Hero Machine Chapter 8

Chapter 1 「Female Knight Iona ④」

This time she’s facing my front and riding on top of me.
Then, the breasts that had come before my eyes appeared on the best position.
Did she notice that my glance is poured there? Her cheeks dyed even redder.
「Speaking honestly」
「I think that Iona right now is charming enough」
Was my words unexpected? Iona was surprised.
「Iona’s chest may certainly be modest compared to her height but both the shape and color is beautiful. Iona is just as I thought, I’ve embraced a number of splendid women until now but it’s rare to see such beautiful breasts」
「Is that true?」
Praising her chest that she has a complex with, she can’t believe the situation.
Praising those who have inferiority complex gives them confidence.
Therefore, I continued.
「It might feel bad to be compared but Iona’s breasts are amazingly charming. You should have confidence」
「That’s…saying that it’s attractive…」
「If this charming chest of Iona grows, do you know what will happen?」
Iona was at loss for a reply.
Iona’s brain that’s mostly battle oriented is ignorant at that place at all.
「The already charming Iona would even become more lovely」
Turn useless to better, if not good then refine it, emphasize it.
「For that reason, I’ll work hard to make Iona’s chest big as she wish」
Saying that, I put her nipple in my mouth.
Iona’s nipple make a lewd sound as I suck.
「Uhm…It’s really embarrassing…」
「That embarrassment is the best medicine for your chest. You have to endure it」
Giving that answer, I tasted her pointed hard fruit without reserve.
「If it’s what Sharuru-sama says…It may be too embarrassing but I’m going to endure the shame…」
「The tsun-tsun Iona was cute but this Iona is cute too」
「I apologize for that time…」
「What are you apologizing for? I’m praising you. I love strong-minded women. I can say it now but I liked the Iona from when we just met each other」
It’s her appearance of course but the weight of not flattering me easily is high.
A woman who blindly believes the authority as a royalty can have a good impression all the time.
「You like it? That rude attitude of mine?」
「My own value is low. Iona isn’t a woman of that degree」
Though she seems to have confidence as a knight she doesn’t seem to have confidence as a woman. The impetus might be her inferiority complex in her chest.
「Going back to the story, if a child is born the child will suck this. You should think of this as a rehearsal. The child would suck it more without reserve」
Saying that, I strongly sucked her nipples.
The nipples of Iona that’s been hard since a while ago had increased in pleasure.
「We’re making a play of me sucking breast milk from Iona right now」
「I’m definitely going to make Iona pregnant with my sperm milk and you’ll chest would swell with breast milk」
I stick my over-swelling under Iona’s mons veneris as I speak.
Though I’d like to bury my naughty boy inside Iona immediately but she’s a virgin.
I must hold myself back and look calm.
「Uhm…Something is hitting me…」
「For a good woman like Iona to sit on my legs, it’s not strange for this to not get big」
Saying that, I push and grind the hard hot thing against her.
「That’s…saying that I’m a good woman…」
「Iona’s pussy is warm. It surely must feel good when I enter this」
「Feels good? Does childmaking feel good?」
「Since it feels good men and women want to do it. You don’t know?」
「So that’s it… Though I knew the act and the meaning of it, any more than that and I’m ignorant…」
「It might hurt a bit since it’s Iona’s first time but it’ll feel good as it goes on」
「Yes. I’m thankful for the consideration」
This time I touched her plump thighs.
「N…it tickles」
「Iona’s skin is smooth, it feels good. I want to touch it forever」
While I say that, I gradually moved my caress to the center.
「Have you ever played with your pussy before?」
「Then I’ll play with it. I’ll make it soaking wet to prepare it to accept my thing」
I said and started to caress.
I first traced it slowly on top of her panties.
「How’s it? What’s your impression from having your pussy played by a man for the first time?」
「N…It feels unpleasant but my back feels shivery」
Iona answered while she twists her body in pleasure.
Love nectar overflows gradually whenever I give her stimulation.
「Please don’t tease me so much, my panties are getting dirty…」
「You don’t have to mind it. It’s yours the moment you put it on」
I kept playing with Iona without minding.
Every time we I stimulate her, she trembles.
It’s colored white, the pubic hair sticks on it and the shape can be seen as it’s slightly transparent.
「Iona will catch a cold if you’re wearing this. I’m takin it off」
I declared while untying the string.
Taking it off, her pubic hair that’s on apologetic degree on her mons veneris becomes exposed.
The important part of Iona that has still not accepted a man yet has a beautiful lengthwise line.
「This is Iona’s pussy. It’s shaped beautifully」
「Aaa…Please don’t look at it so much…it’s embarrassing…」
「I told you a while ago but won’t it be a waste if you feel embarrassed? I’m going to look inside the hole」
「Inside my hole?」
Iona’s red to her ears.
「This will be the first and last day I could worship Iona’s hymen. You have to show it to me thoroughly of course」
For me who had sex with hundreds of women, this way of speaking isn’t good but I can’t pay attention to Iona only all the time.
I feel reluctant honestly but, it’s absolutely necessary to take Iona’s virginity and inseminate her this evening.
Therefore, I immediately peeled off her foreskin and the pink pearl was exposed.
「There’s a small bump in here, if this is played with it’ll feel great」
I said and stimulated it lightly using my fingertip.
That moment, Iona’s whole body convulsed as if she’s being electrocuted.
「How’s it? It feels good right?」
「Yes…I feel I’m going crazy…」
She gasps as she answer.
「Okay okay. Then go even crazier」
Saying that, I brought my lips near to Iona’s genitalia.
「That’s! Licking such a dirty place…!」
She’s against my act.
「Dirty? You didn’t wash it properly?」
「That’s…it is but…」
「Then, there’s no problem. Also, there’s no dirty place in Iona’s body」
Saying that, I began to roll the tip of my tongue on her pink pearl.
「Ah…! You’re sucking my…」
As it make a lewd sound, I told her 「I’m caressing you」
Iona is breathing rough.
Iona discharges love nectar as I stimulate her clitoris, she wriggled.
「I’m opening your pussy and see your hymen」
I said so and I opened her meat gate and exposed her hymen.
「Okay okay, there’s a membrane」
Saying that, I observed her hymen deliberately.
However, more than the hymen that’s the symbol of her virginity, I like her embarrassed face even more.
For that reason, I spoke lewd lines to make her even more embarrassed.
「Un, what a beautiful pussy. As expected from someone who doesn’t know a man」
「Thank you very much…」
「I’ll be using this to open the beautiful pussy for starters」
Saying that, I showed my tower to Iona.
「Such a big thing is going to enter me…」
「That’s right. Not just entering, this is going to run wild inside you and make you pregnant in the end」
Her face turned red after hearing my words.
「Touch it」
The moment she tried to touch it, I moved it intentionally.
Iona raised a cute scream from the unexpected event.
「I’m not going to do anything this time. Try to touch it properly」
I let her grasp it with her whole palm this time.
The chilly body temperature feels pleasant on the part that’s boiling hot.
It throbs inside Iona’s hand
「It’s so hot, and hard, and it’s throbbing」
「This is yours now. It’ll please you, It’ll inseminate you, it’s hard for the reason of making you pregnant」
「This is mine for now…it’s hard for my sake…」
Gulp, she swallowed her saliva.
「This beautiful virgin pussy of Iona will only accept my thing, your pussy will be for my exclusive use to make you pregnant」
「I…my pussy will only for Sharuru-sama to make a child…」
Speaking those lewd words, Iona’s genitalia had cloudy sticky love nectar dripping.
「Your pussy is wet, you know what this is?」
I asked her while showing the white string of liquid on my finger.
「…I don’t…」
「This is love nectar. It means that Iona’s pussy is ready to accept me」
「That’s right. Since it’s ready I’m putting it in」
「Yes… Please come…」
「Okay, Iona’s ovulating pussy wants to be pregnant with my child, this stallion penis of mine would make Iona pregnant」
I said and sprawled up on the facing up Iona.
「Could you open your legs?」
Iona nodded and opened her thighs.
The still love nectar overflows.
It’s like that it’s been tired of waiting for the delicious food that it’s about to eat.
I pushed my way in her secret wet and tender meat and I applied it to the center.
「Iona can feel my thing in your important hymen right?」
「Yes… It’s very hot…」
We’re both feeling feverish.
「I’m going to go through your hymen right now. Watch the moment you become a woman」
The moment Iona gave the approval, pushed in my waist with all my power.
I break through a little resistance and invaded Iona.
「N…! Ouch!」
Iona’s face twisted from the pain of deflowering.
Tears swell in her eye a bit.
As expected there’s still some pain even though she’s already that wet.
A stream of blood that’s the proof of her deflowering is drifting from her thighs.
Though I like the intercourse itself, it’s an exception if she’s a virgin.
I think it’s imprudent but I had a feeling of conquest like ‘this woman was made for me’.
As expected, taking virginity is nice as always.
「How’s it? How’s the feeling of having a man surpass a woman like yourself?」
「I never thought of devoting myself to a gentleman but…the happiness from losing virginity is strange…」
「I’m glad. You’re specially going to bear my child. Even I want Iona to make good memories」
I’m not just thinking of myself but I also want my partner to feel good.
If not, I would feel sorry for having her accept me.
「I won’t just make you a woman, I’m going to make you a mother」
I said that, Iona looks a bit pained. I can’t move immediately.
She’s a virgin. It would need consideration.
Meanwhile, Iona and I unconsciously stimulate each other.
「Ah…amazing…My insides are trembling」
「Iona is tightening me up」
Iona’s breathing calmed down while we’re having such a conversation.
「How’s it? What’s your impression for accepting a man for the first time?」
「It’s very…very hot. A gentleman is so hot…」
「Iona’s inside is also hot. Even though your hand is a little cold」
「Sorry, was it cold?」
「No, the chill feels good」
「I’m glad then」
「Iona is a worrywart」
Iona finally regained her breathing while we’re talking.
Iona’s narrow vagina is hot. My thing won’t wither even if it’s not receiving a special stimulation, I kept the hardness and hotness.
「Can we go now?」
I began to move with as she consented
Though it’s fully wet, Iona tightens my thing hard.
The lewd sound of the genitals rubbing to each other echoes in the room.
As it’s already this wet, my thing is quite smooth inside Iona’s hole.
「Iona’s pussy seems to have taken a liking on my penis. It’s holding in my penis as if it never wants to separate」
「N…Aaa…! That’s…!」
「I think Iona’s pussy seems to love my penis. It’s telling me that Iona’s pussy wants to be inseminated deep again and again」
I whispered to Iona while moving my waist gently.
Her moderate chest shakes without destroying its shape.
Does she feel pleasure or pain when being pierced? Iona is gasping.
To disperse her pain even for a bit, I stroked her breast with my right hand.
Iona leaked a seductive sigh.
My work is to make a lot of Hero candidates with good quality as many as possible.
It’s no good to give stress to the mother’s body.
For that reason, I’m doing it as gentle as possible.
「Tell me if you can’t endure it anymore. My job is to make Iona feel good and bear my child」
「Yes…thank you for your consideration…」
「Okay okay, obedient Iona is cute」
Saying that, I patted her head.
「That’s…calling me cute…」
Making such sort of exchange, the glans searches for the place that would make both of us feel good.
I focus my thrust to find the pleasure point.
Then, my thing grows inside Iona’s vagina.
I repeated it again and again.
Iona’s breathing roughly.
I’m about to end it soon.
「I’ll pour in my sperm. Accept it to the last drop」
「Yes…I will receive it thankfully…」
I’ve had sex with some virgins but this is the first time having sex to make a child.
For that reason, I may have shown a slight excitement too.
I myself can feel the blood concentrated. 1
「Iona’s pussy is on its ovulation day, My penis will pour lots of my sperm inside Iona and make you pregnant!」
I bang my waist intensely until the end.
「Ahn…! Give it…! Inside my stomach, please give me Sharuru-sama’s child…!」
「Yeah. I’ll definitely make Iona’s inside pregnant with my child!」
I declared, I’ll surely make her pregnant, I reached her womb and poured my semen.
I ejaculated with awful force.
Iona raised her voice and reached climax.
The woman who finished her first sexual intercourse had semen and deflowering blood dirty her crotch, she breathes hard.
With this, I finished my first insemination with Iona.


  1.  自分でもはっきりと実感出来る位、血液が集中しているのが分かる。