Half elves fall in love chapter 76

Chapter 76: Black dragon’s fall in love syndrome [Laila]



Dragons are the continent’s strongest race, combining marvelous combat power with vitality, perception, resiliency, and magic. They are too strong to find countermeasures in other current civilization zones and there is a clause which considers itself taboo to touch such an existence. It’s good to have them on your side, but once they turned into an enemy they can’t be stopped by rare means. And in modern society, the enemies and allies of individuals tend to be vague, and allies for individuals aren’t necessarily allies of the general public. There is almost no society where individuals with too strong power can be “the public.” Dragons are a creature outside the social system. There is no record that a sense of duty to protect an unspecified number has grown in dragons, although friendship with individuals can be concluded. When an individual and society conflict, dragons extinguish society. After all, a society that has inadvertently touched the dragon almost certainly will end up destroying the vortex of the power of the dragon without being able to handle it. That is the end of the one who received the dragon as a force.

“That’s why……I can’t really live in this way with people. I’ve been living from a journey to journey until now. I wasn’t particularly concerned about it. But……do you listen, owner? ”
“I am listening”

In Polka´s hot spring. In the darkness of the night, I massage Laila’s breasts and give a live reply while licking her ear. On her chest, there was a scar that had just finished removing threads until the flank.

Two weeks since the battle in the capital city. We, the crossbow corps, came to Polka with the help of Maia and the Misty Palace dragons. It is for the treatment of Isaac´s squad and Laila. For some reason, we received approval from minister Ashton who had suddenly come to the royal capital, so this time we entered Polka, with a great number of people.

The dragonslayer wound reached Laila’s spine. Humans are usually dead. Furthermore, the attack by the dragonslayer seems to be an inhibitory effect on healing. I am amazed at the murderous intent of the ruins civilization. However, with the proper treatment by Hilda-san and the treatment of Polka´s miraculous spring, everything will be cured except for the dead. Laila is no exception. It took two weeks for Laila to endure the damage of the holy beast and it took only two weeks before she could get into the hot spring by herself, but now she can finally act properly and feel relieved.

“So……even though I’m part of the same business, if you let many people know that I am, I will change my face and hide like others or I will go back to the palace”
“It’s okay because you know that far”
“Hearing, because Dianne and Broll say so……hiaahh”
“First of all, I like your face, and I don’t want to use you for power, for now”
“Would you like to say that you and Maia are mainly kept as cock holes?”
“Th, That’s right, but……”
“You don’t have to worry about it. Shut up and be fucked”
“I, It’s hard to shut up”

Embracing Laila, putting my lips on top of hers, she holds on to my hands. She is anxious about something. This looks like a lonely and worrying person. Being entangled with the society that wasn’t worried until now, Laila was persuaded by Bonaparte, as she the “the invincible self” was shot down by a dragonslayer and she thought afterward “I can’t be considered unrelated to the society”. She shouldn’t be here so unscrupulously. She really is confronted with the society, since she was shot down with the dragonslayer and now she thinks about what she has never thought of before and is anxious about me whether she should leave me. However.

“Fine Laila, I like you”
“U……I, I’m too”
“You don’t have to do anything to fight as a dragon. I love you, as a female. I want to fuck you as a male and make you become pregnant at any time”
“……U, uu……just whispering so sweet, what’s your underlying motive……”
“Nothing. That’s fine. You’re a female and I’m a male. I’m a small boy, you’re a fuck hole. It doesn’t have to be anything else”

……Ah, what a happy smile. If she was a normal woman, she would be absolutely angry. But Laila is a dragon. Moreover, she is a striking dragon. She feels so bad about herself that she is a dragon and she is too concerned, as she is likely to lose confidence in the part of being a “woman” that I like. It might be an indication of the mind that it is possible to exclude the value of such a “strong living thing” and to admit the value of the part which is my “woman” even if she is a masochist. It’s a selfish imagination. So if I start talking about the general idea of ​​”being a dragon”, it will be terribly mean.

“If you understand, I will shot my sperm from my cock into your slave pussy”
“Haaa……you really are a bad guy……♪ To go against♪”
“If you go against it, I can’t help it. I will forcibly shot my sperm from the cock directly into the uterus”
“Ho. Is that a sign of defeat?”
“……Lie. No, I’m not a devil, so don’t look with the eyes that you expected it”
“It was a great expectation. I’m not a bit of a bummer”

Laila smiles and softly holds my penis in the hot water. I also squeeze her breasts gently, play with her nipples and enjoy it very much.

“Huhhh……♪ Nou, I hope to put it in soon? I want your baby juice in my uterus after a long time♪”
“Suck as much as you like, your uterus is the final disposal site for my baby juice”
“Hoho♪ I guess so if you say that, I will not hold back alright?”

When Laila kissed me enthusiastically, she straddled over me with fireballs two meters above the unspoiled hot spring, shining on her limbs. The wound of the belly is engraved with a thick red muscle. The line originally passed above the uterus.

“This is the place where babies are born”
“Ho. ……According to Hilda, it seems the uterus has been torn up too?”

……Is that true!!!

“……Kukuu, you’re angry. I’m just happy with that face”
“Th, That’s it!”
“All right, Hilda has healed me. But she also said that I would be cured without delay when I have the miraculous water from here”
“But……it’s the belly of my woman! The woman I let become pregnant!”
“Hoho, that’s right. ……Ah, my womb is yours, and I like that monopoly……but more than that, is it good for you to make me become pregnant?”
“Now, let’s expand my womb so that it can be seen by anyone’s eyes……now with your baby juice♪ Or it might be urine”
“I do, don’t do that!”
“Muu……it might be a good feeling unexpectedly”
“Do you want to pull me into a world I can’t turn back on?”
“Of course it’s good to be anywhere♪ You just keep using this as a port of libido, I wonder how much would be enough for a pervert”
“……Erotic dragon me. I will make you cry absolutely”
“Hohoho♪ ……Let’s go♪”

Laila lowers her hips while I still hold on to her shaking tits. My dick is swallowed by her pussy which is still hotter than the hot spring. For Laila, every time my glans stretches out the folds, she is swayed and tasted it with a happy face.

“Haaaa……my own, owner’s cock……my dear, my owner’s cock will come……will come to my womb……♪”
“What a sluttish face……”
“Ho, you can’t wait to see this……it’s the arrival of my owner who keeps bullying me♪”
“I see, then I’m not holding back”
“Ah, no. I’m going to become pregnant more and more♪”

I just start moving my hips. Laila also responds and moves her waist. Just like a theater setting, while being lit by the fireball, I and Laila are crazily having sex. The first ejaculation is approaching as early as possible.

“Hoho, you´re getting to have a good face soon……no, u♪”
“O……the same goes for you too”
“Don’t bluff so much, you know, my uterus is at the critical moment……and it aims for your juice♪”
“Oh, presses”

Laila presses the cervix that has fallen down to the tip of my penis and waits for my ejaculation. I also move my waist to let Laila gain some pleasure towards the top. At that moment, two members of the crossbow corps came out of the dressing room to the hot spring and were surprised at the relationship between me and Laila.

“U, Uoo”
“La, Laila-san!? Ho, she really is with 10-man captain Smithson!?”
“Hoho. It’s a bit noisy, forgive me”

Laila smiles and continues shaking her hips. It seems that there isn’t much resistance to show such sex to others. And I’m with such a Laila,

“Uguu……ku, uuu……”
“Hohoo♪ Pu, Put it out……ku, kuu……I, I also, ikuu……!!”

Ejaculation. I feel an illusion that Laila´s cervix is ​​delighted and stuck to my son. Laila clings to me and moves delayed by the tempo of my ejaculation pulsation. The two crossbow corps members see Laila and my appearance while being lit by a bright fireball.

“………10, 10-man captain Smithson”
“……Is that what you mean by masturbation?”
“It’s different!” Don’t look!”
“Ho, let us show them without saying something sloppy. Those peeping toms”

Laila whispers to me with a grin while shaking her hips and kissing me to seal my shaken remarks. ……I looked at them with a slight glance, and although I said no, those guys were masturbating in the dark.No, we’ve been careless in a place like this, but I don’t want to argue much.

“Hoho♪ You´re willing to masturbate, but you´re not going to put it out?”
『Yes mam! Uu』

……No, you don’t have to align your voices. However, I have a complicated feeling from seeing those two masturbating to my woman. Even if they masturbated imagine Dianne, I may feel a little unpleasant now.

“……What is it”
“……No, what? I think it’s your corps”
“Surely they only think that I’m a female”

……Saying that my corps really don’t seem to care that Laila or Maia is a dragon. It seems that some people still confess to Anzeros. And some may be paralyzed strangely by Dianne.

『Yes mam! We only feel attracted to the healthy youth of the crossbow corps and attractive women! Uu!』

……No, you guys do that. You don’t have to talk to me. It’s too fast.

“……Well, you are a good woman”
“If it’s not too late, can you do it one more time!”
“Let us watch, 10-man captain Smithson!”
“By the way, do you want to misfire tomorrow?”
“It’s a bad decision!”
“Wa, owaa……go, good grief you are a rowdy owner♪”

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