made it in time.

“Take this!!”
“Up there!”

Aurora’s sword cuts off the legs and Anzeros´s sword blows off the mass of the feet. ……Anzeros, has she already learned everything?

“Move back Andy!”
“Step aside, human!”

Anzeros lifts Laila and withdraws. Behind me, there was a great cold wind around me.


Maia´s blizzard breath. Freezing hell that freezes the room at once. It’s a formidable skill in a room where there is no escape.

And everyone jumps out of the room and the meat mass freezes.


Mission, the first phase ends. ……Ah. It’s still the first step.

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