Kama-sutra 22

I could feel Kara taking off my gag, but before I could speak it was replaced by the warm folds of her lower lips. She was sitting on my face, burying my nose and mouth between her thighs. The musky scent of her arousal filled my nose as she rubbed her clit on its tip, breathing heavily and releasing the occasional moan.

“Use your mouth!” she ordered breathily; her voice hoarse with desire.

I acceded, extending my tongue to taste her juices. The mildly sour taste of her pussy filled my mouth as my tongue explored her folds as best as it could. I probed her interior with the tip of my tongue, searching for regions of higher sensitivity.

Kara grabbed my head and pulled it harder towards her, trying to get my tongue in deeper inside her. Her legs clamped against the side of my head, blocking out sounds as her thighs pressed up against my ears.

Lin, not wanting to be forgotten, redoubled her efforts on my dick and each time she took me deep into her mouth, I felt an electric tingle shooting up my spine.

This was totally intense. I couldn’t see, hear, speak or even breathe. All I could do was feel; my sense of touch magnified several folds by the absence of all others. What was scarier was that even my newly found sixth sense – my empathy was absent. I couldn’t hear the signal of the girls. Probably a function of the mana-shackling collar they had put on me.

I tried to speak, to get Kara to let me take a breath, but all I could get out were muffled moans into her snatch. She probably thought I was trying to pleasure her because she didn’t get off, mashing my face harder into her instead.

I couldn’t even buck her off me. First, she was too strong for me in my current qi deprived state. Second, Lin had my member in her mouth. She was inexperienced. There was no way in hell that I was risking little me by suddenly bucking my body.

I was getting lightheaded from the lack of oxygen. There was only one path to salvation. I needed to get her off before I suffocated. It was time for the Prophetic Tongue to appear in this new world and reclaim its glory.

I went to work dedicatedly, starting with a long, slow lick on the outside of her moist folds before I rolled my tongue and thrust it as deep within her as I could and poked about with the tip of my tongue for a spot that twitched more than the others before focusing all my attention on that – all the while shaking my head from side to side to grind the tip of my nose into her clit.

Just before I was going to pass out, Kara’s insides convulsed around my tongue and she blew a tide straight into my mouth. Losing strength, she slid off my face and onto my chest. Despite the lack of my qi granted strength, the intensity of my body was the same as always so the tiny amount of additional weight on my chest didn’t faze me and I drew in a deep shuddering breath, filling my lungs with sweet, sweet air.

Now I knew what Kara must have felt last night. It was exciting. Maybe a bit too exciting. I’d have to be careful with this kind of play. It was a fine line between pleasure and pain in this case.

As Kara’s thighs were off my ear, unblocking them again, I could hear her panting as she recovered.

“Good… good job, boy. Now, for the reward,” I heard Kara say before I felt her hands untying my blindfold.

As the cloth came off, I squinted against the sudden brightness. As my eyes adjusted to the light, the form of Kara sitting on my chest became clear, her dark form silhouetted by the sun behind her back. Her elastic ass felt great as it squished against my pecs.

“Every time you get one of us to climax, I’ll take one binding off you.” Kara informed me.

I groaned as Lin gave my cock a particularly enthusiastic suck. It felt like she’d suck my soul out of me using my thing as a straw.

Turning around, amusement clear in her voice, Kara instructed her, “Don’t forget the balls, girl. Massage them… be gentle… they’re squished quite easily.”

Oi, that last bit was unnecessary.

I felt Lin’s dainty hands clumsily fondling my balls, massaging them softly, sending tingles up my spine. I was already close to climax and this was the last straw. I was just about to warn Lin (who still had my cock in her mouth) that I was about to let loose when Kara clapped a palm on my mouth, muffling me. I could see her grinning down at me, a mischievous glint in her amber eyes.

Unable to hold back, with a groan, I shot my load right into Lin’s unprepared mouth. She recoiled, hacking and coughing and Kara laughed at her.

“You don’t know just how many times I’ve had to deal with that shit. The bastards never used to warn me. Wait! Don’t spit it out. Men like it when girls swallow.” Turning to me, “Don’t you?”

What could I do? I nodded honestly.

Kara laughed. “Well, you’re honest. Come Lin, show him.”

She reached behind her and pulled Lin to my side. The both of them were stark naked. The sunlight glinted off Lin’s pristine white skin, making the blush that covered her face, neck and the middle of her chest even more prominent.

Her cheeks were puffed out like a squirrel hoarding acorns. A trickle of easily identifiable white stuff trickled down the corner of her rose lips.

Under Kara’s urging, Lin opened her mouth, showing me the cum on her tongue before swallowing with some difficulty. She coughed a bit and ran her tongue along her teeth before opening her mouth to show me her empty mouth.

A sense of conquest rose in me. I felt myself getting hard again.

Noticing, Kara grinned. “Well, it seems, the boy’s ready for another round. He’s really good with his tongue. Let him return the favour to you while I show him how it is really done.”

Shyly, Lin took Kara’s place on my face, avoiding my line of sight while Kara disappeared from my vision. From the moist sensation wrapping my penis soon after, it wasn’t hard to guess where she was.

In the next quarter, I learnt two things. Lin was extremely easy to satisfy, and Kara was a true pro. I’d rate Kara’s blowjob in the top ten I’d ever had while Lin would easily be among the top five most sensitive girls I’d laid with.

By the time we were done, I had both hands and legs free and Lin was totally exhausted, lying beside me, her muscles feeling like water from the four orgasms in quick succession. Meanwhile, Kara had milked one out of me, sending me into my refractory period.

We rested for a bit sitting side by side with Lin between us, drinking water from the pitcher by the bedside to replenish our fluids.

Reaching out to my metallic collar, Kara flicked it with her finger, making it ring out. “Well, there one last thing left. Since, Lin is out of the game –” Lin tried to protest weakly, but Kara spoke over her, “Since, she is out of the game, it’s between you and me. Get me to cum without your mana and I’ll forgive you for yesterday’s liberties and I’ll vow never to touch a man besides you. But if I win, my word will be your law and… Dual cultivation is free game for me.”

Although she said the last part, I could see that she wasn’t serious about it with how she just tacked it on offhand. She was too proud to just accept that she was wrong, so this was her searching for a stair to get down.

She probably intended to throw the match. To pretend to climax even if I was the one to climax first. But –

But it was a matter of a man’s pride. I firmed my resolution to have her singing my name. I’d satisfied countless women, had them coming back again and again even without qi… I didn’t need any mystical gas to get a woman to blow a tide.

Crossing over Lin’s body, I got behind her and embraced her from behind.

I lightly circled one of her nipples with the tip of my finger, tickling her. I could feel the skin of her areola getting goosebumps as her nipple stiffened. Obviously unused to such light stimulation, Kara bucked against me, pressing her back against my chest. When her nipple was fully erect on one breast, I moved to the other, causing her to feel the itch of dissatisfaction. She tried to raise her hand to pinch her nipple, but I held it down.

She could have overpowered me in our current state, but she didn’t. Frowning, she let me tease her other nipple as she clenched her hands into the bedsheets.

Just as she was getting impatient, I suddenly pinched both nipples with both my hands, hard. Biting her lip to suppress her moan, she threw her head back resting it on my shoulder.

Bending down to the side, I lightly brushed my lips with her right as I cupped her breasts with my palms and massaged them thoroughly, pressing up from the base to the tip as though I was milking her.

Kara’s breath grew short as her excitement rose as evidenced by the rising temperature of her body in my grasp. Suddenly, I let go of her breasts, leaving them void. Kara opened her lust-blurred eyes in confusion and just then, I flicked her nipples as hard as I could.

Throwing her head back again, she arched her back. Seizing the chance, I grabbed her thighs, raised her and put her down on my lap. Holding her in place with an arm wrapped below her breasts, I positioned myself with the other arm and entered her already wet cave. The moist warmth and the crushing pressure. It was just as I remembered. And along with the undulating folds of flesh, it was one magical instrument.

Rubbing her clit with a thumb, I put two of my fingers in her mouth and Kara instinctively sucked on them, her tongue rolling around them and in between them, licking their base.

Taking my fingers out with a wet pop, I brought them down her neck and chest till I found her still engorged nipples. Using the saliva as a lubricant, I rolled them in between my fingers and thoroughly teased them. I didn’t plan to move myself. I’d just get Kara off with her nipples, clit and my fingers.

That way, there was the least risk of me cumming before her. Though, truly speaking, the way her insides convulsed around my member was quite lethal in and as of itself.

Clenching my ass to hold back the orgasmic urges, I intensified the stimulation, ripping a full-throated moan out of the ebony beauty.

Suddenly, two warm, soft mounds, tipped with hard fleshy nubs pressed up against my back and a delicate fragrance drilled into my nose. I felt someone nibbling my ear while her warm breath blew into my ear, making me shiver and nearly making me lose control.

Lin! Damn it, girl!

Two against one is unfair!

Clenching my teeth, I held on, my fingers nearly a blur as I felt the convulsion of Kara’s insides grow more and more intense.

Then with a breathless scream, Kara came, covering my cock with her lust.

Then, prompted by some impulse, Lin poked my asshole with the tip of her finger and I pumped my load into Kara.

Both of us collapsed side by side on the bed, breathing hard.

After a little while, Kara reached up and with a click, my collar fell away. A surge of energy ran all through me, filling me with untold amounts of vigour.

Mechanically, my head turned like a robot to face Lin who was grinning at me from the side like a cat that stole the cream.

Noticing my gaze and then my missing collar, her grin fell away as she realized that she had been just a bit too late.

She tried to scramble away but I pounced on her and with a shriek, she was captured. Looking down at the girl, and then sensing my rock-hard dick, rejuvenated by my unshackled Qi, I grinned down at her fiendishly.

Touch my asshole, would she? Maybe I’d return the favour.

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