ISSL Chapter 2


Ryu had a bad feeling the whole day, as if he was going to lose something very precious

And the feeling got worse as he son Ryoko chatting with a man inside the house

Who the fuck is he!

“Ryoko, who is this guy?”

“Oh, Ryu! You’re back already?”

“Yes I am, now answer my question!”

Ryu asked once again, but his voice was more intense than before

Sensing the change in Ryu’s voice Ryoko looked at him weirdly before answering

“He’s Haruto”

“What is he to you?”

“Ryu! What’s with all these weird question!”

Not able to tolerate Ryu’s rude behavior anymore, Ryoko also raised her voice trying to bring some sense into him

In her entire life, she never saw Ryu acting like this ever before

“Ryoko me or him?”


“Me or him?! Whom do you choose?”

Ryu once again repeated the question, but the second time his question was not authoritative but rather there was a sense of hope in it

He was hoping that she would say his name

“Ryu go to your room!”



For the first time ever Ryu saw her shouting at him

He knew that he crossed a line he couldn’t go back on

So no longer bothering with anything he went straight back to his room

After calming down a little even he didn’t understand what just came over him

Maybe it was jealousy

He was jealous to see someone he loved his whole life chatting and laughing happily with someone that wasn’t him

We’ll never be together

She thinks of me as a kid!

A kid!!!

I might as well leave her alone…..

Thinking until here, he got up and packed a few pairs of clothes into a bag

Finishing packing he started heading towards the rooms door t leave


But just before he could open the door, it was opened from the other side

Ryoko was standing there looking at him with anger, but soon it turned into confusion as she saw the bag in his hand

“Ryu….where are you going with that bag?”

Actually Ryu was thinking of silently leaving the house, without alerting her

He knew how tough it would be if he had to say goodbye to her

But, things don’t always go as planned

Seeing that he wasn’t answering

“Ryu tell me what you’re doing!”

After leaving a huge sigh Ryu finally spoke, as he realized there was no easy way out

“I’m leaving”

Those two words were enough to cause tears welling up in Ryoko’s eyes

Although she was always afraid that she would someday have to lose him, she didn’t think that it would happen so early

Not giving up on hope, she was praying that she heard him wrongly

“Leaving? Why? Did I do something wrong?”

Even Ryoko herself knew that from the day she adopted him, Ryu never asked her for anything

He earned his own money, bought his own things, even when they were having food together, it would always be him who would pay

Honestly she never did anything for him, while he helped her out almost everytime that she was in a rut

Her company which was going to go bankrupt due to some conspiracies, was later turned into one of the top 3 companies in all of Japan by him

“You didn’t do anything, I just want to leave”

While answering ambiguously Ryu tried to walk away

Even though he knew that they couldn’t be together, he didn’t want to hurt her

Not giving up Ryoko stood in front of him trying to block his path


“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the company. You won’t have to worry about not having any money. You’ll be able to spend it however you want”

When she heard those words she knew that he really was going to leave her

Even till now she didn’t know what happened all of a sudden

“Is it because of……Haruto?”

Remembering what just happened, she asked in a low voice

Ryu acted like he didn’t hear her and slightly pushed her and started moving

“I don’t care if you want him! Be with him for all I care!”

Though he tried to act calm, his voice gave him away

Even though he wasn’t shouting, it felt like his voice was full of anger

“Will you stay if I stop seeing him?”

This time Ryu stopped moving, but remembering what she said he continued walking

Stop seeing him……

She was really going out with him!!!

It really is useless…….

Ryu had a small hope left before hearing her

He was hoping that they were just some friends

Even though he knew almost all of her friends, he hoped that he was another friend, maybe someone he didn’t know

But, after hearing that she was going out with him…..

“I don’t care anymore. Do whatever you want!”

“Just tell me what happened RYU! I’ll give you anything you want!!!”

“Do you ever remember me asking you for something!!!”


Ryoko didn’t have an answer for his question, he really didn’t ask for anything

“I……I’ll do anything, I’ll give you anything you want! Don’t leave RYU!!!!”

Hoping that he would stay, Ryoko didn’t bother giving up on anything

She spent her life in suffering till she adopted him

Only after he came into her life did she finally feel like her existence had some meaning to it

She probably wouldn’t be able to survive if he left her

Hearing her, Ryu stopped and didn’t move for a long time

The whole place was completely silent

Even though they were rich, all the work was done by themselves as Ryu didn’t want anyone else to gaze at Ryoko

He didn’t even hire security

He went as far as inventing a really sophisticated and unbelievable security around their mansion to ensure her safety, and keep other men away from her

Seeing that he finally stooped moving, Ryoko felt like there really was an opportunity

“Ryu, tell me what you want. I’ll do anything for you”

“I…. I want you……”

Ryoko was completely shocked for a while, before her face which was full of tears was now smiling like she won the lottery

Even though he always said that he loved her, she didn’t dare think that it was in a romantic way

“You don’t need to answer, I know that you don’t love me. So, I won’t make it difficult for you. I’ll just…..”

Not letting him finish speak Ryoko hugged him from behind shocking him

“Ryu, I always loved you. since the day I adopted you there wasn’t anyone else I would rather be with than you”

“But…….. the guy….”

“He was here to sell his company”

“Don’t lie! You never work at home!”

“It really is the truth! I was hoping to get it done quickly, so I let him come home directly”

“What was all the hurry for?”

“I….i….. fuuu. I was going to propose to you”


Neither of them spoke for a while, they just remained hugging each other

“Ryoko, you’ll never leave me right?”

“As long as you can dominate me, I’ll never leave you Ryu”

It seems like Ryoko was a masochist who hoped to be dominated by her man

“I’ll never let you go Ryoko! I won’t even let you look at other men!”

“Whatever you wish for Ryu……..”