Half elves fall in love chapter 90

Chapter 90: Foreign elf – second part



The three Renfangus knights wore identically dusky armor, but the two on the outside are wearing black gauntlets while the one in the center is wearing a gold gauntlet. It’s a bit strange from a regular swordsman’s attire. Usually, the color of the armor is different from that of the gauntlet and it is regarded as an informal appearance. However, when three people cross the arm so that the little finger side is turned to the front, and the wrist is returned by the movement to show the emblem of the hand, the fashion sense is blown away by overwhelming persuasion. The color of their gauntlets, the crest of the back of their hands, is not part of the armor. The claim that it is pride itself is transmitted.

“We are the gauntlet knights of Renfangas”

The movement is surely equivalent to their salutes, like Sword Saint’s “Swords set on the ground and a heart-raising pose” and Ace Knight’s “Praying with the weapon raised in front of the chest”.

“I am the lowest seat of the 『Glory Clan』, Gold Arm Felios”

It is the man in the middle that slowly introduces himself. While he has the skeleton of a slender elf, his body feels supple strength. He looks very pretty, but he has a rather long hair which is bound together and he has sharp eyebrows like a mercenary rather than a noble.

“I’m also from the 『Glory Clan』, Black Arm Berga”

Of the two black arms, the man predominates. This is a sword wound on his left eye……no, is it a demon claw wound? Anyway, it is crushed by a big wound and I get the impression that he is a samurai-like warrior from the hair that has been cut short. I don’t know well what he is thinking, because it is difficult to see his expression with that big wound.

“I’m also a member of the 『Glory Clan』, Black Arm Sharon”

The only one left is the female black arm. She has a ponytail. Other than the other two, she is more elf-like, with the fineness of her body lines, the elegance of her movement and the beauty of her face. But, in a bad sense, an elf-like pride was also visible in her sight.

“Northern territory nine clan heads. Because we are boneless people, I wouldn’t like to be involved in such a joke”
“Because of this, it is important to insist upon a human, impurity and a monster-like black-qi person. What kind of cutback is desired?”

Following Felios words, Sharon says that from behind. Ah. Elf in a really bad sense. Well, usually, elves respond to humans, half and dark elves like this. Recently I forgot about that as the people in the north get along well with us. On the other hand, as Gorkus and Irina try to open their mouths with angry faces, Green Clan head Shaquille moths control with his eyes and instead made a shout.

“Youngster over there”
“You raised that crest and spoke these words just now”
“In that fist’s crest, we have confirmed our blessing in the name of Renfangas”

The Green Clan chief questions Felios in a quiet, yet unspeakable voice. I think whether he is a senile old man or not, but the pressure of the age of 3100 years is amazing. Just during the silent period, he let Felios feel his cold sweat. When.

“Please wait”

After all, it is the ponytail lady, Sharon who opened her mouth. I like to talk about negotiations.

“I apologize for having said a bit too much, but still we aren’t convinced. We must bring this decision back to the palace as an answer from the northern forest. Tell me what you think and answer”

Or more precisely.

“That’s right, Irina. Tell me what you are talking about”

I ask Irina for an explanation. Originally I thought it was time to be explained, but suddenly I won’t be able to talk.

“……Hmm. Well then, follow me, Smithson-dono”

Irina headed quickly for the exit and she was glared at by the Gauntlet knight trio. I, Dianne and Selenium follow her. Passing by, Dianne whispered to Felios.

“Narrow escape from death”

Felios looks back to Dianne by turning his head and scrutinize behind his sharp eyes. Dianne smirks and snaps her finger. And, from Felios’s waist, you heard a noise. The flustered Felios draw his sword. Beyond half of the blade remained in the sheath.

“You put out your hand to my man. You can feel lucky just as I did with a single sword, countryside warrior”
“Do you mock a gold arm?”
“Don’t be pretentious with a promotion at best in three years. You sully the other gold arms”
“……You, who are you”
“If you don’t want to be called a countryside warrior, find it out yourself”

Dianne turned around, showing bloodthirst hidden behind a pleasant smile.


After walking for a while and then instinctively, Dianne coughed up and made him a little embarrassed.

“……Yo, You were almost killed. It would be nicer to say something not so sarcasm”
“Huhuu. If its Dianne the gold arm only can suffer from loss of face”
“The gold arm, as in the case of the swordsman system, is at the highest level in all cases. But unlike Master Sword Saints against Sword Saints, the gold arm, which corresponds to the sword saint, can’t be defined as a multiplicity of fighting the power of a Master Sword Saint. The man called Felios is no more than a hair of an average Master Sword Saint. Even the three of them will not reach Bonaparte-dono”

It doesn’t mean that the old man is not the only monster.


When we got out of Christie’s mansion, there were other girls such as Laila, Jeanne, and Maia.

“Ho. I heard the sound of a sword”

When Laila had a harsh look, Diane shrugged.

“We’ll talk from now on. Diplomatic issue”
“Yes. It’s just a diplomatic issue”

Irina spreads her folding fan.

In summary, it is this. A female swordsman seems to have reached Renfangas from Kalwin kingdom, deep in the demon territory. However, confirmation has not been obtained yet. Kalwin’s descendants formed a hiding place somewhere in the eastern mountainous area where the demons of the plains cant come in and it was not possible to reach Renfangas, as the demon territory was cutting them off, but afterward, they got out of it somehow……which is only a speculation. Then if that is the case, it is still a good thing, nonetheless that there is also a story that thieves and murderers are going to capture the border purposely to wash their career and is not just putting aside a story. However, the woman had a coin of Kalwin as a talisman, it was half-broken, but it still had the design of the Knights of Calwin on it. In particular, that female swordsman’s fighting power was equal to a Black Arm (Same class as Great Sword Saint or Master Knight) and removed all skepticism.

There are only a limited number of fighters in that class. Was she a genius like Dianne, or a famous hero from somewhere……she must have been a prominent figure anyway. It’s a bit overwhelmed by mischief that she fades in and flows into Renfangas and mentions the name of a ruined kingdom. However, Renfangas continues to struggle with the monsters of the demon territory even for free. It would be a historical discovery if Kalwin had survived, but it is impossible to put out an army that tears up the monsters just to confirm it. They cant afford it. So they send ambassadors to each country. Renfangas took out three of the four Gold Arms and proposed a survey team to Celesta, Trot and the Northern Elves.

“There is a possibility that Trot will break through the monsters with the Sword Saint brigade, Celesta may get to Calwin from the sky with their flying dragons. And in the northern forest…… there is the Misty Palace and the Holy Beast”
“Wait a minute. The holy beast is from that labyrinth……”
“It left, but Breakcore’s force is a myth, still being transmitted to elves everywhere, and Misty Palace is still in relation with the silver clan……”

But Irina sighed.

“In addition to the fact that Breakcore is temporarily away from the labyrinth and fighting, there are no elves who have made a contract of power with a dragon of Misty Palace anymore”
“The last rider was Minon, who died of illness the other day. All else is a knight’s contract”

……Is that the rider of old man Broll?

“Can you not ask about a dragon rider for a while?”
“It’s also a life-threatening story if you break through the monsters. If you don’t take care of your dragon partner, you will end up thrown away by the dragon”

……Well, Phaser was also just thrown away. Isn’t it supposed to be the request of a servant for a dragon?

“That’s why, for us, hero Smithson’s team is the best choice to pick for us”
“Wait, when did I become a hero!”
“Let me see….? You became a hero for saving the life of the red clan chief, saving the holy beast, the symbol of the northern forest, becoming the partner of sky-blue clan’s princess, letting dark green clan’s hero knight Almeida surrender to you and we heard that you have suppressed the internal dispute of Trot, so who is doubtful”
“Mostly I was only at the spot as support role or its an exaggeration……”
“Despite all that, it is neither a lie nor exaggeration that two dragons are following you, right?”

Well, just that point. I can’t stop thanking Laila and Maia for their help.

“And……it is said that neither Celesta nor Trot seems to be able to move about this time. I wonder if you will be able to help”
“……I see”

Trot’s Sword Saint Brigade……if they want to organize it, they may not be able to do it, as the size of the former can’t be hoped for and above all, Trot royal family doesn’t have military and marshal rights yet. Celesta’s flying dragon unit……is now an integral part of domestic communication and emergency movement and reconnaissance missions, and if there is a chance to jump in search of an illusory kingdom that isn’t known if it is in the back of the demon territory, it is immeasurable. After all, no combat training has been done. If they have to land in the middle of the monsters carelessly, they are almost desperate. Inevitably, the best qualification that can be secured by the emissary route from the current Renfangas……yeah, will be me and my two dragons…….

“The logic is right”

Dianne nods seriously.

“But……that means I have to take a break from the work of a soldier again, right?”

As Apple pointed out, it wouldn’t be possible to fly in the morning and night in a matter of minutes. If you discover something, you will have to make contact and research, and if you are going back and forth many times, you will also need to find and secure a connection route. Even if it looks smaller, it will still take months. And if we’re going to use it again for several months over this period, we have to consider retirement. There are some doubts about whether there is a duty to do so until we leave the job. It is a story that has nothing to do with either Polka or my lovers or my female slaves. I don’t have to be attracted a bit if I’m involved in blacksmithing.

“I can’t leave Polka anyway. More than that……I don’t want Andy to be in danger”
“If they come to ask for something, it feels so bad that they are too bad”

Jeanne and Selenium also look sullen.

“At least my body is perfect now”
“If Andy-sama goes, I will go too”
“Hmm, I’m a little curious, but what’s going on the balance is too light for Andy-kun?”

Is the dragon & female doctor group standing neutral?

“As for me, I’d like to forgive you for being a bit unreasonable if you don’t retire……”

Discovery of a kingdom that has disappeared from history. Certainly, it is romantic, but I have nine wives……no, one married woman, so I have to work hard to support eight. There is only one other child. ……If you are working on the calculation that you put in the defense, Dianne is hiding her mouth with her hand and moves her eyes to space. Something is known intuitively. I don’t know what it is.

“……Wait, that fellow probably going up, so either way……uh, no, but that’s……but because the corps is a corps……can I do it?”

When I call out to her, Dianne looks at me. Then she let go of her hand and opened her mouth slowly to Irina.

“That’s not going to happen in a few days?”
“Hmmm? Well……so far, other powers will not hold back their hands”
“Can you wait for about three more months?”
“……Three months?”

Dianne nodded.

“It’s time for the formation of the next corps. A few subordinates are promoted to 100-man commanders”

That’s it. Perhaps Isaac and Anzeros will be 100-man commanders this time, and maybe Williams too. However, the crossbow is still a new special weapon and is not used elsewhere. No matter how successful or qualified a person can be for being a 100-man commander, that fellow can’t afford to become a 100-man commander of a crossbow corps without any experience with it. Naturally, the number of 100-man commanders will increase and there will be room for division and new crossbow forces. So, let’s reorganize the unit by taking advantage of the new formation and let us set up a special task so that we can somehow deal with this international problem.

“If all goes well, we may be able to cooperate by shaking hands”
“……Human life is troublesome”
“Oh, don’t say that. That’s why there are many things we can do”

Dianne smirks.

“And I would like to let that country warriors walk in the ground.”
“……Is that so?”

I agree with her. Those who just laugh at half-elves and dark elves have their noses up. Apart from that, it is not such a big story to stop the discrimination that is widespread in the world. However, I want to let everyone know that my women are the best. Although I am a small human, it is like that.

“Yeah, let’s see, those guests have a little bit of concern for us too. ……I want to hear the fact that Dianne and everyone else has made things happen”

Irina is also grinning. She has a bad personality. But. If you can shake a major company and cooperate, there is nothing better than that. Because of the elves, I don’t say that for the world, but at least Irina is already a friend in Polka, If a friend is in trouble, I immediately reach out my hand. I will help for the time being. Even my father was so. I respect the warmth that my father left for Polka.

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