Inma no Hado chapter 109

Chapter 109: Virgin buttocks of the lady

Kenichi is whispering devilish words into the lovely cherry-like ear, while tasting a thin scruff with his long tongue.

“Then, is your virginity here offered to me?”

He pulled his finger out of her pussy that was full of honey liquid and poked Chizuko´s dirty hole.

“Hii! Th, That place is not good!”

The lady who doesn’t know anal sex is bewildered in surprise. Having sex with a man in such a place, it wasn’t thought about at all.

“Your silly prejudice is useless…. This is also intolerable”

A different finger is buried in her vagina shallowly and make that married woman confused, so that Chizuko made a sweet cry from her white throat and bent her body.

“Right Masako?”
“Ah, yes…. When Kenichi entered my ass, it first was painful, before it became very comfortable. Above all, I felt very happy when I actually dedicated my whole body to Kenichi”

This maid offered even her other virginity to Kenichi and answers with an fascinated face, while still serving Kenichi´s thing.

“How do you do? Do you offer it to me? Or do you make hold Ruriko?”

Inserting a finger in that loose place, the sexy Chizuko understood that half of the finger went through her back hole.


Chizuko´s shameful hole is occupied by Kenichi´s finger which goes in and out, so that a new soup overflows and sticks on her hips. Only pleasure, desire and the envy of her daughter run through her head and normal thoughts are disturbed.

“Hey hey, how do you do?”

The loosen private part of the prey is soaking wet from the lewd honey that came out from her lover´s finger and hand. Chizuko reacted to Kenichi’s finger interestingly and uttered a wonderful cry.

“I, It’s offered….”
“What did you say?”
“Ah, please don’t let me say it again…. Chizuko…hi, hips…are offered”

Her face has already become sweaty and when she says only that, her head drops disappointedly. Net she is held in the meeting woman position, while sitting on top of the Inma.

“Before that, I have to wet it well”

Kenichi touched her back hole with his dick easily by putting her bold butterfly panty that let even whores have a red face aside.


As soon as she has finished getting wet the huge meat pillar was inserted inside and that good-looking lady transferred her soul to the strong pleasure current which runs through her back and raised a squeal of being absorbed by the pleasure and clinging to Kenichi. Her vagina hole is expanded by the mass until it’s overwhelming and a thrilling joy is remembered.


When she lowers her weight like usual, there is no person with such an overwhelming and destructive penis. Her sensitive fold is radically stimulated and the entrance is expanded by pain, while in addition, her womb is rubbed and this thing will make every woman go crazy.

“Come, aa, cumming!”

Reaching the first acme, Chizuko throws a hot breath up and winds her body.

Her soft meat wraps around his dick like silk and winds lewdly, while moving lasciviously. Her entire meat pot becomes like an independent living thing, and swallowed a dick by inviting it to the inside. This unfaithful married woman´s pussy opens its mouth alone and wants a different child than the one of her husband

“A horny body…. Your husband who doesn’t eat such a body is stupid”
“…Aaa…do, don’t say it…”

Her husband already acts alone and has almost no sex with her. Although she was embraced only once the other day, he only broke in and gushed out with surprising swiftness, before he went to sleep quickly. After that, Chizuko who was still unsatisfied had to comfort herself by using her fingers after all.

(As expected this ripe married woman cant endure it…)

On the other hand, Kenichi never experienced firm unexperienced sex with a female student, therefore he stickily enjoys this thick delicious dish of this mature woman. Miho is also a matured married woman who kept having semen poured inside her womb and is also holding preeminent feelings, when she gained weight a bit. A fatty tuna which is a bluefin tuna of neighboring seas is oily and juicy and when saying for wonderful as sushi.

Holding Chizuko´s white and resilient hips on top of her black flared skirt, he stroke her charming and flawless skin until his dick pushed through the womb ring.

“Ahiiiii! Aaaaa!! Cuuummm!!! Aaaaaa!!!”

Raising a good voice that her husband hasn’t heard yet, this lady has reached the top once again now. A great deal of indecent liquid is put out from her vagina and is poured on the hot glans. Her vagina walls with a lot of folds twines uprightly and simultaneously to that Kenichi´s dick is eaten in order to suck the male´s cloudy liquid. The sphincter at the entrance tightens the root tightly, while her body twitches timidly.

(It’s intolerable…)

To that reaction, Kenichi licked his own lips. Stealing the fruit of highest quality which others raised carefully, how sweet will it be if it’s eaten?

The sexual energy that this loose and pretty wife vomit is absorbed by Kenichi as usual and his sense was sharpened. The cells of his whole body were activated and his five senses become fearful radically, so that the whole world shines like a brilliant crystal.

Even if he holds still in this exercised state, Kenichi understands through the Incubus magic and his super sense everything around him and he may take it in his hand. Masako’s tasting the root of his penis, while his son let Chizuko reach the next height, he also saw that two silhouettes approach this villa.

“Hey, it might already be good like this…”
“No No! Don’t pull it out! Don’t remove it…”

Even if she had three orgasm already, this greedy wife still purchases the meat pillar which goes out from her vagina and she utters a painful cry. Anyway, Chizuko tasted a real man after an interval of one week now and even if she has often sex with her husband it can’t become a substitution to this.

But when Chizuko who resists is treated readily, she was turned around in the back riding position and Kenichi´s meat weapon was removed. In other words Kenichi sat on the sofa with Chizuko extending over his waist while showing her back to him.


The next step is that Kenichi put the luxury panty that cost thousands of yen for one aside and dabs the anus of Chizuko with his thick meat spear that is covered with indecent liquid.

“Now, receive it”
“Noo! Stop it! Sc, Scary!”

Even though Chizuko steeled herself ahead, in the place in which these kind of things aren’t accepted originally, a outstanding lethal weapon is held and let Chizuko who grew up as a senhorita cry out in horror. From pleasant feelings a little while ago, she is suddenly pushed by fear and perplexity.

“Don’t move. When you move unskillfully, it will split”
“Aaa…, th, that…. It, it is scary…”

She can’t resist Kenichi’s fearful words anymore and her teeths are crunching out of fear while she is holding both feet. And as soon as Kenichi took aim, his glans was swallowed inside the virgin back hole.

“Giiiii!! Higiiiiiii!! Ouch! Ouch!!!”

Being messed up embarrassingly, the pain and sense of something caught, let this good-looking wife scream, while shedding tears.

“Don’t struggle. It’ll become easy at once”

After he said so and treats Chizuko’s resistance, Kenichi divides her discharge hole with his huge meat pillar mercilessly and is tearing it. However the sphincter is the only one resisting for a while, but as soon as it was smoothed up with the lewd liquid attached on Kenichi´s son, he fell straightly inside and it became narrow.


Goose bumps are built from this hateful feeling and her body is twisted, but at this time the lethal weapon is invading deep into her rectum.

“Hiaaaa!! Aaaa!! Enter…enter…higiiiii!!!”
“Hey, endure it”

As reaction to that, her rectum tightens and Kenichi raised a groan. Thinking that her husband who hasn’t eaten such a delicious dish up to now is pitiful, the dick erects further from the pleasure that he steals the virgin hole of this pretty wife.


Net his son is buried until the root and a pleasure of a different dimension let Chizuko feel dizzy and create goosebumps on his whole body, before she sighs greatly. Simultaneously with the pain, if she moves her body even a little, she would be troubled by the feeling of an intruder swallowed inside her dirty hole.

(Aaa…. I´m violated in such a place…)

That place which wasn’t even permit to her husband was dedicated to her lover and she completely felt that she became this man’s belongings , so that Chizuko remembers a chilly feeling at the same time as she felt sorry to be stolen from her husband.

“Aa…. Chizuko…please don’t throw Chizuko away…”

Chizuko made up herself and while shedding tears she entreats this man who she should hate.

Now that it has been so, she won’t be a modest wife anymore. As this man’s concubine in the future, she will live a salaciously life like a slut.

However, Chizuko’s sentiment has blown off when Kenichi begins to move his waist gradually.


Chizuko raises a squeal by which her soul was transferred to another dimension from feeling the lust in her asshole. Every time the existence of this penis which was just hateful is matched with her gut and moves completely, her small sphincter is extended and she is seized with a pleasure that let her waist melt.

(Such, Such a thing…)

Chizuko can’t believe that she changed so much.

“Huhu. You don’t seem to like it”

Kenichi shifts to real anal sex using his waist from the bottom while massaging and rubbing Chizuko´s big breasts as he likes from the rear. With a sound, his huge penis rampantly occupies this lady’s excretion hole and scrubs the intestinal wall.

“Madam, it’s really amazing…. A soup is overflowing lazily…”
“Aaa…. Dont look…”

Chizuko looks stealthily at the inside of her flared skirt, where she sees Masako moving her head. Right in front of Masako was the connection between Kenichi´s son and her back hole that’s overflowed with white viscous liquid.

“It seems you also have held something in your mouth…”

The pretty woman who says so and wore glasses has a finger inserted in Chizuko´s dirty hole shallowly, which let her shrink her sphincter abnormally and Kenichi’s thing is about to be torn off and strangled.

“Its wonderful…”

Kenichi goes into raptures over this delicacy more than expected and winds like rubber, while defying the tightening resistance with continuous thrust movement. Chizuko is attacked by an embarrassing twitch, when Kenichi rubs her big breasts, while her bottom is violated.

“Aaaaaaaa! Higiiiiii!!”

This chaste lady makes her sweaty body twitch timidly and is raised by pleasure which is to the extent she becomes insane from her first anal sex and she tightens so much that a bruise might appear on the meat pillar.

“Aa…the best…”

At that time did Kenichi also taste a paradise-like pleasure, while squeezing Chizuko´s chest and ramming his dick deep into her asshole. Kenichi was seeking this and will devour her greedily now.

The mission of the Incubus and Kenichi who made a contract with it is to conquer all good-looking ladies in this world and taste them.

Chizuko´s head is different from her vagina and the magic of anal sex continuous blaming it. The so-called acme continues idly and she enters a unknown plateau.

“Aaa…. Please be patient already…”

Chizuko who still resists and is on top of Kenichi´s waist who sat down on a sofa looks back at this young male who violates her from the rear with a sweaty face and entreats him with a crying face. Her hair becomes loose and is full of sweat, while her pretty face is also messed up, which can be seen from her slurred lipstick.

“Isn’t it pleasant?”

Raising his lower back from the bottom while still playing with this E-cup chest persistently, Chizuko´s body reached the limit and convulsed so that she topped her normal orgasm.

“Ho, However…such a thing…”

How long was this wandering acme, because she already received uncountable heights? The frequency that has been obtained up to now since her marriage with her husband is likely to have been exceeded already.

“I’d give myself up”

If it’s really so, Chizuko shudders. The different dimension-like pleasure can be given and who would be able to be satisfied with sex like playing house with her husband? Chizuko´s body who ate a prohibited fruit can’t be virtuous anymore.

Masako the maid is on all fours on the carpet and is immersed in the erotic act to get more pleasure from the Inma.

To get more of Kenichi’s pleasures, she plays with Kenichi´s balls which produces the devil seed and she crawls her tongue inside his anus. She was like a sex doll doing everything for the Incubus who she shall hate, and she felt a supreme joy to serve like a true slave.

Blue panty can be seen from under her skirt, because she went down on all fours. The bottom discolors and a big love river flows there. Being attacked by the Inma opens the gate while something drivels out from her vagina which contains nothing and is already waiting.

Kenichi has anal sex with Ruriko´s mother and Masako the maid is licking his asshole willingly and that only as preparation to recover some energy for the special guests.

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