Curing incurable disease with semen CH13

A damaged body, at the best place ※ (Opposite-sit position、Deflowering、Cusco’s speculum、Cowgirl、Ojou-sama)

Talking to Doctor Matsunami, I heard that the day Fuemi can leave the hospital is near.
After hearing everything about her good condition and procedures to be dismissed from the hospital,
When I was about to leave, I spotted Takemitsu-san at the reception sit near the entrance.
She was wearing the usual long-sleeved nurse clothes.

「Onii-san、this Sunday、do you have free time?」

She quickly slurred through greeting and asked.

「Sunday huh、well as usual I’ll come here in the morning、
hang out with Fuemi、then take it slow at home after lunch」

「Umm、then after lunch could you……、
hang out with me a bit?。
Is that okay? And thank you for earlier」

「Thank me、for……」

I was surprised at what was “earlier”,
then “Ah as expected huh”, or so I accidentally leaked out my thoughts.

「Yes、that’s right」

She had a smile brighter than the Sun on her face
then respectfully bowed her head towards a person of younger age like me.

「……I understand。
If that’s the case then、I’ll come。
But、don’t pay too much attention to it alright?」

「Yes、this is my modest thanks、
if you can accept it then…」

At that time I was just a middle-class commoner,
so I didn’t realize why the daughter of the hospital manager gave such an out-of-place thanks.



Then it’s Sunday.
Leaving the hospital, I biked and climbed a huge slope.
My destination is the hotspring district where I live, but I’m specifically heading towards the top class hotel there.
It has a view towards the sea coast while soaking into the hot spring on top of a hill.
It’s a place where the local people like me don’t ever go.

When I finally arrived, I was soaked in sweats.
I used the towel I brought to
wipe the wet parts of my shirt and jeans, then passed through the automated shiny door.

「Ah、over here」

For a moment, I thought I didn’t know that person.
She was wearing a yellow and pink, with rose patterns summer dress,
the dress was short-sleeved and the person who was wearing it is Takemitsu-san.
She was having mule on her feet and approached me step by step.

「Well、you’re really beautiful。
I didn’t recognize you for a second」

「Having Onii-san praising me makes me happy」

As if it was natural, she joined hands with me,
and entwined her arms, which was without a single stain, with mine, clinging to me.

「Let’s go。 I reserved the place for us」

She took me to the hotel restaurant.
Inside the calming place lit by light-brown lighting, we arrived at the seat at the most inner part,
then immediately a vegetable dish that looked like some kind of hors d’oeuvre was brought out together with some soft drinks.

When I tried eating a mouthful of it, the dressing juice inside was so complex it couldn’t be felt by just the taste,
the texture of fresh vegetables brought pleasures to my tongue. (TN: FOOD PORN INCOMING)

「I also order a lot of meat dished for Onii-san。
By all means、please enjoy your meal」

「Thank you very much。 This is really delicious。
Tasting this for the first time、it’s completely different than what I’ve always been eating」

「Fufu、there’s still more coming」

From the arrangement of the food to their coloring and their taste, there’s nothing that can be complained about,
then time passed as she watched me eat while praising the food all along with a happy face.

「Fuu……I’m stuffed。 Thank you for the meal」

「I’m glad you’re satisfied」

I patted my swelling belly as I finished up the berry ice cream for dessert.

「Thank you very much for today」

As I said my thanks, she got flustered and half-rose to her feet,

「P、Please wait。 Are you already going home?
The truth is、I also revered the hotel here……」

「The hotel you say……but、your body is」

As I guessed her intention, my head became confused between expectations and hesitation.

「Please、is it not possible?
Thanks to you、my whole body became beautiful、
I want you to see it」

She grasped my hand with both of her hands that looked like that of a newborn baby.

「……I understand。 If that’s your wish then」


She’s older than me, yet she smiled as if a child was praised by her parents.




I received the key for the room from Takemitsu-san,
then we temporarily split up and I entered the elevator, pressing the button for the top floor.
I arrived without sensing even a sound or gravity change and the door opened,
before me was a large room with a high-class carpet spreading out.

From  the soft and fluffy chair to the huge TV, and the bed that would still have room to spare for 2 people spreading their arms.
Then out at the window was a hotspring with the view towards the coast of the sea.

I changed into the bathing pants which were prepared beforehand on top of a chair,
then I went into the pool.
As I spread both my arms and legs and floated inside the warm pool,
from the window a white figure appeared.

「Sorry I made you wait……」

The same as her skin today, her white swimsuit shone under the Sun.
Her new body was as white as the fresh clouds,
Her breasts and butt were wrapped up in a pure white swimsuit,
her crotch is still being wrapped up in the purity of a beautiful girl.

「Un……my body、please look more。
We’re here because I want Onii-san to look at me」

Even when my gaze was covered with lust,
she puffed up her breasts and opened her legs for me to see.

At that moment, the direction of the hot spring sprouting current changed, and it aimed at her body.

「Kyaa、haha。 I should enter too」

As she slowly entered the pool starting from the tip of her toe, I intensely stared at her.
Why? Because her wet swimsuit’s transparency is showing her peach-colored nipples,
her white butt, and even her beautiful pussy that doesn’t have any meat pushing out was visible.

「Umm、you’re forgetting the supporter」

「Hn? It’s okay、if it’s you then I want you to look」

As she lewdly pulled the water-soaked swimsuit,
her skin became even more visible.

「Under such cheerful sunlight、
with my body that became this pretty、
it’s like a dream that I’m being looked at by my loved one」

The figure of her spreading her arms and looking up to the sky,
it was as pure as a miko or a saintess chosen by the Sun.

「Love you say……」

「Yes、I love you。 You’re the best in my world」

「That is、I just by chance healed your body……。
On top of that、I’m already the kind of guy that had multiple affairs with women including my little sister」

「That doesn’t matter。
No matter what happens、even if your heart doesn’t point towards me、
I still love you。 This body、this heart wants to love you。
……is it a bother?」

She grasped my hand tightly,
and held it in her breasts cleavage, making my fingertips touched right at her vagina.
As I felt the smoothness of wet nylon and a woman’s flexibility,
my reasons were cut down in a blink of an eye.

「My first-times、I’ll give you all of them……hnn」

A soft sensation touched my lips.
That moment, lust inside my brain snapped and I stuck out my tongue, lusting for her.

「Chuu……hnn、I’m happy。
A kiss、with my loved one、at such a cheerful place。
……hnnnn、touch me more、this body is yours」

Grabbing hold of the huge breasts, I put my fingers on her vagina,
she rejoiced while submitting her transparent body to me.
Hugging her butt tightly, I pressed my erect penis to her vagina as if rubbing it,
that made her leaked delightful breaths.

「Aaahn……your penis today、
I’ll make it properly “finish” inside me」

Putting her hand into my bathing pants, she teased my glans that’s piercing the heavens with her slender fingers. (TN: Ore wo dareda to omotte yagaru?!)
She wrung out pre-cum and all the while,
I felt satisfaction being hugged by the sensation of her skin and her swimsuit.

「Hn、nn、chuu……do you want to go inside、then we can take it slow and make love?」


Even though I nodded, we never let go of each other.



On top of the bed inside the room, without forgetting to wipe our bodies, we came to each other,
we faced and hugged each other again while kissing.

Pulling her white swimsuit so strong that it might tear, I pulled it down.
Her gleaming breasts and her newly-washed-fruits-like nipples,
I covered it after opening my mouth wide, then taste those fruits with my tongue.

「Yes、aaan、please do as you want……。
My nipples and my pussy are all yours。
Please taste as much as you like and climax with my body」

I tasted her nipple, then with the hand inside her swimsuit
I meddled with the softness of her butt and took the swimsuit off.
Even when I was touching her vagina I could see the veins,
and as if inviting the penis it secreted love juice.

「Do you want to put it in? It’s fine just doing it like this……」

She raised on her knees, sat as if taking a pee-wee in Japanese style while sticking out her crotch. (TN: Wtf is this JP-style peewee pose?? LOL)
The love juice gathering at her secret place too, didn’t stop overflowing from her vagina hole.
I also took off my pants and both of us became naked, then we rubbed our crotches together.

「Hnnn、naaa……I want it inside right away。
yesterday I sat like this、and thought about you while、
practice teasing my vagina hole。  Right now it got really wet too, right?。
It’s fine even if it’s hurt、so come……」

She grasped my penis, then placed it on her vagina from below.
She stroked the shaft while pressing it on the hot and syrupy vaginal entrance.

「Un、it’s going in……the penis that will make me pregnant」

「I’m going in……」

I also pushed out my hips, and penetrated the virgin vagina.
Despite how many times I had sex with whom, this moment isn’t the time to be tensed or excited.
Because the girls will remember this moment with me for the rest of their lives.


The sensation of tearing through a flesh web ran through my penis.
According to the women, hymens have different shapes, so the tearing sensation also varies.

「Hnn、I’m fine……don’t stop」

But tightly hugging me during first time insertion,
and craving for kisses all the while is probably the only common things between the girls.


I enjoyed her body as I tease her lips and nipples while advancing my penis inside her virgin vagina.
When my glans arrived at her deepest part,
it received passionate welcome from the depth of her vagina as it lewdly accepted the penis.

「Uu、this is……」

「How……is it? If I clutch my butt、
the inside of my vagina would also shut and make the penis feel good」

「It’s great。 Feels like I would cum right away」

「That’s a relief、you can just come right away, you know。
All of your ejaculation today has to be inside me、okay?
It’s also ovulation day so make sure you aim at my womb, okay」

As her vaginal flesh and her womb entrance squeezed down on me,
I also want to do as she said and ejaculate right away.

「No way、making a baby、on your first time……」

「Fufu、I’m a working adult, you know?
I won’t bother you。
Moreover、I don’t want to make babies with anyone else。
It’s just sooner or later that I would get pregnant。
So let’s just do it right today」

Not letting her inside become loosened,
Being hugged at the hips made my body and penis unable to escape pleasures.

「That’s right、release it while gluing to my womb entrance……。
Nchuu、hnn、love you、I really do。
Please plant your baby inside me」

A man that rejects a woman who wishes for a baby this wholeheartedly doesn’t exist.
Without stopping,
my penis sank into her inside’s packed-with-love embrace, and began to pour out semen.

「Nhaan! It’s comiiing、the proof of your love」

I asked myself whether there’s my love in this ejaculation,
while hugging each other and continued to ejaculate.
As I filled up her inside, the waves of pleasures also settled.

「Hnnun、I’m so happy……。
Your baby juice poured into me」

When I pulled out, she lifted her butt in order not to spill any semen,
then took out something from the pochette lying on the bed.

「This、I want to use this……」

She gave me a round cylindrical thing made from metal.

「This is……」

「It’s a speculum。 You’ve never heard of it?
It’s used to look into the woman’s vagina while opening it」 (TN: UH OH. Fetish incoming)

She obviously brought that from the hospital.
Losing to my own curiosity, I did as she said and set it up.

「That’s right、put it in slowly。
Put it in the vagina that……hnn、just gave its first time to you earlier。
Then next is to bit by bit wind the horizontal screw」

When I slowly turned the screw,
the two barrels opened up and spread her vagina hole.
Her pussy was opened more and I could see more inside than when opening it with fingers.


I unintentionally leaked my voice of admiration.

「Can you see it? Deep inside my vagina、there’s a smaller hole inside right。
That’s my womb entrance。
The sack that would bring up your baby is inside that place。
Just now it caught your sperm、
so I wonder if it’s making a baby in there」

As she said, the womb entrance that looks like a penis being turned around in a 3D simulation,
right now that hole is swallowing up the semen around it.

Every time she breathed, the hole opened and closed, absorbing the cloudy liquid.
The greedy vagina is making a baby.

「I also wanted to give you a first-time experience。
How’s it? Was this disgusting?」

「No、that’s not true。
It’s mysterious、yet really lewd。
I think I feel like wanting to ejaculate into that just like this」

I showed her my erect penis as the result of seeing the lewd flesh and her womb entrance.

「Eh、really? It’s okay、just come。 This is your first time right?
Looking at a woman’s womb、while rubbing your penis and ejaculate」

「Of course。 This is、unheard of」

「Fufu、I’m happy。 I also received your ‘first time’。
Come、look at my baby sack while、
rubbing out lots of your sperm」 (TN: She means first-time as in first-time doing this kind of thing, not his V-card)

Her womb swallowed semen without leaving anything behind,
I rubbed my penis while not forgetting about her beautiful salmon-pink vagina.

「Now that I know about this kind of masturbating、
I probably can’t masturbate to pictures or videos anymore……」

「Fufu、if you want to then call me any time。
I’ll let you ejaculate with my vagina and my womb」

Her womb entrance seemed to sense my penis and my semen as it greedily opened its mouth.

「It’s okay、let’s make babies while you masturbate。
Aim your swelling ecchi penis straight at my womb entrance。
Then pour your white juice、into my baby sack through that entrance。
I want to drink everything and get pregnant with your child」

I’m masturbating yet we can make a baby out of this.
Getting excited while doing this for the first time, I grasped my glans,
I stared at the round flesh hole, aimed at it and fired.

「Hn、hnn、ahaa。 My womb entrance、it feels warm……。
Your first time masturbate-make-some-bae、I took it」 (TN: AHAHA PLEASE DON’T HURT ME. I’m sorry because of the stupid name but LOL…if you can think of a good word for this then comment below hahaha)

I released cloudy juices in an amount that her womb seemed to choke,
she got an emotional climax.
Once again, until her womb has swallowed the sperm,
I watched over it as if looking after a baby.



After that I swung my hips in my favorite position, missionary.

I’ll practice missionary lots at home。
In order to、have you pour lots of your seeds into me again」

Staring at her shaking boobs, I surrendered myself to the pleasures.

「Are you cumming again? Your penis、I think it’s swelling。
Just cum inside me like that、I’m not letting you pull out yo~……」

Being wrapped up by her especially hot depths,
my penis was soaked in the joy of making babies.

「Au……making babies with you is the best。
Perhaps、I can’t cum with just masturbating from now on……」

Gradually she neared climax because of the juice filling up her vagina,
her depth squeezed down even more, wishing for semen.

「Nfuu、you’re still hard。
Today we’ll go until midnight、until your penis shrink、
let’s continue to make babies here」

She, who knows the the pleasures of mating during her ovulation day, continued to shake her hips lewdly.

「Nhaan。 When your penis glued to my womb entrance、
I just want to make babies。
Nfufufu、I’ll grind you until you cum, okay。
Hnn……amazing、you’re cumming again」

I wonder how many times I poured into her womb already.
I ejaculated too much I couldn’t count anymore.

「Touch my tits and my ass more。
Because they’re there only to be touched by you。
Hnn、I’ll wrap your face up with my boobs、so just make me a baby like that。
I’ll practice breast-feeding your child。
Aaahn、fufu、but this baby here needs to make his penis big
and make my pussy pregnant, okay。
Mating with you while being filled with love、it feels great」

As the Sun descended, until we could see the night nightscape from the bed,
her beautiful white skin continued to dance on top of me.

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