Half elves fall in love chapter 63

Chapter 63: Tortoise shell bondage ace knight [Anzeros]



I kiss the tied up Anzeros. Even though she is restricted, she is being lifted at waist level because it’s taking into account that I’m going to fuck her from the beginning. When I was kissing with Anzeros, she was hung up in the air like a pinata.

“Ngu…..n, nn……id, idiot, don’t kiss like this, hurry up”
“Hurry up?”
“Put it in and start!”
“Don’t say it in such a brutal manner……”
“It, It’s not a situation where I can enjoy it for long!”

I was scolded by a desperate and embarrassed Anzeros. That’s certainly true.

“But if you aren’t ready at least, it will take too much time for you to be inconvenient”
“Pr, preparation is good! Really good!”
“No, I mean. Do you think that the sooner you do it, it would end before you use the illusion and let them release you?”

The erotic female doctor and hentai dragon grin.

“……Then……let’s put it in all the more quickly”

Anzeros is strangely making a fuss.

“Do you think that you will be able to stay hard forever because you´re violating me?
“……Don’t say it yourself”

Summary: It’s the same because you’re getting wet while you’re offended. Such a violent thing is saying what the one bullying thinks?

“Therefore……if you ejaculate on me and nobody comes yet and it’s a no-no, that’s fine too”
“Until the minute of Laila and Hilda, I’ll squeeze it all by myself”

Hilda-san and Laila, and Jeanne make a cry from Anzeros’s desperate plan.

“Th, that’s a problem”
“But we’re not going to let you go so easily……”
“……Well, anyway, I will call someone her quickly, okay!”

I and Anzeros are astonished. How far do I have to worry about the chase? Do they want to see the scene of abnormal sex between Anzeros and me that much? Have I not lost anything?

“Anyway, you should do it quickly, Andy!
“Yo, you don’t need to say that……”

Although I try to screw in by force around the side of Anzeros’s butt, the position adjustment of the waist is inconvenient unlike the time of ordinary sex, it cant be inserted well.

“Uu……that’s because the situation is too stressful……”
“What, are you stupid!?”

My penis is aching because of an erection. The situation gets worse and worse. As the situation gets worse, If this was the elf territory, it would be a good idea to “drown away the shame of the journey”. In Polka, everyone remembers each other’s face and it is still a town with enough room. Last but not least, it’s a rumored rumor that my father has built a solid reputation and the reputation of the Smithson family is about to fall to the ground. By the way, it is only I who abandoned life or the real thing that I can come out when it is weird. But I haven’t abandoned my life yet.


Anzeros squirm in a way that’s frustrating.

“It has become interesting”
“Laila……remember me when I’m not in Polka”
“Hoho. What, in life with me, isn’t it heaven anywhere?”

She is not good. Then, the door of the dressing room opened and Jeanne came back with a citizen.

“Just a moment”

The girl who came in. ……Is a young girl who has horns like around accessory on the left and right of her forehead.

“Ah, Sara-chan!”
“Ah……Hilda-sensei, welcome back”

It is Jackie-san’s daughter. ……She is good friends with Hilda, which is pretty good at times but I don’t want to be seen honestly. I shrugged while grabbing Anzeros’s ass. Ah, the end……. I thought, but my eyes are attached to the tied up Anzeros at my waist, so I couldn’t see it and Sarah started throwing her coat in the cloth basket.

“I’m worried because I heard you went to kill the forest elves to get the baron back”
“Huhuhu, everything went well. Dianne-chan was really great”
“Hoho. Well, there was no clogging scene”
“I guess so. But, well, Andy-kun is blessed with allies”
“Have you beaten them? Will the forest elves come again?”
“We didn’t beat them. No, it’s time to get along well now”
“If Sarah is able to get along with everyone here, it’s time that everyone can get along well with the forest elves. Just like the people of Celesta and Sarah get along, it will be fun if you get new friends”
“……I wonder……if that’s true?”
“It is”

It sounds like Sarah and Hilda are having a very good talk, but I’m stuck like a stone and don’t make any sign of moving. However, when Sarah gets in a simmering moment, she pulls Hilda and tries to go to the hot spring. After all, she isn’t aware of us.

“……Ho, How……how?”
“……My illusion has……succeeded?”
“What……you can do it, Anzeros”
“Haha……I thought my heart would stop beating”

I stroked Anzeros’s head. Despite being tied up, Anzeros looks a little happy. But.

“Hoho. But, if Andy’s waist training cant be done even if you hide it with great pains, will it be alright?”

We become desperate from Laila’s sentence. Anzeros dropped her shoulders while being tied by a rope.

“Th, there is no excuse for continuing in this situation.”

Speaking of where in the dressing room we are, it is the corner on the hot spring side. In other words, it looks like we are completely out of Sara-chan´s sight. Even though we were somehow hidden, I don’t feel like that I will be watched. But I thought that, as Anzeros had dropped her shoulder for a while, so I turned around and suggested it.

“Think backwards Andy”

“This is your house”
“In your house, I and you are having sex. This is a matter of course.”
“Is, is that so?”

It’s a subtle place.

“What do you think of it as that girl sneaked in…….?”
“It isn’t good at all!”
“It is just an assumption. ……That, emm……in other words?”

Anzeros shakes her body a little and says so with a shy face.

“……As we are hidden anyway, if we don’t enjoy the thrill, it will be useless”

I’m sure it’s over thrilling. It is a situation where a pretty girl who is tied up by a rope is asking me to have sex with her, no matter if we are seen by someone. Moreover, an acquaintance’s daughter is taking a bath innocently just a few meters away. Under such circumstances, I insert my cock into Anzeros´s vagina at such a hardcore state. Besides us, someone is bathing peacefully. …… Hmm.

“Anzeros, maybe do you really like this?”
“Th, this is it?”

No one wants to be socially ruined. However, Anzeros, Laila, Aurora, and Selenium are expressing their dependence on me with great words. However, there is also a last-minute pleasure of enjoying thrills not only when they get there, but also when they can’t find it. It is not a promise to “show”, but a pleasure of “may be seen”.

“I don’t want to show it but I want to be seen, we might be seen but don’t stop. It’s a thrill to have sex while hiding”
“……Th, That……uu, but it might be a bit better”

This is a delicate separation of emotions and feelings that are not divisible. In Laila´s case, if I say that I fuck her while showing her embarrassing place to others, she will be very happy and accept it. And although Anzeros is showing some resistance, she is excited about the situation that can be said to the last. It is misplaced, but Anzeros is not the real thing. And that “not falling” sense of balance is by no means a bad thing.

“You’re also a difficult pervert……”
“Ah, it’s about Andy……uh”
“It’s okay to have sex while you are tied up, it’s okay to thrust inside even if you’re not wet enough yet and it’s also okay to have sex in a place where you might be seen. You don’t really want to be seen, but you´re expecting it, right?”
“……I, I do”
“Do you want my cock?”
“……I want”
“Hey pervert. If it’s an ordinary girl, she would sway and cry”
“Sorry, I can’t help it……, I mean, I’m your woman so it isn’t bad, right?”

When it was said, I had a complete erection before I´m is sure. By making grounds to enjoy the situation carefully with Anzeros, it will be that I´m finally mentally prepared.

“It’s your fault”
“Crazy about my penis”
“It’s also your fault”
“……Cant be denied”
“Semen toilet ace knight slave”
“……What do you want me to say?”
“……I love you”
“You’re mean because you say that here”

I squeeze my cock into Anzeros´s pussy. Her strong body that is tied up is tightened. However, thanks to the situation and my words, there was plenty of love juice in the inside than I thought and the insertion was smooth.


Anzeros moans. Basically, she can’t move at all now. It is natural because neither the ground nor the wall where the reaction can be obtained is attached. It is possible to swing the hips up and down slightly, but basically, she was a meat hole suspended in the air. Just align the direction of Anzeros’s body by hand and slowly push it out like a pendulum at the waist while hanging down.

“Kku, aa……Andy, more violently……”
“Is it too tender?”
“Th. This is very slow, it’s just frustrating, not good……”
“If it gets violent, won’t the rope bite?”
“Violent is a good……uterus, poke it!”

As Anzeros begs for it, I pace up the speed. I pull back Anzeros’s waist strongly before pushing up my waist and make a strong and rapid thrust.

“……K, kiu, ku, uu, nuuu……th, this!! Andy, love, love it……my, my uterus more♪”
“……Where do you want me to put it out?”
“I, I understand, I didn’t tell you……you, I’m out there, almost, no, not good……♪”
“No, I will try to put it out occasionally”

If it’s a meat slave who is perfect in this way, I feel that it’s likely to be a completely odious picture surface if it’s boring. Anzeros´s whole body is tightly restricted by the rope and letting the fluid drip from inside the body, Anzeros is swayed in the air by hanging in the air. ……It’s a picture that makes you feel crazy. But.

“No, no……good inside put it in my womb and release it……in my womb, your sperm, put it out!”
“……Do you want to use this parenthesis to be fertilized?”
“Do it!”

……Anzeros answers immediately. If she says so, I can’t afford to spill it. I grabbed Anzeros’s body that swayed and shaken in the air. Anzeros squeezed out her tongue from my thrusting while tightening her vagina firmly. And.

“Hua……Huaaa……ah, hot♪”

Dokun, dokun, dokun……my, ejaculation. Anzeros felt it while her hair is shaking and she has convulsions.

“……A face that looks happy”
“……Is that……so……?”

After I lift her up from the back I saw Anzeros´s attracting face and she only smiled thinly.


After confirming from Laila that it was good, I took off the rope and dropped Anzeros down and Anzeros’s body was brilliant red with the trace of the rope. Depending on the place, it was worn out and bloody or even blueish.

“……Uwa, great”
“That’s your body. Like others”
“No, I didn’t really think I was going to be here. …..Well, I was comfortable while we were doing it”

To me, Anzeros looks bad. The semen that I released with a vaginal cum shot is dripping out of her pussy. I was excited about it again, but I managed to restrain myself from ravishing Anzeros who is in such a miserable state again and I urged her to go to the hot spring to brush her long hair.

“Anyway cure in the hot spring. It may be stained, but it will cure soon if it is about scuffs. ……Cl, clean your crotch too”
“……U, Uh”

Anzeros has a red face and looks straight. It’s cute.

“Ho, I’m the next one♪”
“Good……but you?”

Laila was also tied up by Jeanne in a rough manner.

“Are you so happy that I fuck you while being tied up by a rope?”
“……Is it a rough rope day today?

By the way, I heard the conversation from the hot spring behind.

“……Wa, Waa!”
“? Wh, What happened, something wrong with me?”
“Elder sister……have you been caught by the forest elves?”
“Well, I was caught”
“Seems painful……”
“………… No, no, this is!?”

Ah. ……Ah. It will be so. Yup.

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