Inma no Hado

Title: Inma no Hado


Summary: One day a timid science teacher who works at a prestigious high school for girls sees a strange dream. He dreams that he makes a contract with a succubus and obtains a mysterious power. He wakes up the next morning from his sleep with a black desire within him. Soon, he will prey on every beauty at this high school.

Warning: Contains mature and sexual content. 18++! It contains neotori and dark content as well.

Translator: Parthios

Encounter with the Incubus

Eroded school

The daily life that will be destroyed

School of desire

Desire is growing

Everyday with a fetish

Ruling school

Spreading desire

Signs of collapse

The power of darkness invades

Overture to catastrophe


Chapter 221: The truth I knew
Chapter 222: Fiance in the toilet
Chapter 223: Catastrophic pleasures
Chapter 224: Black calamity
Chapter 225: Luxury Call-girl
Chapter 226: Red tentacle
Chapter 227: Succubus vs. Incubus
Chapter 228: Reverse rape
Chapter 229: Beautiful Reaper
Chapter 230: The devil’s awakening
Chapter 231: Seeding of the Devil
Chapter 232: School after a long time, everyday as usual
Chapter 233: Ema’s first Love
Chapter 234: Gear of fate going crazy
Chapter 235: Party
Chapter 236: Email
Chapter 237: Reiko, again
Chapter 238: The power of “SHADO”
Chapter 239: Unreal reality
Chapter 240: Reiko´s choice