Hero Machine Chapter 6

Chapter 1 「Female Knight Iona②」

「That’s why I told you to strip」
I pulled the sword pointed at her neck and said.
「It’s as you say. I feel ashamed to swallow the saliva I spit but allow me to take of my armor」
That was my intention from the start. It seems that there’s no problems.
「Then, Excuse me」
Obtaining my permission, Iona began to take off her armor.
「Sorry to keep you waiting」
Taking of her armor, the body with a delicate line was exposed.
She’s slim overall having no wasteful flesh.
But on the other hand, the size of her chest is humble.
It’s a minus to a woman but it’s easy to move, so it’s an advantage for a knight.
Unless I ask Iona the question, I will have no way to find out.
「Our situation is the same with this」
I glanced at Iona’s appearance that became light and said.
「Yes. The match had already ended and it resuled as my loss」
「Yeah, about that」
「What is it?」
「Don’t count what happened a while ago. It’s not interesting if the match isn’t fair」
Saying that, she showed a surprised face.
「Are you saying that you want to fight equally till the end?」
「That’s right. Also…」
「I want to know more about you. It’s easier to learn it by having a match using swords」
「…Are you trying to court me?」
「I don’t care if you think so. I’m interested in you」
「…You’re really not just a prince」
「Didn’t I tell you that I’m a self indulgent foolish prince, right?」
「I can’t agree with that. A master of sword like you can’t be seen like that」
「I’ll receive that first words of praise. I’m honored」
「I can’t promise to keep up with your expectations」
Iona continued her introductory remarks.
「I’m grateful for the chance given. I’ll be serious this time is what I want to say but I’ve hit with all of my force a while ago」
「Well, you have your armor on a while ago. Expect to move better this time」
「Please let me endeavor even if my power is inferior」
She answered.
She’s a serious woman in all respects.
「Since it’s rare, why don’t we make it a match of 10? If you can take one then it’s your victory」
「Please don’t make light of me, is what I want to say but that’s the extend of the difference between you and me」
The seems to understand as she didn’t insult. She’s a smart woman.
「Being calm is also good. That’s the most necessary quality to survive」
A calm person doesn’t necessarily win the match. But, it’s certain that the calm wins has more cases.
I think Iona has a good nature.
「I’m thankful for your praise. This time I’ll challenge you with all of my mind」
Fully realizing my ability, Her eyes says that she’s not a person who gave it up.
Though I enjoy an equal match the most, I don’t hate the match where I make the opponent give up because of the difference in ability.
This time I took a stance aiming at her eye, and face the match.
「It’s a basic posture this time」
「Well, sometimes」
Does she think of my attitude as suspicious? Iona doesn’t begin easily.
The moment I thought so she swung her sword.
She’s not just smart but also great in tactics.
At any rate, I draw out a slash after confirming that Iona made a slash.
Still, my sword catches her faster. Of course, I stopped it before I made a hit.
「I’m defeated…」
The woman who declared giving up had a face seeing something unbelievable.
「That’s first」
「It’s clear that you moved later than me yet…」
「This is more or less a hero’s bloodline. This may sound like priding but you can think of my physical strength being different from normal people」
「This is a Hero’s bloodline power…」
Iona swallowed her saliva.
「That’s how it is. Brace yourself and come!」
「Yes Then second round please」

Though there’s the difference in ability, Iona kept challenging me without any signs of giving up.
Even if she fought me with her earnest, it’s like having practice for me.
I enjoyed my match with her from the bottom of my heard while swinging my sword.
She challenged me, aimed at the counter, learned various ways to win by trial and error yet she was never able to beat me.
I was going easy on her because it won’t be a practice if I win overwhelmingly, I set my attack to have a gap to some degree and have her take them.

The tenth ended with my victory.
「Haa…haa…haa…Thank you very much…」
The woman is breathing heavily and my breathing isn’t disturbed at all. Because my the amount of movement is far superior, it’s natural I must say.
I controlled Iona’s movement to my on continence so I hardly moved at all.
「It’s my win. Or do you still want to continue?」
「No, there’s no doubt that it’s my complete defeat」
The woman who regained her breath answered.
She has the ability but she can understand the difference with me.
Though she’s said to be a knight she’s resolute.
「I’d say this, you’re not weak. I’m just too strong so don’t mind it」
It’s not to comfort her but this is the truth.
I basically hunt a dangerous demon that would take a party to take down alone.
Of course it’s not all of my ability, add the rare magic that I obtained in a labyrinth dungeon, equipment, the strong brave arts is considered, I think of arranging such environment with such ability. 1
Anyway, my ability is out of standards.
I seem to be arrogant but comparing to me is a mistake.
At least, her ability as a swordsman isn’t behind a demon.
As expected the person who’s been selected as a candidate to give birth to my child, very nice.
「I’m very sorry for the rude attitude I made a while ago. How should I really apologize…」
Making a complete turn, she meekly apologizes with eyes that wears respect.
「Don’t mind it. I don’t mind it anyway」
I said that to end the talk.
「I’ve racked some sweat. let’s go to the bedroom while sweating」
She nodded obediently.
「I’ll give you lots of love」
When I said that, her cheeks turned to red.

Thus, after making much sweat, I took the beautiful female knight to the bed.
Far from two, the bed has room for four people to sleep in, I am sitting on the bed waiting for Iona.
There’s also the thing as first time so she’s washing her body deliberately.
Feeling hard from such thoughts, she finally appeared.
「I’m sorry to make you waiting. Yusharurushu-sama」
Her hair is untied, her cheeks blushed red slightly, my first impression was from the girl I would have sex with is like a different person.
「You can call me Sharuru. My name is long after all」
「Yes. I’ll call you that way then, Sharuru-sama」
Iona that’s wrapped in clothes answered.
This bedroom helps me to get sexually aroused, they’re overall provocative, having various designs, underwear and night clothes for women are arranged by size.
The night wear are all see through, the undergarment they substantially choose is completely exposed.
I can help her put on what I like but I left it to Iona so I can see her sense.
That’s why Iona wears a white see through long slip dress.
Though her underwear is completely exposed I guess her only resistance is to wear something long.
Her underwear is a white lace bra and panties.
It seems that she prefers a womanly design of lace and ribbon on contrary to her dignified impression.
It’s commonly called 「Dressing up in a place that’s not seen」
The design is quite adult, the panties has a string attached to make it easy to take off.
「Iona’s choice is quite bold」
I just met her today but I hadn’t had that kind of thought. The image and gap is too much.
「I heard that gentlemen liked such underwear of the manager maid. …Is it shameless?」
「You put it on for my sake right? It suits you well」
「Thank you for your praise」
Though she’s embarrassed, she doesn’t cover with her hand while approaching me.
It seems that she had resolved to be embraced by me.
「I may be inexperienced but best regards」
She kneeled down in front of me, thrust three fingers and bowed her head.2
It’s different from when we had a match, she’s quite modest.
「You don’t have to be ceremonious. I’m not used to formalities」
「No, I want to keep my courtesy to you」
「All of the men I’ve seen until now are just mere lip-service, though I’m a woman, men are inferior to me so I look down on men」
「Oh. There’s that kind of people」
Though I am the youngest in the royal family, my mother who received me doesn’t desire for position of power as I am enough for her, my other brothers are far aged from me, I also lack the teeth either3, my probability of succeeding the throne is near zero, I was looked down on but not neglected fortunately.
I’m great as I’m in the hero bloodline but I don’t care about power, or I’m great because I’m a man, or women should follow men, or I don’t think of methods.4 An excellent human isn’t about young or old, woman or man.
「But, you’re different from the men. You accepted my sword fair and square, you crushed my pride that I have no room to doubt」
It’s the ability that made a woman weaker than a man. It might be her first time to meet a man that’s more skillful than her.
I listened to her while thinking that.
「I thought that I can devote myself to that bout」5
「I don’t intend to feel bad even if you say that, I won’t listen to it if you’re just recognizing the power」6
「No. It’s as you said, the sword reflects oneself」
She paused, then continued.
「If you just wanted to demonstrate your power, you can take a rude attitude and your ability should’ve been able to harm me. You didn’t do it and you even added lessons for me. You’re not just a man with power but also with an excellent heart」
「I’m not such a wonderful man. But, it’s certain that I don’t have hobbies of teasing a woman」
A game is interesting because the result isn’t seen, it’s my cherished opinion so teasing them for the difference in ability is an act I detest, I thought.
Isn’t it boring to play only matches with promised victory?
Even I am aware that it’s not a good habit but it’s interesting to have a life and death fight, being aware of death would make you feel that you’re alive in contrary.
I can’t get enough of that thrill and I travelled all over a lot of labyrinth dungeon.
Being aware of death stimulates your survival instinct and it makes me unreasonably want to leave my kind to a woman.
I kept embracing women after travelling across the labyrinth dungeon.
Considering that, my desire is raising to my head.
I looked at Iona.
I can embrace this beautiful female knight as I want, just thinking that made my chest jump in excitement.
「Uhm…It’s my first time sleeping with a man on the bed…what should I do?」
She peeped into my face with an upward glance while saying that.
It’s natural for Iona to be a virgin.
It’s a necessary condition to bear my child.
There’s a rough condition of 「Should be a virgin」and 「Must have an impressive ability in swords or magic」that’s conditions to become a hero’s mother candidate.
The former is because of the popular belief that says 「Even if she didn’t give birth, a non virgin had accepted the influence from the first man who gave her the seed」, a non-virgin shrinks the lineage of the honorable hero.
So, all of the women I’ll inseminate would be virgins.
The exception is 「Those who had their virginity taken by me and hadn’t had intercourse with any other man」will also be qualified.
However, there’s no way to examine if they had sexual relationship, but since there aren’t much virgin women that have superior ability, this is ignored usually.
「Take a seat first」
I said while clapping my hand on my knee.
The most effective way to close up the hearts is to close up the bodies, that’s my opinion.
That’s why I opened up my legs and made her sit down, Iona’s hair has a fragrant scent of shampoo tickling my nose.
「Iona smells nice」
Saying that, I inhaled with all my lung the fragrance of the shampoo that drifts from her hair.
「Please don’t smell it too much… I’m so embarrassed I might die…」
Her ears are dyed red while saying.
Umu, it’s cute.
「Do you mind it? You smell good」
Giving her that answer, I began to stroke her smooth thin abdomen slowly.
Since she had just finished bathing, her body is still warm.
「Ah…N…I feel a bit ticklish…」
「You don’t like it?」
「No…that’s not what I mean but…why my stomach…?」
「Stomachs are important for those who would bear my child. I can’t help but love it」
That’s not a lie but virgin partners have low mental resistance when touched in the genitals or chest suddenly, that’s most of the reason.
I’ll just do this slowly and shift up and down gradually.
Also, it’s also effective calling the name of your partner and have them call yours.
I have to be careful here, it’s the point where the partner must be get favorable to myself to some degree.
I can’t make a mistake as her perception is sharp, It would be a serious thing if I made a mistake in assessment.
That’s why I’ll keep in mind to call her name if possible.
「Only I know that Iona is a cute woman. Don’t feel superior」
「That’s…calling me cute…but, isn’t it shameless for me to sit on top of you?…」
「We’ll do something even more embarrassing from now on. If you say that now the end would be such a waste」
I answer while stroking her stomach without rest.
This should be too stimulating for the naively innocent Iona.
「Well, why don’t we start by knowing each other. I’ll answer your questions as long as it’s in the answerable range」
「n… But, would that be fine?」
「You have that kind of sword skill even though you’re young, I thought that you’ve taken apprenticeship from a famous teacher but who on this world would that be?」
「No, I don’t have one. I’m self taught」
「…! Self…taught!? That skill!?」
Confused from the touch, Iona can’t hide her surprise.
「It’s often said in combat, don’t you think that speaking badly would make unreasonable movement?」7
「Certainly that’s the most difficult of all I’ve faced so far」
I think that the basis of battle is to do what your opponent dislikes.8
For her who is used to fighting fair and square from her creed, it’s normal for her to dislike my movement.
Well, overdoing it would be cowardly so I adjusted it considerably.
In actual combat I can destroy her stance in a moment and take dominance. My forte is kicking away and throwing down but I didn’t do that in the match.
It’s considered good manners to adapt according to her.
「I’m called to be the youngest brother in the royalty but my authority has never influenced me at all. Mom is the one who taught me to read and write, I never received special education」
I’m satisfied enough to be awarded, my mother didn’t assume me getting involved in the power struggle to be good, the only support we had was a shabby house and a minimum food cost.
My father didn’t treat us cold. I must say that he’s rather a fair person.
「…Then how did you train?」
「I cross swords with demons, I take out the materials from a demon and use it to help myself in life」
「…Spending a life even you’re a royalty!? It may be rude but…I was given a regular education, my house seems to be prosper…」
「I don’t mind any kind of way as long as I can aquire the way to live properly. For me it was demon extermination」
I didn’t reach to this thought before but my mother had realized that she won’t live long enough, that’s why my mother had an ulterior motive to make me independent earlier and I became one.
「What are you saying that the royal family can use, Iona?」9
I continued after making a introductory remark.
「The royal family work isn’t an excellent work. The one that deserves respect from me are the blacksmiths or the bakers」
I continued to run my hand on Iona’s stomach without stopping even while having such a serious talk.
「Nnn…! It seems painfully true… I’ll keep it in my heart…」
「There’s a basis in things. Your performance in the practice at dojo is for certain」
「If you ask me, You have trained very much that the swing of your sword is enough to cut a demon」
「…Why is it?」
「Since humans are stupid, they won’t remember what made them feel pain at all. Would you just stop before a practice?10
「…Yes, that’s for sure」
A promised safety from practice is different from a demon who has no control.
If you can’t win and run away, there’s nothing but death.
The enemies are always random, you must ascertain whether you can beat your opponent with your ability.
My judgement was considerably trained after a lifetime of demon hunting.
「If you don’t deal with your own life, you won’t make progress. That’s how I got desperately strong」
I think to the point that an incompetent human wins against other living things because they think and plan.
It’s thanks to the wisdom that’s been cultivated that we’re able to maintain a territory even slightly.
「Even if I look like this, I’ve passed through bloodbaths. I changed my outlook about death after getting near death, once, twice, I’ve seen things I never saw before. That’s the proof of my ability」
Iona was silently listening to my story.
「For that reason, I have no teacher. If you ask me then the one who taught me the light foundation is my father」
My late mother were looking at the two of us while gently smiling. It’s an irreplaceable memory of my childhood even now.
「No… I was convinced by the story now… Your swordsmanship is trained by actual fights so that’s why you’re so strong…」
「It’s not that great」
「…No, I understood why you used a swordsmanship to match me in the match11
Iona’s face brightened and she doesn’t look frustrated from being defeated by me at all.
「…Also, you didn’t use the trump card brave arts…」
「It’s not a skill to be used on a normal human」
Brave Arts is extremely strong that it’s possible to overturn a hopeless war situation.
I feel bad for Iona but just like what she said, there’s no need to use it.
I limit it’s use even when diving alone in the labyrinth dungeon, Brave Arts would lose it’s meaning as a trump card if it’s used many times.
There’s a guidebook in Brave Arts but not everyone is taught about it. I borrowed it without permission and learned it selfishly.
My late elder brothers should’ve learned it but, I’m the first one who should’ve aquired several.
Different from my elder brothers who had completed the study of the royal family, I have used most of my time to improve my strength in swinging swords so it’s obvious out of all obvious.
I’m not a device to rule the country, the king next to my father who’s the current kind would be one of my elder brothers I thought.
It’s been talked about for several years but my father isn’t aged to become senile yet. There’s no problem.
「I can teach you technical skills that depends on Iona’s training I think, If you’d like then I’ll teach you」
I returned as we have derailed lightly and I told Iona.
Brave Arts is a limited skill that only those with the hero bloodline can use, if you have talent and have undergone a training to some degree, you can learn Blade Arts.
I can see that Iona has enough talent. It’s possible for me to teach her Blade Arts.
「Is that true!?」
As expected, knights are indeed hungry for strength. She took a bite in excitement.
「But, is it okay?」
Iona asks if I should be just easily giving out as it was a secret.
「It’s not like it’s taking off from the premise, I think that they won’t mind me teaching it. Besides, Iona is a woman that’s going to become a candidate mother of a hero. My request is for you to learn」
「If it’s like that, then please take care of me master」
She bowed her head honestly.
「Well, I’d like it to be done before your stomach grow big. If there would be no problems with Iona’s body, then we’ll start tomorrow」
I said while looking at her thin waist.
If this thin waist would carry my child, It would acquire more than Brave Arts.
After having a long talk, Iona’s tension had became considerably loose.
Is it good already?
「Should we finish the talk here and do our duties?」
Saying that, I had drawn Iona’s delicate shoulder.


  1. そういった環境を整える事自体も実力の内だと俺は思っている。
  2. Marriage greeting
  3. 俺の事なんて歯牙にもかけず
  4.  そんな権力とは無縁で育った俺には自分は勇者の血族だから偉い、とか男だから偉い、とか女は男に従うべきだ、とかいった風な考えはない。
  5. 「あの手合わせでこの方になら心から身を委ねられる、と思いました」
  6. 「そこまで言われて悪い気はしないが、それだと力だけを認められたようにしか聞こえなくもないぞ」
  7. 「よく言えば実戦的、悪く言えば滅茶苦茶な動きだったとは思わなかったか?」
  8.  戦闘の基本はいかに相手が嫌がる事をするか、だと俺は思っている。
  9. 「王家に使えているIonaにこんな事を言うのはなんだが」
  10. 稽古じゃ寸止めするだろ?」
  11. 「……いえ、稽古や試合での剣しか知らない私が敵うようなお方でなかったことがよく理解できました」