Half elves fall in love chapter 74

Chapter 74: Children’s answers



Even though I ran away without helping in the fight, my sense-enhanced eyes caught the whole story of the fight.

“Anzeros, let some people go after Becker to clean up”
“Yes. Mikagami, Bronson, and Elliot will capture the enemy soldiers defeated by 100-man special duty commander! After that, they will support Isaac’s squad withdrawal!”


Even in Azeroth’s squadron, the three men of high combat power overtake us and run toward Isaac’s squadron. In front of their eyes the Great Sword Saints, who are beaten down and groan, disappear.

“Mikagami-san, this is”
“It’s magic! The soldiers who use illusion magic are still hiding!”

Anzeros gives quick instructions to Mikagami-san and the others who look back.

“Tsk……give priority to Isaac’s squad withdrawal! If we send Selenium or Laila around, we can break the illusion”
“There’s no way to beg for nothing”

Mikagami-san and the others who hurriedly changed their course went beside Isaac´s squad. And in front of Anzeros and Dianne, fighting is slowly approaching.

“It’s a hugely avant-garde”

Among the Anzeros squad, the soldiers level cant win against a night class except for regular soldier Mikagami-san. If the opponent is the Great Sword Saints, then the regulars will go down a step as avant-garde and give way to the Ace Knights. Inevitably, beautiful girls such as Dianne, Aurora, and Anzeros will be on the forefront. Certainly, it can not be said that it is gorgeous.

“I’m not gorgeous, sorry”

100-man special duty commander Becker, who says that a little sulky. Yeah, he has a nice face, but certainly, he is not gorgeous. It is only Bonaparte who is stunned to see the special duty commander Becker and the old sword saints who are behind him have a firm stance on their feet.

“Is that the fast-paced swordsman nicknamed 『Daydreamer』 Sieg Becker who was enshrined when he surpassed 『Dancing spear』 Almeida and 『Gale』 Dingil?”
“Not so strong”
“You’ve seen it just now. You will be killed if you´re careless”

……Well, after all, is he famous in that line, daydreamer. I don’t really know what a daydreamer is right now.

“You brought me a man who was so awkward and fun……but here are 17 Great Sword Saints and you have 3 Ace Knights……including the war god it is 4. You have some nerve”
“Why, it’s nothing more than you who came to us”

Dianne is unbearable. Is that also a bluff or…….

“Don’t make light of the Sword Saint Brigade, little girl!”
“Our Royal Sword Saint Brigade! There is no shortage of the number of people! Let’s show it through even a thousand people!”

The old Sword Saints come in color. But Dianne doesn’t move.

“Barking boys”

And Dianne shakes her hand. ……Arrows come flying from overhead.

“Aren’t you afraid of friendly fire?”

The Sword Saints who are quick to dodge, but several people were hit by the arrows and fell.

“Unfortunately, our crossbow corps are highly trained”

Dianne says those words majestically. Members of the ……Certainly, none of our corps members can shoot apples 100 meters away. It is a SAG training to have achieved that through the treatment of the crossbow is simple compared to an ordinary bow and even though Dianne’s perception enhancement magic is also high effect. Dianne starts the fight while manipulating everything skillfully as if the command itself is magic.

“17-to-4, make me laugh! 17-to-100! My corps are helpful teammates!!”

Sir Bonaparte to receive the kick of power, such as Dianne’s cavalry assault, he throws out a light shock wave with one arm. Even then, with a light shock wave of one arm, he couldn’t stop, but Sir Bonaparte slipped a few meters and retreated, scraping the pavement with his iron shoe toes.

“There are only 4, if you push through then there are only weak rear guards!”

The Great Sword Saints shake their swords and make an assault. But before they can change their walking speed, accurate shooting makes the equally spaced fence at the feet of the Sword Saints.


Dianne’s made a sighting in the sight of the member in the illusion and has been helping the sniper instruction. To produce it separately for each member, it seems to be the most delicate skill that cant be done by a person like Dianne, but the battle to enable the attack is certainly an effective tactic to be able to calculate the force of 100 people as it is. Now Dianne attacks. Anzeros emits a shock wave, Aurora crosses swords with the Sword Saints and 100-man special duty commander Becker pushes back several Great Sword Saints at a rate such as alter ego. A storm of arrows attacks the Great Sword Saints aiming for a chance to take them down. The aim that Dianne directs is accurate and never hits her allies.

“Arthur Bonaparte!!”
“War god Dianne……!! But that’s it! We lost without meaning! We can now revenge that defeat by winning!”

Sir Bonaparte exploding win is a rising exploding shockwave. It’s like a tornado shattering the surrounding houses, but it doesn’t work for Dianne.


Dianne also shot two consecutive shockwaves with a kick and they were caught just before the gust occurred. Is Dianne advantageous in agility and readiness? But.

“Not yet!!”

To Dianne who collapsed in posture by kicking those two shockwaves, a shockwave is hit immediately from the side by the sword that Sir Bonaparte returns. This cannot be prevented indeed.


Dianne is blown off wonderfully. But just before her body is slammed to the ground 100-man commander Becker made the rescue.

“It’s safe!”
“Ku……Becker, you support Anzeros and the others!”
“I know. …….But let me be cool too”

While running down the wall, he let Dianne down and 100-man commander Becker pulled out a knife with both hands and headed towards Sir Bonaparte while holding on the reverse.

“Sieg Becker……!”
“I am honored you know me!”

100-man special duty commander Becker bounces forward and unleashes 7 slashing attacks with kicks towards Bonaparte.

……I couldn’t even see his attack if my sense wasn’t strengthened. However, most of the attack still receive Bonaparte.

“It, It’s fast! But……it’s an ace knight!!”

Another exciting shock wave. The townscape of the post town Canzone becomes dustier. However, special duty commander Becker turns behind in an instant and dodges it.

“Yes, an Ace Knight”
“You don’t want to dodge”

……The top speed of the moment, for now, seems to have exceeded the prediction of Sir Bonaparte. A slight margin disappeared from his expression.

“I heard that you´re as fast as the war god……but it’s like sheep’s skin”
“What about that?”
“The fact that being an ace knight is itself a hide-and-believe, it is said that you´re Quika’s best ace knight”
“I’m not happy with such a name, though”

Special duty commander Becker and Bonaparte change their stance at the same time. The special duty commander also had a different face. He has a battle junkie’s face with eyes open and pasting pleasures on the face instead of the usual bad middle-aged face.

“Let’s do it!”

Gagagagaa!! ……No longer understandable, even with a strengthened sense, I can’t follow their fight.

Unexpectedly, Anzeros and the others still continued to dominate the battle against the Great Sword Saints even though the support was broken.


Anzeros makes a quick cut and Aurora attacks the enemies around. Even if Aurora has missed an enemy, the other escorted infantry strikes and pushes them back. Even if the other party is old, they are still Sword Saints. Every Sword Saint uses shockwaves. Even with that, we avoided the cooperation with a single thread and maintained the front while inviting each other to strike.

“Kuu……what, for such little girls!”
“I am an adult!”
“I’m telling you, you’re younger than me!”

……While making trivial refutation.

“You will never pass through here”
“We will go gracefully, for the dignitaries of the Sword Saints”

The pair of back-to-back pairings are very good and reliable and allied infantry is boiling up and the enemy’s Sword Saints are jealous. And after glaring at each other.

“……Let’s all withdraw! It is not time to scatter!”

A voice rang from the sky, and the Sword Saints began to withdraw with a face that chewed a bitter worm.

“There you are!”

When Dianne throws a stone, the illusion disappears and an old man comes to light. It’s a rather sturdy swordsman, but was he in charge of the illusionary tactics?


The old man is covered by Sir Bonaparte, as another shock wave is released and instead of being blinded he withdraws.

“……Now, the royal capital’s Academy”
“It was the academy president Kaul Konuoto……shit, the old men of this country are all the same”

Dianne says so with a spit. Anyway, the tactless military people, even the knowledge group wouldn’t participate in this battle without trusting this generation.


We once withdraw to the base. Isaac’s squad suffered several injuries, including Isaac, but we were relieved to find out that he wasn’t dead.

“……However, there are some who were in danger without Hilda-sensei”

Mikagami has a cloudy expression. Even though they fought that much, only four Sword Saints were trapped or captured.

“There is a possibility that we will be cut off in the long run as it is”
“With this breakthrough failure, that old man might switch to a quick fight ahead of the dark assault”

I feel disappointed to 100-man special duty commander´s words.

“I hope that Laila will come back soon”

The miraculous spring’s water is calculated from Laila’s flight speed and she needs to be here till the end of the day. If she doesn’t make it in time the effect of the spring water will be useless.

“Laila-sama……I, I see at the moment”

Maia, who was looking at the northern sky at the exit of the tent, tells me of Laila´s arrival. The water she carries will be a rain of grace to Isaac’s squad. We got out of the tent and waited for her arrival.

“Where is she?”
“Ah……Andy-sama, you may still see only a point”

I look closely at where Maia points. A black shadow is getting bigger and bigger. Yup. That silhouette belongs to Laila.

A lightning-like flash blew up from under Laila. Laila is hit directly by the flash and falls.

“Wh, What does that mean!”
“……I was careless, the Sword Saint Brigade……”

I nod with Dianne.

“Hilda-san, please come for a moment! It’s an emergency!”
“Maia go help, Laila! In your dragon form!”

Maia poses and descends as a blue dragon on the snowy field during dusk. Me, Dianne and Hilda ride on her back in a hurry.


Laila was lying naked in the snowy field, smeared with a lot of blood and fragments of the wagon that was supposed to be packed with the water of the miraculous spring.


We get down next to Laila. ……She was torn roughly from the chest to the side.

“Ho……Wh, what, ouch……welcome…..nou……”
“Laila! Hold on!”
“The miraculous water! Maia quickly bring some water!”

Dianne gives instructions, and Maia looks for a safe one from the water bags scattered around.

“Ouch! This!”
“Let me freeze it just in case”
“If it’s still effective, it won’t freeze”

Polka’s miraculous spring water is fetched and the effect lasts only for half a day. And if it loses its effect, it becomes just water. The presence or absence of the effect can be determined by freezing. Maia holds a water bag in her hands and blows cold air. It didn’t freeze.

“Good, take it”
“Yo, You take this cold water out in this cold”
“I’m an idiot”

When we tried to pour it on Laila, a stone flew from somewhere. Before it hit my hand, Dianne knocked it down.


When Dianne saw the direction of the flight and whispered something, an illusion was blown off and Bonaparte came out from the inside. He carries the dragonslayer in his hand like dragging.

“Arthur Bonaparte!”
“I dropped the dragon with great pains. Oh, it can’t be helped”

Anger sprouts in my belly. I can endure being targeted, but did you try to kill Laila, who just flew by?

“Wait, owner”

When I bite my teeth and tried to expose the killing intent to Sir Bonaparte, Laila pulled my hand and stopped me.

“……This isn’t your justice”

Laila smiled and shook her head, exposing the painful wound on her beautiful limbs. ……That’s it. Laila doesn’t want me to bend justice for her, even if she’s dead.

“You’re a loyal looking man, dragon”

Sir Bonaparte strangely says so respectfully and tries to provoke me. ……Really. Bonaparte is also impatient. Knowing our intention to fight and scatter, even trying to stop him. He wants to take it to the ideal way to scatter. Even so, the only way to kill an extra person is still a straight-up sword.

“……You’re my proud dragon”
“Don’t die yet. I want to go around the world with you”
“My dragon is the kindest and strongest being in the world”
“……I’m glad, nou. ……Really, you´re a man who says good things”

Stroking Laila’s head, I poured the content of the water bag onto Laila’s chest and stood up and stared at Sir Bonaparte.

“Don’t think it will go your way, old man”

Sir Bonaparte snort and left.


Jeanne screamed when we brought the fallen Laila into the camp.

“Elder sister Laila!”

After losing consciousness on the way, Laila has not woken up yet. Jeanne bursts into tears to the painful sight of Laila and we quickly sew up the wound and bandaged it.

“I’m going to kill him, that damn human!!”

Jeanne grabbed her hammer as it is and I hold her who is about to run out of the field.

“Step aside! I’ll kill you if you disturb me now!”

It’s the first time Jeanne has been so furious. But that may be true. Jeanne is a child who was despised in her colony and was helped by Laila. Laila who is like a parent to Jeanne was harmed by surprise, so she is angry. However.

“No. I won’t step aside”
“Step aside!”
“I can’t go aside. I won’t let anyone die”
“10-man captain!!”

That is my justice that I declared in front of Laila. So, for Laila, I don’t bend.

“If you really want to kill me, then kill me, Jeanne”

Showing her teeth, Jeanne intimidates me at the last moment. If that really matters, Jeanne’s hammer will be able to mince me in an instant. Dianne looks at me anxiously and Maia wonders whether she should stop Jeanne or protect me. ……For a few minutes, Jeanne was glaring at me.

“……Why are you so mean, 10-man captain……”

She let go of her hammer and Jeanne broke down. I gently hold that Jeanne and gently pat her shoulders.

“……All right. I’m……we all help out”


“Honestly, how is it, Andy”

After sending the crying Jeanne to bed, Dianne asks me.

“We win while everyone is alive. Let’s say we can do this. ……we will do it. But what then?”
“… I will persuade”
“People are no longer excited by Bonaparte’s words. It is not a problem that it is now “stopped after all”. It’s going to be a riot”

Right……what is it? But.

“If so, I will persuade people……. Is it the Sword Saints? Is it the Great Sword Saints? It is not because they haven’t revolutionized the people who had been yearning for Trot. It was originally just a pretext, a monkey show”
“You’re not a politician. ……I’m not saying that you are bad, but it is necessary. If you grasp the hearts of the people, the destination is absolute”

What I am doing is irresponsible. I wonder if everyone wants such a thing. I don’t want to think that way. Trot is……full of humans. I want to believe that we can live in peace with gratitude and pride by holding hands.

“I’m……still. I hate to let go of everything, let alone do it”

Dianne closes her eyes and shuts down. She is wondering how she can grant my selfishness. ……Because this person is such a person. Surely if I keep fighting against old man Bonaparte, she will surely keep fighting next to me. I think it’s not pretentious anymore. That’s the love of this person. ……If I think about it, all the women around me are good women.

They accept my selfishness and calamity in kindness, give me the future and continue to believe in me. Even for those girls, I can’t just give up. They think that I can really do it. A future that allows old man Bonaparte and the king to do what my father couldn’t do. Such an ordinary life.

“Yes, yes”

Such a voice resounded in the snowy field at night.


The declaration of war will be delivered again with an arrow. But that isn’t a battle arrangement between the crossbow corps and the Sword Saint Brigade. Just a letter of challenge.

──To master swordsman Arthur Bonaparte. I, Andy Smithson apply for a duel with you. The place is the top of the royal capital’s Karbama mountain and the time is noon tomorrow. Under the command of 100-man commander Dianne, the Celesta army promises to take pride and not to interfere. I will come by all means.

“I thought it was a joke”
“It’s almost impossible to talk with you unless I do this”

The old man came. I answered such a foolish letter dutifully. According to the guy, he was proud that he was born and never fought for a battle alone and never lost.

“It’s a duel. What to bet, youth”
“What should we bet”
“……Did you call the duel without deciding?”

I shrugged my shoulders while sitting on a rock to the old man who frowns with his eyebrows.

“I am not a swordsman. I am not a magician. I am not a decent blacksmith nor a scholar. I have only one pride. That I´m the son of Peter Smithson, a blacksmith from Polka in the Trot kingdom”
“……Okay. First of all, what should we bet?”
“Listen to me, and answer properly.”
“……You’ve come so small. Is it good to put life in such a thing?”
“I think it’s not cheap if it’s against the invincible Sword Saints”

The old man put the sword he brought on a rock opened his mouth after a long while and removes his cloak.

“Then if I win, you will swear that you will not stand before me”
“Is that okay?”
“What can you do more than that?”

I laughed. This old man understands me well. I can’t do anything. There are a lot of great guys around me, but what I could ever do is always just the first step and the idea of the mouth. I´m also good with sex. But I dare to open my mouth.

“I will protect everything”
“……That’s a very dashing thing”


“Ha, this is, this is……excuse me. Go ahead, please”
“I’m sorry. ……Really”


“Oya, if an audience……excuse me, but first the messenger……”
“I don’t need”


“……Hmm, oh? Were you planning to come to see me at such a time?”
“No, right now, all the plans are against it”


Old man Bonaparte saw that I was standing without a sword and took out a knife from his luggage and throw it in front of me with the sheath.

“Unarmed in a duel isn’t good”
“I came to save you. So how can I use a knife to save you”
“……Save. You always tend to dream and say insane things, but this time it’s just about it”

After smiling slightly, the old man made a raged expression that could kill a monster with only that expression.

“Don’t make fun, brat! I grew up in the country without knowing anything. What did you know when you shook the tail abroad? You’re going to save me? Don’t be so conceited! Fifty years of this Trot swordsman isn’t light enough to be saved by a brat like you!”

Honestly, my heart got cold. But. On my back are the friends who believe in me and the feelings of the women who love me like this. I’m neither shaking nor falling.

“No, I don’t approve. I don’t admit that the last 50 years of you could only produce something like that”
“What did you say……!?”
“Your fifty years. The king’s forty years. My father’s whole life. Linda-san’s half-life. Surido master’s, Polka’s Baron, my mother’s life so far and the lives of those old Sword Saints”

I grabbed my fist and took a fighting pose. There is nothing that I have won for 25 years in total. Still, I swung my fist.

“We were born by you!”

I hit.

“We admire you!”

I hit.

“Do you think that we won’t be able to grasp the next era without the help of you?”

I hit with all my strength.


“……What does this sword mean? Ruth Bonaparte”
“It’s a revolution, former king. You will step down from the throne. Thank you very much”
“Will this I be defeated and you become the king? To be the king of this defeated country”
“That’s right. ……No, it isn’t a defeated country”
“Yes, I don’t accept such a rant in my husband’s country. Father”
“My proud father! This Trot you have built is your wife´s pride! This beautiful land, that the trustworthy sword saints call the defeated country” I declare here! We will abolish the old king who forgot himself in defeat and restore this country again so that every citizen will look up to this flag with pride!”
“The future of our Trot will not come out with bloody beginnings! Let’s bear the 600-year-old history of Trot, the trust of the three million people and the love of your beloved wife on our back! You see, you’re a good king, father and we prove you will be proud of us!”
“……Gardner……have you betrayed me……?”
“Hahaha, king. It is bad to make this Grand Duke to be a supporting role and to stand out. ……Yes, the old can’t make the future. The future belongs to the children. I just remembered that”


I continued to hit the old man while feeling the fear of the man, the reverence and the repulsion as the whole body shivered.

“Can you see the country that you built? Can you not see the pride that you have left? The craftsmen who continued to stretch their spines for you! And with Celesta, Afilm and the elves who feared you! The children who are born and listen to the legend of the sword saints! How much do you think there is! Don’t think that it will take only two days to clean up after a violent life!”
“Guu……u, gaa……”

I sit on top of the fallen old man and I swing my fist while crying.

“You’re obliged to live and be respected! As long as you have your life gotten from heaven, you have the duty to be there as a yearning for the kids who admire you! If you want to express your pride to your children, keep telling! And hold your grandson, pamper them, see them grow up keep them alive and don’t die until you say that it was a happy life when there was a worth that you kept working hard!”
“We think we’re going to be strong! We’re going to be strong in order to have a happy life without our loved ones dying! Good countries are all that! Parents, children! Neighbors, friends! I will do my best to make it a country that can be spelled in a happy life forever!”
“I don’t approve that the king who worked the hardest or the old Sword Saints to die! I will definitely do it!”

Blood came from my fist. The old man’s lips were bleeding and my fist, which wasn’t used to anything more than that, had become worn out. ……And the old man was crying.

“……Ku, u……uoooooo……”

I hugged the crying old man.

“Sor…..sorry…..we were like this…….we were just the kind of parents we couldn’t think of and we are sorry……”
“I lost……I lost for the second time”


“Order to the Sword Saint Brigade. The king has resigned. Immediately, attend the new king´s enthronement ceremony”
“Wh……wh, what is it?”
“Sir Bonaparte hasn’t returned yet! The dark elf of Celesta will come to here……”
“That’s the king’s abdication!?, It’s too early!”
“Repeat. King Ulysses abdicated. A new king is born. The Sword Saints shall attend the new king´s enthronement ceremony as soon as possible”
“So, Somehow……unusual”
“Are we determined to commit guilty……!?”
“Without Sir Bonaparte, we alone……is there any victory against the forces of the war god……”
“……Let’s hear”
“Dark Elf. What are you going to do with the Sword Saint Brigade……yo, you!?”
“Oh, it’s been a long time, president Konuoto. …. No, it was a good 『Exercise』”
“Eh, exercise……!?”
“It will be an exercise. No one will die, including military civilians. Have you heard that from my daughter so much?”
“……What does that mean? True meaning……”
“There is no true meaning. I swear. ……Well, let’s just say that my daughter and her lover are a bit special……”
“Huhu, here’s the story. ……Ah, I hope this country will improve. A country with proud young people will surely grow. Let’s raise the cup together. To that new king, he still needs old-fashioned old tales”
“……I understood. Minister Ashton”

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