Inma no Hado chapter 104

Chapter 104: Street fight

The very big man called Go-san and his two underlings approach from all sides. That man that is like a professional wrestler stretched out his hand towards the three trembling women.


Instantly Rena’s body was twisted and she was caught. When Rena’s arm was grasped by Go-san’s bold hand she was pulled into his chest without a chance.

The delicate Rena can’t resist the power that is like a heavy industrial machine. He looked at Rena’s face slowly and carefully.

“Y, You…haven’t I seen you anywhere…”

He raised Rena’s jin who turned her face away desperately when he said so by force and look slowly and carefully again.

“…You…you by any chance…”

When Go-san started to say so, his two underlings who defended the escape way saw a man coming into this alley and started to talk to him.

“Hey, don’t come here”
“This is a dead-end. Turn around and return”

However, the man walks slowly without relaxing. In a hurry he is in the back alley and from his silhouette they could see that he was thin and was wearing a suit. He must be a drunk office worker who strayed off. Neither shops nor houses are here and only the wall of buildings and dim streetlights exist here.

“Hey! I said don’t come here!”

Again one of the skinheads raised a ferocious threat to the approaching man.

“…Wh, What?”

At that time they noticed that the male eyes change a little. His eyes are glaring with a shining red that is like a flame in this darkness. And he still looks at this place with his red eyes.

“…Th, that’s impossible… ”

These words that Junko issued shows the ray of hope she was praying for. These eyes are familiar and she was looking forward to them.

“Ke, Kenichi-sama…”
“Eh! Re, Really?”

As the man’s shoes sound steadily while approaching, the silhouette gradually becomes clear and Miki looks at him too. In that way she certainly confirms that it is Midou Kenichi and he became the light of their despair.

“Stop or you’re dead!!”

Then one of the skinheads happened to hit at Kenichi who has approached suddenly. The lightning-fast fist strike let Junko and Miki remember the scream and fear. The overwhelming violence that shows no pardon with high speed isnt greatly believed from that body. However Kenichi approached with a quick step and hammered his fist from close range at the skinhead.


Junko and Miki scream at once. However in the next moment the man who throw out his fist lost his balance and just crashed into the ground with his head. A strange voice where bones break is heard again. This strange scene was like slow motion.

The man plunges into the ground head on and dark blood overflows in a moment from there. As a result of that destructive acceleration and moment of inertia that was caused by an enemy all bones were broken. While the man dressed in a suit shows his red eyes as ever from the side, he had no expression on his face.

“This guy!”

A moment later the other skinhead sets a spin kick free this time.

Perhaps even if all of the people who received such a kick of this man were experienced in such martial arts or they were amateurs, they would all suffer a bone fracture because of the destructive power of this kick. This man’s big foot that is like a log is raised from the asphalt and attacks Kenichi.


Rena who shakes in the arms of Go-san screams seeing this scene. Three people scream at the same time and mix into one scream that goes through this back alley.

However, everything was settled plainly before the scream was over.

The man who made a spin kick with his left foot with max speed gets his leg broken by Kenichi who uses his one leg to counterattack at the most suitable angle. In this case only timing and the right angle is important. The wave that was compressed was also given off by the tiptoe.

The muscles of the strengthen leg that attack were relaxed and Kenichi striked so that the knee bend into another direction. With strange kinetic energy his leg was raised to the top.

By the reaction of his foot raising up highly, his upper body crashes into the ground by the same energy. If this was an amphitheater with mat floor, there would be no problem. However this here was asphalt. With a dull sound, the other skinhead hit the back of his head on the asphalt and breaks his cervical vertebrae and falls unconscious without screaming.

A instant event.

Two robust men are lying on the ground in no time and Kenichi who is dressed in a suit merely stands there in the same way as in the beginning. As if there was nothing at all, he is looking at Go-san patiently with his red eyes.

“Aaaaa! Kenichi-samaa…”
“Sc, Scary…”

Junko and Miki who shook rushed up near Kenichi in a hurry and hide beside him.

Go-san looked as if he can’t believe what has happened to his two subordinates, before he begins to smile. He pushed Rena away roughly and stand opposite to Kenichi who is standing in the center of the alley.

“Isn’t it fascinating…?”

Go-san belonged to a certain group of fighter until 1 year ago, but because he made his superior unrecoverable, he run here and lived using his body for violence since then. He was unrivaled in fights without rules. Even the yakuza from this neighborhood has run away.

However he can’t believe that there is a fool who would challenge him. Besides,it is by all odds a common office worker.

“Idiot…I’ll kill you…”

Go-san lowered his body when he muttered so thickly. Then he breath one or two times, before he rushed into Kenichi quickly.

His speed is different from a normal tall man. It is a explosive dash due to his overwhelming muscular strength. There is neither skill nor invention. He merely uses only his speed and power which is simple but destructive. This kind of energy which strikes with small size dump attacks Kenichi.

From the low posture that pushed out his head, there is no effective weapon for Kenichi who is receiving it from the front. Junko and Miki who are right and left from Kenichi to not interfere which cant be avoided.


Junko and Miki scream from the tall man dashing at them in front of their eyes.

The next moment a terrible sound is heard. There are no cases that such a sound was heard so far, because it is a sound of bones breaking.

As soon as these two women opened their eyes fearfully, they saw Kenichi stretched out hands and the figure of a man whose neck was bend unnaturally. The speed with destructive power was shown on the wall, while the man’s neck was bend to the side.

Go-sans eyes began to become blank and foam comes out of his mouth. He just collapsed in slow motion and a bump echoed through the dark and quiet back street.

“Noo, strong…”
“More, more serve me more…”

On a huge bed in a hotel, three exceptional beauties crowd around one nude man with a charmed expression and suck on him. Their faces are full of female joy that they can serve their dear male and all three of them continue serving him with earnest willingly.

They polished their pretty bodies and made their beauty glossy in the beauty salon, while wearing special sexy underwear. They bought it only for this man and they have a design that stimulate the passion of Kenichi more.

Junko, Miki and Rena remember the fear from just now, but it had no impact and their impression became several times more excited than usual. That’s also reasonable, because Kenichi appeared when they were almost abducted tonight and has defeated those tall men who seemed to be terrible in no time. Only that deep fear helped to increase their impression of Kenichi.

“Great…Kenichi-samaa…I love you…”
“I love you too…. Aaa…my love is increasing…”

These three pretty women whisper their love to Kenichi while showing their respect and thank. Even Junko who already offered her heart and body is fascinated from the mysterious power of Kenichi. All three don’t know of the existence of the Inma wave so for them it looked like magic.

These three beauties are in heat and would like to hold his sturdy penis in their mouths right now, because they are moved by their instincts that arouse from their hearts and serving him all the time since a little while ago. Like a king who totally dominates them, they are eager to delight Kenichi by using their soft lips and pink tongues on his whole body.

“Noooo…ag, again…hiii!”
“Aa! Aa! Iiii!!”

All three raised their eyebrows at the same time as they reached the climax. They have reached this unbelievable height many times now. The sex energy that was released by those three became a whirlpool and is absorbed into Kenichi’s body. And after it circulated through his whole body it became a small ball before it was sucked in by the black bruise on his dick.

Although they serve Kenichi as a group, each one of them shares a pleasant feeling recently and seem to raise each other’s pleasure. This phenomenon is a so-called sympathy that is a tuning fork that is vibrating one after another when one tuning fork vibrates. (Tl note: I don’t know what is meant with this last sentence and I don’t know if it is a phrase in japan which can’t be translated well in english. If someone know what it means then please comment it)

“Aaalread…already, please give it to me…”

Miki who licked the penis clean begged for it because she can’t endure it anymore. Large quantity of honey liquid flows out from her excited meat pot and she is wearing a dark green butterfly panty that she bought behind the back of her husband for today and that became muddy.

As soon as Kenichi raised his upper body he made Miki go on all fours. Surprisingly the legs of this married woman who is a former model are thin and long and the best view is provide from her hips.

“Aah…quick…quick, give it to me…”

Miki´s head has no fragment of her husband who is on a business trip to the border close to the Sahara included. Only the man who she loves and his sturdy meat stick are inside her head. She shake her well-shaped hips and implores for having sex with a real man since a long time.

When Kenichi applies the tip to that indecent hole of that newly-married wife after he put the dark green panty aside, he pushed forward.

“Hiiiiiii!! Iiiii! Cuuum! Cuummiinngg!!”

As soon as Kenichi´s penis rubbed against the sensitive vagina meat, the frustrated Miki reached the colored heaven suddenly.

“Aaaa!! Aaaaa!”
“Noooo!! Me toooo!!”

The stimulation spreads over to Junko and Rena, too, and they also reached the heaven in synchro. And just like that a whirlpool is created again from their sex energy and is absorbed by Kenichi´s body

And more energy than before runs through his whole body, before it becomes a ball again and is absorbed by the black bruise. Kenichi´s super sense is activated immediately and the black wave spreads through the hotel room.


Kenichi tastes the good flavor of the interior of Miki who he has sex with in the rear-entry position. Miki´s body which doesn’t react at all when she has sex with her husband reacts sensitively by a few stimulation in front of Kenichi and tighten his penis with the powerful vagina meat steadily.

White liquid overflows and sticks to the entrance. Miki who has abundant love liquid always makes Kenichi’s dick muddy in this way. This former model and married woman was the finest meal today.

“Aa! A, Aaa!!”

When the reverberation is tasted in the head, Miki just holds still and begins to climb the next height. Rena who wears pink underwear goes around and extends her tongue to Kenichi´s anus to lick it clean with her long tongue.

(Aaa…here, here is good…)

This explosive popular gravure idol is so lewd that her fans would faint seeing her like that, licking the asshole of Kenichi who rapes other women willingly. She doesnt only lick it, but also insert it inside to delight Kenichi.


Junko wears a black bewitching three-in-one and stimulates Kenichi´s upper body using her tongue, lips and fingers. Her cunning tongue which completely knew everything about the erogenous zone of her lover crawls slimily on his tanned skin.

“No, not good…”

Love juice overflows and she made a sweet bite lightly.

There was no man like Kenichi before in Junko´s life. All men were absorbed by her beauty and body and that is the viewpoint she concluded. It was proper to despise such men in her heart and make her own render service.

Junko is full of love for Kenichi. She gave her heart and body to him, so how long will she make this sweet serve? Besides, Junko is only one of many partners that Kenichi has.


As soon as Kenichi stopped moving his waist and let Rena and Junko show their loyalty, Miki who can’t endure it asked him while looking back. She pesters him to have intense sex in a lewd position she never did with her husband.

“Then, you move”
“No, you’re mean…”

Miki shakes her well-shaped hips as she finished saying so and she begins to move by herself. She squeezes Kenichi´s weapon steadily because it sticks to the inside of her secret hole because of the love juice she released.


Overwhelming pleasure is born from there when his penis rubbed against the inside of her pussy. Miki who has never known such a pleasant feeling will never feel such a joy from having sex with her husband. Therefore for Miki who knew the good flavor of a forbidden fruit has the sense of guilt and the fear of pregnancy become spices that add greatly to that wonderful pleasure she feels.

The womb of this young wife who has chosen a good time to ask for a child by using her hips simply is raised directly to the highest point.

“Ahiiiiiii!!! Hiiiiiii!”

Miki whose head become blank s blinded by her orgasm that let her drivel. She gasped the sheet, while her body has convulsions and shaking her whole body shudderingly. She tightens Kenichi´s dick with her secret garden tightly as if she is a carnivorous animal that has no teeths.

“Aaaaaa!! Cuummm!”
“Hahiiiii! A, already not good!”

Miki, Rena and Junko reached an orgasm at the same time again. Rena and Junko are so flashed that they only lay down on the spot and are excited from that pleasure. The same goes for Miki who had sex and who felt an unbelievable joy.

And again the sex energy released by them becomes a whirlpool and went into Kenichi´s body. The Incubus living inside Kenichi is always greedy of food provided by Kenichi´s women.

The Incubus who evolved has its power increased to prey for more women effectively in this way. However, it gradually was a slow change giving speed first.

(This…is a sign of a wave…)

With the red flashlight of a police car where a restricted tape was spread and stopped on the road in a dark back alley, the night street is picked up by the illumination of the flash of the cameras of the people who came near. The people make a distant circle and look, but the victims who laid in the case spot have been already conveyed to the hospital. All of them were in a serious case on the verge of death and one man with a cervical vertebra bone fracture was already death-like state. He will have a serious obstacle throughout his life even if he is saved.

One person has left that place where the policemen acts busily while looking around like the other spectators. This person understands that this isn’t an ordinary event from the residual of the black wave motion.

(This wave motion…Somewhere…)

I tried to find it in his memories, but he can’t remember where it was immediately. However, he remembered that when he walked on the road several months ago, he felt that wave motion overflowing from a hotel.

(…However…it hadnt been deleted yet…)

This person has a bitter expression. And when he turned around, he disappeared into the crowd who hurried because of the end of the year again. From his back figure, white heat waves seemed to raise.

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