Inma no Hado chapter 184

Inma no Hado chapter 184: School ruler



“Hiuuuu!!! Ahiii!!!!”

Yoko who had convulsions cried loudly with her white throat. She doesn’t mind feeling pleasure at school in daytime. Something like a white mist appears from her body and it is sucked into the body of Kenichi before long when becoming a whirlpool.


Another woman’s muffled voice is heard from Kenichi’s crotch as it synchronized with that reaction.

“What, did you also come?”

The beautiful woman who had been lying on Kenichi’s crotch for a long time now has shaken her head from left to right and is embarrassed of being asked. Her semi-long brown hair which was neatly shakes to the left and right every time and the smell of a fragrant perfume and the thick smell of a female rises up together.

“…Aah…. I just had a small stimulation”

Yumiko smiles amusingly, before she raises her face and licks her own lips. The eyes painted with thin eye shadow are sexy and full of lust. It is deeply carved inside her body which has western blood inside her veins. Yumiko raised her upper body from Kenichi´s crotch and sides besides him.

“Aah, not good… Why…why do you feel it so much from just sucking…?”

Kenichi whispers these words which he had said to many women so far to Yumiko. Kenichi laughs without saying anything and begins to hold Yumiko´s body and enjoys its softness.

It is said that woman who suck Kenichi´s penis have their mouth become a erogenous zone without exception. And when the penis rubs against the inside of the mouth, the women will feel pleasure like having an orgasm. For that reason, Yumiko has reached the top many times so far and supplies sexual energy to Kenichi every time.

“You look so sexy”
“Nooo. It’s because I like Kenichi…when Yoko-san and I see you a lot, we want to dress up fashionable for you…”

Embracing Yumiko, Kenichi buries his face into her rich chest and Yumiko responds with a charmed voice, while stroking Kenichi´s head. As Kenichi pointed out, Yumiko also wears a dark pearl-pink lace bra, which can be seen-through the beige blouse and the supposed to be hidden underwear color and shape is clearly visible right now.

Yesterday those two went to a hairdresser and a beauty salon and polished their whole bodies to make Kenichi happy who they cant meet so often. If they want to be pleased by him who totally conquered their bodies and minds, they won’t spare any effort. Currently Yumiko has no feelings or interests for her husband who is unconscious and hospitalized.

“Aah…kiss me…”

Opening her red lips widely, Yumiko passionately kisses with Kenichi. Immediately their tongues intertwine and caress the mouth gently with obscene movements. If it is a middle school student or a high school student who wants to have sex, this deep kissing is enough to let them cum.

Yumiko who has been swindled by Kenichi at a swapping party before has become a completely different woman. After being stolen in front of her husband’s eyes, Yumiko now is a loyal woman who comes immediately when Kenichi sends her a mail.

“Aah…boobs, touch them more…”

Her big breasts pushing up the blouse are groped and Yumiko who is a former Miss Japan is enthralled by the sweet pleasure spreading from it. With a sigh of mint scent, she started trying to french kiss again.

Because Yumiko has often the magic sperm been poured inside her, her chest has become bigger and her bra fits tighter than before. In spite of that, her waist is slim and constricted like a bee and an exquisite line is drawn to her rich buttocks. The male employees of her husband´s building company were she works as the president now imagine her beautiful appearance to masturbate.

“Then, this time I will…”

When Yoko who had been exhausted finally raised her body, did she monopolize Kenichi´s penis and begins to lick it with her long tongue. She tries to erase the trace of Yumiko with her saliva to claim it as her possession. Yoko´s tongue crawls around the sensitive part and she gives an fellatio, which she has never done for her husband.

An obscene water sound is heard. Stuffing her cheeks and strongly sucking, she stimulates the parts that Kenichi can actively feel by moving her tongue. This greedy 42-year-old married woman knows the art of enticing a man’s sexual sensation.

(The fifth hour has just begun. After school, I’d like to eat these guys…)

With the black wave released from his whole body, things inside this school seem to be picked up even if Kenichi closed his eyes. The first class in the afternoon is held in each classroom, and all female high school students are enthusiastic about studying. A very ordinary high school if you look from that aspect only.

However, after school, many female students come to be embraced on their own will. First the third graders who have retired from their clubs, then the first and second year students after they finished their club activities. From now on the routine is to fuck more than 20 high school girls and female teachers every day until 8 o’clock in the evening. It isn’t a metaphor to dry the penis, because there is no time.

(I want more female teachers…. Outstanding, pretty women…)

As of now Kenichi can do what he want by controlling the Board of directors. Then he has the right to control the personnel. From now on, all male teachers and veteran teachers are getting fired and he will gather many beautiful teachers from all over the country. Japan is wide. There should be many pretty and marvelous female teachers, you only need to look for them.

(Ah…they had free time…)

Kenichi can see two people coming to this office from the staff room. Of course, it is not actually visible. It can be understood while sitting on the sofa and kissing Yumiko, thanks to the magic that absorbed a lot of energy.

Takada Tomomi and Momoi Ayumi, two female teachers are hurrying to come here with a lightly flushed expression. Both match the word glossy because they wear blouses that are perfectly fitted to their bodies and tight mini skirts, which are 20 cm above the knees. Hoping for a hot intercourse with Kenichi as soon as they can, their flashy panties are overflowing with love liquid.

Harem sex with four beautiful women from their 40s to their 20s. Besides, three of them are married woman and it is pleasant for Kenichi to monopolize them.

(These guys have recently improved their taste…)

Tomomi´s and Ayumi´s pussies have changed into the best sex organ so that even Kenichi will cum accidentally after pouring his semen inside many times. Vaginas with countless folds which stick to the invader as soon as it entered inside. Imagining the pleasure it will get from those two, the huge erected penis inside Yoko´s mouth increases in volume.

“Ah…again, it grew bigger…amazing…”

Yoko who couldn’t swallow it anymore released her mouth and responses to the increase. While sweetly staring at Kenichi’s face, she starts to lick with her tongue again. Moreover her long and white fingers with her shining wedding ring grasps the root and rubs it slowly with skillful strength.

“Aah…please do it again…. Please…I cant withstand it anymore…”

On Kenichi´s upper body, Yumiko, a lady of the upper class pleads for sex by herself. Her dignified features flashes in lust and her eyes are seeking the insertion of Kenichi´s son.

“Don’t put on airs. Say it like you always do”

Yumiko is ashamed to be forced to say it a lot of times, but still she is a crazy coward who will accept this order.

“Kenichi-sama please insert your big black penis into Yumiko´s slimy pussy and please fuck me hard who is a cheating wife and keep it a secret to her husband…”

Yumiko becomes more excited from her own words. Along to her words, Yumiko´s vagina wrapped in butterfly panty opens its entrance and inviting honey drips down from there and releasing a thick female smell.

“You want me to do this?”
“Insert! Please…I can’t endure it anymore…. Having sex! Screw my cheating pussy with your cock!!”
“You may get pregnant?”
“Ah…let me become pregnant! Impregnate me!! Pour your seed inside me!!”

This beautiful wife whose reason has collapsed is a pervert which can´t be thought from her lovely face and she babbles the line that could be a graffiti of a lavatory. What kind of face would her employees make if they see this figure of their president?

Kenichi´s right hand is slipped in the mini skirt and Yumiko who is completely in estrus let her lover do what he wants and opens her legs a bit more. Her thighs have some meat on them, and the feeling of touching them gives of a plump feeling. When his fingers reached the innermost part, it was already muddy.

“What, this is…. After all, you feel it since a little while ago, right?”
“Aaa…I don’t know. Noooo, its pleasant…”

The butterfly panty has a very bold design that it would even embarrass a prostitute and it is a matching pair with the pearl-pink bra. The silk fabric gets soaking wet from the overflowing honey liquid and sticks closely to the crotch.

“Aaaa! Not good!! Don’t play around with me!!”

Because the stocking is fastened with a garter belt, Kenichi´s fingers have reached the panty directly. When the fingers are made to crawl inside from the side of the panty, the petal had already opened its mouth.

“Everything is so wet…lewd…”
“Aaa!!! Hiiiiiii!!”

Saying that, Kenichi inserts his fingers into the wet pussy and Yumiko writhes a high voice. The inside is muddy and hot and swirls around the fingers like a sea anemone. Yumiko´s vagina which originally had a strong tightening changed so that any man will cum in a few minutes.

(Next time, I will fuck Yumiko in her company…. It seems that women who seem to be delicious are also ready soon…)

Teasing her with his fingers, Kenichi grins.

Kenichi ordered Yumiko to hire marvelous pretty women as secretary and receptionist. Of course, to let them become his belonging.

Kenichi’s desire, which was only the students of this school, spreads to every direction now like a wildfire burning the meadow. Kenichi will skillfully use his magical power and the people and power he gains to spread his power greedily. The state of spreading his black wings without anyone knowing while skillfully eliminating the disturbing person like a epidemic that erodes mankind without any immunity. When someone notices it, it can’t be stopped anymore.

“Excuse me…”

The door is knocked and two beauties come in. Tomomi and Ayumi looked at each other, giggle and step into the room.

“After all…. As I thought…”
“Aaah, already…doing this at daytime…”

The two pretty teachers with good looks and outstanding bodies look at the three people who have fun on the couch, while giving their opinion. Deep pink auras rise from their bodies and the reason for that is that both are completely in estrus.

“Midou-sensei…. Is it okay for us to join?”
“Aah…. Board chairman, it is unpleasant…. Please let us serve, too…”

Both look at Kenichi´s crotch hungrily and don’t try to conceal their lust and show only a bitter smile.

“Bad teacher, I will squeeze everything so that the students won’t become bad”
“That’s right. I will suck it up to the last drop so that nothing is left”

Tomomi and Ayumi begin to kneel on the carpet in front of the sofa and lick their red lips with their long tongues, before they crawl their tongues around the root. The poison of the Inma turned Tomomi who was modest and quiet into a carnivorous female.

Three women lick and suck the crotch of Kenichi who also enjoys the huge bust of Yumiko with his hand. While enjoying the triple fellatio of greedy and lewd female teachers and the board chairman, Kenichi kissed with Yumiko very erotically.

(Shall I go to the club tonight?)

The club mom and the hostesses in Kenichi´s club were left alone for a while now so they would be a bit frustrated. Every day they send an email to Kenichi, because they want to meet him. For Kenichi it is more enjoying to let hungry women wait and don’t answer them, because they will taste more delicious than normal.

Proportional to his desire rising more and more, the number of beautiful meat slaves gradually increase, too. Kenichi who became the ruler of this school in reality also expands his desire and the power of darkness and covers the entire school with his black wave.

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