Half elves fall in love chapter 95

Chapter 95: The poor developed elf – second part [Irina]



The moon had an unbelievable light for less than half a month. The place was a grove of mixed trees. Under the roof of young leaves, it was hard to say that visibility was good, even if you were lurking in darkness for a long time and had your eyes adjusted to it. However, the naked female body exposed in this darkness looked strangely beautiful and shining. I could see every single hair of the whole body very well. Even though it was early summer, Polka at night was still chilly and one could see the modestly colored nipples on the trembling skin, firmly asserting themselves.

“……D, Do it……?”

Only at that time, I couldn’t find any margin of one thousand years which always stuck as an imbalance to the young appearance. I had the immense desire and curiosity to know about the pleasures I could give to her, which made many women, including dragons and heroes, lose their minds. But Irina’s inherently strong self-esteem and shame hindered further provocation and induction. In the end, I would need to kneel down on the ground like Keel and the others. I think it would be wise to pull away here if I didn’t want to make it any more complicated. However, Irina’s young, soft-looking naked body exposed like a strange, modest sacrifice wouldn’t leave my eyes. I wanted to see this body sway with pleasure and desire within my hands like clear water in a desert. I wanted to see how Irina’s young face showed joy. I wanted to make my son go back and forth in this small waist and belly. I wanted to know what kind of voice she would raise when I hit her womb. I wanted to see what kind of embarrassing face she would make when I would play with her back hole. I wanted to lick and suck her nipples. I wanted to see her shameless face begging me for a kiss.

“……No, let’s do it.”

It was roughly the lowest request complaint that leaked from her mouth. However, Irina, who had been repeatedly delusional about 「Training」 that drove a woman crazy, was not even complaining about that lowermost level and just dropped her ears and closed her eyes.

That thick tree stump seemed to have passed a considerable age and was around one meter in diameter. It was just the right size to put the upper body of the small Irina on it and to open her legs as though it was a bed, where her feet could be extended and it’d be better to lie on as well.

“Su… Such an embarrassing posture……is it really fine to do it?”

Irina turned red and said so as I laid her down and held her legs wide open.

“It’s not too embarrassing, it’s in the forest where people can’t see it.”

According to Aurora, even if it was not indoors for elves, they were not so ineligible for sex in the forest.

“Hey, it’s not about any person or something like that. It’s embarrassing because I’m showing off myself to you throughout.”
“H, Hmm……you’re pushy at a time like this.”

Irina closed her eyes and was somehow convinced. The slightly thicker cloak would take care of Irina’s back, ensuring it wouldn’t get hurt. Also, there would be no sign of pain if I held her down a little. To make it better, I pushed the back of my knees to lift Irina’s hips and brought my face closer to the two unknown holes of her pretty butt.

“Nu, naa……th… that face……!”
“Don’t be surprised at that.”

It was not enough for her to get wet just by imagination. From her skin there was only the smell of hot spring water and a little sweat. As I enjoyed the feeling of the slightly thin thighs on my cheeks a little, I buried my nose in her genitals.


Irina shook.

“Wh… Wha……What are you doing……”
“Nchuu……hmm? Preparation for inserting my dick into you”
“U, Uuu……”

I purposely frightened Irina directly.

“Th… That is, you don’t exactly need to……”
“If I don’t do it, it’ll hurt both of us.”

……I didn’t know where Irina’s source of information about sex was from. If she was thinking of animals mating, she wouldn’t know about foreplay. If she listened from within her own body, there were parts that made it impossible to prepare and wait on their own. It’s because I lose when I get a late start, but the part is big. That was why Irina seemed to be unconvinced about the act of being teased before the insertion and tried to stop me by saying

“It is already good.”

But, she was with me right now. It was true that my girls were in that situation, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t do foreplay at all. And, it was after I licked Irina’s pussy persistently and more than necessary.

“Th, Then why not……hiaaa!?”

When I saw Irina, who stopped moving because of the stimulation of her clitoris, she had a chance to strengthen her critique.

“I, hyaaa!? Wh, What, What is this, hiii, gahaa!?”

Irina opened her eyes to the intense stimulation. I burned more than before the foreplay and burned to the tipping purpose of controlling the battle with Irina, by teasing with my tongue and front teeth using them to peel off the skin of her clitoris as if beating the beans. Irina was thus exposed continuously to violent stimulation before long.

“Hya, huaa, a, aa, ーーーー!!”
A thin, high-pitched voice was raised by Irina as she climaxed. She started dripping urine on my face and was shaking her whole body. It had a little bitter and fragrant smell. I dared to bathe in it without avoiding it.

“H, Ha, Haa, Haa……aaaaa.”

Irina tasted the climax and it took her awhile to relax. If this was Anzeros or Selenium, Laila or Maia, Andy would just have sex with them without thinking about it twice. But Irina seemed not to be so immune to sexual climax and he felt that it seemed better to chew firmly, for the time being. I waited for her breath to straighten and didn’t dare to do anything.


And then, with her breathing in place and in focus, I slowly climbed onto Irina.

“I’ll fuck you.”

Irina leaked a meaningless voice as if she were floating in heat. There was no sign of resistance. She threw out her thin, small body that had been relaxed, soaked the cloak under her with sweat and urine and looked up at me with absent minded eyes. It didn’t make much sense to spend any more time to cool down her passion. I applied my penis forcefully to her open vaginal hole whether Irina understood it or not and thrusted forward forcefully.

“……U, a, gaa……!!”

Again, Irina opened her eyes. She continued to be at the mercy of the stimulation from her lower body and looked a little pitiful as well. But her body was small and a terrible tightening attacked me instantly and feelings to care about Irina honestly seemed to fly out instantly. It felt good. Irina’s vagina felt good without any complaints whatsoever. Unlike Jeanne and Maia, who were slow in their growth due to their racial characteristics and were not developed in order, this vagina had the undulations of an adult. I realized that Irina was an adult in reality and only her chest and height were small. And yet, her vaginal diameter was narrow and the tightening was intense. At the very last minute I was convinced that it felt as perfect as I could think of, as if it was made for this size only.

“A, Kuhu……uu……h, haa, ……ha, haa, haaa……”

Irina beared the pain and raised and lowered her chest with tears flowing down her eyes. Her ears were obediently hanging down to the stump. But her nipples were erect. ……It still looked painful.

“You’re really horny.”

I was excited about that fact.

“I will move.”
“……E……hu, hiaaa!?”

I was strangely excited by Irina’s lewdness and began to violate her by holding her light, small body like a tool.

“Ku, uuuu……Sm, Smithson, no, o……please, sya, more……slowly……!”
“It will get better soon……”
“That……a, gu, aaaaa!”

One was excited and didn’t stop. The other one was mean to Irina and told that person that he was an animal trainer. To be honest, I didn’t think it was a good idea, but I really didn’t want Irina to feel it and to recognize me as a trainer. It would be nice to be a little unskilled, selfish and persistent. I was not a sex specialist like Irina thought. I was just a lewd bastard. I was aware of it properly. So, let us know the minute, and exaggerate a little. Irina’s narrow vagina reciprocated so that my penis attached with Irina´s virgin blood was tormented further.

“Hiaaaa! A, i, aaa!!”

On one hand I felt a little sorry for Irina, but on the other hand I was addicted to her sexual attraction, which I had hardly felt before. Her crying face was cute. The bulges on her small chest were lovely. The presence of her thin shoulders, the delicacy of her neck line, the movement of her lips and tongue, her soft hair and her beauty that smelt like sand. All of this made me strangely excited. The fact that the body of this doll-like girl was opened by a whistle and by thrusting inside her pussy made me feel as if it were a dream. I was in such an immorally excited state.

“Irina……Irina, I’ll cum……I’ll put it in you!”

I told Irina that I was at my limit while pressing my lips which were wet with urine on her mouth.

“Na, aaa……w, wai, wait Smithson-dono……!!”
“Uu……mu, forcibly, put it out!”
“Stop, no, inside, insideee!! ……Ku, a, aaaaaaaa!!”

My head was excited and red-hot and I didn’t understand Irina’s words at all. As it was, Irina’s depth was pierced and I started vomiting semen.

“Kua……a, a…………”

Irina opened her eyes and accepted the ejaculation.

And as I ejaculated my head became somewhat clear and refuted Irina’s words. …………

“Au……ku, haa……”

…………Hey, I. You know what, I made a creampie. Let’s say it again. You know what, I made a creampie!

“……U, Uwa, so, sorry!!?”

I woke up in a hurry. Irina was staring at me with a dal-looking face. When I thought so, she reached out and twisted my cheek with her little hand.

“No, no good.”
“I, I’m going to make it to the end of this devil!”
“Af, After all I, until now, for a long time, besides I didn’t say anything!! Everyone is conceived!”

At Almeida´s time, I used contraceptive magic.

“……Th, That’s true……I think we should be prepared to a certain extent because we had sex.”

Irina lost power while turning red. No, I understood that the logic didn’t apply to her. Yup. Was it a good thing or a bad thing to reflect on it without permission or to be good in a strange direction?

“Le, Leaving that aside……its cold.”

Irina trembled. ……Yup. Well, it’s like this outdoors. I thought I wanted to dress……but when I thought carefully we had no clothes here.

“Wh, What am I supposed to do?”

I was troubled. Even if we wind the cloak around us, that cloak was dirty. When I thought about it, Irina pulled my hand and put it on her.

“…………I, I can’t stand for a while. In the meantime……you have to warm me up”

……Irina telling such an excuse was also pretty. My penis was beginning to recover.

“Emm……hey, Irina”
“What……u, uwa, that, again!?”
“……L, Let’s do it”

Putting her self-discipline in her own shallowness, she dared to complain about the lowest demands.


Irina made a bitter expression with a bright red face.

“……Th, There is no big difference from inserting it once or twice. So I permit it.”

Sulky Irina allowed a second round and put her arms around my back.

Irina said such sweet things, so I ended up cumming about five times into her that night until the hot spring fire burned down.


“Ho, owner. It looks like it was great again last night, wasn’t it?”

I was teased by Laila at breakfast the next day.

“Wh, What……no, what are you talking about!?”
“Hoho. ……Do you underestimate a dragon’s ears?”

……Well, Laila could hear a normal conversation even a few hundred meters away with her dragon ears.

“How many times have I heard that little girl’s squeaky cry?”
“N, No, Laila, that……na? I’ll talk about it later.”
“I would like to hear that soon.”
“I, I understand, so I’ll see you later?”
“I look forward to it.”

At the same time as Laila left her seat, grinning, I felt bloodthirst from behind me. I turned around and Maia and Jeanne stood there.

“With whom.”
“……I’m sorry, Andy-sama, I heard it, so let’s talk about it.”

Maia was apologizing while Jeanne stared at me with scornful eyes.

“No, that……”

And when I tried to make an excuse, Irina showed up and ate my breakfast before I knew it.

“I was taught animal trainer´s skill, with my own body.”
“Jeanne, calm down. It’s bad for the baby.”

Jeanne got angry and Maia stopped her with an unusually anxious face.

“I´m enduring it! Because Hilda-sensei told me to stop having sex!? Despite this!”

I, I wondered if it was good.

“I mean, Irina, do you still say I’m an animal trainer?”
“As one expected my sense of values were overturned in one night, so I could understand the feelings of dark green Almeida and Maia”

……Ah. Well, I didn’t know it because Irina was already completely exhausted by the fifth shot, but it seemed to be a good idea……maybe.

“That’s just because you were horny and erotic and it won’t be so comfortable from the very first night.”
“Well, that’s a good thing.”

I didn’t think so. Oh no. Don’t look at me with a flirtatious glance. And don’t stare at Selenium, Dianne and Apple with great eyes.


“I see……unfortunately, I don’t have the authority to help.”
“No, it’s not good now. You thought Kalwin kingdom was destroyed by the disaster, but now it is time for Kalwin to join hands with the countries of this continent again……”
“Wait. May I have a moment, king?
“……Gardner-sensei……no, Duke. Something?”
“You don’t have to decide as you don’t have power. King, you are young and you have a long way to go before being called a wise king. But Trot is not a powerless country. It’s also not a country without pride.”
“……What do you mean. Please let me know, Duke.”
“Haha, your Majesty’s strength is that it is well received by the old people. ……You know what? Politics is an official stance. This old man has an idea.”

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