Kama-sutra Chapter 2

My eyes flew open and I quickly assessed my surroundings.

Stone walls, stone floor, stone ceiling and a tiny little hole near the ceiling on one of the walls which I supposed served as ventilation.

I remember being conked on the head with a police baton and then… here I was.

Unless the lockups had been refurbished to give us prisoners the authentic caveman experience since the last time I was there, which was only a month ago, I wasn’t in jail.

So, where in the seven hells was I?

And why was I tied up to a wooden scaffold?

And, most importantly, why was I stark naked?

I tried to struggle against the hemp robes that tethered my wrists and ankles to the scaffold and only managed to give myself rope burns.

I had to give up after some time, having exhausted myself.

Shouting for help would more likely bring me to the attention of my captors, rather than a dashing female knight raring to rescue a dude in distress and I would rather avoid that.

I tried to rack my brains for people with motive to have someone impersonate policemen and have me abducted.

Several names with both motive and ability to pull it off popped into my head.

I smiled wryly. I had offended several doting dads when I stuck my dick in their precious daughters.

The image of a buxom blonde wildly swinging her hips on top of me, in time to the trance music flashed past in my mind.

Yeah. Sarah was one hot lady and I didn’t regret tapping her one bit. As an avid follower of the Kama-sutra, how could I leave her ignorant of the joys of true love.

Well, noting the current situation, it seemed like whoever it was that had captured me was determined to make me regret.

I sighed. I could only wait.

Flexing my abs, I managed to adjust my position to a more comfortable one.

Wait! Abs?

From when did I have abs?

I had always been a slim guy. Putting on any sort of bulk, whether flab or muscle had been quite difficult for me and prison hadn’t done me any favours.

The only word for me when I had exited was gaunt.

But now, looking at my body after I had calmed down enough to note such details, I realised that this body wasn’t mine.

And along with that realisation, the floodgates of memory opened and a deluge of images and sounds crashed into my mind.

Liu Yang had been the son of a farmer and like his father and his forefathers before him, he had grown up preparing to cultivate spirit rice for the Moonlight Sword Sect.

But destiny had something else in store for him.

On his sixteenth name-day, he had been tested by the overseer of that region, as all youths within the Sect’s sphere of influence were, and found to be in possession of cultivation talent.

After tearful goodbyes, he had set out on the journey to the sect along with other similarly aged kids from the neighbouring villages.

On the way, the convoy had been attacked by the Yin Demon Sect, the mortal enemy of the Moonlight Sword Sect.

The girls had been captured and the boys raped, harvested for their yang essence.

His own yang essence was particularly exuberant and hence, he had survived the first round of harvesting, unlike the rest of his peers.

Hence, he had been brought back to the sect as a dual cauldron. A sex slave to be harvested repeatedly for his yang essence.

I gasped for breath as the memories stopped flowing.

It appeared that Liu Yang had just barely survived the attentions of the demonesses and croaked in captivity.

And I had somehow occupied his recently vacated body.

For long minutes disbelief warred with acceptance in my mind before disbelief finally gave way to cold, hard facts.

I had transmigrated. No two ways about it.

This body with the lean muscles built from years of hard labour and sun-browned skin was very different from my skinny and pale self, back on Earth.

A stark reminder that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

The door to the cell creaked as it opened and a girl entered, shutting it behind her.

My eyes widened as I took in the sight of her. Anyone who cultivated looked much better than the average bloke because of the qi running through them. Specially the women of the Yin Demon Sect were something else because of the art they cultivated.

You couldn’t help but get hard even when you knew the demonesses would suck you dry.

But this girl was totally next level.

I had heard the description ‘stature of a devil and the face of an angel’ used for several women in my previous life but this girl was the one who actually lived up to it.

Plump hips, narrow waist and an explosive chest, all wrapped up in the flimsiest of gauze clothes. Her face was the picture of innocence, specially with the expression she was making as she fidgeted by the door while biting her luscious pink lips while throwing nervous glances at me through her long eyelashes.

Was this the girl who had been sent to harvest my essence?

Maybe, just maybe, my situation wasn’t as bad as I thought. A life in captivity, with regular sex with females of her calibre seemed quite inviting all of a sudden.

I quickly discarded those spineless thoughts. How could I, the one hailed as the Sex Guru and avid proponent of the Kama-sutra succumb to the charms of a female rapist?

No. I must resist. Though, how I was supposed to do that, tied up as I was, eluded me.

It wasn’t like I could just ask the girl to untie me, now could I?

Could I?

“Greetings Fairy maiden.” Liu Yang’s memories gave me knowledge of the common tongue here and it was just a matter of selecting which language to use and I could switch to it.

The girl was startled by my sudden speech. “Y-es?” How cute. Was she really a member of the Yin Demon Sect?

“Is there any chance you could untie me?”

She shook her head vigorously, her lustrous locks cascading all over her shoulders. “No. Senior sister said I’m supposed to harvest your yang essence. I can’t set you free. I don’t want to mess up on my first time.”

Hmm. She seemed to be a little dull and she was a virgin. Chance!

Putting on my most temperate expression, I tried to coax her again. “Did your senior sister tell you that you can’t untie me?”

She considered for a moment. “Well. N-no but… I don’t think I should.”

“Look, you have nothing to fear from me. I haven’t even started cultivating and you’re at what, the second layer of the Qi refining realm?”

“Third layer.” She corrected me in a soft voice.

Externally, I didn’t show any reaction but internally, I was surprised. Reaching the third layer at her age was pretty darn amazing according to Liu Yang’s memories. “See. There’s nothing I can do to you.”

She seemed to waver so I struck while the iron was hot.

“Why were you hesitating then?”

“Senior sister said the first time would hurt… so I was scared.”

“If you untie me, I can make it totally painless for you? It’s not that I can run away with your senior sisters and your entire sect outside, now can I?”

“I-I suppose not…” said the girl hesitantly.

Clenching her teeth, the girl finally made a decision. “Good. I’ll untie you but don’t you dare try something funny. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I nodded as obediently as I could. Reassuring her again and again of my cooperation.

Walking up to me, she started untying my bindings.

From up close, she was even more stunning. She was a head shorter than I was and thus had to stand on tiptoes to reach the bindings on my wrists. Her breasts rubbed against my chest even as she untied the knots, causing her to blush from the stimulation while my blood flowed south.

As for what I would do after I was untied?

Escaping from cultivators with a mortal’s body? Wishful thinking. So, I wouldn’t even try.

My plan was very simple. These savages had no idea what true union was. Having lived a life of rape and pillory, they would have never experienced the power of true love.

Instead of running away, I would do just the opposite. I would conquer the mind and body of this innocent girl they had thrown at me and convert her to my creed. After experiencing true union, I was sure that she wouldn’t be able to return to the path of rape again.

With her help, I would show this sect full of demonesses the light. One girl at a time.

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