Inma no Hado chapter 185

Inma no Hado chapter 185: Eiji Shirato



Despite the fact that the apartment is located in Yokohama, it stands quiet at the black night sky, as if it were isolated from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area. Surrounded by a forest, the noise from the surroundings is blocked and only a strangely quiet space is created.

A super luxury apartment which cannot defy the flow of the year which has passed 30 years, and the outside looks a little worn out from wind and snow. However, since it was originally constructed carefully, the skeleton is steady and the interior of the rooms don’t feel old because of remodeling.

There was no wind today and sticky and hot air precipitates through the night. The heat in the daytime still remains, humidity is high and muggy. A black cloud hangs in the sky which is a sign that it will rain soon. It is supposed to be a full moon tonight, but it is hidden in the clouds.

A big black van parked on the side road of the apartment. Smoke is put in the window, furthermore there is a partition in the rear of the driver’s seat and the appearance of the inside cant be seen from the outside.

The back seat was flat. The racks are organized and the machines are arranged in an orderly fashion, and each small LED is on or off. Behind it is a colorful and vast number of wires.

A beautiful woman sitting in front of it is looking at the laptop screen on her lap. Her expression was serious and in a dark room, she sighs while being illuminated from the bottom by the light of the screen.

(After all…. It is similar to that female high school student, but it is slightly different…)

She checks and verify the results that her subordinates examined and confirmed alone now. Since her subordinates are also experts on this road, the measurement result should be accurate. But if she doesn’t make sure of anything by herself, it is a disquieting personality.

Eiji Shirato. A devil host who gives off the wave of an Inma.

The wave leaks occasionally from the apartment where Shirato lives. The pattern caught by the antenna of the super high performance pc is analyzed by the wave measuring instrument and it appears as a graph on the screen of the laptop.

(Seeing this, it is a different person. The pattern is still different…)

The pretty woman compared it with the wave of Makino Rimi in the headquarter. There was a difference in the detail, but everything else was similar so many said it must be a mistake from the measurement machine. Her colleagues and subordinates also conclude that the wave is similar.

However, if she measures it herself, the difference will be clearer. It is similar, but the wave is obviously a bit different.

(Shirato is a different person…. There is another demon king…)

Suddenly it happened when Emily Terasawa in the back seat of a dark van and began thinking of trying to return to headquarters.


“Wh, What!”

Suddenly thinking that the graph in the screen was disturbed, the numerical value which measures the power of the wave goes up. Red and yellow LEDs lining up in the rack emit a warning color and flicker like crazy.

“Fo, Fool…such a thing…”

It was momentary, but a violent powerful wave. Emily can see the measurements of different digits that seem to be abnormal and she can’t believe her own eyes.


The next moment. Bang!!! A spark flew in the dark car with a terrific sound. With that, the LED of the machine disappeared altogether and the operation was stopped. A slight burning smell and then a faint but white smoke drifts.

(O, Overlord…)

After a moment, silence appears in the dark van. Emily tries to determine exactly what happened. All the measuring machines in the racks are silent and only the laptop on her lap which switched to battery-powered seems to be running without problems.

In a hurry, the measurement log is displayed on the screen. A graph that has just jumped abnormally is visible. Looking at it, Emily tries to think what it means.

(Th, This…. The magic wave was explosively released…?)

Looking at another screen, Emily understands the cause and the progress. The evil energy struck the mansion as if it were a thunder. Immediately after that, the wave of the Inma let the machines overhead with energy before they explode.

When the main switch is put back in a hurry, some devices begin to move. With it, new information is projected on the Laptop screen.

(Thats a relief. They’re not dead…)

Some machines stopped functioning, but it is not fatal. However, Emily has been frustrating for a while and her eyes are pinned to one point on the screen.


A small point is moving. The red dot was supposed to be in the same place a long time ago. Therefore Emily taps on one of the four divided screens to enlarge the wave radar.

(EE? Th, This is…)

The next moment Emily felt a terrible insight.

(It is approaching here…. I was found…!!)

It was an amazing fact, but there is no doubt.

The light point that didn’t move inside the apartment until a little while ago is clearly approaching here. It is a clearly intended movement, and there is only one possible cause. The presence here has been discovered by the explosion just now.

Theoretically, “SHADO” members on a mission are wearing a wave offset machine in preparation for the encounter with a demon with magic and to hide from the magic. However, because the precision measurement of the wave was done this time, Emily who hated unnecessary noise had stopped it. Speaking of careless, there is a some distance to the target, so she did not worry about it.

(What to do…what am I going to do?!)

To fight a devil host, you need to be prepared. To confront an invisible person with magic, you need to eliminate your biological vibrations and the wave-destroying machine that eliminate the enemy´s magic. Other than that, a stun gun and simple combat clothing to reduce physical damage is indispensable.

(Qu, Quickly…)

Emily thought of retreating here at once, but the red dot on the screen was approaching at this moment. It is approximately not a normal speed but obviously an extraordinary speed.


Turning on the switch in a hurry, Emily prepares to intercept. The small wave-destroying instrument that has been successfully commercialized recently is a portable type that doesn’t require external power. The size of the machine is about half of the original type and is about the size of a large laptop. The problem is that it lasts only fifteen minutes on battery drive, but it’s fine as long as you can withstand that.

(I´m not attracted enough…)

The wave-destroying machine cancels out the other’s magic and makes the enemy powerless. The power is powerful, but there is a limit in the effect range to make mechanical waves and it is effective only to a few metres at most. Therefore, it is necessary to stop enemy´s actions with the stun gun first or to put the switch on after luring to the vicinity.


The red point approaches fast. Emily carries the small wave-destroying instrument in her backpack and moves to the driver’s seat. Today she was investigating alone, so there’s no one else in this car.

(For now, I should flee…it is bad to fight now…)

Emily wants to avoid fighting, because she doesn’t know the power of the enemy. If there is no strategy, there will be the danger of failure. Even if the opponent is a devil host who fused with an Inma. Emily doesn’t know enough of the target and his abilities.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, she turns the key. However, the engine doesn’t wake up though there is a creak sound of the cell motor.

“Guu!! At a time like this!!”

Emily curses.

At that time, a figure appeared in front of the front glass. A man jumps out between the hedges that surround the apartment and when he finds Emily sitting in the driver’s seat, he comes closer.

The man is tall and slender and dressed in dark. Therefore, the white light of the nightlight of the road shines and on the man and revealed his white face and short mowed hair.

No doubt. This is the target Shirato Eiji.

The real Shirato looks much thinner than on the pictures. However, his fearless face is further sharpened and it has a cruel, brutal expression.

And his eyes. Glowing red.

As if exiting from the retina as a laser, red light was emitted from the thinly opened eyes, which is clearly visible because the surrounding is dark. These eyes released magical powers that Emily has seen over and over so far.

Distance is 4 or 5m.

(Quickly!! Quickly, start!!)

Even if you come here, the sound of the cell motor still sounds, and the engine doesn’t start. Although Emily twisted the key a number of times, only a creaking sound is heard. The hand with the key is sweating, the sweat also drips from the forehead, but Emily keeps on turning the key without pretending it.

Shirato in front of Emily seemed to be watching a little, but he was approaching this place.

(Not good! Not good! What shall I do!!)

Should she open the door and run away, or keep turning the key as it is? Emily who is cornered panics lightly. However, at that time, the fire entered the engine with the sound of Emily’s wishes leading to the sky.


Without hesitation, Emily stomps the accelerator. The 3000cc diesel engine is powerless, but it still shows a rapid acceleration of the utmost. And, the moment when the handle was cut to the right to avoid the man as it was, the man which was sure to have avoided has jumped in front of the car.

The next moment. A impact hits the van. Shirato straight hit the front of the van. And a dull sound echoes late.


Although it is not what she intended to do, Emily screams small. However, when she recovers from the impact after a few seconds, she checks the state of Shirato through the windshield.

Road at night. Being illuminated by the light, the man doesn’t move. He hit his head when he fell and it looked like slow motion when he hopped.

(He, He ran over…)

The fact that Emily hit a person doesn’t change even though it is an inevitability that the other party has ran over. When her reason comes back a little, Emily becomes fearful of the fact by herself.

“SHADO” tolerates the use of force when the devil host is captured and killing is admitted in unavoidable cases. Nonetheless, Shirato is a devil host which can use magic. Facing normal law or morality. Therefore, even if Shirato dies, the usual law isn’t applied to Emily. However, because the appearance is still man, the consideration of the crime buds.

Although she was watching the situation for a while, Shirato did not move. Like a pear-cut puppet yarn, he is lying on the ground in a flying posture.

Opening the door of the driver’s seat, Emily slowly goes outside. She has a stun gun in her hand and the wave machine. If she presses the switch in the pocket, the wave destroying machine is activated and the enemy is neutralized.

Emily is getting close. If it is an ordinary human, he would be severely injured, but the other party is an devil host, so Emily isn’t careless. When looking back to the van the front is dented, indicating the strength of the impact.

(I’m losing my mind…or…)

Even though the accelerator was fully opened, it is at most about 20 Km in speed. Emily thinks he isn’t dead, but there is a good chance that he has injured his head and fainted.

(For now, I have to disable the magic…)

When she thrusts her hand into her pocket to launch the wave destroying machine, Shirato who had been lying on the dark street suddenly stood up.

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