Half elves fall in love chapter 62

Chapter 62: Andy’s power-up strategy [Selenium Apple]



For the time being, I stroke the buttocks of Selenium which is on top.

“Do you dislike?”
“……Mou. Does it sounds like that……?”
“Not at all”

Soft, warm and round ass. And the other soft butt below it is also squeezed slowly with the other hand.

“Selenium and Apple……you both have really nice butts. I want to touch them all day”
“Is it good……?”
“I, I’m not good…..I can’t let you touch it all day, it’s just torture……”
“Apple, you’re completely a sex slave of Andy-san”
“Uu……bu, but, isn’t it?”
“Don’t worry, Andy-san´s dick surely is going to get excited right away”

Although it is a fact, it is a sad thing that my penis cant endure.

“It’s here with a little bit”
“Huhu, I’m sorry. But Andy-san going to do that too?”
“That’s right”

While I caress the two peach-colored asses, I’m getting more and more excited and their genitals are getting wet already. The situation now is that I can always push in like that in the lower part of those two beautiful half-elves and I can put it in as much as I want as if its a dream when I think again. It is also a cruel story to endure. But.

“Selenium you are not respectful to me and Apple”
“Eh, yesss”
“Your mouth is a source of misery, Selenium♪”
“I have respect, I’m only a bit mischievous!”
“Ahaha, I understand, I understand”

I take hold of Selenium who is on top and shakes desperately, as I put my penis against Apple´s pussy.

“But……Apple isn’t experienced, so I have to train her more with my penis!”

I thrust into Apple´s pussy which is feeling great.

“Uuuu……I, I gave my virginity and it hasn’t been half a year yet”
“It doesn’t mean, I´m saying that your pussy is loose”
“But it looks like Apple is saying it’s tough and you like it……”
“Okay, I love your pussy for being so tight”

Just that.

“……But you, because you are skillful, I control my ejaculation recently without any hesitation”
“Th, that’s it……I want you to seed me”

Selenium laughs at the side of my face that leans to her shaking hips on top of Apple. Right. Selenium sensitively senses the timing that I try to pull it out occasionally, tightens up my son with great skills, stimulates it and then she shakes and use a cowardly technique to let me cum at a dash or with two or three strokes. Basically, there were mostly virgins among my female slaves and only……Hilda was experienced. Laila also seems to have less experience, but she belongs to the masochistic faction. Perhaps she got some tips from Hilda.

“Nonetheless, it’s not good because the semen that you give to me is returned to Andy-san as vitality!”
“……Thank you very much”

But Selenium. A man is a creature that is attacked by a sense of defeat if he can’t ejaculate at the timing he is aiming for.

“But today is no return of energy”
“Hmm, why is it?”
“I told you to train……”

Training is the task of bullying myself. Basically, it isn’t an energetic recovery but a tired body, so if I intend to train my lower body, I should rather be relieved.

“You guys! If you want me to strengthen my lower body, being a tuna is fine!”
“Ann, ha, aa, auhn……♪”

With momentum, Apple is pushed up. Selenium nods to Apple who is showing a painful and happy feeling, having an expression that resembles an idiot and a sweet scream from deep down her throat.

“……A, A, Amm…… I told you that it would be difficult to get pregnant if I did it”

At the same time, I squeeze Apple’s uterus with my penis, rub Selenium´s tits with my hands and lick Selenium´s ears with my tongue.

“Become pregnant with my child. …..You don’t mind?”
“……N, No……pregnant, I’ll give birth……”
“Alright. Your belly is there for my semen and you squeeze my cock constantly to make me release my sperm. Not just to make me feel better?”
“I, I’m……I’m becoming pregnant, pregnant, pregnant……I’m fine with it, alright!?”

Apple who is being insulted and has her vagina overrun ask as if she is impatient. However, without answering it, only my waist moves violently and I ejaculate into Apple. I shot my semen into her womb.

“Don’t let people feel the chance of getting pregnant I want to see you soon having a belly”
“……N, Noo……Andy-san, like that……♪”
“Andy-san, I……haa……”

While Apple is anxious and trembles by having convulsions, I released my sperm to the very back and pull out my son. And this time I push it into Selenium´s secret hole while it is still dirty with love juice.

“Hi, aaa!!”
“You have no means to become pregnant in the first place……?”
“Ye, Yes…so, it is……”
“Saying to say that it’s a very evil crime in Trot, though it’s a very evil thing to say. You’re doing it on purpose”
“S, So……what?”
“Yes. ……So you cant choose any option other than giving birth if you get pregnant”
“So I’m going to give you a creampie. You see, all your abilities as a woman belong to me. I will use your uterus as well. Shooting my semen inside. You’re going to have my child while being fucked by my cock for the rest of your life”
“……Ye, Yes……”
“Hiiihh…..Andy-san, don’t ignore those who you have already violated and only attack those who haven’t been yet……you meany!!”

It is exposed. Now, as my penis is thrusting inside Selenium´s pussy, I put my hands on Apple’s tits and release obscene words to Apple. Unbalanced 3P. Apple who understood it laughed.

“Andy-san, you´re a bad guy……saying such words, rubbing my breasts that much and showing off such sex besides me, I can’t wait for the next round……♪”
“If you just woke up, you would talk about a devil and would have a cold face”
“……Awful. I’ve already admitted you’re a female slave. Do not say such a thing……♪”
“N, a, aa, aaa……Andy-san, Andy-san, I and I too, I become pregnant, I become pregnant……your child, I will give birth to it……♪”

The two beautiful half-elves pant happily from the bottom of their hearts and push up their pretty vaginas firmly to get pregnant with my offspring. While I think of kneading their two breasts, drinking their saliva, licking their tongues, I send semen to the deepest part of the belly as desired. Alternately, using both crotches, while sharing the empty love and strange love. I poured semen three times into both.


So. It is said that a person of being tolerant of patience doesn’t last for a long time. If you can do it, it is ability.

“……Idiot, your lower body is trembling……”

When erotic Selenium´s medical light treatment is refused and the sex with both is repeated in an infinite loop, I feel the weakness of my own in the shadow. Because I was living a life that I couldn’t walk for a full month and a half. Even though there was a little hard adventure after that, I couldn’t get invincible strength so easily. This will also be overcome someday, but I will always be able to get healthy every day after returning from Basson to Polka, where recovery works. I don’t feel like I’m going to be like that forever. So I go to the hot spring to relieve my physical pain. When.


We meet Anzeros on the way back from the hot spring in the middle.

“What, Andy, it’s a strange stride”

“It, it’s not like you”

Anzeros seems to have pain in her ankles and wrists and she sometimes makes bizarre walks with bizarre shaking. Well, that will be cured tomorrow, though. That is the power of the miraculous spring.

“Sniff sniff……I smell it”

“I smell it too”

Laila and Jeanne approach me and have a convincing expression. Are you animals? ……Don’t make a mistake.

“Ah, it’s because you did it with Selenium and Apple a little bit and you hurt your lower back!”

“Hmm. Wait a minute Andy-kun”

Hilda grasps my shoulder and stood in front of me with a gesture of doing it.

“How many times did you had sex?”

“Yes, how many times it is not good”


“……6 times”

I’ve scolded like that many times already. I can’t say “Sneakily, three times for each one.” However, Hilda’s mouth is a little bit of a letter and she is in thought mode as she holds her index finger on her temple. And.


“That is well”

“Then, come with me quickly”

“……E, Eh, the female hot spring!?”


According to the latest theory of training medicine in the south, it seems that the best training method for training muscles efficiently is to take rest and recovery measures after exhausting the power to the last moment in a hard-to-break environment.

“The battered body will be powered up and healed to allow the same load next time. Andy-kun should do his best before healing in the miraculous spring to take advantage of this phenomenon”
“Ho. And so far, the number of girls he embraces is nine, including Maia”
“If it is possible to have sex about once a day, master’s worth is worthwhile”

Yes, Laila and Jeanne get in line. They are good friends as ever. In addition, Hilda nods and raised her finger.

“It’s a problem. Here are four female slaves of Andy-kun”
“Objection. I don’t remember that you got slaved to me too”
“Shut up!”

I was silenced. Unreasonable.

“Well, Andy-kun has done it six times so far”
“Add 10, don’t you think it’s an approximation?”
“……At least not here”

Miraculous spring, female hot spring, changing room. Everyone is completely undressed and waiting for me to say I’ll do it. No. One person, who is undressed and waiting for you expresses it in words.

“Mm! Nmu!”

Anzeros. Her mouth is restricted with a hand towel and she is tied up naked.

“……Why did you tie up Anzeros”
“Eh, because Anze-chan has cracks in her hands and feet, so if it’s a bad position, it hurts, isn’t it lovely?”
“The choice of missionary position”
“And Anze-chan has bound too many female slaves if it isn’t good enough to play, isn’t it?”
“It’s not an illusion, though”
“Mugu! Mugu!”

Because it’s not good, I remove Anzeros’s mouth restriction.

“Puhaa……Hi, Hilda-san! I´m not here to be tied up anyway!!”
“……It’s good to be tied up”
“Well, here and when, who will come……!”
“Huh, Anze-chan didn’t you tell Andy-kun that it is okay to be fucked in public”
“Th, that’s……but!”

Anzeros´s face becomes red. Or rather.

“In the first place, the most painful thing witnessed is that I fuck a tied up girl in the dressing room of the female hot spring”
“Shut up”
“No No No!”

It is not good to be told to shut up. But, Hilda-san and Laila laugh.

“Hoho. Anzeros, you should be able to use illusion magic too”
“You can’t hide yourself♪”
“N, No, my illusion is still an illusion for a moment!”
“Ho. You would be seen if it were.”
“What do you do with KIAI☆”

……Anzeros seems to cry. The same is true for me who seems to cry. However, these people don’t seem to care.

“The title is Anze-chan´s power-up masterpiece!”
“There is also crying!”
“Ho. I’m looking forward to it”
“No! It cant be absolutely crying!”

……Do I do it? I do it.

“U, uu……I’m sorry Andy, I’m here……why is your penis in high spirits?”
“No, no, I’m pretty excited about Anzeros’s tied up figure”
“Th, this……! Because it is good, let’s get it done quickly!”

Desperate Anzeros. ……But it is true that it is good. I’m unexpectedly surprised that Anzeros has dropped her hair with a mapper like a young lady. The rope looks good.

“I’ll do it”
“Ahh, I’m fine!”

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