Inma no Hado chapter 75

Chapter 75: Invisible threatener


Mido Kenichi was irritated.

Junko became really strange and he didn’t understand the cause at all. She still comes when he calls her and performs any sexual service with pleasure, however Kenichi thinks, that she isn’t fascinated with her body and heart as before.

Miho and Risa or even if he asks high school girls, they say that there are no changes with Junko, unanimously Kenichi was caught with it. Neither the sense of incompatibility nor the reason are understood by all means, so he is irritated all the time.

Still violating Junko´s lips in the ladies’ room for teachers, Kenichi glares at Junko with a cold expression. This service hasn’t changed and Kenichi’s super-sense sensed a little difference which has happened in Junko sensitively.

(Shit! What is it, this uneasiness…)

What is it concretely, even when he used the power of the Incubus, he doesn’t understand it and Kenichi gets irritated more and more and vent his anger on Junko.


When he hold Junko’s head in anger, his waist is casually moved and he fucks her mouth. While Junko´s throat is invaded with his meat sword she sucks the intruder with her mouth desperately  and admirably. The black bat-shaped bruise violates Junko´s lovely lips.

“Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!!”

Junko whose throat is pierced and choked has already tears in her eyes, so that her black mascara melts and begins to flow down. Seeing Junko who gives a pained gasp his sadism burns even more.

“Hey! Don’t take a rest!! Suck it neatly!!”

The moment her brown beautiful hair is grasped simply Kenichi just lift her up and orders Junko cruelly. From the pain that her hair is pulled, Junko twists her pretty face and screams small.

“Open your mouth!”

“…Ye, yes…Kenichi-samaa…”

Shouting and slapping her cheeks, Junko opens her mouth obediently. The mouth of his meat slave boils again and he is ramming his meat stick which rises simply inside.

Then, all of a sudden the door of the restroom where nobody can come to opened with a cracking sound.


Kenichi was so surprised that he can’t express an opinion to what happened.

That should be so, because from the black wave that still leaves from his body, the approaching person couldn’t be caught at all. Since he contracted with the Inma, his high efficiency radar has never not function. It lost its effect for the first time this time.


Kenichi and Junko kept quiet, so that the person who entered the restroom won’t hear a rustling sound from them.

Kenichi tried to hold his breath and to find out who his opponent is by his super-sense, however Kenichi’s super sense didn’t find any sign of the intruder at all for some reason.

(Who is it…or is it that guy!!)

That reminds him, last week there was a person who Kenichi felt from the roof and has disappeared like smoke when he used his wave at that time. The person who is there across the wall of the restroom, Kenichi was convinced that it was the same person as the person from the roof. Suddenly the next moment.


Dazzling light lighted up Kenichi and Junko who was holding his dick in her mouth. As for Kenichi flashed by the light for an instant, he understood that the intruder increased his hand from the top of the restroom wall and took a picture.


He tried to open the door and go out immediately, however he remembers that he is naked at the bottom in the ladies’ room for teachers. While Kenichi wavers the intruder opens the door quickly and left. When Kenichi has put away his weapon which still towers and has gone out of the restroom, there was no figure on the corridor.

(Who was it…)

Kenichi who used every power of the Inma many times up to now can’t believe there is someone to whom the power doesn’t work, furthermore, he is amazed at the opponent who seems to be hostile toward him.

(At any rate it is unpleasant…. Such a photo…)

Kenichi who stands still in utter amazement uses his mind, doesn’t notice that Junko who corrected her makeup in the restroom looking at him with cold eyes.



『If you don’t want that the photo will be spread, come to room 1,434 of  Akasaka metro hotel tonight at 8:00』

The next day, after he had oral sex in the restroom, where a photo was taken of him and Junko, Kenichi who found such an mail was shocked.

(Wh, what on earth is this…. Who…on earth, why…)

This enemy probably doesn’t scatter that picture to kill Kenichi socially, because he seemed to approach him directly with some kind of business. At the same time as Kenichi is relieved at avoiding the worst case scenario he tastes the fear about not knowing his enemy’s plans slowly and never have tasted it before.

(Anyway I have to go to understand it…)

He will think over it again. Though it is natural, there are no other choices. To the appearance of the enemy to whom his power doesn’t work, Kenichi was sweating damply on his back.




Kenichi knocks at the appointed room in the evening 5 minutes past 8 and the door is open by an beauty dressed in black lingerie.

“Huhuu Midou-sensei…, welcome… ”

Swinging her long raven-black hair and meeting Kenichi while spreading a sweat smell it was Shiho Fujiwara one of the trainees. The black silk bra and shorts on her slender body and the black seam stockings with the garter belt are really captivating. The quality looks lesser with clothes. Neither the bulge of her chest nor her hips are like Ayumi or Junko. As an 22-year-old woman they are really developed.

“It was you…?”

“Oh? What…?”

Shiho laughs loosely and takes out her tongue to lick her bright red lips. The mole on her lips is sexy, so that Kenichi has the feeling to be stroked.

“Sensei…your thing is very big…. Ayumi and Junko also got mad with sensei’s willie…”

When Shiho says so and approaches Kenichi with a smile, she wiggles her white body in front of Kenichi. She is so white as he wants to suspect that her body may not have any pigment and the veins in her body are transparent. Wearing black silk lingerie on her body, it successfully makes her white skin stand out.

“Yes, it’s really big…”

After she makes sure of Kenichi´s penis who increases in volume in a moment from the top of his pants, Shiho seems happy and let her long slit eyes flash loosely. Her tongue wriggles around her red lips consistently and she seems to aim at her prey.

“What is your purpose…?”

Kenichi raises a blurred cry, after Shiho laughs and let her slender white fingers crawl on top of Kenichi’s bulge to check its size.

“No, don’t look so scary…. Uhuu, of course my pussy will do it with sensei. With this stout thing, I want you to close my lewd hole.  Uhuhuhu…”

“Is, is that your purpose…?”

“Doesn’t sensei want to do it with Shiho´s pussy?”

When the 22-year-old beautiful woman laughs, she turns around and put the crack of her buttocks on his weapon. The tempting gesture and expression of Shiho who is the same age as Ayumi Momoi seems to be primitive. Contrary to her cool figure, this beautiful university student with raven-black hair seemed to live her life loosely.

The black wave of Kenichi which he activated is inhaled into Shiho’s body.  However there are no information obtained from her and Kenichi finds out that this beauty is really in estrus and isn’t acting.

(What should I do? Is she that fellow that sent me that mail?)

To Kenichi who is still hesitating, Shiho whispers something enchantedly.

“Uhuhuhuu, sensei…. I have had an fortune-teller examine me and told me that I’m the reincarnation of an pale white snake…. Therefore all the men who associated with me, are ruined by this body. Sensei, whether it is true or not, will you try it?”

Shiho gets nervous now on the double bed and opens her thin legs, she exposed her secret spot to Kenichi. Kenichi who stares at the stain on her black panty erects in a moment.

“Ah, because of teacher’s stare, it overflows from the inside…”

Shiho who says so licks her red lips with her long tongue, so that her mole gets wet and shines.

The reason of Kenichi made a breaking sound immediately and when he took off the jacket of his suit, he grabbed between Shiho’s legs.

“Ah sensei…, don’t be greedy…. Uhuhu, you look like a junior high school student…. Without panicking, today Shiho belongs to sensei…”

Kenichi is convinced that Shiho has the experience of tempting an junior high school student from the way of speaking. In that way he imagines the figure of Shiho tempting an junior high student and blood flows in his head more and more. That intelligent female trainee in front of him seems to have an abundant sex experience so that the imagination isn’t possible from her appearance.

“Uhu, what is your favorite? Do you want to have sex with me? Being bind with a rope or do you want to use an whip? Or do you want to be tormented adversely by me? Hey, say something. I’m okay with anything. Even teacher’s queen and female slave do everything…”

Being surprised of this female university student speaking about terrible things calmly, since Kenichi looked at Shiho Fujiwara for the first time, to speak frankly he always wanted to run his thing inside her.


“Ah, you’re comparatively straight…. Uhu, that’s good. Until sensei is satisfied, I fully suck it…. Even if I stop on the way and cry, I will continue”

Letting her surprisingly slim tongue out, Shiho unclothes Kenichi’s pants with an enchanted face. Taking off the upper-body only his trunks remained and she takes it down slowly and checks the size of his meat weapon.

“Aah, it is quite big…such a thing is seen for the first time…”

Even though Shiho has some experience Kenichi’s size seems to astonish her. However, when she returns to her loosely expression immediately, she grasps the meat stick that became hot from her chilly palm. Though it was felt the other day, Shiho’s body is cold as if there is no temperature.


“Huhuu, already? You’re hasty, sensei…”

The chilly touch of her hand is comfortable and thick pre cum overflows from the tip of the meat pole. When Shiho laughs and increases her slender tongue complacently, she crawls around the tip.

“What do you think? Is it felt…”

The skillful tongue movement of Shiho was felt by Kenichi so that a cry couldn’t be raised. To the feeling that an insect move and turn on it, the testicles are lifted tightly.

“Isn’t it unexpectedly nice…. Shiho will taste you more”

This cute trainee smiles and says so. Although having just finished rubbing her hand slowly around his gun, she moves her tongue over his scrotum which bulged like a balloon and licks it clean. Considering yesterday’s thing and because his perverted habit at school was respected today, Kenichi’s vesicular gland is filled with ammunition more abundant than usual. Her tongue is surprisingly long, as if it’s increasing every wrinkle on his balls, it clings to it persistently and  unbearable.

“Huhuu, prepare yourself sensei…., because I’ll squeeze everything that comes out”

After she licks the meat bag clean for a while, Shiho has begun to drink from the tip of the gun.

Her slit eyes caught the sunlight and she stares at Kenichi with aroused eyes. The words of Shiho that she is the reincarnation of an pale white snake, seems to be true.





The weak gasping voice of this woman and the indecent sound of water fill the whole hotel room and appeal Kenichi’s pleasure. The pheromone which rises from Shiho stimulates Kenichi and at the same time it is stirred by the auto air conditioner and is even spreading to every corner in this room.

After Shiho started her hot fellatio for Kenichi, 30 minutes passed nearly.  Meanwhile, the female university student licks everything clean between Kenichi’s crotch and made it clammily by saliva.

“Huhuu, is here your weak point? Sensei…”

Rubbing lewdly against his meat trunk with her tongue which looped in a circle, Shiho stabs her long and slender finger in Kenichi’s anus


When he leans back without enduring it and being seized with an ejaculation impulse, Shiho who sensed it takes a short break with her finger movement. She changes to a slow movement before he almost ejaculated and she starts again to be satisfied until a groan of pleasure was drawn out from Kenichi as Shiho thought.

“Please hold it in your mouth again….”

“Yes, yes…, but this isn’t unreasonable, Midou-sensei I didn’t know that you are a cuddler. Uhuhu…”

Shiho laughs and says so loosely, before the tip enters her mouth again. Like a snake swallowing an egg, while Kenichi matches his eyes with Shiho, he may be obsessed and killed by the energy of this beautiful white snake just as it is and is caught in a foolish delusion.

Oppositely to the chilly feeling on his skin, his dick seems to boil inside Shiho’s hot mouth and Kenichi groans from the pleasure and utters a cry. The slim tongue clings and crawls all over his penis and rubs up mainly around the tip. Meanwhile, Shiho strokes the thing with both hands and the scrotum is massaged too, while her little finger is sometimes put in the anus to stimulate it.

(It’s intolerable….)

Kenichi and several women are absorbed in their indecent act badly during these several months and now he met up with an woman who is beyond equality for the first time, so that he feels awe and pleasure from the core of his body.

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