Inma no Hado chapter 119

Inma no Hado chapter 119: Destroy the beautiful wife


“I can’t endure it an, anymore…”

After a while doing and caressing each other, Saito-san said so. He took off his clothes and try to remove Reiko’s suit.

“Stop!! No!! Not good!!”
“Why? Reiko-san, don’t you feel it!”
“No!! I have a husband…. No! It is absolutely wrong!”
“Your husband will be also late today right? In that case…hey…”
“Ah…Saito-san. No…don’t bother me anymore…”

While pushing and answering, Reiko takes off her suit jacket and Saito removed his shirt so that he is bare on his upper body. Reiko only wears her blouse and skirt and Saito-san wears only his pants, while they struggle on the double bed.

Reiko is skilled in martial arts from entering the Tokyo Police Department, so there is no problem for her to repel such a man usual. However, no power enters her body from the caress and the alcohol and Reiko desperately resists with her body.

“No…absolutely no!!”

Even though she had some misunderstandings recently, there is no reason to betray her dear husband. Even for her lovely children, she doesn’t want to break the family. Most importantly, she is an executive officer of the Tokyo Police Department.

But Saito was persistent. Reiko’s soft body is struggling, while she is attacked on the bed. Stimulating her weak points with skillful caressing let Reiko scream and scratch at Saito-san.

(In, In this way…aaa…but, as it is…)

In the crisis of her chastity, she tries to think with her drunken head. This young man will never let her go unless he released his lust. Reiko becomes hopeless because she understood that it is painful.

“I, I understand…. I…I´ll do it by hand. Hey? Is that okay?”

Reiko gives a compromise at the last minute while removing the hook of her skirt. Saito-san still looks angry, but seems to calm down a little, before he laid down on the bed.

“Okay…. Then, do it with your hand…. Please handle my cock…”
“Aaa…th, that way of saying…”

Reiko doesn’t get angry at all from his attitude who doesn’t want to be a bad person. Speaking of it, it wasn’t bad originally coming to such a place.

(Why are you doing this…)

However, there is no way to defend her chastity for her husband. Now that she regrets it, the fact that she went to this love hotel with this young man doesn’t change. It is necessary to make this man’s desire satisfied as soon as possible, to leave from here.

(Doing something like this…. Dear…I´m sorry…)

While apologizing in her mind to her husband, she put her hand on his underwear and takes it off. Then, the huge meat weapon appeared and from the bright lighting in this room it is more atrocious than the imagination in her head.


A scream has come out of her mouth unintentionally.

(Aaa…how great…this…this…)

The first thing she saw was a dark meat pole, which swelled greatly at the tip. It resembles a harpoon which aims at her and understands the atrocious at a glance. The gills are unbelievable and it seems three times bigger than her husband.

The meat pillar continues to have such an horrifying figure. It’s like a creepy dark black sculpture, with veins wriggling on the surface. The thickness that can’t be grasped with one hand is as thick as a baby’s arm.

(This…so much…)

Reiko swallows her saliva unconsciously. The only thing that she felt was fear and her female sensuality responds to this murderous weapon immediately. Just looking at its shape, let her bottom become hot.

“Hey…. Do it with your hand…”

Saito urged with an sulky face. Her hand is stretched out timidly though it was Reiko who stared at his face for a moment. Her thin fingers twine around the black meat and her silver ring shines on her left ring finger. Her cool hand moves shyly.

“Hey, quickly”
“…Aaa…really…really only my hand…okay?”

Reiko begs again. It might be seen that she run away rather than to please Saito-san.


“Aaa…it feels good…”
“This? Does this make you feel good? Hey?”

Reiko has never given a handjob to her husband. Her elegant hand moves, while watching the reaction of this young man. Reflecting on what she is doing does Reiko gradually became more aggressive.

If she leads this man to his ejaculation,then her chastity will be protected. This becomes an indulgence and her hesitation disappears through this act. It is the best for her husband and children to make this man happy now.

“Hey? Not yet? Can I not go yet?”

His penis is already fully erected and is pulsating now. It isn’t a desperate feeling to ejaculate for him as her husband. However, this young man requests further caress without even cumming once in such a state.

(Quickly…get out of here…)

The heat of his weapon seems to dissolve her sensuality. Reiko who is doing an obscene act is aware that her body also lusts helplessly. Her chest which had been touched up to a little while ago aches from the heat and the inside of her skirt might be a disastrous situation that she doesn’t want to see.

It is likely that she will be eaten when this continues any further. Therefore, it is necessary for Reiko to lead this young man to his ejaculation quickly and end this state.

“It’s not in my hand…Reiko-san…”

Saito-san seems to be in trouble, before he says it again with pleading eyes.

“Do it with your mouth”

Reiko didn’t know what was said for a moment, but she immediately understood the meaning of it and shook her head.

“No! No! I absolutely can’t do such a thing!”

What does this man say?

For her husband and children she cant suck his penis. However, his face is serious and his eyes are made shining with lust.

(Aaaa…w, what should I do…?)

Certainly she won’t accomplish her aim if she continues in this way. However, it is a no go for her to suck the penis of a man other than her husband at all.

For Reiko who has experience with her husband, sex is close to a ritual. Only loving husbands and wives confirm their love with it and to have children. Of course, pleasure is also produced but it isn’t important.

And because Reiko was such a woman, she seldom did fellatio. Her husband occasionally asks, but it’s meant to make his penis ready for insertion. It doesn’t persist for a long time even when her husband became hard it weakens quickly. To help her husband, Reiko occasionally stimulated it with her mouth.

However another penis is in her hand now, which doesn’t need such a help at all. It reaches the navel and its hardness is like steel. The size and the hardness are from another dimension.

“Pl, please? Your mouth…. I think you can do it with your mouth…”
“Aaa…don’t be reckless…. I, I’m a married woman…”
“But as it is, you’re half dead…. That’s terrible…”
“Because … by hand … not by hand?”
“The mouth is more secure…. Hey, just…just a little…”
“…Aaa…such…not such a thing…”

Women are weak to pressure after all. Reiko who burns with a noble ideal is an existence that protects her beloved husband and children.

In Reiko’s life, only a few men have the ability to equal her. Even at university, she refused men and never lost in discussions. Even after entering the Tokyo Police Department, she has never lost with her ability against any higher ups. In a sense, her husband is the only exception, but he didn’t take hold of her. Of course, that’s why she respected and married him.

When Reiko looks at that young man again, that man apparently doesn’t seem to be excellent. He probably seems to have graduated from an ordinary university and lives as he wants. A mediocre face like anywhere.

But now such a man is treating the spirit of Reiko like this. At the same time as she got drunk from drinking and caressing, it seems as if she became crazy from a suspicious charm of the penis in her hand.

“Hey…Reiko-san, you want to go home quickly, right? Well then…?”
“Aaa…that’s…so cruel…”

Saying so, Reiko lay down her eyes. It is a proof that she lost to Saito-san’s pressure and that her heart is broken.

“Hey look…”
“…Aaa…stop…. Understood…understood…”

Saito who understood the transition of a woman’s mind accurately pressed Reiko’s head to his crotch. When her long hair that was made up was pushed by his hand, this married woman finally accepts that act.

“Really…Really only a bit…”
“I got it…. Now, quickly…”

He sticks out his waist as he can’t wait. Reiko brings her face closer to the huge dick but stopped before it.

(Aaaa…like this…. But, what should I do…)

The odor of this colt beats her nose. Her husband doesn’t get out of her head, but on the other hand it’s hopeless to run away.

After escaping many times, this 39-year-old mature woman was forced to stiffen her expression and pressed her mouth timidly on this penis.


Her long tongue stroked the surface of the black skin and is followed by the path of saliva that was left behind. Her soft tongue crawls along the uneven surface to cover it. Although it is a unused movement, it might still give pleasure. According to the movement of her tongue, the deadly weapon shakes.

On top of the double bed in this love hotel lays a naked man under bright lights. Reiko who still wears her dark grey skirt and white blouse caress the shameful crotch with her tongue boldly.

Tokyo in December is very cold, but the room is so stuffy from their heat which keeps on heating from the indecent behavior. She is licking the penis eagerly. The wedding ring on her left hand shines and indicates that she is another person’s wife. However, her caress is somewhat poorly and it is obvious that she isn’t accustomed to such an act.

“Ooo…Reiko-san. It feels so good…”

When her tongue creeps through the seam, did Saito reveals a pleasure voice which was unexpected. The shivering tremor and anger shows that it isn’t a lie. Reiko stops her tongue and stimulates that part in response to his reaction.

Pre-cum drips from the tip. It was Reiko who hesitated a little, but she scoops the transparent juice with her tongue and mix it with saliva, before she swallows it.

“Reiko-san…would you open your hair?”
“Please…. I want you to show me your lowered hair”

Reiko had a troubled face, but when she untied her hair that was up for work, she shakes her head to the left and right. Her black hair that is usually tied up extends to her shoulder and spreads beautifully.

“It is as I thought…. That suits you better…”

When Saito-san praised her, this beautiful wife doesn’t seem uncanny about it. Instead she seems to be a little lost and looks down. According to this man’s words, Reiko who released her black hair and normally has a cool and well-ordered impression looks like a very attractive woman.

“Hey? Now suck it…”

Reiko who had licked the surface stares at the huge glans again. Its ferocious figure is similar to the head of a cobra. However, her saliva spilled because her mouth was itchy and she wants to suck it.

When her graceful red mouth is opened, does Reiko start to suck his penis in this love hotel.


Saito-san who was rushed to end everything loudly raises a hot cry. Reiko´s mouth is incredibly soft, yet stormy and it’s comfortable like a vagina.

(So…so fearful…soon I…)

Even now his reaction seems to explode and Reiko pushes her mouth further down. She never sucked so hard for her husband or combined it with her long tongue. Next did Reiko move her head up and down to suck better, while recalling the earlier events and rolling her tongue over the seams. Whenever her beautiful black hair shakes, did a female odor drift through the room.

“Aaa…it’s good…. I’m almost there…”

Saito-san is in agony while sticking out his waist. Reiko further deepened her caress so that she would get revenge for herself from a little while ago.

(Hey…put out…fully…aaa…)

Reiko skillfully used her tongue while treating his root with her hand. She knew how to please a man gradually and it turned out that she has already done a blowjob.

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