Inma no Hado – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Predation

After watching the girl tremble with excitement and fear, something welled up from inside Kenichi’s body, a wicked feeling like black clouds in the summer. His timid expression gradually transformed into a look of lust and excitement.

Unable to resist, Natsuki opened her long legs on the sofa as Kenichi orders. Even though her crotch is hidden by her short skirt, she was horribly embarrassed, but she wouldn’t break her posture.

Kenichi admiringly contemplated the strength of this ‘power’ that made all of this possible.

When he wrapped the red tentacles around Natsuki’s body, her carnal desires increased rapidly. As more power was sent into her body, she reacted to the increasing sensitivity like a ripe married woman. She agonized away while making “hiihii” noises.

While pleasantly watching Natsuki throw away all sense of shame, the wild beast inside Kenichi started to awaken. His brain was overwhelmed with the desire to violate this beautiful girl entirely, and his excitement began to heat up.

His huge penis increased several times it’s usual size to the point that it towered in a way that even amazed him. A small degree of pre-cum released from the tip, the spillage causing the surface of the dark penis to shine indecently slippery.

While swallowing her saliva, and blowing out a rough breath, she raised her short shirt with the checkered pattern.


The crotch of the high school girl became visible wrapped in pink underwear. At long last, her two long, thin legs revealed the seductive parts within, Kenichi took a long look at the meal revealed for him.

“… Oh, It’s shameful, please Sensei, don’t look…”

The release of body fluids from her insides had caused a darker wet spot to form under her. A lewd odor from the young girl as she raised her mini skirt added fuel to the flame of desire inciting the indecent animal within.

This too-stimulating scene causes Kenichi to forget that this was a student and that he was in school, and thus he attacked the place madly.

“Hiii! Ah, no!”

Kenichi pushed aside the grainy pink fabric, bringing out his tongue. She tightened her sex pot, showing a sensitive reaction of agony as he dived in.

After this, a ‘siip siip’ noise can be heard, and all of her overflowing honey was sucked up, his long tongue moving in her interior without reserve.

The 17-year-old beautiful girl’s form and color were innocent, an attractiveness that couldn’t compare to that of prostitutes. The gaping open petals were pink, brightening as Kenichi let loose his greed.


The pitiful sacrifice was lost to her pleasure, absorbed in the feeling of his mouth which generated lewd sounds and gasping for breath. Kenichi worked his fierce tongue and mouth enthusiastically with desire while Natsuki agonized on the sofa, crying and making ‘hiihii’ sounds while opening her legs.

She’s fresh like she just came from the morning shower. Kenichi tasted and sucked up the sweat from the beautiful girl’s thighs which released unceasing body fluids. Kenichi took a sip and gulped down the overflowing honeydew with rapid succession.  He put his face up the female senior high school students skirt and tasted between her sweaty thighs, fulfilling the darkest dreams of this abnormal science teacher.

He continued to use his long tongue to lick up the residual love liquid stuck to his lips, tasting the girl as his hambone continued to grow. The black tattoo on the surface seemed to tremble.

Pulling open Natsuki’s private parts which were being violated by Kenichi’s tongue and lips, they opened like a flower blooming. The modest inner labia finally came open, revealing the dark pink inside. There were pubic hairs around the outside, but Kenichi stuck to the indecent inner skin wet with saliva and body fluid.

He attacked the right and left leg, opening them with his own power. Natsuki’s inner thighs became a smattering of innumerable dark red kiss marks which showed vividly on her white skin.


“Aaa… scary, Sensei…” She moaned with a tone influenced by the teacher who was staring at her in silence.

As he pushed the huge tip up against her vaginal hole, fear started to pour unintentionally from her voice. However, she was not aware of the expression she was making, which only  increased the science teacher’s forcefulness.


As his dick stabbed into her vagina, her throat squeezed into a scream at the sudden feeling of expansion. As his hambone pushed past the side of the panties, the muscles of her entrance contracted in fear. She tightened solidly, and the resistance increased exponentially.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouuuch!”

Although Natsuki had already lost her virginity and had sex with her boyfriend many times, the mortal weapon of this teacher’s dick broke through the entrance with force. Compared to her boyfriend, it was an impossible size that expanded her open. Acute pains worse than when she lost her virginity came out and she let out cries while shedding tears.

“Hiiiii! Ouch! Stop it! Nooo!”

It must have ripped somewhere because as his hambone invaded it, fresh blood oozed out sloppily from the gap. It flowed out, making a mess of her pink panties.

Increasingly excited to see the face of Natsuki in pain, her cries of agony made his penis swell more. A great deal of blood flowed from the cavernous body, that when he squeezed, the volume increased with a *gyugyu* as she tightened up.


In that way, when the hambone reached the deepest part of the interior of her womb, Natsuki raised her voice as he impacted the womb directly. The part which never is struck with the normal sized penis of a lover, Natsuki’s virgin territory that noone entered until now was penetrated.


Kenichi exhaled a smelly breath that seemed to be satisfied as he raped Natsuki on the sofa in the dark science preparation room. The tip reached a dead end, the tall and stout penis was not completely inserted. The root still remained in his clenched fist, but he still walked on air at the feeling of the delicacy of the beautiful girl’s meat which tightened around part of him.

(Done! Done at last!!)

Kenichi achieved sexual intercourse with Nastuki at last, and he shook with delight.

As he thought about it, Kenichi had dreamed of the day he could rape a female senior high school student since he had first been assigned to this school. He always wanted to press down a beautiful girl in this school’s uniform and skewer her with his penis. The long devious delusion became real at last.

Moreover, his partner was also an eminently beautiful girl at this school.

Kenichi became excited by the stimulating scene of Natsuki’s exposed vagina with her pink panties pushed to the side. His dark weapon was covered by indecent honey expelled by this beautiful girl, wet and slimy and shining. It grew so hard it even amazed him. He swallowed back the growing saliva from the taste of this girl’s vagina squeezing tightly over his swollen member.


It’s normal to cover her mouth to silence the cries of pain as Natsuki was pierced with that penis. Kenichi gulped excitedly as she looked up with watery eyes.

“Higu! Higuu!!”

Kenichi’s huge penis rubbed against the depth’s the beautiful girl’s womb roughly as his hand covered her mouth and held back her screams. Every cell of his body was wrapped in delight each time she cried out as he skewered this beautiful girl with his penis.

In that way, the tone of Natsuki’s voice while he held her down started to change.

The sounds of pain and anguish steadily gave way, and she began to gradually succumb to indulgence, pleasure mixing with the pain. The tight, squeezing vagina finally started to loosen a bit, lubricants from within flowing out in large quantities.

“Aa, Aa, Aaaa…”

When Kenichi started to slow down, her voice clearly showed pleasure. Kenichi raised an eyebrow as he watched Natsuki absorbed in the joy while wearing a seductive expression.

Kenichi continued forward with his movements, matching them up with Natsuki’s writhing body. As their rhythm aligned, the tension melted away from Natsuki’s body and the 17-year-old’s limbs start to relax.

Though Kenichi was intoxicated by the delicacy of Natsuki’s body whom he got to taste for the first time, he started to have a strange sensation.

Even as the red waves emitted from his penis broke across the interior of her womb, he found that it seemed to spread over her whole body from the inside. As a result, the state of Natsuki’s body could be clearly understood.

“Ah! There! There, Good!”

For some reason Kenichi didn’t understand, he targeted the upper part to penetrate the entrance. When he stimulated there with his penis, the inexperienced Natsuki showed the agony of a more robust woman. Now, he even knew the best way to kiss Natsuki or suck her nipple.

“Ah, Ah, Aah!”

After she emitted a short cry of agony, Natsuki steadily grew in ecstasy. While enjoying the sound of her superficial voice and the tightening of her female sexual organs, Kenichi enjoyed the rapturous feeling up and down the depths of Natsuki’s body, taking deep pleasure from it.

“Aaah! Aaah! Noooo! So good!”

While gobbling up the penis deep inside her womb, the beautiful eleventh grader closed her eyes and rode the ecstasy her vagina provided her like it was the first time.

“What’s this?”

Kenichi couldn’t stop himself from crying out.

Natsuki’s red aura shined intensely and started to swell out from her body, stretching and flowing back into Kenichi’s. The energy ran deep inside his physical body and then started to coalesce into a small ball that was carried to the crotch.

The black tattoo that had formed on his penis became the location the concentrated energy ball flowed. Although he was still inserted into Natsuki’s vagina and couldn’t see his penis, he could feel it very clearly.

At the same time, his sharpened senses actuated, and the landscape around him started to shine like a crystal, looking brilliant. At this moment, Kenichi felt his place in the school very clearly.

His body filled with vitality. Willpower and physical strength grew like a generator was installed inside his body. Originally, he felt sickly and delicate, but at the moment he overflowed with power like that of an Olympic champion.

His expression started to change, and the shy face from before was a completely different person. This face laughed impudently, like an energetic activist or an experienced politician full of confidence.

(It’s intolerable…)

While looking down at the high school student whose body is convulsing frightfully, the lingering wet sounds of their actions still in the air, the wicked true character of Kenichi was revealed, an indecent brute licking his lips. Kenichi got a taste of good flavor from a pretty high school girl; he enjoyed the friction of her vaginal canal and the hot interior of her womb slowly and methodically.

The birthmark on the penis continued to absorb energy while he did so. He started to raise a growl while is penis still took more from the interior of Natsuki’s womb.

“Look, I still haven’t cum.”

“hii… aaaah!”

Kenichi lifted Natsuki’s thin legs and put them over her shoulders, his face twisting in delight of his dark desires. He continued to violate Natsuki to the point of cruelty. He sunk his dick deep into her wombs depth with a *stab stab*, where a 17-year-old who hasn’t matured enough to handle the punishment to her vaginal cervix was in agony letting out cries from her throat.

“Uhiiii! Higuuuuuu!”

Steam was rising from the sweat at the tips of the high school girl’s black socks. Kenichi generated a stream of kyuu with each pleasure.

“Aaah! There! There, no!”

The mouth of her womb, which the child was begging from him to stop hitting, was struck with each thrust, but again as Kenichi continued to strike her vital spot over and over in agony, it started to be overtaken by ecstasy again.

“Ahiii! Higuuuu!”

The energy overflowed from her body again. A small ball at the bottom of her navel is drawn into the penis.

The senses are actuated again; the state of the school is understood like the back of Kenichi’s hand. Because this is the science preparations room on the fifth floor, no one is even close nearby. The body of Natsuki would not be disturbed, he could covet it to his heart’s content.

The posture changed and Natsuki was now riding Kenichi, who was sitting on the sofa. He was piercing her from his sitting position. His body that overflowed with power was able to lift Natsuki’s body easily.

“Hiiii! Aaah! Again, Again, I’m cumming!”

While being raised from the bottom directly, Natsuki came for the third time. While holding her hips and twisting her body, he felt the burning greed rise from his body’s crater.

After burying his face in Natsuki’s chest, he reached the limit breathing the sweet smell of her chest.

“I’m cumming too.”

“Aaa… not good. Not inside. Take it out… not good! Aahiii!”

As Natsuki struggled to shrink back over her fear of pregnancy, Kenichi poured his semen deep inside her 17-year-old uterus profusely. When the white viscous liquid ran against the walls like a bullet being fired, it spread up her vaginal wall and into the womb like a machine.


With his super sense in effect, Kenichi enjoyed the intoxicating feeling of releasing his semen within the body of Natsuki while holding her in a deep embrace. Kenichi felt something of himself erode away slightly as well.


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