Hero Machine Chapter 4

Chapter 0: Prologue ④

「We’re mating already so it’s a waste if it overflows. I’ll cork it」
Saying that, I inserted to Ashley that’s still sensitive from climaxing woman hole again from the back.
Ashley’s voice leaked out from the stimulation.
I used Ashley’s back of the knee as fulcrum and lifted her body.
Though I’m supporting her, both of Ashley’s arms are on my shoulder so she can’t her front using her hand.
Our connecting part is completely exposed.
I am buried inside Ashley, the meat pole is slightly seen but Ashley’s chest and genitals are completely exposed.
「Aaa…Such a shameless appearance…I’m embarrassed…!」
Saying that, Ashley’s love nectar overflows from the crotch.
「You’re hoping to be seen right? Ashley’s assassin pussy is discharging love nectar, you’re tightening as if you want to eat my hero penis」
「Ah…! Ahn~…! Don’t say such things…!」
Just like I pointed out, I’m being tightened as if it wants me to ejaculate sooner.
「Though people had been cleared out…Ahn~…It’s not…forever… There’s a room prepared…Ah…! Let’s…go…nn~…there…」
「Guide me to that room then. Since it’s special, I should have my back washed afterwards」
「Ha…yes…! I’ll do it with pleasure…!」
Right now, my thing inside Ashley is trembling, It’s throbbing.
「Aaa…I can feel…Sharuru-sama inside me…getting even bigger…」
「I told you a while ago but I’m a bit tired. I’ll have to pour a lot of semen inside Ashley’s assassin pussy that you won’t have time to rest」
「Aaaa…It’s so sturdy…!」
「Having Ashley’s pussy that’s indifferent with weak women be pleased is above anything else」
I kept walking without rest.
「Ah…! Ahn~…! Deep…! It’s too deep…!」
I pierce her deeply with every step, Ashley’s whole body tremble each time.
I feel pleasure too of course.
「Which should I turn next?」
Having the road divide, I asked Ashley while being connected.
「To…the right…Nnn…!」
Ashley tightens further.
It’s just a matter of time before I ejaculate.
Ashley is the person in charge to take care of me after my victory at dawn, she’s also in charge of taking care of my sexual needs, she’s also in charge of my reproduction function but, if those who doesn’t know the circumstances saw us in the corridor, my rumored 「Foolish prince that’s self indulgent」would be raised.
…Childmaking in the corridor of the palace.
…They’d think ‘Even if it was a three days of accumulation, that’s still a daring act’
…Even if they know the circumstances, they’d be drawn away.
Well, just like what Ashley said a while ago, there’s no people, they’ve been cleared out so there’s no need to worry for a while.
It’s originally for child making, not, it’s to conceal the fight between me and Ashley.
While keeping such thoughts in my head, I advanced while carrying Ashley.
「Ahn~…! Amazing…! My womb is making a noise…!」
「Ashley being pleased is above all. Well, having such a charming maid, then having such a semen squeezing assassin pussy tightening me, I can’t help but get diamond hard」
A stronger male genitalia going inside the female genitalia of Ashley is biologically said to yield.
「What a lewd Assassin Pussy. Can you feel me hitting you? I can feel the entrance of your womb going down. Do you really want my sturdy penis to release and fill you up pregnant?」
「I’m sorry… It is as you say but…Sharuru-sama’s penis is too great…It’s unsuitable for my assassin pussy at all… Just as you say, I’m prostrating myself before the heroic penis that’s stronger than me…」
「I see, I see. Does this assassin pussy really want my child?」
I asked it while swaying Ashley’s body.
「Ah…! Aaahn~…! Yes…I’d like to receive the thick child from Sharuru-sama’s heroic penis…」
「That’s Ashley’s lewd assassin pussy. If you want my child then stroke my penis with all your heart, beg and squeeze my semen until my balls are emptied」
「Yes…I’ll gladly receive Sharuru-sama’s fresh semen with my assassin pussy」
Ashley declared, She skillfully squeezed me without shaking her waist.
「How is it? Sharuru-sama…Do you feel pleasant?」
「Yeah. It feels great. You’re doing something that even prostitutes can’t」
I gave my honest praise.
Though prostitutes can do the same thing as Ashley, Ashley that’s not having it as her profession is no inferior to them.
「Sharuru-sama isn’t just a strong gentleman. There aren’t a lot of gentle men who can endure ejaculating from this…」
「It’s a fortune for a man to have a woman such as Ashley to serve him」
「Ahn~…! To have a strong, sturdy and fantastic gentleman like Sharuru-sama be glad…It makes me glad too… It’s a fortune for a woman to hear such words from Sharuru-sama… If it’s Sharuru-sama…I’ll do my duty and give you a child…」
「A dangerously charming beauty like Ashley saying like that doesn’t feel bad but, Isn’t that too much of a lip service?」
「It’s true…There’s only one gentleman who had a strong penis that made my assassin pussy surrender… The owner of my assassin pussy that melted away is only Sharuru-sama throughout my life…」
「There won’t be any owner of Ashley’s pussy that shuts tight. I won’t let you sleep tonight」
「Ahn~…I’m glad…!」
We continued to cross while making such exchange and we finally reached our destination.
「Sharuru-sama…this…this is…Sharuru-sama’s…room…!」
Ashley’s gasping for breath while telling me.
「My hands are full. Open the door」
「Ah…! Ahn~…! Yes…!」
Being urged by me, Ashley opened the door somehow while trembling in pleasure.
「Get pregnant! Ashley! Get pregnant with my child!!」
The moment we entered the room, I who reached my limit aimed at Ashley’s womb and ejaculated again.
「Ah…! Ahn~…! It’s reaching…! The great heroic penis is pouring in thick semen inside my assassin pussy to make me pregnant」
「You’ll give birth to my child, Ashley. If it’s your child, I’m sure that it will be a wonderful child」
「Yes… I’ll give birth… It will be an excellent child with a blood of a hero and an assassin…!」
Saying that, Ashley had devoted herself to the wave of pleasure while her body trembles.
「Aaa…! Such pleasure…! A heroe’s penis is the best…!」
Ashley had surrendered herself to the pleasure of mating with a man stronger than her.
Ten seconds after, Ashley finally finished being inseminated by me, She slowly pulled herself from me and slowly laid down on the bed.
Ashley’s body bounced on the bed.
Ashley can’t calm down completely, my thick semen didn’t make the floor dirtty, it’s firmly sticking on her thighs.
「Haa…Haa…Haa…It was very wonderful, Sharuru-sama…」
She said that while gasping.
「Ashley is even more wonderful. Having such a good woman in such a short time, I’m glad that I was able to hold you lovely」
「To have such a wonderful gentleman be served by me for a while, It’s like a dream to have a child from such a wonderful child」
「It’s mutual」
「I’m trully gracious」
「You did well」
「Then, let’s start by cleaning」
Confirming that Ashley had calmed down, the cloudy viscous liquid had stuck over before one’s eyes.
Ashley didn’t dislike it in particular and began to serve me.
「Chu…nchu…Sharuru-sama’s penis juice and my pussy juice is mixed, it’s so delicious…」
「You only have to clean it. When ejaculating, I’ll shoot inside Ashley’s pussy exclusively to make children」
「Churu…I’m glad. I can have a lot of Sharuru-sama’s child」
Loving what I said, she served my thing.
「That’s right. You’ll be my exclusive child making pussy for a while」
Until that there’s no problem in my duty to function to make a child, I can’t start my duty.
Women who would fall can’t be undone after all.
Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the body of this dangerous charming assassin without any reserve.