Hero Machine Chapter 14

Chapter 2 「Female Knight Makisha①」

I had a good sweat after finishing my duty and went to Iona.

I went to the dojo along with Iona that day.
Then, there’s someone who came uninvited for the second day in a row.
Unlike yesterday, this one’s alone and waited politely in front of the gate.
I was called out when my figure was seen.
「Are you Yusharurushu-sama?」
「That’s right, and you’re?」
「Pardon my rudeness. I’m Makishia Gorsun1 You can call me Shia As you can see, I’m appointed with the duty of a knight by the kingdom. It may be extremely presumptuous but I have pride being Iona’s eternal rival. Please to make you an acquaintance」
The girl who introduced herself is a blonde, green-eyed beauty.
Her age is the same as Iona I guess.
Though she seems serious, she doesn’t have any hard impressions unlike Iona.
Her eyebrows are thick and it especially has no place to put hand on.
My impression is that she has a strong will, different from Iona again, she has a gorgeous atmosphere inappropriate for a knight.
Instead of a knight, she can be called a princess rather.
She’s tall like Iona and I can see that she also has no breasts.
The difference with Iona is I guess is that her lower half is quite sturdy. That ass will definitely make a strong child.
I introduced myself while having such thoughts.
「Yusharurushu Braveroad You can call me Sharuru just fine. I’m the foolish prince that’s in the rumors. My current work is to make the heroes of the future. That’s all」
I asked her purpose after introducing myself.
「Then, why are you here?」
「I am a candidate for the mother of the future hero too. I thought of meeting you in bed before it comes」
「Then you purposely came to see me. Is that what you mean?」
「It’s the man I’m going to yield myself into. Isn’t it natural to feel curious?」
「Well, that’s true」
「But that’s not all」
「You mean?」
「I came to inquire about the practice of sword you’re doing with Iona-san」
「Well, I’m certainly teaching her in these past few days」
「I can’t believe that Iona-san, the famous man-hater is studying with you. Thus I concluded that she’s being threatened」
「Uhm, I took Sharuru-sama’s training by my own will though…」
「Everyone knows even if you don’t say anything, so you don’t need to say anything, Iona-san. Won’t you let this man in front of me say the truth?」
「No, I’m really…」
「Ah, poor girl. Iona-san…」
She’s not listening at all.
It seems that she’s the muscle brain type.
I may be sensual but I’m not insincere.
Being told by that sort of thing means that I’m not respected at all.
Though that’s my circumstances, hers might be different.
Even if I’m a blood relative of a hero and a royalty, for Iona that’s a famous man-hater, a man like me is teaching her.
It seems that she can’t believe Iona’s betrayal.
That’s why that demonic man had grasped her weakness and she has no choice but to follow what he says, that kind of scenario is in her head.
「You’re speaking harshly. Is it really that strange to study under an excellent man?」
Answering like that, she blushed and turned the other way after staring at my face.
「C-Certainly, I recognize your excellence in figure but I don’t know what the contents are!」
Her words has no meaning.
Apparently she’s different from Iona, she prefers a slender man like me.
「I challenge you to a match. If I win you’ll release Iona and speak of the truth! Good?」
Not good.
It’s not good at all.
Iona’s free from the start but she won’t believe even if the truth is told.
There’s no need to accept it.
That’s right, there’s no need to accept it.
But, it looks interesting.
Me who loves interesting things has no choice but to accept it.
That’s why accepted it.
「Interesting. I’ll accept your challenge!」
Iona looked at me with a half tired face, she sighed with a face that has given up on stopping me.
「If you win, I’ll accept your conditions」
「Then, what’s my reward if I win?」
「It’s my win. There’s no need to make assumptions」
What a wonderful confidence. It feels refreshing in a sense.
「It is absolute so it’s absolutely impossible. You don’t have to establish a condition under an assumption」
Even she knows that it’s contradicting but she objected it with wordplay.
「Fumu, right」
Agreeing to it temporarily, I said that.
「It’s impossible however」
After making the preface, she continued.
「In that case, you can do what you want with my body. Well, this thin body has no worth being done freely」
She speaks with confidence but the words contains no confidence.
Iona’s the same, they have no confidence even if they’re knights, their self-evaluation as a woman isn’t high.
「It’s decided that you’ll be called in the bedroom sooner or later so the dish won’t have good taste for me」
I calmly retort.
「…You’re one noisy gentleman aren’t you? A man who cares about small things would be hated you know?」
「No, I’m only hated by you」
「Fumu…then how about it? If by any case I lost to you…」
She whispered to me.
Though Iona was curious from our secret talk, it’s natural that she can’t learn the contents.
Fumu, that’s not bad.
Iona will be surprised if she hears this.
「Then it’s a deal.  Should we prepare?」
Makishia had prepared a rapier which she’s specialized in.
A rapier is different from the usual sword, it only has few users.
For that reason, there are only five kinds of wooden rapier swords on my dojo.
I chose from those wooden swords.
「Fumu, it seems that you’re not playing tricks」
As expected of the one who uses it, she examined it closely.
「I’ll be using this one」
She chose the one contrasting one I chose.
「I’ll be playing with you using this」
Saying that, she chose the one who caught her eye immediately.
…It seems that the grasp can get off.
There’s no problem in swinging it but it’ll break when it receives.  It’s strength is only to that level.
Well, It’s literally reap what you sow as I’ve trained.
「Hey hey, are you sure with that?」
「There’s nothing I can’t use. It’ll be the same whatever is chosen」
It seems that she’s saying that there’s no problem if whatever chosen doesn’t hit.
「I’ll ask you before we start」
「What is it?」
「You never won against Iona right?」
「Well, why do you know!?」
「It’s clearly seen」
Iona whom I’ve chosen can barely learn Brave Arts, her ability can’t learn it even barely.
It’s a slight difference but the difference is great.
「I can evaluate what you can do by your behavior and it can’t reach Iona」
「It’s certainly as you say」
「I can easily deal Iona with room to spare, do you still think that you can beat me?」
「I won’t know until I try!」
「I praise that attitude」
She took a stance but I don’t even put on my guard.
She seems dissatisfied with that.
「You’re underestimating me?」
「Just come」
「Then I’ll do just that!」
She immediately stabs.
She’s the reckless rushing type just as I’ve told in my impression.
Though Iona’s impression is almost same she’s actually smart and good at tactics.
I’ve confirmed that during our match.
Then the other female knight, Makishia, is something that’s to be expected from a rapier user and she’s above Iona in the sharpness of stabbing.
The match was for a moment.
Faster than her sword reaching me, my sword is already pointing at her neck.
「This is unbelievable…!」
I who have my sword on the scabbard was faster than her making an attack with the sword drawn.
She seems surprised by that.
「Don’t you forget something important?」
「Something important?」
「The one in front of you maybe the foolish prince that’s self-indulgent but still the youngest brother of the hero bloodline. It’s a problem if you’re forgetting that」
Her expression changed when she noticed that the tense has changed from my loose atmosphere from a while ago.
I seem to have provoked her with my words.
「Pardon my rudeness. It seems that I’m the one underestimating here. Please let me go serious this time」
「That’s what I hope for」
「I have another request」
「Let me hear it」
「I’ll ask for real swords on the next match. As expected, it’s best when you’re familiar with it」
「You’re not thinking about 『I lost because I wasn’t using the sword I’m used to』aren’t you? You might not know even if you chose it but if I received an attack using this wooden sword this thing wil break. It won’t break if I swing it though」
「Well, that’s true」
She might be a big shot in a different meaning.
「Well, my victory won’t change whatever happens so it’s fine」
「That’s quite a wonderful confidence. I’m going to smash that」
「I’ll take your words return it with ribbons」
We faced each other again after having such exchange.
「You understand my ability now right? I’ll be waiting so you can take off your armor」
「That’s a kind offer but. There’s nothing to enjoy in this thin body, let us continue like this」
She doesn’t take off her armor that easily.
My intuition says so.
Then, it’s 「That Technique’s」turn
「I’d like to ask another thing」
「Oh, what is it?」
「Is that armor someone’s memento? It’s not because it’s something important that you don’t want to take it off right?」
I thought that it would be troublesome if it is but I have other things at hand.
「I don’t get what’s your aim by asking that but」
Then she continued after making a preface.
「This is ready made goods. I can replace this once I get back, why did you ask?」
「Nothing. It’s for reference」
It seems that it can be broken.
I decided to take action according to plan.
Then break into her.
Then putting my thoughts together, I used the strongest Brave Arts 「Armor Break kai」
Makishia screamed magnificently.
I broke her armor and outer garment to confirm the size of her chest.
Women usually have underwear exposed but it was a white sarashi that came into view.
The too rich breasts is being tightened by the sarashi.
It’s hard to breathe in such state.
Iona on the side who saw it was shocked.
「That’s…! I believed that we have the same size…!」
‘That’s where you’re surprised?’ I retorted in my mind, I turned back after giving her the coat I’m wearing.
We can’t have her have this appearance all the time as expected so I decided for Iona who’s the same sex as her to take a same wearing.
「Iona, sorry but bring her suitable clothes. If possible a big one」
Iona disappeared from the building
「Despite that it’s an important body before marriage, it was seen by a man who hadn’t even promised to marry me, what a shock…」
「Sorry about that but, it’s already decided that you’ll make children with me before long. I’m saved that your character would accept it」
「…I want to ask another thing」
「If it’s something that I can answer then anything goes」
「Did you understand that I’m hiding the size of my chest so you took off my armor?」
「Iona’s thin upper body isn’t unnatural but Shia’s thin upper body and plump bottom is too unnatural.  That’s why I thought it may be bad but I decided to peel it off to confirm. That’s why I accepted the match on purpose」
Even if I’m the one using the 「Armor Break Kai」with a wooden sword, the armor won’t be broken.
Something hard was necessary.
It’s not I can’t do it strictly speaking but, I get quite tired so I don’t want to do it, that’s the truth.
「What is it?」
「You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to」
「Is the size of your chest related to being a man-hater?」
Makishia fell silent.
The cheerful her is being evasive.
It’s probably something difficult.
「You don’t have to force yourself, I told you a while ago right?」
「No, I’ll talk about it」
She began to speak with that sort of feeling.
「I was developing better than the other girls, my chest began to stand out when I was ten」
I listened to her silently.
「I was made fun by the boys of the same age, that was my daily life」
「The men at age ten can be called brats. Their sexual curiosity began to sprout too」
「I hated my own big breast2 That’s why I rolled it with sarashi and lived to not attract attention」
No I think you’re standing out enough.
「That’s the reason for me hiding the size of my breast. Men like big breasts right? I can’t endure the ogling of their eyes…!」
「Men certainly like big breasts.  I can’t deny that. But…」
「But what?」
「Even if a man may be lecherous, it’s my principle to be a gentleman」
「Even if lecherous, a gentleman…?」
「That’s why even I have embraced a lot of women until now, I’ve never forced myself into them.  I can say that with confidence」
「That’s a strange confidence… Speaking of like you, it’s like you」
「That’s why I want you to understand that all men aren’t the same.  Shia will find a man that will love you for all of you, not just your chest」
「That’s…I can understand it a little. You’re very gentlemanly even if you’re talking this way」
「Well, that’s how I’m not troubled with women honestly. I’m popular even if I’m like this」
「I can understand it. I’ll confess it right now but I really like your appearance, your speech is somewhat impolite but your manner is so smooth that it makes a favorable impression」
「I’m honored. Since I don’t know about women’s clothes, I asked Iona to choose. Wait a bit」
「You’re so very king even if I did that much to you…」
「I don’t hate you in particular, you were worried about Iona aren’t you? There’s no reason to treat you harshly」
「…I understood why Iona asked for your guidance. If you’re okay, then can you teach me your sword too?」
「I have a condition if you want to be taught」
「Oh, what i sit?」
「I feel sorry about your abundant breast being tightened with that shirashi. You’ll stop using shirashi today and buy some cute underwear with Iona.  That’s my condition」
「Honestly, I want to say no. I’ve been doing it for a long time」
「That’s why don’t you think it’s a good chance to stop it? That’s not good for your body. You won’t be able to bear a good child at most」
「That’s…right. If you tell me that much…」
「Umu. Good response. Iona’s wearing a cute underwear contraro to her gallant face. I can’t help but feel aroused with that gap」
「That’s news to me.  Then how about the money?」
「Of course it’s my treat. You don’t have to worry about money.  You can pick the best one without any reserve」
「Well, that’s generous but. Dependability may be necessary for a gentleman but that’s not a problem in you it seems」
「I have earnings even if I’m like this. Also, a good woman needs a good cloth, that’s my opinion」
「Then are you saying that I’m a good woman?」
「It goes without saying. You’re really a good woman」
「Well…You’re skillful in it aren’t you?」
That’s how Makishia learned sword from me.


  1. マキシーア=グロースン
  2. I can hear Iona crying from the back!