Half elves fall in love chapter 99

Chapter 99: Elven circumstances of the southern country 【Jeanne Irina】



An unusual guest came to the inn where we stayed every time we came to Polka when we were having lunch together.

“I have heard it from the forest elves”

Wearing a bikini armor and a black gauntlet and having a ponytail. It’s Sharon, a elf girl from Renfangas, who talks a lot.

“You are the lowest man who uses women with sexual weakness!”

I was the only one who laugh and all the other members sighed together.

“Get used to it, Andy. Because you have left a little monkey like Phaser in the forest, he’ll be talking about it sooner or later”

Dianne points out with a butter on a slice of bread. No, I guess so.

“I don’t remember holding any other weaknesses”

When I puffed up my chest and told Sharon, Sharon glares at me, while grinding on her teeth out of anger.

“Making such kind of mischievous armor……”
“……It was a coincidence that Jackie-san put it out in the first place and it wasn’t something I set up for you……”

Sharon’s bikini armor is now wrapped around a cloth. It’s like a swimsuit that has a hot looking feeling. If the pattern is broken a little, it will no longer function, but there may be little knowledge about the pattern in doing so.

“I wouldn’t have worn it if I know it’s transparent……”
“It’s comfortable to wear! It has to be transparent!”

It seems complicated to say.

“You know, it’s fine if you wear clothes inside”

Sharon glares once again when Apple advises.

“I can’t wear such a embarrassing thing!”
“……Is it more embarrassed than that I can see-through your breasts……”

Renfangas’s fashion sense is incomprehensible.

“Ho. So what are you complaining about when our owner is sexually enamored with women?”

Laila, who had finished eating early and siped alcohol, asked Sharon.

“Is that all right?”

Sharon hitting the desk with a bang. Everyone looks up.


And look at Sharon.

“I should have asked your complaint”

With all the others wondering what to say, Laila corrected the story.

“Th, That’s why!”
“I’m not complaining about getting fucked every night”
“Me too”

The two dragons are completely shameless.

“I that……well, I don’t want Andy to……”
“I don’t want to compromise on love. I just want to be a better woman for Andy than any other woman”

Anzeros and Aurora are still pretty even if they are blushing a little.

“Well, I thought that being Andy’s slave was fine from the beginning”

Half elf sisters……no sisters, but Apple and Selenium are quite easy.

“Seriously, Andy-kun is matchless, but he isn’t skillful enough”

Celesta’s proud erotic female doctor takes care of my self-esteem in plain words. No, there is certainly no skill, so that the opponent faints in less than a few minutes.

“I just like that guy. It’s natural to protect that guy. I thought it would be obvious if its a woman like you who is also a warrior”

Dianne goes straight on and talks straight. And.

“Shall I comment on it, too?”

Atmosphere that Jeanne eats maternity without saying. Sharon gets angry again. There was no one who accepted a general theory such as possessing a woman. Silver hair appears as if it grows from below.

“In essence, the members of the clan council in the world of elves came to greet the strongest elf knights of Renfangas, but on behalf of Smithson-dono who is a human but weak and inferior, don’t you feel like you’ve teased him enough?”
“……Wh, White clan´s Irina-sama”

Irina picks up the fried chicken from my plate. Don’t eat without permission.


When Irina asks repeatedly, Sharon makes a sound from the back of her throat and stretches her chest. I wonder if the pink areola is looking through the gap made in the winding cloth of the armor for a moment.

“Indeed! It’s humiliating to return from the northern forest, the sacred place of the elves, by choosing a incompetent human who can only fuck women as representative! But more than that!”

Sharon pointed at Aurora.

“What does it mean that you, the sky-blue princess, spread your arms and legs in a slutty way to a human!”
“Sl, Slutty way……!?”

Aurora has a startled face.

“If you are an elf, take pride as an elf! If you are a princess, take pride as a princess! If you are an Ace knight, what about pride as an Ace knight!”
“……That speaking”

I heard how Aurora grinds her teeth out of anger. She stands up unintentionally.

“Wait, Aurora”
“No, I won’t wait. ……Glory Sharon, those words are an insult and provocation against me. All right, go to the table”
“So wait! Dianne, Laila, Anzeros, give me a hand!”

Aurora tries to rampage by taking out her sword. Laila and Maia were forced to hold her down, but Dianne and Anzeros stared at Sharon with a serious, temperature less look.

“Very proud, Black Arm”

Uwa, it’s the crazy voice of the time when Anzeros was insulted in the past.

“Elven princess and Ace Knight? Don’t look so self-conscious, Glory Clan´s princess”
“……Did you investigate, Black War God”
“There aren’t many elf Black Arms. I had a glue from the moment I saw you. I’ve been a soldier for a long time”

Dianne stood up and wasn’t rushing at all, but she was a few meters away and pointed a food knife between Sharon’s eyebrows.

“But if you continue to insult Andy more with that mouth. I won’t forgive you……”

It was Aurora who stopped Dianne’s intimidation loudly.


Sharon steps away and Dianne looks at Aurora in a slightly grumpy way. Aurora stood up by pushing Maia and Laila away and resolutely looks at Sharon.

“Glory Clan´s Sharon. I have the obliged to concern about the sky-blue clan”

Aurora that exudes Sharon’s venom with a soft smile that doesn’t seem to have been killing her until now.

“But it doesn’t change that my husband is him. What is the value of a clan and class in the criteria for choosing a man?”

Sharon, on the other hand, corrects her seating posture, coughs and says calmly.

“……Sky-blue princess. If you listen, you say that the growth period is not over yet. That’s why you should stop getting blooded by childish love. Humans and elves are creatures of different heights. Different creatures of time. But you are a woman who has a talent that can be recognized as a martial artist at that age and you can’t afford to play with vulgar monsters and impurities by having a sense of vulgarity”
“So. The fall of Glory is also because of its worthless nature”

With a soft smile. Aurora suddenly curses Sharon´s clan.

“I beg your pardon. It’s my hobby to listen to the stories of heroes and famous swordsmen from all over the country. ……Glory Clan´s Sharon and Felios. You siblings who went up to the top seat of heroes with your abilities and without a master for the first time in the direct lineage of Glory, right?”
“Arcus, armed with meaningless pride, not coordinating with the surrounding disparate nations, and thus without help from anyone, was sculpted in the Fire Dragon War. The fame that you got in the Gauntlet Knights is the last pride of the Arcus royal family who lost their centripetal power. ……I know you’re going to have to take it easy”
“You just say unnecessary things”
“Not as much as you”

Smiling, now two noble blood lines are sending sparks. ……And. This is a form that was completely taken private by Aurora, right?

“While shaking your hips for a human, etc, it is unforgivable to insult my homeland. Please withdraw, Sky-Blue Princess”

Aurora asked back with a friendly smile. Sharon is seriously coming.

“Why, there is no reason. Withdraw”
“Huhu. You´re a stranger. If it’s different from the fact, will you withdraw?”

Just before Sharon pulls out her sword, Aurora quickly erases her smile. It was a few times scarier than her angry face.

“Let’s duel, Glory Clan´s Sharon”
“……Ace Knight Atmosphere!”
“Now, it’s the easiest choice you can take. There are four people who are stronger than me just here”
“…..Anyone! Anything that fits this Black Arm!”
“Ho? That’s good”

Dianne and Laila are about to stand up. But Aurora controlled them with her hand.

“That’s why I don’t want to hear your excuse when you crawl on the ground”

……Awesome. Aurora completely turned Sharon’s bloodthirst at herself. Literally a complete clash of personal pride. She can’t lose to this, but she also can’t succumb to the opponent’s case.

But. ……As said in the first place, Aurora doesn’t even compare to Anzeros, as she has an average ability as an Ace Knight. Sharon, on the other hand, is a Black Arm. Although the selection criteria are different, she has a Master Knight class ability as a nominal. A Master Knight is a elite fighter and is considered to be more than three times as powerful as an Ace Knight. Regardless of Dianne and Laila, she has a very low chance of winning against Sharon. What is she going to do……?



“The match will be in two weeks. The army´s reorganization is this week according to Dianne, so its not after that”

Irina organized the decisions in my room.

“The people who attended the meeting were Gorkus and I. You only have to come to see it”
“What’s the matter?”
“You know, Irina”

I was on the bed with Jeanne on my lap and stroking the big belly and her breasts. Of course naked.

“Read the air for a minute”
“Hmm? I don’t care about particularly. Don’t you think that it’s normal to have three or four people in bed?”
“You didn’t rise up in bed and Jeanne and I were in a good place right now!”

Jeanne is already stable and Hilda-san gave me a certificate answer with “You can do it properly♪” so for the time being, we became naked and stuck together and after a long time we shared the warmth of each other’s skin and I touched the big belly.

“Does it kick you?”
“Do you think its a boy? Or do you think its a girl? What about the name?”
“Everyone thinks about it. We have a lot of friends, and we’re going to have a name meeting every time we have a child♪”
“That’s fine. Oh, it kicked me”
“It says it wants to drink daddy’s milk……♪”

We are already having a lovey-dovey sweetness. There you can see the report and really read the air while looking at the gun while rubbing the semi-erected penis between the thin thighs and the lower end of the stomach.

“Muu. Bed……why don’t you let me join?”

Irina says a little lonely.

“No, Not today”

Today is Jeanne’s sex day after a long time. For a while, Laila and Hilda were in charge of the consultation and only today I was supposed to do it again with Jeanne. As usual, when I created the atmosphere and I cummed first, Jeanne was lonely (the amount of ejaculation can be adjusted by Hilda-san, but fatigue in terms of physical strength and mentality is not easy). So it is an agreement that it is also pear that no one will approach me for a few days ago, and since there should be a child in Jeanne’s stomach, there is no intrusion so as not to loosen up, so each person is informed of adjustment. I haven’t made love to Jeanne in earnest for months and the stress that Jeanne feels is considerable. That’s why today was all about making Jeanne happy and trying to make an economy for childbirth.


Jeanne stares at Irina while swinging her stomach on my penis. It looked like she was dissatisfied rather than being jealous, or a little confused. It is not good to put a mental burden on Jeanne. Jeanne opens her mouth first when I tried to call out Irina as soon as possible.

“……Is only half?”
“Hmm? Is it good?”

I was a little surprised. I thought that Jeanne would be intimidating.

“Is it okay, Jeanne? We are alone today!”
“Uh……bu, but now if I’m alone with Andy, I’m not confident that I can satisfy you”
“A, Andy always, if you do it seriously, you’ll make it so intense that you faint, right?”
“……Ah, ah”

Well, I’ve refrained from it since she got pregnant, but Jeanne is quite a masochist. She is happy that her light body is treated like a special tool for my penis and she is happy to be messed up with selfish sex. But such sex is not possible now. There is our first child in her big belly. ……No, I don’t need to be satisfied in the first place and it’s better to get as comfortable as possible with the sex that Jeanne can do.

“No, I’m fine. Jeanne has been waiting for a long time, so that’s why I´m going……”
“When I asked Polka´s wives, they said that if you go crazy, it may flow”

Apparently, the relationship with Polka people is progressing steadily through open-air baths and daily life. No, it’s a difficult child anyway. It’s a great opportunity.

“And……Irina, is a friend”
“……Is that so?”

When I asked them with my eyes, they dyed their cheeks a little bit and nodded with a bit of a shy smell. On that subject, Irina is one of few in Polka when it comes to a woman who understands the circumstances of Jeanne (Her relation with me or a foreigner) and can talk to an equal relation. I deliberately let Laila stay for a long time, but did Irina care about Jeanne? Well, she sometimes told me about Jeanne’s stomach.

“……Th, Thank you, Irina”
“I didn’t make friends because of you”

Irina, who says a little squeaky, is so cute and I nod to Jeanne and reaches out my hand. Irina deliberately sighed, then loosened her belt and took off her robe.

With the big belly on me, Jeanne straddled me. Jeanne’s hands are crawling on her breasts, which have swollen slightly, perhaps because of her pregnancy and Irina sits down to hug her from behind.

“It is your second time having sex, but you’re pretty aggressive……”
“Irina is a lecher♪”
“It’s not going to be that way. You’re always there every day, anywhere”

Irina is refuting and stimulates Jeanne’s nipples while turning red. Reacting lightly, Jeanne smiles, sat down, and tries to insert the dick. However, the stomach is in the way and she cant determine the exact aim and she adjusted the accuracy with her hand inserted from the side, but she felt uneasy about whether it would go well.

“Th, That stomach”
“Sorry. I will try to sit down again”

Jeanne raises and lowers her waist several times. Repeat subtle adjustments. And when I think of this, I push up my waist.

“……It’s not like that, is it?”
“I, I abruptly……!?”

I inserted it into the person behind by mistake.

“I’m going to just throw one shot into Irina”
“In any case, Andy is not satisfied with three shots and four shots. There is room for more♪”
“Wa, Wait, I’m still not ready……hyauuu!?”

Jeanne pushes Irina up with her waist. And I stab in while pulling back the floating waist. And with the movement that Jeanne knew, she pushed Irina up and I pierced her again. Ignoring Irina’s intention completely, we were just swaying at Irina.

“Th, This, Jeanne……it is still the sixth time……”
“Hmm, Irina, who did you do it with without my knowledge!?”

Jeanne is slightly surprised and a little jealous.

“Na, yo, you know, I have been fucked five times the last time!?”
“Ah, that’s right”

It was a difference in the counting method. I´m a little relieved.

“……Bu, But it is good strength now, too”

And Irina seems to be strangely compatible with me. Jeanne looks at her back with scornful eyes.

“If Irina is a masochist, you are similar to me and Maia”
“I, I´m not a masochist!?”

I grabbed Irina in a hurry and collaborate with Jeanne on high-speed riding vibration.

“Ua, n, no, like this, I, cum……n, aa, aaaaa!?”

Somehow it feels so easy. But I look at Jeanne, have a close eye contact and continued. She claims to be inexperienced and is a nasty girl who is unreachable if I don’t know yet.

“Hya, no, little while, no, no, hyaaaa”

Irina’s articulation becomes strange as she is pushed up by force while she is in the middle of an acme. Then, when Irina begins to make a movement that I don’t know if she’s shaking or dancing, I ejaculate. I ejaculate a violent amount into Irina’s vagina. It is so, because sperm hell magic was previously applied by Hilda.


And Irina was tossed around by that amount of injection and hugged Jeanne tightly and endured it till she fainted. As I laughed with Jeanne and said that the operation was successful, Irina regained her consciousness and was immediately angry again.

“I, Idiot, don’t put it out without saying it!?”
“I forgot”
“It’s a good thing♪”

The groaning Irina is in close contact with Jeanne and begins to shake her hips in revenge.

“Re, Revenge! You’ll be able to enjoy the instinctive movement of my hips……Sm, Smithson-dono will soon be a servant.

She might be a child who is comparatively confused about starting doing it while putting my penis in her. In addition.

“Even if you say that……naa♪”
“Jeanne its your turn”

I inserted my dick into Jeanne’s vagina again and started to fuck Jeanne together with Irina, who became serious. However, Jeanne sticks out her tongue happily and doesn’t hate it at all.

“She loves that because Jeanne is a masochist”
“That’s right, Andy just feels good♪”

She is a roundabout guy. Then, after moving violently, I pour my sperm into her big belly.


It’s been a long time, even though the conditions are different, I’m really used to it. Jeanne climaxes in the feeling of a dream as a large amount of semen washes her vagina.

“A, Amazing, Jeanne and Smithson-dono’s……sex”
“Next is Irina again!”
“Eh!? Wa, Wait, let me rest a little more……aaaa♪”

I pour about 3 shots into each of them. I was really hungry and used more physical strength than before, so that Jeanne, Irina and I sleep together.

“I’m happy”

Jeanne’s sleeping face was really peaceful.

“……If a child can be born with such a body……”

Irina suddenly murmured that out.

“You really……were you scared that you could give birth with your body?”
“Naa……!? N, No, it’s not true that a child can be born so easily”
“…………It’s a new thing”

Irina’s pussy that already received a vaginal cum shot leaks a little.

“Be careful next time”
“Ab, Absolutely? Next is absolutely going out?”

She is desperately saying, that she is willing to let me cum again, this Loli elf.

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