ISSL Chapter 1


“Ryoko I’m going to school”


“Ryu! How many times have I told you to call me mom!”


“And how many times have I told you that I love you like a woman!”


While saying that Ryu ran out of the house and got on his bike and put the helmet on

Not waiting to hear an answer, he started his bike and rode it away


Ryu Kami, 17 years old

High school student 3rd year

He was 10 years old when Ryoka adopted him

Even though she always wanted him to treat her as a mother, that never happened


Ryu’s a genius at everything

Studies, sports, business management, you name it he got it

Since the day he was adopted he never asked Ryoka for anything, everything he owned was bought with the money he made for himself

Sometimes it would be Ryoka who wanted help from him, but never the other way


While riding his hoverbike he reached his school, Tokyo High School No.1


This was the best highschool one could attend at Tokyo

The highschools were names with series instead of individual names

With 1 being the highest grade, and 3 being the lowest grade


After the International Sex Slave Law was passed, the high schools from 4 to 7 were disbanded and everyone was turned into a slave for the students of highschools 1 to 3


As for Ryu being the top of his class in all the aspects, he was naturally also ranked 1st in the school

So, he was allowed to have a total of 5 slaves!


An ordinary student could have 1 slave

A class ranker could have 2 slaves

A ranker in the school level could have 3 slaves

The rankers between 2 to 10 on the school level could have 4 slaves

And finally the 1st ranked person could have 5 slaves


Like this Ryu could have 5 slaves

Against what you would think Ryu didn’t even take in one slave!

Despite being ranked 1st, Ryu never even touched a slave


In all honesty Ryu was really perverted, he would always think about sex

But he wouldn’t touch even a single woman

Even when a few girls offered themselves, he would reject them without a second thought


Parking his hoverbike, he started walking towards his school

Although Ryu was a genius, and good looking he didn’t have any friends

It wasn’t that others didn’t approach him, Ryu just didn’t care about things like friendship


There was only one person he cared about in the whole world

She was the one who saved him and gave him another life

Without her consent he wouldn’t even think about laying his fingers on another girl

Although that person never stopped him from having slaves or being in a relationship, he still never did them


Walking inside the class, all girls were staring at him mesmerized in his charm, while all guys were scowling this boy of ridiculous qualities

Not only was he great at everything, he had a face similar to a model

Although he was dressed in the uniform, it didn’t dim his charm at all


With a well proportioned body, his muscles were clearly defined even through his clothes

His facial features were clear and well defined, and his eyes sharp like they could pierce through anything

Even though his black glossy hair was messy, it only increased his charm


No sooner than he sat down the classes began

Their teacher Miss.Honikawa came in and finished the daily attendance


Sakura Honikawa, 27 years old

The main teacher for their class

Unlike before where each teacher taught a different subject, now only teacher dealt with them all

Not only were Sakura’s lectures famous for good abilities, they were even more famous as she was a top class beauty


Not too tall, but just the right height

She had brown hair till her waist length, always dressed in black OL clothes

A mature aura was always around her, increasing her appeal


Unlike everyone who was intensely listening to the lectures, Ryu never bothered with it

He didn’t even bother glancing at their teacher, who men were salivating about

The lecture went on for 2 hours before it was lunch time


As everyone was going for their lunch, Ryu also left the class room and walked towards the restroom


Unlike previous times, the restrooms were also different

Instead of material things, inside were women!

It was the opposite in the female toilets


After the sex slave law was passed, there were a few who didn’t want to become a slave despite their bad abilities

Regarding them the government of each respective country dealt in a different way


In Japan, the government arrested them and gave them a plastic surgery based on their appearance

After those who were ugly were turned into better looking, and those with average looks were sorted out

As for the better looking slaves, that is for later


They were turned into objects to be used as toilets

While some were put inside public restrooms, some were sold to other organizations to be used as private toilets

Like in the case of Tokyo High School No1


Inside the toilet the women were available to be used in three methods for urinating

Holes were present in the walls, and three heads were protruding out of them

3 average looking women heads were available to be used

Any man who enters could choose to either pee all over her face, or into her mouth


After these 3, the next was another type


Three boards were attached to the wall at the height of an average man’s waist

On each of the board was the bottom half of a woman, while the top half was inside the wall

Any man could choose to pee all over her body, or pee inside her pussy


After this was the final type


Similarly three women in dog position were present there

Only the body from waist down was present, as the rest was inside the wall

Men could similarly either pee all over their ass, or inside their anal


As men were using whichever they woman they wanted, Ryu walked to the corner and used a ceramic toilet

Ignoring the weird stares which he was accustomed to, finishing his business he left the washroom and headed towards the dining hall


Having a quick lunch, he went back to the classroom

After lunch another lecture was finished before the school ended


Feeling happy that he could go back home and enjoy looking at Ryuko, Ryu ran down and started his bike revving it up and dashing away