Inma no Hado

Title: Inma no Hado


Summary: One day a timid science teacher who works at a prestigious high school for girls sees a strange dream. He dreams that he makes a contract with a succubus and obtains a mysterious power. He wakes up the next morning from his sleep with a black desire within him. Soon, he will prey on every beauty at this high school.

Warning: Contains mature and sexual content. 18++! It contains neotori and dark content as well.

Translator: Parthios

Encounter with the Incubus

Eroded school

The daily life that will be destroyed

School of desire

Desire is growing

Everyday with a fetish

Ruling school

Spreading desire

Signs of collapse

The power of darkness invades

Overture to catastrophe


Infinite desire

Black Darkness and White Light

Chapter 261: Three elementary school students
Chapter 262: JS Sex play
Chapter 263: 12-year-old flirting body
Chapter 264: Teacher Training Night
Chapter 265: Next room
Chapter 266: Ulterior motives and cheating heart
Chapter 267: The dirty voice that sounds through the wall
Chapter 268: After all, there was nothing
Chapter 269: Night park
Chapter 270: With love and perseverance
Chapter 271: Light, darkness and shadow
Chapter 272: Rain
Chapter 273: Mother and son
Chapter 274: In front of her son
Chapter 275: Nun and virgin
Chapter 276: Horny flowers blooming in despair
Chapter 277: Discomfort
Chapter 278: Beautiful butterfly and black spider
Chapter 279: The feast of devils
Chapter 280: Final evolution