Hero Machine Chapter 3

Chapter 0: Prologue ③

Just as it name says, though it’s purpose is to crush armor, 「Kai」means that it’ll reach the underwear until they’re stark naked, it’s possible to adjust to the degree that will only leave the knee socks according to the difference in ability of my enemy.
It’s mainly used against women, it’s non lethal and aims to reduce the will to fight using the sense of shame.
Taking her clothes off and only leaving the gloves, garter belt and stockings is quite enthusiastic if I say so.
Then, her hidden weapons come out one after another.
Though it’s said that women had a lot of hiding places1, there’s a limit to it I guess.
She’s hiding her chest using her right hand and genitals with the left hand while glaring at me and assuming a front bend posture.
Though she’s been disarmed, the dagger of unusual shape is still held by her hand just as I imagined.
「That’s the end for me, do you want to continue?」
「…No, it’s my loss. I have never seen a swordsman with such a skillful action as this」
She answered with the idea of giving up.
「Then, I already passed the trial?」
「Now then, since you already are dressed perfectly」
Seeing her half-naked made blood concentrate on the lower part of my body.
「I haven’t had sex with women recently so I’ll fuck you without reserve」
I freed myself from my underwear while saying so.
「Do you intend to do it in this place!?」
She raised her voice in surprise when she saw it.
「Child making can be done anywhere as long as there’s a man and a woman」2
「There no sign of people nearby. Since it’s intended to argue with me the people were cleared out. I don’t know how much but I’m sure that we have some time」
「…It seems that you’ve foreseen everything」
「I’m not that clever. I’m filled with things I don’t know」
If you tell that I’m clever then the world would be filled with wise people.
「That’s why please teach me about women’s body」
I decided to take a lecture about a woman’s body.
「You’re going to answer my question as lewd as possible. Good?」
「Yes. Certainly」
「Very well. Then, stick your hand on the wall and show me your ass」
She obediently followed what I ordered.
The black garter belt shines in her white thighs.
With big ass comes big power. 34
「Nice ass. You’re likely to make a healthy child with this」
Saying that, I stroked the smooth white buttocks.
A cloudy liquid overflows from the crack placed between her two white round ass.
「What, aren’t you already wet? You’re arguing with me in this state?」
「I was already wet when I fought you but when you took off my clothes, this happened」
「I see. That’s impolite of me」
「I don’t feel it from a man weaker than my self but if it’s you, I feel that I’d reach such heights I never reached yet, my chest is filled with expectations」
「Let’s see」
Saying so, I extend my hand on the ripe left breast of her.
My pulse is acting like an alarm bell as my palm felt the firmness and size of such a first class work of art chest.
「N…Can you understand the beating of my heart?」
「I see. It’s not surprising if it bursts from swelling this much」
「Do you find it satisfactory?」
「I know that but there are still a lot of places for a woman to hide a weapon so I’m checking」
Saying that, I gripped her secret meat that’s on plain view and peeped inside.
「It’s colored beautiful pink」
「Ah…doing that deep…」
She raised her voice as the cold air touched her mucous membrane.
「I can’t say that it’s enough inspection by just looking. I have to check if there’s something inside」
I stick my finger in while saying so.
The slit that’s overflowing with love nectar swallowed my finger surprisingly fast.
「Nnn…Even if you worry too much, I have nothing on right now…!」
「Now」? Dangerous, dangerous.
It seems that the assassin has a few weapons on their woman hole.
My finger slipped too many times on her hot slippery hole.
The wet sound echoes in the hallway.
「What is this sticky liquid?」
I questioned her while showing the finger with bubbling thread on her face.
「That’s…a lewd female juice that’s overflowing when their pussy wants the penis」
「Oh, so your pussy wants my penis?」
「Yes…」 Ashley’s assassin pussy wants Yusharurushu-sama’s sturdy hero penis to be given to her… My pussy feels painful since a while ago…」
「I see, I see. Your assassin pussy wants to be inseminated by my hero penis and become pregnant」
「Yes. I’ll be really glad if you do so」
「Well, there’s another thing」
「Just call me Sharuru」
「Certainly, Sharuru-sama」
「What’s this pink color?」
This time I ask her while lightly touching the pea sized bulge hidden in the foreskin on top of her crack.
「That’s called clitoris, it’s where women feel it the most」
「Should I play with it?」
I tried to touch it gently by the tip of the finger when given permission.
I repeated it again and again.
Her body trembled, there’s foamy love nectar that’s pouring away from her woman hole.
It’s time.
I who judged so advanced to the final phase.
「Since a while ago I intend to thrust you in this place but what do you think would happen if I do?」
It wants to enter a woman soon, while showing a towering and trembling appearance5, I asked indifferently.
「If the rock hard penis entered my wet pussy…It’ll become unbearably pleasant…」
「I see. Then to meet your expectations, my hero penis would make Ashley’s assassin pussy feel too good that you won’t be able to do anything」
「Yes. Please make Ashley’s lewd pussy feel too good…please bless me with lots of children using Sharuru-sama’s heroic penis」
「Allow me to do so」
「Yes. Please come inside」
Ashley opened her sticking out pussy using the hand that’s been on the wall.
Her love nectar discharged from the slit on that moment, the glans pushed it and it got congested.
「It’s so hard…!」
Just like what she said, I am diamond hard.
「I feel quite fatigued from walking day after day. A man’s penis is even more energetic when his physical strength is filled with tiredness」
「Ahn~…It’s so hard and robust…!」
Saying that, Ashley woman hole swallowed it without any resistance, it is not loose by any means, it’s holding it in and sucking, wrapping it without any gaps.
Though virgins are good, I’m thankful that Ashley is a non-virgin as I can plunge quickly in a second.
It’s already familiar to my thing when I put it in.
「It’s a well accustomed pussy. My penis is wrapped warmly and it feels pleasurable」
I said while tasting the feeling of her vagina without reserve.
「Ahn~…! To please Sharuru-sama’s heroic boiling hot penis is more of a blessing for a woman…~!」
「You’re cute. I’ll have you memorize my shape until you get pregnant」
Gripping the constricted waist, I began to piston.
Whenever the meats clash with each other, it’s making a lewd banging sound.
「Ah, Ahn~…! Amazing! It’s my first time feeling this good from a penis!」
I wildly bang my waist and engrossed myself from the feeling of Ashley’s pussy.
「Ashley’s pussy too, it’s warm and the sucking feeling is the best. I can do you a lot of times without getting tired」
「N…n…I’m honored. However, I thought that the royalty doesn’t set their eyes on the non-virgins」6
「It’s a policy of the royalty to make children and I’m not so fixed on that kind of thing」
I was really indebt with the prostitutes for their help to suppress the heightened feeling after battle.
That is why I respect them for having the attitude without making an unpleasant face no matter what kind of man it is.
Fortunately I’m good-looking so I’m not rejected.
「Why is someone popular like you coming in this place?」that’s their reaction.
「I’ve been doing virgins quite for a while. Doing an adult woman like Ashley isn’t bad either」
「I’m glad even if that’s a lie…」
「I’m not lying. The rock hard penis inside you is the proof」
「Ahn~…! Then I’m really glad…!」
「Having no problems to make children with you from the start is the proof」
「Ahn~…! Too strong…!」
The opponent that he’s exchanging swords a while ago is now making an exchange in body, it feels arousing whether it’s liked or not.
I still have a long way to go before ejaculating but my thing is about to burst.
「It’s getting even bigger inside…Is there something?」
「No, we’re fighting just a while ago and now we’re fucking, thinking about it makes me feel strange」
「I know it too… My pussy got terribly aroused too… The strong penis of yours don’t give me a room, it wants to conquer me and inseminate it a lot」
「Until we know that you’re pregnant, I’ll be doing you for two months in my bed」
「I’ll do you a lot of times. Just like I said a while ago, I’ll make you remember the shape of my penis!」
「Aaaa~! I’m glad!」
Then I continued to penetrate Ashley.
I untied Ashley’s hair while thrusting her intensely, she gasps hard as her hair get disheveled.
That appearance is very lascivious.
「You’re very sexy. You can bring prostitutes to shame」
「Ah~…Ahn~…! If you keep penetrating my pussy with your tower violently, women would fall in disorder」
「You’re really a good woman, Ashley. It’s the highest joy for a man to mate with such a good woman like you. I’ll definitely make you bear my child!」
「Yes~…! I want Sharuru-sama’s child…! Please give Sharuru-sama’s child in Ashley’s womb…!」
The waves of pleasure surged over and over again, she contracts even further before long, it begins to plead for my child.
「I intended to make you pregnant from the start. Be sure to squeeze every drop」
「Ahn~! Un! It’s been the first time man violently seeks me like this…」
Her climax is close, she spoke as her knee tremble.
「There’s something going to come out from my penis soon」
「Nnn~…! Yes…」
「Then what would happen next?」
I asked an obvious thing.
「Inside my wet pussy, I would receive the thick sperm from your erect penis…」
「A woman’s womb can’t go against a strong penis and it’ll surrender unconditionally and be pregnant without fail…!」
「I see. If so then I’ll pour my semen and make you pregnant as you wish」
「Yes… Please…」
I increased the pace of my piston and shook my waist like crazy.
「Ahn~! Ahn~ Sharuru-sama, I’m about to!」
「Go on! Cum without reserve, cum and be pregnant!」
I pressed my glans against her uterus and stimulated it.
Ashley had reached climax while raising a lovely voice.
I poured large quantity of sperm inside her vagina.
As expected from the accumulated three days, the semen gushed out with such momentum.
「Aaa… My womb feels warm…」
She lost the power? Ashley said that while having her hand on the wall while having a charmed expression.
The vagina between her thighs that I didn’t do immediately is now streaming with huge amount of semen.
Thus I finished my first mating today.
But, it’s still a long day today. The real fun has just began.


  1. Reminds me of the swimmers in pokemon
  2. Damn, I can’t find any counter argument here
  3. And great responsibility
  4. The proper translation is “The big ass has a great appeal when seen closer”
  5. The penis
  6. Sharurunicorn