Inma no Hado chapter 117

Inma no Hado chapter 117: Reiko’s suffering



Reiko Arisawa, who is responsible for the japanese branch of “SHADO” was suffering.

About a month ago, a cyber-attack destroyed the system and database of “SHADO” headquarters. The backup was also taken away by someone, while the organization’s information network is paralyzed. Even now, the emergency has continued for a long time.

In addition six members including the first three newcomers disappeared. Their attack assault on a devil failed and all members were beaten in their own game. Losing 20% of the members in such a emergency situation means the dysfunction of the organization.

Only recently was it understood that the cause of the attack failure was the device called wave canceller that all members were carrying. There was a bug in the program of the offsetting machine and it was understood that the machine went out of motion when the demon wave was received at a certain probability.

The offset machine is a device that is able to compensate for the biological energy that emanates from what is worn, without interfering with others. It acts without influencing the evil wave that a demon emits and repels the enemy. However, it was confirmed that the output was raised by the bug, and the phenomenon that a person who was carrying it had his wave motion completely erased.

If so, even if it is enemy, a human whose bioenergy is completely canceled won’t be able to move because the power of the whole body left while keeping the consciousness.Perhaps that happened to the six members who failed their assault….because the output of the counterbalance was raised while the demon was attacked and they likely have fallen out of combat in front of the enemy.

(There is no such coincidence…)

Of course, someone maliciously laced the bug and plotted to runaway at the timing of the demon attack. Thinking about it, Reiko wants to chew her teeth gently, while she correct her glasses with her hand.

(The culprit is no doubt the same person who invaded the headquarters and hacked it…)

In a rational sense, the probability of these two events occurring is extremely low. It is almost concluded that the one with such knowledge has a clear hostility and targets “SHADO”.


First of all, it is someone who fused with a devil. It seems reasonable at first glance, but the possibility isn’t very high. First of all, it means that the devil is completely unaware of the existence of “SHADO”. And because of its essence, the devil is extremely selfish and faithful to its desire, because it is the one who gives top priority to pleasure in front of its eyes.

The existence of “SHADO” which takes secret action is a top secret of the National Police Agency that only a small part knows about. It isn’t known by an average person at all and there is no way that a devil knows of its existence.

Moreover, a host who fused with an devil comes to be driven by its desire. In order to satisfy the desire, they focus on killing and breaking people. Other than that, the interest becomes scarce and sometimes run away and trying to satisfy that desire even at daylight. Do they cyber-attack “SHADO”?

(If there is such a thing, then its a monster…)

A demon who can control his desires and attack enemies in a rational way. Reiko has never seen such an existence before. The demon who is an evil spirit body unites in response to human’s desire. Usual that human who fused with an devil gets overwhelming magic and goes recklessly as the desire proceeds. Even in light of Reiko´s experience so far, it was a sad reality of life as a human.

(The other side knows SHADO, but we dont know who the other side is…)

When she thinks about it, Reiko feel depressed again and drink up the glass in her hand. Her stiff nerves seem to be healed only a little when she drinks in a dark quiet bar.



When Reiko lost her way and ordered another beer, a man rang the doorbell of the bar and came in. And when he finds Reiko who is alone at the bar counter, he came closer with a fresh smile.

“Hey, we meet again”

Taking off his coat, the man looked at the bar several times and ordered Laphroaig whisky as usual by the barkeeper. Of course, the full details isn’t known by the barkeeper and knows that only conversations were exchanged here. However, when the face of the man who isn’t disliked is seen somewhere, the melancholy of a little while ago seems to be cleared.

“Today you have a gloomy face…. If you look like that, you’re ruining your beauty”

When this guy says such a toothy floating line, Reiko laughs unintentionally. Reiko who is strict and responsible doesn’t notice that it is the first smile in a few days.

“What are you talking about…to catch this lady…”
“I don’t think so…. Reiko-san is still active. I envy your husband”
“Mou, Saito-san…”

Hiding her embarrassment behind the Gimlet in her hand, she looks forward in a casual manner. However, it seems that the inner mediocrity isn’t even alike, because the edge of her mouth is slightly relaxed.

By the way, Reiko thinks. How long has passed since she stopped talking to her husband? As students, they loved each other, but now they almost disagree every day.

She belonged to the law faculty of Tokyo university, when she met her husband who belonged to the medicine faculty. These two who attend the university boasting the highest deviation value in Japan got married before the age of thirty. Reiko’s husband remained at the university and is engaged in the research of Alzheimer. The future was said to be bright because the result is admitted and he has already become an associate professor at 40.

But its about 20 years since she met him. Both were busy with work and have a child, so the conversation has become low gradually because a lot of misunderstandings happened. Because the children are left to their parents’ house, they both are thankful that they can work freely up to late in this way, but their family life is gradually diluted every day.

In addition, the content of Reiko´s work is the biggest secret that even her family does never know. Therefore, the conversation with her husband decreases naturally and the bedroom is different now. It’s just fun to meet and play with her sons who are in the fifth and second grade a couple of times a week. Her husband is so immersed in his experiments on Saturday and Sunday, that he doesn’t care about the children.

“What’s wrong? Is there something?”
“…Uuh…its nothing…”

Reiko feels a little lonely while looking at the wedding ring shining on her left ring finger. She feels like sacrificing a lot of things and think about her life so far.

“Uuh…that’s fine…”

But when she shakes her head, she murmurs small telling herself.

The devil threat is a 24 hour job and cant be neglected. Therefore, it is necessary for someone to work against the malice. To protect the peace of the human world, it is necessary for anyone to maintain in the shade. Reiko knows that more than anyone else.

There was a sublime philosophy and a sense of purpose. Reiko also has a strong will to help others. Since her aspiration for the Tokyo Police Department in high school, Reiko´s belief has remained unchanged.

But still, is that really all about her life? Thinking about it, many thoughts spin around in her head and Reiko doesn’t know what is the correct answer. She is a talented woman who has a female career at the Tokyo Police Department and is regarded as the top of the next generation that manage the devil organization, but cannot manage her happiness well.

“Give me another drink…”

This pretty police chief asks for another Gimlet. Although Reiko isn’t so strong with alcohol, she felt like that she can drink a lot today.

Tomorrow is her first holiday after a long time. The thread of tension which had been strained here is broken apart. She felt the responsibility for the recent devastation of her department and she realized that she was carrying too much pressure on herself. Because Reiko has worked on the school holidays, she hasn’t seen her sons for about a month now.

(I return alone…)

Her husband is on a business trip to a foreign conference, so the children are deposited in her parents’ house. At first she thought that she should be near the children for education, but she can’t do so since she became a department chief three years ago. And recently she’s gotten accustomed to it all the time because it is an irregular work that always requires urgent calls.

She suddenly became interested and talked to the man who chatted with the bartender.

“Saito-san, you’re a cram school teacher…”
“That’s right. Well, unlike the major schools, it’s a small private cram school”
“Huuh…. Do you enjoy your work?”
“…Eh? Hmm, so-so. I have a hard time with all the stupid students, but it’s worth it”
“Is that so…?”

It is clearly a conversation with someone younger than herself. Reiko thinks vaguely that even the love between her husband and her has gone.

“Saito-san, are you single?”
“Yes, that’s right!”
“Do you have a lover?”
“Uuh, at the moment no…but I want a lover…”

Although it can’t be said that it is cool to flatter, but his pretty face looks somewhat nice. The young man at the moment is quite nicely and she still hadnt a bad feeling. He was like her old husband, but maybe it’s her imagination.

This man’s body odor drifts here and wraps around Reiko´s drunken body with a mix of intense peat from the Laphroaig whiskey. The scent reminds her slowly that she forgot the fact that tomorrow is a holiday.



“…It looks like I got drunk…”
“Are you alright Reiko-san? Your feet are shaky”

While walking out of the bar and walking down the station, Reiko is walking side by side with Saito. They continued their talk from before and got a cup of coffee. Since Reiko switched to Laphroaig whiskey instead of her Gimlet after a while, she drank so much that she didn’t understand well.

“Hey, it’s dangerous if you go alone”

Reiko is pulled by holding hands and she is really excited. Her husband has never held her hand in all these years.

“…Th, Thank you…”

She was held in this man’s arm completely and looked up while showing her gratitude, while she was close to Saito-san´s face without thinking. Their eyes met and Saito´s face approached slowly.

“…St, Stopp! No…guuu!!”

Her lips were deprived, when she was hugged suddenly with unexpected strength. Grabbing the arm to try to resist, her drunk body had no strength and everything is left to this male.

Reiko´s body is pressed against the fence at dark night, before Saito-san continues to kiss her. For Reiko who has no experience besides her husband, it is the first time receiving such a rough courtship behavior.

(This…this is not good…)

Her reason gathers up desperately to resist the young bull who was persistent. He invaded her red mouth after fixing both hands and inserted his wet tongue. Desperately trying to resist by closing her mouth, Reiko finally permit it from the taste of Laphroaig.


A tongue enters her mouth. Reiko, who had been shocked at first regained the sense of a woman that has been gradually forgotten by the stimulation of her mouth.

Its nice that her resistance has weakened and Saito-san licks her mouth and makes her drink his saliva. On the other hand, when he catches Reiko’s pink tongue, he sucks it and intertwine with his own tongue.

(Aaa…such a thing…I cant do it…)

The faces of her gentle husband and her lovely children come to her mind for a moment, but when her tongue is strongly sucked, they vanished. Reiko got so drunk that a white mist appeared in her head and paralyzed her reason that she can’t do anything. Saito-san is unexpectedly a strong young man who embrace her powerless waist and holds her neck to kiss.

After kissing endlessly, Saito released his lips and Reiko was so intoxicated that she couldn’t stand alone. There aren’t many people in this place behind the station and bright neon signboards are shining in the back of the side street.

“Come on, Reiko. This way”
“…Aaaa….not good…”

Reiko is taken to a place with a signboard while being held by the side. Saturday is often fully booked, but fortunately or unfortunately there was only one room free. When the button of the panel is pushed in a familiar way, Saito-san laughs at such a time.

“It’s the fifth floor. Shall we go?”
“Aaa…like that…”

Reiko doesn’t know what to do and just give a foolish reply. Saito-san was slowly disappearing into the elevator with Reiko.

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