Half elves fall in love chapter 77

Chapter 77: Dark elf´s fall in love syndrome [Dianne]



100-man commander Dianne. Part of the northern army corps, who have both unofficial master knight class combat power and religious priest class magic abilities and she is skilled in tactical operations and is the trump card of Celesta´s army.

……I didn’t know that she was so frightening, but I noticed it in the middle of the journey. I’m not saying I didn’t like it. I already knew that Dianne was strong in out-of-order terms and although she was somewhat biased with magic, I also knew that she was good. However, all warriors at various hero levels actually showed some reaction to Dianne’s appearance just because she was nicknamed 「War god」 and I knew once more. This person is a great hero of this generation and one of the real strongest.

But well, in front of me, she is a little too aggressive, so she is also a naughty fall in love girl.

“Andy, don’t you take care lately……?”
“Eh, I think it will be a long time to be with you.”
“Is it that you want to take care of your lovers and let me look from the distance?”
“……No. ……I mean, let’s go ahead”
“How about attacking during breaks or at least trying to play with my chest or butt……?”
“……As expected, it’s hard to do so much before Anzeros or Aurora, that’s a big deal”

The captain’s room at sunset. Or rather, a shack named the captain’s room. Only there, Dianne and I have private space.

It has been almost a month since the crossbow corps has come to Polka. Certainly, they have not only been able to take a bath and just relax, but the non-injured members also do training similar to Basson. Those who were particularly injured were almost completely relieved now and they are almost like Laila that the injury they received during the defense of Trots royal capital still remains. There is no problem in moving itself and they only have scars like Laila. The residents of Polka have been somewhat fascinated by the various faces of the crossbow corps, as they are cheerful, energetic and reliable and they are doing everything from scratching snow to helping civil engineering with the command of Dianne and everyone is accepted more than I thought.

It may be because of the inflow of the elves had begun originally as the residents begin to get used to contact with different cultures. In any case, everyone started getting used to each other and now the baron offers to say, “Let’s make a season activity base here, if there is enough land, then” to Dianne and minister Ashton who also have faces that aren’t sloppy, but it’s a little pity that Boyd’s face was likely to cry, saying, “I’m going to tell Sylvia shortly before coming out”. Isaac also had a restless face. It may be better to ask Maia at the same time and carry those who care about Basson once there.

This hut was built by the ogres of the crossbow corps in an attempt to build a stronghold for the crossbow corps. The aim is to find out the areas that affect architecture, such as geology, the strength of wood, and the nature of the stone. The ogres are several times more powerful than humans. As for building technology, there are many things that are learned by hands-on because there are many things where parents work in the house in hometown. So it took only three days from the foundation work to the completion of the hut. It is just a prototype, so it is not something that can be used as a residence, but it was presented to Dianne for not being able to use what was built.

“I don’t need to do paperwork, I don’t need medical care at Polka……it’s ironic that I can only use it to hide and do something like this”

Dianne smiles as she leans on me while I embrace her from behind.

“There are other children in the inn”
“In such a case, it would be a royal road to squeeze into the forest……but that forest is”
“……Ah, yes, I remember it correctly”

Polka´s forest is an area of ​​the elves. Even though I don’t know where Phaser and Irina-san are looking at, we would be in trouble if we go in. As a result, Dianne’s 「Only」 place is here. In the inn, the other girls aim at me with tiger eyes and Dianne can’t do it with me in front of the other members. I think that she is a person who loses comparatively.

“Now……if you can, now I want you to cherish me
“You said your utmost, didn’t you? I’m pretty tired and I’m getting high, but I´m hard”
“Oh, it’s okay to say 『With all one’s heart』 or 『I love you』? Lately, you’ll remember only BDSM, spanking, or something strange……”
“Th, there is a pervert that teaches me”

……Mainly Laila and Jeanne constantly ask me to open the eyes of sadism.

“I will do it properly. ……Ah, with that”
“Sound illusion. I know”

An illusion that doesn’t let sounds transmitted around. Now our secret is perfect.

……Nonetheless. Dianne eventually accepts most of what I do. Even if the clothes are torn apart and she is tied up, being spanked or having anal sex without notice, she will complain later, as Dianne hardly refuses during the process. It is a part where she is a little sm though she is also cute.

──I want to make Dianne startled. I can’t do that, but I want to make her cry.

I think she must be happy just because it is accepted, but such mischief is absolutely necessary to lift the neck.


“Oh, Andy-bocchan, have you done your work for soldiers today?”
“I’m off duty. Also, tell me about armor processing, Jackie-san”
“Oh, well, if you’re fine with my technique”

I am learning armor processing at Jackie-san’s workshop once or twice a week. I would like to make a weapon, but it is important for me to be able to handle armor well before it is complete. ……There is also a promise that I couldn’t achieve with my father. Besides, there is the goal to create new armor for Anzeros. I feel a bit sorry that her former armor was destroyed by General Lucas at Klaves and I would like to create a black and cool armor that is light and easy to move, yet with the new maneuvering tactics, yet unique to Anzeros. I did a little basic during my study days and now I am a step-printer, with some flexibility in terms of strength and weight, so it is not an impossible goal. However, the know-how of fine adjustment is overwhelmingly lacking, so in that area I still need instructions. That’s why I learn more and more while being taught by Jackie-san.

“The joint there is an emphasis on the range of motion. If it doesn’t move, the action is quite limited”
“What about this?”
“There is no need to move too much. A strong shape so that it won’t come off with some shocks”
“Aaaaaa, if you pack it so short, it won’t get better”
“I, I’m sorry”

I make prototypes of various forms of armor to accumulate know-how. Then, apply a carved crest on one side of the created armor to try various effects. While not only increasing the strength with the crest but also making it extremely vulnerable in the uncomputed part, it is not clear until I experiment with it that it really works perfectly in that form.

“Hou, is it a southern technology?”
“Yeah. Well I know only a bit of it”

I carved the crest with the crest sword from the elf territory by striking and cutting and experimenting with it. But in this way, with real armor in front of me, yes, I feel that I am making practical products.

In that way, when I finished the production and the experiment, a strange armor jumped into my eyes.

“What is this……armor?”
“Ah, that’s it. It’s a bikini armor”
“Bikini armor……”

There is nothing other than the chest and skirt armor. There is no less than purity.

“It’s a type that has been invented a while ago in Rapal and it seems that it has become popular even in Renfangas about three years ago. ……It’s a bit under-care, but the rumor is that there’s a heated debate on whether or not female wear a shirt under the armor”
“……Wait. In other words, there are female warriors who wear this in Rapal or Renfangas in a straightforward manner?”
“I think in both cities because it’s a hot topic”
“How wonderful”
“……Andy-bocchan hasn’t changed”

I was really astonished. I’m fine because I´m known in Polka as the breast-loving boy. ……Wait.

“……This is it”

There was a flash in my mind. That’s it. This is it. ……Let’s make this a mischief for Dianne.


“Bikini Armor? You want me to put this on?”
“Isn’t it perfect for Dianne?”
“……Well, it doesn’t have much difference to the clothes I wear on warm times”

I recommend the bikini armor I have replicated at Jackie-san´s worksite to Dianne. Certainly, Dianne had a tendency to wear relatively many clothes because of the snow in Polka, but when traveling through the desert, she didn’t hide her plentiful chest much with that small chest cloth and the skirt she wore was so short you almost could see her secret place. Besides, she was wearing the best one piece while walking around there with such a degree of exposure. Compared to that, this bikini armor isn’t a big deal. There is a way to convince her.

“……But what shall I do with this armor?”

The excuse there is the biggest bottleneck. No matter what, Dianne is a person who, as it is, has the same spirit as a Sword Saint. It doesn’t mean anything when she put it on. To preach the inevitability, the threat to Dianne in this neighborhood isn’t limited to the eye. Now I’m trying to get my head working. However, Dianne does a good job and sighs in the wind, before going to her room with the bikini armor.

“I understand, I will wear it”

When I was a little puzzled by the development, Dianne turned around lightly and gave a bitter smile to me.

“Well, you prepared it for me, right?”
“Eh, yes……”
“It’s a source of clothing, isn’t it?”

She says so and disappears in her room. I feel a little guilty. ……Dianne noticed the mischief I set up and when I screamed small, I was waiting to see if she would turn her head, but the scream wasn’t heard.


“We will start today’s training. First of all, five kilometers of marching training, completely armed”

Everyone was stunned by Dianne who appeared in the bikini armor. They are likely not to be fazed because everyone is accustomed to Dianne wearing clothes with high exposure. The problem was with the bikini armor. ……It is completely transparent. It’s engraved with a crest that let the armor become see through. It is an ordinary metal and leather bikini armor, but it is finely engraved that it can be transparent when it gets warm to some extent. Thanks to that, Dianne who only wore the bikini armor is almost completely naked. She was giving orders just in front of everyone with a cool face. The hairless genital and lavish breasts that are characteristic of elves are completely visible. And looking back at the stunned people again, Dianne clapped her hands together.

“Hey, everyone hurry up and become fully armed! When you’re done with the marching training, then there will be shooting training! The escort infantry will just practice attacking!”
『Ye, Yes!』

Everyone begins to run while being nailed to Dianne’s naked body. Goto and Lantz were already playing with their erection while running on the sand. They think that they are professional in a sense. And, while starting to run parallel to me, Anzeros looks at me with a red face and whispers.

“……Your work?”

Anzeros grabbed my head.

“What, are, you, doing”
“Uooooo! It, It hurts, it hurts!”

I was swung around with all her strength. While running. ……The ability to do such tricks is unique to Anzeros.

“Andy-san, you are……la, later scary”
“Wait scary”

As pointed out by Aurora, when I think about it, the longer Dianne lasts, the scarier she will be……. And.

“………10-man captain Smithson was that kind of person”

Regular soldier Mikagami can’t look into my eyes. Yeah, a little bit tight. However, the other guys put their thumbs up when they overtake me. Great praise. But they were all strangely looking at me. It is as if they see death. ……No, I know. I was the one who did it.


After march training was over, only I was called. Everyone in the corps put their fist on the left chest, stretched their spine and saw me off. They are disgusting people. Then, Dianne took me to the back of the captain room and put on a sound illusion and a space designation illusion. Now no one can hear what we do.

“Th, that……”
“Have you heard?”

Dianne stared at me without even trying to hide the skin that was exposed by the bikini armor.

“What do you mean?”

I mean, this kind of thing is like a frog stared at by a snake. But what is in front of me is a snake who is the strongest trump card of Celesta. It is not amusing to say to the hereafter next moment if unskilled. ……Yeah, no matter what!

“Li, Listen, Dianne, I just wanted to be mean to you as you don’t listen to me! I mean, I want you to be a little reluctant once in a while!”

The real intention which was super-intrusive was thrown out. But Dianne only nods with a serious look. ……Danger, she already completely has her killing intent and I can hear my death poem in this situation!? I thought so, but Dianne slowly took off the bikini armor and started to be really naked.

“……It was truly unbearable. Cold……besides, if you were mean, I…..that because I’m used to that somehow……or perhaps I should say after you are mean, you’re always going to be violent, so your body reacts first……ah, absolutely”

Smash, Dianne throws away the waist armor attached to the panty armor. Huh, she snorts and crosses her arms. When I look closely, it was a very shameful complexion.

“Imagine being raped violently, what would you do if everyone stares at you like that. I’m deeply ashamed. This, if it is enough to embarrass me in such a halfway form, I’d rather declare loudly that I´m your dedicated meat urinal!”
“……E, Emm”
“……That, I’m sorry”
“If you think it’s bad, show me your sincerity. ……I, I’m half meandered and my body is already done”
“……Th, then……here?”
“……Anywhere is good. Do you really want to declare it now?”
“N, No No”

Dianne, too, was a person who felt that being bullied was a good idea. Her conscious is not so much a masochist. And she wasn’t feeling too ashamed to be seen naked. She is always taking a bath with everyone anyway. ……When it comes, I guess “what are you going to do” is the best focus. Well then.

“……Then……this time we’re about to make a very loud sound”
“Good. I’m a little happy to reward you”
“Tsk……idiot, you evil man……nuuu♪

I hug Dianne’s soft body and take her lips for a passionate kiss. Finally, Dianne shed tears to show her joy from my warmth, hugging her and taking her lips. And I just took off my belt and dropped my pants. Under the blue sky that shines in the snowfield, I hold the wheat-colored limbs of Dianne from behind, who put her hands on the outer wall of the captain’s room and adjust the sex posture.

“N, huaa……quick……quick”
“That’s dirty, Dianne”
“……You’re too mean, idiot”

While being abused by me, her voice has no hostility or bad faith and there is only a sweet sound coming out like a cute puppy. And I attach my penis to her vagina that is inviting me inside. Dianne’s wet and open pussy was hot just by touching, even though the air around us is cold.

“Hahh……n, naaaa♪”

Dianne shows her joy with a faint cry. Snow white landscape and sky blue sky, new tree amber and dark brown skin of a dark elf. Vivid colors and vivid pleasure are very comfortable. I grab Dianne’s boobs. Moving my hips while letting my fingers bite into her tits.

“Hiuu, a, haaaa……na, aahh……Andy, Andy!!”

Dianne shows her pleasure with the movement of her whole body as she sticks out her buttocks. When this happens, even her age of 200 doesn’t matter, as that lustful figure becomes like a little girl who wants to look younger than me. I taste Dianne´s real face with a kiss and I add a spurt to my waist movement. Dianne also noticed and fixes her buttocks at a height that is easy to push in and tries to let me ejaculate inside her womb. I can’t refuse that.


I got hooked by the best vagina and shot my sperm inside. Dianne accepts it with a melting look. I covered her lips for a moment and resumed my hip movement again.

“Let me put my semen on your ass and back as well”

Dianne said that much, and continued to indulge in continuous sex with me which extended to four shots afterward, and continued panting.


Of course, there is a reason that Dianne and I also have the reason to take on the surface alone. I was forced to sit outside until nightfall by Dianne´s strict order. ……Yup. I’m glad that everyone’s opinion is true, actually.

Then, when I went to the hot spring while being numbly frustrated, I came across Aurora and Anzeros, who is kneeling at the dressing room in front of Dianne, Laila and Hilda-san, who are waiting for me.

“……What are you doing, Anzeros?”
“……No……that……I thought that you would be a little happy, so I thought I’ll try to wear it out of fun……”
“……Bikini armor is a high degree of difficulty……”

It’s because the cup of the chest is a fit for Dianne……. With Anzeros and Aurora, the bra didn’t stick to the skin and it didn’t become see through.

“We, Well, for you guys too……”
“That’s not the problem……”
“Yes……this feeling of defeat is different……”

……It seems complicated.

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