Half elves fall in love chapter 91

Chapter 91: Half Elves on the verge of success in life – Part 1



With some important things to do, we came back to Basson.

The Gauntlet Knights, for example, reluctantly accepted the three-month grace, but it would take a bone to make it back and forth so many times because of the distance across the snake mountain range to return to Renfangas. It seems that they are supposed to stay in the cherry blossoms clan as it is.

“Especially that gold fellow. It’s clear that he has made a fool of himself, so he won’t let Dianne go so easily…….but he can’t leave the northern forest without our consent”

It seems that there is a meaning of not letting Felios do a bad thing.

Then, at the same time as returning to the corps building, Dianne departs for Harmonium, which is east of Officlade. The craft city of Harmonium is the city where the northern army corps HQ is located.

“I’m getting ready for the next formation. In the end, I have to borrow my father’s help, but we have to do it to some extent”

I thought of transporting Dianne with Maia, but the time it will take was unclear, so Dianne left with a carriage.

“Well, Dianne-chan is a child who can walk while sleeping when she feels like it, so she’ll be back in less than two weeks”

Doctor Hilda said that. ……I think it’s a joke, but Dianne can’t do anything.

That’s why we’ll wait for reorganization, repeating training program and sometimes do some monster hunting.


Celesta’s army reorganized their army corps once every three to four years. Of course, personnel changes every year due to injuries and deaths, personal retirement and Ace Knight exams and the whole plan by the design of the general and the marshal class are decided at this time though a small-scale corps formation is always done. This will set the guidelines for additional units and units to be dismantled. And this opportunity was, of course, a season of promotion.

“First of all, this time is Isaac’s and Anzeros’s turn”
“Isaac, how do you feel. If you become a 100-man commander, you will divide the crossbow corps……but even if our corps is special”

After the training, Kieron and Williams are talking about rumors while checking the equipment. I also mix in with the story.

“In the case of Isaac, the formation of an infantry unit is also possible”
“Well……he grew up as an infantry”
“But it’s too late now”

Keiron and Williams seem skeptical of Isaac’s idea of returning to the assault infantry. Well, Isaac wouldn’t want to be an infantry so much. ……Maybe because Mikagami is stronger, so his shoulders will be narrower.

“Leaving that aside Anzeros”
“Yes Yes”

Kieron and Williams look at each other and then turn their eyes on me.

“What is it”
“No fucking shit?”
“What do you think will happen as her current boyfriend?”
“In what way”
“Because it’s almost certain, that she will be a 100-man commander”
“The command of the escort infantry is probably given……to Mikagami who will rise to a 10-man captain”

Mikagami is an Ace knight and still a regular soldier. Mikagami, who has only temporarily dropped her class as a screw-in strategy to follow Isaac, will return to being a 10-man captain on this occasion since originally it is customary at the time of Ace Knight assignment to be a 10-man captain. will do. In that case, it seems that Anzeros continues to stay in the current class with Dianne’s regards as she doesn’t want to give over the platoon command to Mikagami. However, if Anzeros obediently becomes a 100-man commander, Anzeros, who is originally a genuine infantry, will almost certainly be taken over by the infantry. It means independence from Basson’s position, and at least usually she will be forced to separate from us. I wasn’t worried about this fact until now…….

“Or more precisely you, you are only surrounded by brides, female slaves, a married woman, so why don’t you let Anzeros go”
“I’d rather have her stick with me or do that kind of service”
“No, I’ll tell you what. Anzeros is my woman no matter what.”
“Damn it, Smithson is cheeky”

The two of them jumped at me in an aligned movement.

“It hurts. Don’t kick me, you idiots!”
“Famish child, are you serious about this?”
“It seems that you want to know our seriousness!”

As the two of them began to approach taking a suspicious pose, I dashed with all my might. I can get away quickly thanks to the recent foot and body strengthening training.


As it is I just run to the training ground for the escort infantry. The crossbow’s shooting training site is located near the barracks, but although there is a danger, it is inconvenient to train swordsmanship there, so the training ground for the infantry is set in a place away from a little. There, the corps of Anzeros and Aurora were supposed to be training.

As I approached the other side of the trees, I was meeting with Anzeros and Aurora as usual. Anzeros continued to attack with sharp movements, while Aurora was on the defensive. It’s the usual “end of training” scene. In the early stages of training, Aurora, which can be evenly matched with Anzeros, loses her audacity and sharpness in motion over time and is ultimately overwhelmed. Aurora is much younger than Anzeros, and fills the difference of experience with talent and competes with the ability of Anzeros. It was this difference of stamina that it was not possible to fill only by the senses though it was indeed possible to say that she was the younger sister of the genius General Lucas. ……If you think about it, I may not have seen anything that Anzeros is hiding.

“Good, let’s end it here”

Anzeros stops her attack on Aurora and looks around and says so. The noise is already covered with sweaty dust other than Anzeros and Aurora and it can be seen immediately that they had been training hard.

“Everyone is ready to withdraw! If you’ve ruined the training field, fill it back and then go back!”

Everyone salutes with their right fist on the left chest. And withdrawal begins. When I was timing up to approach them, two shadows approached Anzeros as if they had been waiting. You can see from a distance that it is an ogre and ox-ogre. Isaac and Boyd.


When the three exchange words in a small voice (or maybe ordinary voice) that cant be heard in the distance, they lightly stare at Aurora that is exhausted and sitting in the shade and walks straight to the depths of the forest. The other members just withdraw. Only Aurora and Mikagami who seems to be staying with Aurora are left on the training ground.

……What. Wait a minute. I feel like I’ve just washed away something, but it was a very suspicious scene. Both have a lover, but they are two young ogres. Boyd is particularly famous among friends for a while that he loves a human. And going to the mountains in the countryside or going to the forest is also a secret word for male and female actions.


I’m worried. No way Anzeros……has an affair? No, I know that she is not a person who will cheat. But……I have memories that she did it as soon as she knew what sex is, and I recently learned that all guys learned about sex and I tend to leave her in the corps and she is relying on Isaac…… Not good. I’m getting more and more anxious. ……But. No, wait a minute. There is no way that Mikagami will overlook Isaac’s cheating site. Although she might be tired, there is no way she will see Aurora off silently. Maybe there is something. But what? ……After all, I was troubled.


For the time being, I was talking to Aurora who was depressed.


“I’ve heard that the training is going on……but if you ask me, it’s suspicious……”

When I told Aurora honestly about my concerns, Aurora looked serious and nodded.

“To begin with, the sword is……”

Aurora looks sideways. The practice sword that Anzeros had used against Anzeros was stored in the storehouse in the corner of the training ground.

“Anzeros-san is a real swordsman……while Boyd and Isaac are crossbowers. There isn’t much point in training together”

Mikagami who was listening to it also has a slightly worried face.

“I have heard that 10-man captain Anzeros…..though ……it is said that she was the only woman other than 100-man commander Dianne and was worshipped as an idol until a while ago……”
“If Anzeros-san is frustrated, there is no possibility that Boyd or Isaac will know how to act or what to do”

The three of us imagine something dark. ……Not good. I involved Mikagami.

“An, Anyway……there is only that kind of possibility”
“It seems worthwhile to check it out”
“I, I will also cooperate”

The three of us united together based on selfish imagination.

Mikagami and Aurora followed me to the place Anzeros and the other two went.

“Kelly……10-man captain Isaac’s body odor is easy to understand and an ogre can’t walk without leaving footprints on this soft soil”

As expected a beastmen is a natural hunter. I thought it might be awful to the tired Aurora because she followed in a little haste, but Aurora was better than I thought. Aurora seems to be increasing her stamina.

And then. The three of us stopped in front of a cliff with reddish soil in the depths of the forest. Anzeros begins to take off weighted leather armor. Below that is only a tank top and hot pants. In a sense, she is pretty defenseless. And Boyd and Isaac also take off the clothes they wore above and get shirtless.

“Af, After all……”
“They do it……”

Aurora and Mikagami watch from the shade of the tree with their throat squealing. I was also thrilled. No way. No way──.


Anzeros beckons Boyd lightly. Boyd with a tense face walked slowly……and suddenly hit Anzeros with full power.


We look at each other in surprise. As soon as I returned my eyes, Anzeros was holding Boyd’s fist with both hands. The log-like arm of Boyd and the small arms of Anzeros are a combination of jokes when viewed by the side. However, Anzeros was a swordsman who originally uses a heavy sword. Her fine arms hide incredible power. Anzeros, who received Boyd’s punch from the front, jumped sideways to throw away his fist while attacking Boyd. Sobat on Boyd’s face. Boyd pays for it with his big hand. Anzero isn’t defeated either. Being swapped away and knocked to the ground, she takes a passive roll and stands up quickly and attacks Boyd again, so that a serious fist is exchanged with a scale difference like an adult and a child. We who saw it did not notice that we had already been found.

“What are you guys doing”

When I looked up at once, Isaac had a troubled face near the tree where we were lurking.


“When I was abducted by the northern elves with Andy before, I realized that I had to fight without a sword. At that time, Apple was there, so I had to follow in the end, but if I could fight like Dianne, it might have been a little different”

Anzeros, who had been blown away many times and was covered in mud by now, said in a resolute voice.

“So, I’m not frustrated or cheating separately”
“I’m sorry”
“I’m sorry”

The three of us bowed down.

“But why are you with Isaac and Boyd again……”
“Ah, that’s me……”

Boyd raises his hand.

“Emm……that, it might be useful for me as well, as I couldn’t do something in the battle at Trot the other day, so I’ve asked 10-man captain Anzeros for help a while ago”
“I have very little experience in fighting without swords……but if its a human regular soldier, it would be bad if I hit them with all my might”
“That’s why we’ve been working together lately because it’s just right for each other’s practice”
“I’m a substitute. Well I use too much strength when I’m doing my best, but I’m trying to go easy on Anzeros”
“……Isaac, if you take the Ace Knight exam seriously, you’ll succeed”

I wondered if it was a very painful one, Anzeros grinned with a slightly bitter face.

“Sorry, that. I didn’t think I was suspected by Rinne”
“I, I’m sorry, I was worried because 10-man captain Smithson said that……”
“I, I’m sorry”

Isaac’s fingers (Sensorily, like a human fist) reach for my head. Boyd and Aurora giggle, while Mikagami smiled. Meanwhile, Anzeros was a little angry and she quickly approached me who was released from Isaac’s hands.

“Idiot, how often do I need to tell you that you can trust me”

She pulled my neck and stretched her hips and kissed me with a deep kiss.

“Ah, 10-man captain Anzeros!?”
“……Bo, Bold”

I am hugged by Anzeros and we are seen by others who are surprised and laugh greatly, while Anzeros sucked my mouth as I tilt my face to the side and deep inside my mouth our tongues entangled around each other. Anzeros leaves my lips after a long, passionate kiss and stares at me with shining eyes while being intoxicated with lust.

“What if we try to have sex while showing it to Isaac and the others here? I don’t mind”
“He, hey, Anzeros”
“I’m serious”

She kisses me again. Moisten her tongue with saliva.

“You can always make me a mess. If you doubt my love, it would be better if you put a chain on my collar and raise me naked in your room. ……Or perhaps I should say, do it”
“It, It’s an extreme thing you say”

Anzeros hugged me tightly and doesn’t part from my side. Even if it is long, she speaks fondly of me. When I thought, Aurora started to smile and tries to drive Isaac’s out of the square.

“He, hey, Aurora!?”
“Huhuu. There’s no taste that they just feel so uncomfortable with each other. ……Remember, Andy-san. For an elf, compassion in the woods is more natural than in a canopy, isn’t it?”

And Aurora also began to take off her clothes with an expression stained with lust.

“He, hey!?”

Anzeros also leaves me and undresses oddly. And both are now naked with wearing only their collars.

“Now, let’s get started♪”
“……How is our collar appearance?”

The two kneeled on the grass, raised their rumps and buttocks to show off their pussies below.

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