Half elves fall in love chapter 96

Chapter 96: There is a bride who comes from afar



The city of Basson flourished during the time before summer. Travelers would come there and then go to Trot. Although the station carriage transportation network was well maintained, the mainstream traveling option was still on foot. Because traveling in winter might freeze them to death in the camp and during the summers higher physical strength expended was certainly hard on them, it might be a pleasure for them to move during a time when it was easy to survive. But when people flowed into the city, security would become unstable. There were travelers everywhere with bad manners during their stay. So recently I was a little worried about Apple going to earn money in the city.

“I think I’m going to pick Apple up in a short time.”

When I was about to leave the shooting training ground, Isaac and Mikagami, who were also cleaning up nearby, called out to me from behind.

“Ah, wait a minute. I will go too.”
“I will also go.”

Isaac put Mikagami’s foot on his palm in a familiar state and carried her on his shoulder.

“It looks to be fun. Can I also ride on your shoulder?”
“There is no obligation to ride a man.”

Isaac was a narrow-minded person.

Isaac, an ox-ogre, had a wide stride, so even if he was walking slowly, I needed to go faster or even run lightly.

“Hey Isaac, Mikagami, do you have a task to do in the city?”
“Just like you. We go to pick someone up.”
“My sister is helping Apple-san.”
“Ah, yes.”

Mikagami’s younger sister was working as a barker and bodyguard.
……Anyway, could Mikagami’s younger sister, who was not even a soldier, be a bodyguard?

“Hey Mikagami, is your younger sister strong?”
“Within her capacity. I will win if I have a sword.”
“……Without a sword?”
“If I have a sword, I win.”

Apparently, without a sword, Mikagami lacked confidence. This meant her younger sister was strong. Mikagami, surprisingly, also hated to lose.

“……If she is so strong, why do you worry so much about her?”

As I thought about it, I asked this question. Even if Apple was not good at all by herself, if it was Mikagami’s younger sister who was as strong as Mikagami, I didn’t know why she would be picked up by those two. And when I thought about it…

“Well, mentally.”
“She is a lonely person, that girl.”

I had never heard of it. Or rather…….

“Are you picking her up every day?”

According to I, it was not only surprisingly overprotective but also misplaced.

“Not really.”
“……A little while ago, my mother came to Kate’s room, which I rented in the city.”
“Isaac’s mother?”

I met her once. Unlike Isaac, who had an ox-like face, his mother seemed like a normal tall woman with an ox horn. It might be better to say hello when she came here.

“But my mother went home the other day.”
“……For that girl, it’s going to be hard for her to be in a room where it’s been lively once and no one else now. Therefore we do what we can.”
“I see.”

It seemed like a really good family relationship.

“Ogre-san, there’s fortune-telling! It’s very good! It only cost 10 gold coins!”
“……Hey Mikagami.”
“You don’t have to say to that?”

In the city, Mikagami’s younger sister dressed in an exotic red and white costume and was barking before a brothel. No matter how you looked, it was no fortune-telling.

“Will y……y……you come with me?”
“You can’t tell my fortune.”
“Even so, 10 gold coins for a try?”
“That’s right.”

Immediately, a little dirty traveler got caught. The traveler disappeared into the fortune-telling tent in the back of the alley.

“U, Uooo!! High-level!”

Somehow, excited voices could be heard.


Apple screamed in bewilderment. Then, in a few seconds, the traveler was blown out from the tent and rolled on the ground.

“Not good. Take this.”

From the gap of the tent, the foot that Mikatami’s younger sister had raised could be seen.

“Ka……Kate-chan, the present person’s wallet……fell down, what am I supposed to do?”
“Bad guys don’t have human rights. Let’s take it.”
“……Having such a customer halfway in the morning.”
“Aunt Dorothy did say the world was rough.”

That seemed like a scam to be clear.

“Mikagami. Isaac. I suggest that she should learn the standard language well.”
“N……No objection.”

We rushed into the tent before the next poor victim came out.


“I thought it was strange……”

Apple said that with an exhausted face.
Isaac and Mikagami had preached Mikagami’s younger sister, so, for now, it was a diversion. The two came back to the corps building first.

“I think you’re an excellent bouncer, but if you were seen by the military police, you would be arrested.”
“……I will change the way from now on.”
“I think it’s right.”

Two people sighed.

“So……as a matter of fact, do you earn money?”
“Little-by-little. Local people use it more often than travelers.”

I didn’t think fortune-telling was something that someone would use often and it was a strange story that there were many local people. But then I thought it was misplaced according to Apple’s commentary.

“Because it is not an oracle or a fortune judgment. For example, I think there is a lot of room for local people to use it because they want to know, such as the safety of their families far away, the tools they have lost, or the whereabouts of the livestock that has fled.”
“I see……”

I didn’t know where Apple’s way of dealing differed from that. But I understood that Apple expected local demand and it was starting to bear fruit.

“It would have been nice if it worked well.”

Apple was not going to accompany us on the upcoming investigation trip. Some people said that she was not very strong, but……I just hoped for her to be in a safe place as much as possible. After that, I wondered what she would do during that time. In that respect, Apple was safe because she could work in this way in a community-based manner. However, I didn’t say it aloud. It was somewhat unpleasant that no technology could be used for investigation. However, Apple was a half-elf who made a living by reading human complexions. She smiled as if she was a little embarrassed that she understood it.


And, just a little while later, she leaned over in front of me and asked for a kiss. I was not against it. To taste relaxed, we put out our tongues together and entangled them lightly like the hands when dancing. The feel of the other party’s lips rubbing against the surface of my lips and the feel of the tongue of the other party sliding on my tongue strangely tickled and was pleasant. We kissed for a long time. And then Apple let go of my face.

“……I heard from Kate-chan.”

Apple then brought up a subject that was completely unrelated to the investigation trip.

“She told me that beastmen get estrus on a full moon, while ogres get rougher on a new moon.”

The intensity of a beastman in estrus had been tasted only once. That was an unusual vacancy.

“What about elves? Humans……besides what about half-elves?”

Inside my room, dimly lit by a fat-burning lantern, I could see the full moon about to rise from the other side of the window. With the light on her back, Apple slowly took off her robe. Then the thin underwear under her robe was removed to show a bewitching dance.

“……I wish half-elves mating season is tonight.”
“When you want to, it’s good in the estrus period.”
“The mating season of an animal is a signal from the body that it is ready for pregnancy.”

Apple stroked her lower abdomen emphasizing the important organs in it.

“If my heart and body are asking for Andy-san together, it would be nice. If I could have your baby right now……I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to more tomorrow.”
“……Am I too desperate?”

She displayed a lonely, shy smile while putting her fingers on the collar. My precious female slave who took it for granted that she would give birth to my child before she knew it. I couldn’t remember why she cared about that collar so much, my first love. It was a strange situation, but before I knew it, she had come here to take reality as it was. Her time had not yet asked for “Tomorrow”. It was kind and fun to be with everyone. It was comfortable to accept me. She only found out the meaning of living in the moment, yet she had no reality or desire in her future or dreams. So Apple did not want the future where I might leave her alone, not to come. For her, pregnancy was……the existence of my child was a necessary condition for her to live in the future.

“I’m so happy that Apple desperately wants to bear my child.”
“Yes. I’m not going to let you go until I get you pregnant.”
“If so……you don’t mind letting go of me? You have been eating me for a long time, trained me in having sex and letting me do fortune-telling. Of course, you can have sex with me anywhere. It’s a waste to pull out your dick, so leave my pee in. We will wipe each other. Don’t you think it’s nice to be one all the time?”
“Sometimes you’re terrific with such delusions.”
“I want you to love me so much that it feels like a dream.”
“……As it seems, it is moderate without a child, right?”
“Huhuu……I know♪”

Apple threw off my clothes too. Then she fell on me. Her busty chest fell on my face and it felt as if I was smashed by her two boobs and her erect nipples. And when our bodies stuck together we left them to the bed. Then a screeching sound came from the window.


I raised my head. This is not a thriving glass industrial area like Trot capital, so the only window was a wooden shutter. Sure enough, the stick that was supporting the shutter stumbled. Thus the window closed and the moonlight was cut off. The bad thing was that the lantern had already gone out. The room was pitch black. Yet, as many as six glowing eyes floated in the darkness.


It made me nervous. What was that? Was it a monster? Why in such a place? I had to protect Apple too. Anyway, I had to do something for the moment.


I screamed as that was what I could do the fastest. If the other party was frightened, it would be good. If someone nearby heard me, it’d be even better. Anyway, the sheet was swung while screaming and I pushed Apple to the entrance side to defend her and threw things randomly at the place where the six eyes were. However, six glowing eyes tore the sheet easily, and there was no sign that someone was hit by the things I had thrown and it was not frightened of my scream of course. The sad result was that I was completely screaming and confused alone. Damn, it was weird. This might be a big pinch. Could I stay safe until Maia, Diane or Anzeros came? I might go on a rampage naked while having such a sad resolution. The six bright thin eyes looked at me and suddenly my arms and feet were grabbed and pulled down to the ground. And then…….

“What……What happened And……”

Anzeros (Wearing a long tank top instead of pajamas) jumped into the room with magic light, ……what she saw……was the naked me being held down by three Catwoman. Well, I also correctly recognized my condition there for the first time. The naked Apple sat with her legs opened in an M-shape without knowing the situation in the corner of the room.

“What is the situation?”

Sorry, I want to know that too.


“I’m Luna Basil. Before that……I want to receive that person’s sperm.”

Among the three cat beasts, it could be said that she was the calmest. Which reminded me, last year, I made a rampage in the cat beast colony in the desert. So…….

“I’m, Yuna Basil.”
“Lina Basil……”

……Eh? What? ……That was? These children, by any means, looked to be in the middle of their teens……what were their names? No way……really?

“Yo……You and my children……?”

I checked with Luna. She dyed her cheeks a little and turned her eyes away.

“E, Eeeee!!?”
“Naa…….Andy-san’s illegitimate children!?”

Anzeros and Apple were stunned. Like that……!?


Luna looked at me again.

“No one can grow this much in a year from seeding. These children were among the ones you seeded, my relatives.”
“I……I see.”
“Surnames in rural colonies are the same……”

……I was fooled.

“That’s it, why suddenly……”

Anzeros asked that question while recasting the magic light. Luna still had a serious look.

“Because I failed to become pregnant.”
“I heard that the ox-ogre colony’s aunt went to see her son, so I tried to come.”
“Tonight is a full moon. ……Try again, the man who has sex with many women.”

Luna took off her underwear without an expression in front of us. While we were all stunned, the other two also handed over their underwear while saying something.

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