Kama-sutra chapter 17

Kara was hot.

Yes, her oiled ebony skin that glistened in the candlelight, her smouldering amber eyes and her perfect figure were smoking.

But it’s her insides I am talking about.

When I pulled myself out of Lin and without even the hint of a warning drove myself balls deep inside Kara, that was my feeling.

Her body temperature was quite a bit higher than Lin’s

While Lin’s insides were moist and tight, wrapping around you gently and drowning you in pleasure – Kara’s pussy was a raw, primal fuck.

You couldn’t help but want to ravage that hole, explore every inch of it and then finally leave your thick white mark in her womb.

And given her cultivation induces state of heightened arousal, she kept cumming over and over again as I thrust into her, sending profound tingles of pleasure up my spine that melted my mind into a pile of goo that could only think about moving my hips.

Sometime during our violent union, we had managed to dislodge Lin and laid tangled up in each other’s embrace even as we exchanged saliva and embraced each other so tightly that it seemed that we were trying to merge into one.

Then someone smeared fire on my back.

Later, I learnt that it was Lin with the yang pollen but in that instant, I felt like someone had placed me in the middle of a furnace and was trying to burn me to ash.

My memory of what happened next is quite unclear.

It involved sex.

Copious amounts of it.

And it involved some really advanced sexual positions that I was sure would have snapped my spine if I hadn’t taken over the body of a cultivation superman.

But when I woke up, I found that the light of dawn was streaming through the window and I was in the bed alone with the two girls nowhere in sight.

I got up and stretched, my body making some cracks and pops as my joints limbered.

I felt refreshed. Full of energy.

Not at all like a man who had just performed extremely strenuous exercise all of last night.

And of course, I was buck naked.

Hunting around, I found my shirt and pants were missing.

I really need to make more clothes as soon as possible.

I’m not really a big fan of nudity except in bed.

There were some of my students in my previous life who were hardcore nudists.

They kept recommending that I go to some nudist resort to experience how ‘liberating’ it all was.

I kept putting them off but finally, I decided to give it a try.

I was disappointed to say the least.

You’d expect people who are fans of showing off their bodies to maintain them well at least, right?


My eyes burned more times than I could count at the unkempt body hair, the potbellies and the patchy tans.

And instead of liberated, I just felt rather uncivilized skipping about with my dick swinging.

Wrapping the bedsheet around me in a makeshift toga, I was just going to open the door when it opened on its own and Kara entered the room along with Lin.

“What’s up?” I asked, noting the strange looks on their faces.

“You were a little too effective.” Said Kara with a sigh.


“What senior sister means is that we somewhat lost control yesterday night and mistakes were made.”

“What mistakes?”

“Well, for one, Lin shouldn’t have been participating at all.” Explained Kara. “The resources were supposed to help me regain my levels. But you somehow drew Lin in and the resources ended up getting equally divided among us three. All of us are now at the fourth layer of qi condensation.”

“Is that bad?” I asked confused.

“Yes, it is. Now, Lin can’t participate in the competition for juniors. It will raise too many suspicions if she breaks through from the initial stage of the third layer to the fourth layer overnight. It is too soon for this kind of exposure.” Said Kara.

“How much resources do we have in stock?” I asked.

“It was all used up last night.” replied Lin.

“What?! We only rose a single layer with so many years of accumulation?” I exclaimed.

Lin shook her head, “Don’t worry. Qi condensation stage is the most resource intensive cultivation stage… it gets better later and we are at the peak of the fourth layer. Fifth layer won’t take much.”

“Fine. What will you guys do for resources then?” I asked.

“I’ll sell off the courtyard.” said Kara. “Since I have used up the temporarily usable resources and the next harvest time is long enough that we will have escaped the sect by then, it is better to sell out and receive resources in exchange.”

She continued, “Lin can’t exit these days… I’ll tell people that she is closing up while I try to set the deal. For now, both of you stay here. We’ll shift to Lin’s house by night.”

“Good.” I said. “But is there a way to get clothes for me without raising suspicion?”

“I’ll buy some cloth. You can tailor your own, right?”

“Sure.” I said.

Then suddenly, a miraculous glow flashed in my mind.

Clothes, tailor, females… underwear!

“I think I know how we can make a lot of money!”



In the Yin Demon Sect, there were two words that were on everybody’s lips. Even if the conversation didn’t start with it, it would end with the words. Or, have it in the middle.


Apparently, the inner disciples of the sect Lin had come up with the idea of two unique pieces of apparel, one to hide the crotch, the other to protect the breasts.

Everyone already knew that her friend Kara was a shrewd businesswoman with how well she had managed her moon lily business but now, they had to look up to her talent once again.

Simply because this product was too useful. Too widespread in its user base from Cultivator all the way to mortal.

Female underwear in this period was quite primitive and most of the disciples of the Yin Demon Sect used strips of cloth to bind their chest.

And for the lower body, both men and women used loincloths.

The introduction of the modern undergarments that had undergone thousands of years of evolution had sent the entire sect and subsequently the country into a tizzy.

The other disciples couldn’t help be jealous about her booming income.


Higher up the mountain, in a beautiful pavilion decorated with jade statues two women were sitting face to face, drinking tea.

A stick of sandalwood burnt in one side of the room, dissipating a wonderfully fragrant smoke that relaxed the mind and gladdened the heart.

Bringing the steaming porcelain cup to her lips, one of the women, a traditional eastern beauty with a beauty spot below her right eye, took a sip. She closed her phoenix eyes and savoured the taste. Her flowing white gown seemed to shimmer with hints of the seven colours as the sunlight streaming through the open window fell on it.

“Good tea!” she exclaimed softly. “It seems that Hall master Yu has had encouraging progress in her art of Sado.”

Hall master Yu, a martial looking woman with a striking non-traditional beauty nodded silently and refilled her cup. She had prominent cheekbones and quite wide shoulders and was dressed in a greyish crystal armour in which tendrils of black smoke flowed randomly. Sometimes, they would resolve themselves into screaming faces and slam against the walls of the armour as if trying to escape. “And your cultivation has striven since the last we met, Elder Yueli. Congratulations.”

Chu Yueli was an Elder of the Moonlight Sword Sect – a deacon to be exact – while Shen Yu was the master of the Thousand ghosts hall in the Yin Demon Sect.

These two righteous and demon path characters that should be dire foes in public cognition were unexpectedly having a harmonious chat over tea and flattering each other!

After a few more pleasantries, Elder Yueli got straight to the topic.

“I heard that there was a new innovation from your sect recently? That anything bra and panties?”

“Yes. So? Our sect disciples are always dynamic and forever innovating. It’s a common matter.”

Yueli’s eyebrows twitched in annoyance. ‘Meaning our disciples are stagnant and stodgy? This she-devil… anyway, the task is important. I can’t bicker with her now.’

“So, can I meet this disciple? It has been a really big help these days, you know how it is.” She said with a meaningful smile.

This time it was Hall master Yu’s turn to be annoyed. ‘That bitch! What good are those lumps of useless fat? They just hinder you in a fight. Hmph. Thank her? All you want to do is try and poach her to your sect or if not possible, paint a target on her back.’

“I would love to show her off but unfortunately, she just closed up to clash her cultivation bottleneck. Even I do not have the authority to disturb her.”

“Oh? Quite regrettable.” Sighed Elder Yueli with a bitter expression. “Then what about her associate? That girl Kara? I heard that she manages the undergarment business?”

‘Damn the fox, she’s already prepared in full. She even has the details of the disciples associated with her.’

The hall master gave her a false smile. “I’ll call her.”

They sat in silence occasionally sipping tea until Kara appeared at the door, removed her shoes, knelt on both knees, holding her fist in a palm and bowing.

“This disciple has seen two elders.”

“Good. Get up.” ordered Hall master Yu in a cold voice. “Elder Yueli here will ask you a few questions. Answer them to the best of your abilities.”

Yueli smiled at her and indicated for her to sit at the table. When Kara was seated, she began to ask her questions.

They ranged all the way from her source of fabric to the tailors she employed to the way she distributed the products and finally her thought process for fixing the prices.

With each answer, her eyes grew more and more bright.

Elder Yueli was a Deacon in the Moonlight Sword Sect and she was mainly in charge of marketing and finance. The ideas that Kara put forward were extremely innovative and ground-breaking for her.

Specially the idea of targeted advertisement instead of relying just on word of mouth was something she had never heard of before.

“You really meant for one of the elders to pose in your underwear and have a painter draw it for you then place the image in a prominent place in the sect? This… how would you get them to agree to such a thing?”

Kara shrugged. “A part of the profits and limited edition, exclusive underwear.”

Noticing her questioning look, Kara drew out a roll of paper from her satchel and unfurled it.

There, painted on it was a rough sketch of Hall Master Mei from the Attraction Peak. She was wearing red, lacy lingerie and bending forward in a provocative pose that revealed her cleavage and pouting sultrily, gazing at the viewer of the picture with half-lidded eyes.

Even as a female, Yueli couldn’t help but feel her heartbeat accelerate. A thought floated up in her mind. ‘Will I look like that with that underwear?’ Immediately, she sobered and grew alert. ‘How fearful!’

Kara continued, “If you look like that, won’t you want to show off?”

Yueli couldn’t help but praise her, “Good tactics, good advertisement, good Hall master Mei. So, what do you say about a business partnership?”

Kara was inwardly excited but she kept her game face on and started discussing terms with her with Hall master Yu supervising their conversation.

But all the while she couldn’t help but remember the farm boy who had given her all these ideas.

‘Liu Yang – no – Thomas… are you really just a farm boy?’

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