Inma no Hado chapter 125

Inma no Hado chapter 125: Pretty Lesbians



Winter nights are early. After five o’clock in the evening, the area becomes dark. Students can practice until late inside the gymnasium, but outdoor club activities aren’t possible. If the surroundings become dark, there will be nothing more than muscle training in the club rooms.

The club rooms are next to the ground. Although assigned for each club, the lights in most rooms have already disappeared. When it is seven o’clock at night, the vicinity is naturally dark.

However there is still a club room with light shining. In the room full of metabolic female high school student ‘s sweat and body odor, a unique smell is mixed inside, various tools are placed and there are several spikes on the floor. There are lockers on the left and right with the names of all club members written and benches placed in the middle.

At this time, normally nobody remains. However, there was a pair of two people sitting on the bench in the room of the athletic club here at Ellis all girls high school.

“Aaaa…noo, senpai…”
“Huhu…. Cute, Eriko. I’ll bully you more. ”
“Aaa…th, that’s so…embarrassing…”

Two girls hugged on the bench and whispered with sweet voices. A tall girl covers an slender girl and every time she whispers something in the ear while kissing, Eriko shook her head in disapproval.

Both girls are wearing their black-red designed jerseys, even though club activities are over. The tall and short-cut haired girl called Senpai is putting her left hand in the jersey of the lovely girl who was called Eriko and clearly stroke the crotch from that angle.

“Se, Senpai! Noo! Such…such a thing is not good!!”

Eriko who is bright red is agitated by the actions of her senpai’s hand and continues to raise a silly voice. And her pretty face is enthralled by the caress of her favorite senpai and her legs are lightly opened against her words and is toyed around without resistance. Every time her mouth gets away, she sniffs with her nose, before she is kissed again and gets drunk by the pleasantly feeling.

The tall and pretty girl is really excited to bully her kouhai. Looking at the adorable and trembling expression like a kitten, the senpai wants to deeply caress more and more. The plump lips are sucked up, the tongue is inserted, the mouth is vandalized, the small tongue is sucked up and the saliva is sipped and drunk like sweet syrup.



The name of the cute girl who is bullied is Eriko Hanai. First year student attending Ellis all girls high school. She is a short-range runner who belongs to the athletics club.

Eriko is a pretty girl with a lovely face and cute eyes. Her body that is still under development has thin breasts, little fat and is slimy. On the contrary the complements of her cuteness only stimulates the desire for asylum and the desire for abuse.

Second year Rimi Makino is involved with Eriko. She belongs to the same athletic club as Eriko and is a high jumper. Rimi is also the ace of the track section, her short cut hairs and slim body gave her a grown-up atmosphere.

Rimi was a beauty of dignity, because she is popular among the junior high school students, mainly club members. She received countless love letters and confessions. Along with third grader Ruriko Asakura, she is an idol for the lower grade students of this school.

Such a beauty is a lesbian since her school entrance and she has indulged with a number of juniors and classmates. Among them, Eriko is her most favorite and sometimes finding a chance she bullies her prey and satisfies her abnormal desire.



“Eriko. You really are lewd. I got so drenched.”
“Nooo…Senpai tampers so much…. It’s embarrassing …”

A water splashing sound can be faintly heard from Eriko´s crotch and shows that this lovely girl is completely excited.

“Hey, touch me too”

Eriko stretches her hand out and plugs into Rimi’s jersey, as if it were her own. And, the sensitive part of the crotch is stroked from the top of the running pants which stuck to the body perfectly.


The 16-year-old girl who was encouraged by the voice gradually makes her hand move boldly while seeing the reaction of her Senpai. The movement of her hand is accurate and there is no pardon because she knows the weak point of her senpai from previous experience.

As Eriko´s fingers move, Rimi start to raise her voice.

“More…there, stronger…”
“Senpai…I also feel it…”

Two cute girls interact with each other, while groping each other’s crotch. Their fingers are running through the red running pants which stuck to both lower bodies and stimulate the wet secret parts.

The 16 and 17-year-old girls who overlap on the bench inside their club room devour each other’s desires. Their sexual feeling which began to demand sweet stimulation, let them rose to height fast under the light of the fluorescent lamp.

“Aaaa!!! Iii!!”
“Cuuummm! Senpai, I´m cummiinngg!”

Two beautiful girls close their eyes and shake their bodies to the explosion of young sexual feeling. After a while, they stare at each other again and exchange deep kisses.

“You’re cute…Eriko…”
“Senpai…I love you…”

Both experience a distorted love and were chewing their own happiness in the closed room.



“Is this you and Eriko Hanai from class 1-2?”

Kenichi´s words does not enter the ear of Rimi. Looking at the image placed on the desk, she was shocked and stunned.

A rough black and white image was projected by a fixed surveillance camera. Inside the club room where she belongs to. There are two girls wearing their jerseys and are interacting on the bench. Of course there is no doubt, that’s Rimi and Eriko.

What’s the matter? Answer me, Makino”

However, Rimi faces down while keeping silent.

This is in the reception room on the first floor of the school building.

Rimi Makino a member of the track and field club, sits on the sofa across Kenichi´s desk. There are some black and white pictures on the desk and this short cut haired beauty hung in front of it.

The image in the picture shows the face of the two people who are clearly cherish, so Rimi´s reaction isn’t unreasonable.

“As I said earlier, recently, theft occurred mainly in the club’s room, so we secretly applied a surveillance camera. Then Yoshikawa-sensei, who was checking that video saw you…”

Kenichi explains it bitterly with a bitter look on his face.

“Ah, for the sake of precaution I will tell you, but since the clothes of you girls are also included in the video, be rest assured that only a female teacher is doing all the checks”

The fact that cameras were installed by a lolicon teacher isn’t necessary to explain. The Vice-principal observed the students change their clothes to radiate his desire, therefore he can’t defy Kenichi who knows about his secret.

“Now, why did you do this?”

Rimi still doesn’t answer, no she cannot answer. Shutting up and looking downwards, her thin shoulders are trembling a little. Her long eyelashes are moving quickly and she seems to cry at any moment.

(Seeing such a scene, it will be shocking…)

This cute girl who is usually determined and cool, let the beast nods inside Kenichi while keeping a calm face.

Rimi and Eriko are beautiful girls who had been eyed from the start, but Kenichi didn’t put out his hand so far because the aura wasn’t seen. And because she is a lesbian, Rimi doesn’t seem to show any favor at all for Kenichi whose popularity among the female students was high. On the contrary, she always showed cold eyes with a bit of hostility when he was surrounded by female students.

Rimi´s slender body is trembling and is wrapped in the school uniform.

Her supple body trained by club activities is the greatest attraction of this pretty tall girl. She is a high jumper, because her legs are very long and therefore muscles are attached to her thighs, while her knees downwards are surprisingly thin. Her pretty and perfect shape is really great.

Her tall and slender body that reaches 170 doesnt have a single, useless meat. Her pale toned body is the best treat for Kenichi who has been eating sensual women recently.

“What’s the matter? I don’t know why you kept quiet”

She remains silent even if asked and this beautiful girl doesn’t stir. From the shame, fear and panic, her body paralyzed and she has fallen into a empty mind.

The intense desire wanting to taste that pale colored body is striking right now is the same reaction as a deer that is about to be shot by an hunter.

Kenichi who kept silent for a while looked at the situation, suddenly sighed.

“…Thats troublesome…. If you don’t say anything, I can´t help you…. Then, I need to inform your parents”
“Noo!! Don’t tell!! Please don’t tell my parents!!”

Rimi, who had been silently and lowered her face until now, suddenly raised her face and screamed. It is no acting, but rather an abrupt action that surprised Kenichi.

“Please…Sensei…this matter…my mum and dad…”

The pretty girl suddenly cries out again. Pearl-like tears spilled from her long eyelashes and black eyes.


Rimi desperately plead while crying. Her pleading only adds up to Kenichi´s desire, which is impossible for this young and innocent second-grader to know.

“Then, you admit that you were doing this?”

Although it was Rimi who kept silent for a while, when she faces down again, she shook her head vertically. She normally is a spirited sports girl who is weeping weakly now.

Kenichi stands up slowly from the sofa and stands next to Rimi who is sitting. Rimi looked up with her face promptly. Her eyes are a little reddish and her crying face is reflected in Kenichi’s eyes.

“Fortunately, only Yoshikawa-sensei and I know this video. I mean, if you keep quiet, no one will know”

Kenichi is like a hypnotist and talk so slowly.

“You don’t want me tell it your parents?”

Rimi nods.

The science teacher slowly pulls down the trousers while looking at her big eyes.


This cute girl screams with her small mouth. But looking happily at the frightening expression, Kenichi touched his huge penis that started to erect inside his pants. With momentum he shows that atrocious figure to Rimi.

“Noooo!!! Hiiiii!!!”

That vigorous figure is intense and traumatic for a young lady who doesn’t know what was going on. The dark-fleshed meat sword erected and blue veins are on its surface. It is a incomparably evil and ugly penis that isn’t comparable to the one of her father she saw in the bathroom.

No, No!! Don’t come!!”

Rimi is surprised at the sudden violence of her teacher, that she backwards unintentionally. However, her body becomes numb and isn’t possible to run away like a victim who is under magic.

“Hey, if you want anyone to keep it a secret, hold it”

Further closing the distance, the science teacher says so while looking down with his red eyes. It was Rimi who shook her head in disapproval, but she couldn’t raise a cry or run away, therefore she was just trembling on the sofa. The tip of the huge meat spear seems to aim at her fearfully.

“Can you be known to your dad or mama? Makino is actually a lesbian and was indulging in a kinky play at night with her kouhai”
“Aaa…Nooo…don’t say it…”

If that were to happen, her strict father wouldn’t forgive her. Her father who belongs to the upper part of the police owns a strict and old sense of value. If he knows that his daughter is a lesbian, he surely will be furious.

“If so, do you understand?”

This is a despicable threat. If it was the usual Rimi, she would never have yielded. However, this poor 17-year-old girl can’t win anymore because her secret is on a video and she doesn’t want her parents to know about it.

“Here, touch it”
“…Bu, but…”

The penis of a man is swinging in front of her eyes. Even more so than what she had imagined, it was an atrocious, grotesque and incredibly vulgar human possession. From there, something like an evil aura is felt.

It has been piercing the vagina of music teacher Takada Tomomi before coming here and has left a thick and lewd smell. If Rimi was an experienced woman, she would have noticed that smell of love.

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