Inma no Hado chapter 135

Inma no Hado chapter 135: Traces of infidelity



『What do you think, Reiko?』

It took a couple of seconds to figure out that the question was meant for herself. Reiko who was looking down while watching the display on the desk of her office, quickly come back to reality.

“Say again? What is your question?”
『…You look so tired, Reiko. Okay, that’s all for today.』

The web conference between the headquarter and all branches of SHADO was ended by Gordon Brown now. After a short summary and as soon as the connection with the headquarter in London has been turned off, made Reiko a sigh of relief.

It was a meeting with the headquarter that took two hours and the main content was to report on the current situation, which was almost clear to her subordinates. However, Reiko who usually reports properly about the situation was silent and somewhat absentminded today.

“Good-bye, chief director”

The voice of the vice-director is heard and Reiko raises her face, before responding.

“What’s wrong, you aren’t like usual?”

Looking at her subordinate who is observing her while asking this question, let Reiko become miserable.

Reiko has many worries. She can’t work and can’t concentrate at the meeting at all. Like that, there is no way that she can fulfill her serious duty of protecting people against devils.

“Director you seem really tired, I understand that you have kept pushing yourself for the rebuild of the headquarter, but how about going home and going to bed today?”
“…That, well…thank you … I will let you do today.”

The clock shows 8:30 in the evening. In the evening she organized her e-mails and remaining documents before going home. Since the meeting has started during the daytime, her work won’t be finished unless it is done. That’s why Reiko is always working overtime and certainly works hard. That goes for other members too, but Reiko who is a responsible person is working even more than them.

At the time, she stands up with her documents, does she walk out of her office.

(Stupid me…I have to stop doing this…)

Of course she is busy with work and her body is tired. But this time the cause was the distress inside her mind and it is a totally different factor that lowers her efficiency. Reiko even know that herself.

(Even today… ah…what shall I do…)

During daytime a special mail came again. That was all the cause. And the sender is also known.

『9 o’clock, I´m waiting』

That was all of the mail, but the meaning was clear. She shall meet Saito at the bar before going to a love hotel again. Recently Reiko has been called twice a week and at times she is very busy.

(Again…that kind of thing…)

From the moment she saw the email, her body was already burning hot. Her lower part aches and is so sensitive as if it is a erogenous zone. Reiko also has already gone to the toilet many times and changed her napkins even though she has no menstruation. If she doesn’t do it, her panty will be soaking wet.

(I have to stop it, but…)

However, her mature body is seeking the delicacy of that memorable forbidden fruit as quickly as possible. Fortunately today her husband seems to stay in the laboratory overnight, so there is no one at home. That fact eliminates the brakes inside her head.

After coming back home did she wore a coat, went to the toilet and left for the station. She applied dark makeup that has never been done before on her face. It isn’t just makeup. Her clothes are also more gaudy than before, and the tight skirt is insanely short for her age. All of it was requested by Saito-san who she will meet now and it’s the result according to his taste.

It is hard to believe that this is the same Reiko who was full of work before. After her rebirth did she start walking through the night city with gaudy clothes, while all men look back at her with excitement.



Two o’clock in the night. Walking through the corridor with her tired legs, Reiko opened the door of her apartment with an uneasy feeling.

The inside of her apartment is warm and even from the entrance she can see that light is leaking from the living room. There is only one thing that can explain that. Her husband is at home. Encountering this unexpected event, Reiko panicked as soon as her head got white.

“I, I’m home”

But somehow switching her feelings, she deliberately says out loud. Without being suspicious, she tries to behave normally. While taking off her shoes at the entrance, she breathes deeply to calm down. Her heart throbs so strong that it might jump out of her mouth at any moment.

“Ah, you are late today. Are you working forever?”
“…Ah, yeah, a sudden incident has appeared…”

Reiko who desperately rotates her head while taking off her coat thinks of excuses somehow. Reiko keeps her line of sight as close as possible to her husband who was drinking beer in the living room.

She turned around in her business suit and glanced at her husband. Her husband who has gotten more grey hair for some reason is looking at her today. The only fear right now for Reiko is that her husband find out about her affair, which let her chest become heavy.

“Ah, you are not staying at the laboratory today?”

Reiko started to speak about another topic to lose her anxiety. For now, she tries to calm down herself and to act normal.

“Well, the cells used for the experiment were destroyed quicker than we thought, so we hurriedly finished our work so that we can come home early”
“Sorry, I wish you had contacted me, then I wouldn’t have worked so long and also would come home earlier”

Although Reiko says that without anything in mind, her anxiety makes herself talkative. She noticed that and thought that she should settle down for the time being.

“…I, I will take a bath…”

And the moment she tried to pass by her husband after saying so, he suddenly hugged her from behind.

“Wa, Wait a minute, what’s wrong? You…”

Reiko is surprised. Married for ten years or more, but this is the first time such a thing is done. But more than that, he is still very serious. Before she came home she entertained another man and is full of sweat, therefore she wants to shower as fast as possible. Her inner feelings, say she should remove the traces of her affair quickly.

Besides, her body has kiss marks attached from Saito and his smell also remains. Her husband shouldn’t find out by all means.

“Not good! You…stop it…uguuu!!”

Her lips are deprived while being hugged from behind. Her husband, usual doesn’t do such a thing and didn’t try to touch her body. Nevertheless tonight he is unlikely fierce and hugs his wife’s body with both hands.

The taste of saliva and beer is spreading through Reiko´s mouth. His tongue entered her mouth that was sucking the penis of another man a while ago. Not understanding what happens, Reiko desperately tries to escape

“Stop it! You…what do you do!!”

Looking again at her husband’s face, it is bright red from alcohol and excitement. His everyday mild and gentle expression has disappeared now and his eyes glare at Reiko excitedly.

“Hey, Reiko…is it okay?”

Her husband who asks so grasps Reiko´s breasts. Her body which is massaged through her thin blouse and lace bra gradually reacts.

“No, it’s useless…. …It’s embarrassing in such a place…”

The caressing of her brutal husband is not good. Reiko was willing to accept it if it was normal, but now the circumstances are different. After a while ago she had a hot affair with a younger man and the traces remain around her body.

That’s why she desperately tries to escape from her husband. However her drunken husband embraced her forcefully, so that Reiko can not escape. Next, a sweet stimulation spreads throughout her body from her chest that is kneaded by his hands.

Reiko wants to raise her voice again, but its blocked by her husbands lips. Her husband’s hand crawled inside her blouse and began massaging her huge breasts from above the bra cup. She is wearing a light purple sexy lace bra that she bought recently.


When the palm of her husband rubs her erect nipples, does a spark flies in front of her eyes. Her husband’s penis hits against her plump hips, which stimulates Reiko’s female part.

(No…I feel like I’m out of power…)

Through multiple intercourse with Saito, has her 39 year old body fully developed and became sensitive. Her body has been blamed for many hours today and heats up once again after its caressed again, even if she is already exhausted.

Her husband Michio Arisawa continues to deepen his caress against his wife who gradually weakened her resistance. Everyone enjoys huge breasts and he even rubs his waist against her tight skirt.

Michio doesn’t even know why he is so excited. However, his wife who he saw in the living room was so sexy that his desire welled up and he started to move. He didn’t touch his wife since his last child was born, but recently she got beautiful and became sexy each time he saw her.

“Aaah…I feel it…aaah”

Michio is getting excited more and more and looks at his wife who raise a sweet voice in his arms.

They have been dating since their schooldays, but he once again reviewed whether Reiko was such a sexy woman. When they were in college, both Reiko and him concentrated on their studies and he didn’t even saw her beauty developing and after they got married it declined even more.

Her body is wonderful, to the extent that you won’t believe that she has beared two children. Her body which was supple and thin with age, ripened moderately and it was exactly the time to eat it up.

(Reiko, you have such a good body…)

Unnoticedly and relentlessly licking her neck, Michio kneaded her rich chest. From the female body that is getting hotter and steadier in his hands, pheromone are released that invites a man. And from that moment on Michio felt an unknown black desire from his groin.

Next he put his hand into her skirt, while Reiko resisted first, but gradually her body lose its strength and she is in his care. His hand continues further inside into her muddy panty and with his finger he could feel how wet it is.

“This…isnt it soaking wet?”

The next moment, Reiko used a strong force to thrust her husband away who is still lying upside down on the floor with a rough breathing and Reiko panic escaped into the bathroom.

(What…? What happened, so suddenly?)

Michio was left alone in the kitchen without knowing what happened. His wife, who was agonizing with his caress until a while ago, threw himself off with a sudden refuse.

At that time, Michio felt something. On his right fingers was something attached when he touched Reiko’s crotch. When he looks closely at it, it is yellow. It also has a distinctive smell that is different from love juice.

(…Ma, maybe…no way, such a foolish thing…)

The smell is something that Michio may have smelled a little. But he can hardly believe that it comes from his wife´s crotch. Because it is absolutely inconvenient in such a place anyway.

After rushing to the bathroom, Reiko was already in the shower. Michio can see his wife taking a shower from the other side of the glass. Suddenly, opening the undressing basket that was covered with a towel, inside was a light purple lingerie that Reiko would have worn today.

(That…it’s so flashy…)

It’s a sexy bra and panty that he has never seen before. It is a foreign-made one that seems to be high-class at the first glance using a precise lace as design just to invite a man.

(For whom is this…)

Taking the little cloth out, he is pressed by suspicious doubts. The purple panty with butterfly design on the front is absolutely sexy and hard to believe that Reiko wore it.

(…Th, This is…after all…)

Looking at the part of the crotch, Michio swallows his spit. Even if he had predicted something in a sense, he can not accept the reality right away.

The crotch was wet by a large amount of white mucus, which was different from woman honey.

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