Kama-sutra Chapter 3

“Girl, what’s your name?”

“Cheng Lin.”

“Such a beautiful name. Like the sound of windchimes on a summer afternoon.”

“A-actually, it means forest. B-but thanks? Umm. You weren’t lying, right? About there being no pain.”

“Of course not. My word is my creed.”

“Oh… ok. What should we do now?”

Hah. Such an easy girl to trick. Easier than taking candy from a baby – not that I would ever do that. Anyway, now that I was free of my restrictions, I could set about showing this girl heaven. But before that…

“Uh. Could you put me down on the bed for a bit?”

It was quite embarrassing but, I was currently totally being supported by the girl as my legs refused to take my weight. Apparently being hung up on a scaffold by your limbs could cut off blood supply to them. Who would have guessed?

Every step sent pins and needles through my numb feet as they came back to life. It wasn’t all bad, though. Being supported by the girl meant that her soft body was in intimate contact with mine and even through her clothes, the feeling was heavenly.

So, of course my loyal brother in arms was standing at attention, waiting for Operation: Infiltration to begin. His heroic bearing and proud stature brought the girl’s attention and I could see her shooting appraising glances at him.

Well, I was expecting a bit more shyness – considering her behaviour till now. Then I remembered who she was. A demoness from the Yin Demon Sect.

Sex and sexual organs weren’t things she would be unfamiliar with.

I decided to test something. As Lin brought me over to the stone bed in one corner of the room and made to put me down, I ‘tripped’ and had to lean on her more. As she hurriedly adjusted her grip to stop me from falling, I brought my nose to her neck and took a deep breath. She smelt good.

“W-what are you doing?” she stuttered as she pushed me off her roughly and I plopped down on the bed. Ouch. My butt was protesting the abuse. Couldn’t they make these things softer if they wanted to lie on them?

Then again, noticing the conspicuous straps for arms and legs, I didn’t think the designers cared much for the comfort of the one lying on it.

“You smell great.” I told her as solemnly as I could. “Don’t say weird stuff!” she exclaimed even as she turned beet red.

Hah! I knew it. Even if she was immune to the sights and sounds of sex, her archaic sensibilities would still crumble before the might of 20th century sexual harassment.

We had several thousand more years to perfect our lines after all.

Now that I had her on the backfoot, it was time to capitalize. My legs and hands had almost recovered, with only the red chafe marks the ropes had left speaking of their previous situation.

Grabbing onto her wrist, I pulled the girl onto my lap crosswise. “Wha..” I declined my head and brought my lips to hers, silencing her. One hand went up, tracing the contours of her stomach before reaching her perky D-cup breasts over her diaphanous clothes. Cupping one in my hand I felt the soft warm flesh, firm but yielding. My other hand meanwhile travelled down and around to caress Lin’s buttocks.

Her body was stiff at first, frozen like a deer in the headlights as I pried open her mouth and my tongue invaded past her perfectly shaped teeth. It didn’t take long before she was melting into my embrace, her palms pressing against my chest as she gave in to the kiss.

Even though her gauze dress provided very little hindrance, it was a little too much for me and soon I had peeled her out of it, the task made simpler by the fact that it had been designed with the ease of removal in mind.

Kissing Lin brought the pleasant scent of her perfume to my nose, which I enjoyed as her lips pressed inexpertly but eagerly to mine. One of her breasts pressed into the palm of my hand. She yelped into my mouth as I squeezed a little. I enjoyed the elasticity of her flesh and the smoothness of her skin, her nipples, hard nubs that rubbed against my palms as I explored her chest.

I felt her shuddering with each caress, her thighs pressing against each other as the sensations travelled down. I could feel her nearing climax. The girl had to be the most sensitive partner I’d ever had.

I suddenly stopped all movement, causing her to open her eyes in confusion, her pupils unfocused, clouded by lust.

Picking the moment her thighs loosened, I reached down with one of my hands to cup her crotch, my fingers tracing the outer folds of her pussy.

Her thighs tightened almost painfully crushing my hand. I let out quite an unmanly shriek, breaking the kiss and hastily withdrawing my hand.

The girl was damn strong… I shuddered to imagine if it were my waist instead of my wrist when she tightened her thighs. I’d probably be half the man I was before the incident.

As I nursed my throbbing wrist, I idly wondered what the statistics were like for ‘death by clamping’ in the sect.

Suddenly, a soft body crashed into me and pushed me down onto the ‘bed’. Wincing against the pain from the impact on my back, I looked up to see Lin’s face hovering inches above mine, her eyes glittering in the light from the torches on the walls of the room. Her hair curtained down around her face, enclosing the both of us in an isolated world as we locked gazes.

“What was that?” she asked breathily, her words causing her breath to tickle my face. “You were tasting my tongue… t-then, my mind went blank… my heart was throbbing.” She grabbed my hand (thankfully the uninjured one) and placed it between her breasts. “It still is.” I could feel her heart beating hard in her chest. “What did you do to me? My body feels hot, my lower lips are throbbing and my heart wants to beat out of my chest. You said it wouldn’t hurt. But it hurts now. Make it stop. Please.”

Her last few words were almost a whine.

Although surprised by the exaggerated effect of a kiss on her, I knew what she wanted and it was something I planned to give her anyway. Just… I’d have to be careful of that monstrous strength of hers.

Thankfully, this new body of mine was much more resilient than the one on earth and the pain in my wrist had attenuated to a dull throb.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, and she let me, arching her back. Sitting up on my other elbow brought my face right at the level of her breasts and I flicked one of her rock-hard nipples with my tongue before lightly kissing it, sucking it and then biting it softly.

Lin groaned, the sound reverberating in her chest. I trailed a line of kisses up her chest, along her collarbone, up her neck and chin, before locking lips with her again.

This time her response was pure fire, giving as good as she got in the battle of our tongues. I found that her monstrous strength extended to every part of her body, including her tongue. But if she had strength, I had my masterful technique to rely on as I slowly but surely gained ground in the battlefield of our mouths.

In the throes of her passion, Lin tried to wrap her arms around me, but I was having none of that. Getting crushed to death wasn’t my idea of fun.

Pulling her hair sideways and pushing up with my other arm, I managed to roll her off me, to the side, face up onto the bed, breaking our kiss in the process.

Getting up from the bed, I pulled her up by her hand and guided her to the wall. “Put your hands on the wall,” I commanded and she followed, laying her palms against the stone.

Embracing her from behind, I reached around from behind and caught her chin, twisting it around for her lips to meet mine. With my other hand, I cupped her breast and squeezed hard, causing her to yelp into my mouth. Loosening my grip, I gently knead the flesh, the elastic mound deforming under my attentions. Her breathing grew rougher as my fingers found her nipple. I pulled on her nubs, stretching her breasts before letting them drop and she squirmed against me, her ass pushing against my cock. After so much stimulation, I was painfully erect. My member lay cushioned between the two soft pads of her flesh, every movement of hers sending spikes of pleasure from my loins.

I broke our kiss and inserted two fingers into her mouth instead.

Her tongue rolled around my fingers, licking between them at their base, sending shivers up my spine. Sometimes, I would scissor her tongue between my fingers, muffling her moans. Taking my soaked fingers out of her mouth, I ran them down her body, stopping slightly to circle a nipple before I laid my palm flat on her stomach and moved down, leaving a glistening trail of her own saliva behind.

Reaching her lower lips, I found them wet from anticipation.

My fingers, wet with her saliva caressed the sides of her hairless pussy, slowly drawing inwards, like a predator toying with its prey before the final strike. This time, I was careful to keep my hand out of the way of her clamping thighs.

She shivered in my grasp, her palms still laid dutifully flat on the wall. I could see the hard rock fissuring from where her fingers were pressing against the wall as they clenched from the pleasure I was providing her breasts and pussy. Her head was lowered, her eyes clenched shut, her hair cascading around her face as her teeth dug into her lower lip as she desperately endured my teasing.

Let alone her, I was at my limit with how her ass had been squirming against my cock. I decided to put her out of her misery. I pushed my ass back a little to break contact and let the feeling of my climax die down a little before I finally attacked her slit with my fingers, sliding up the moist entrance and flicking her clit.

The effect was immediate. Her eyes flew open and her head jerked back as she arched her spine in a toe-curling orgasm.

“Ahhn.” Her unrestrained scream of pleasure drove my arousal several notches higher and without warning, I entered her pink depths from behind.

Her moan rose several octaves at the unexpected sensation of my member prying her open and filling her up. I felt no hindrance except for the unnaturally strong muscles of her walls clamping down on me as they convulsed around my dick.

The pleasure was out of the world. At least, out of my previous world, and my body, despite my experienced mind, was a rank amateur. It didn’t even take me ten seconds to lose control and pump my cum into her depths.

Tasting the reverberations of my climax, I felt regretful, I wanted to explore the wonderful body before me a lot more. Sadly, it seemed that wouldn’t be possible.

But, I was wrong. I was thinking with my mentality from back on earth where I needed several minutes to recover from a climax even on my best day. I had forgotten that this was a new world and a new body. And that my partner was a cultivator…

Something like a icy current of air flowed into my body from hers through my slowly deflating dick. When it reached my body, it turned warm and spread throughout me, seeping into my flesh. I felt rejuvenated and when the air currents reached my dick, I was at full mast and raring to go for round two.

So, that’s what I did, pulling back slightly and then driving myself back into her. In my first attempt, I had only gotten a third om my length into her, this time I had loftier, or should I say, deeper goals. With every thrust, I drove myself a little further into her, until with a slapping sound of my waist hitting her ass, I had bottomed out.

Every thrust elicited a moan from her, sending ripples up the luscious flesh of her ass. Letting go of her breasts, I let them swing freely as I grabbed her hair instead and pulled her head back, arching her back and leaning back, appreciating the artistry of the curves her body created.

She was a treat. Visually and sensually. Even as I feasted my eyes upon her jiggling butt and her swaying breasts, my little brother appreciated the warmth, wetness and tightness of her insides.

Very soon, I was drawing near climax yet again. Judging from the intensity of her moans, she was too.

Letting go of her hair, I leant forward and laid my chest on her back, circling both my arms around her and grabbing her chest. Using them as leverage, I jackhammered into her rapidly as I grunted with exertion. Drops of sweat trickled down my nose and dropped onto her back, joining the sweat from her own body.

With a primal shout, I shot my sperm into her, even as her insides convulsed around me from her second orgasm.

The icy current of air appeared again, washing away my exhaustion and rejuvenating my tired muscles. I even felt stronger than I had ever been, like I could easily lift a 100 kg or run a marathon. In stark contrast, the girl seemed visibly weaker. The palms that could fissure rock with just a clench only left shallow indentations now as she panted, her legs wobbly from her latest climax.

My eyes flashed. If I hadn’t figured it out the first time, then this time, it was clear as day. I was somehow siphoning off her cultivation.

Two voices warred within my head. One told me to suck her dry and gain her strength. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t come here with the intention of doing the same to me. No matter how innocent she might look or act, she was a demoness through and through.

The other voice reminded me of my beliefs. I followed the Kama-sutra. It was the book of love, I had been lauded as the Love Guru, the Amorous Sage. Whatever she might be, she was currently my woman. We had engaged in congress. My dick hadn’t dried from her lust yet. How could I kill her?

And even if I did. What was I supposed to do then? Would the meagre cultivation of an apprentice cultivator be enough to escape the clutches of the entire sect?

I sighed and gently withdrew from her insides, my dick leaving her with a wet ‘pop’ as her muscles clamped down, reluctant to part.

Bending down, I swept her up into my arms in a princess carry.

Startled, she threw her arms around my neck with a soft shriek. As I walked towards the bed, she looked up at me, studying my face with half-lidded eyes, as if she was trying to burn me into her memory.

Sitting on the stone slab, I tried to set her down but she refused to let go, burying her face into the crook of my neck and greedily inhaling my scent.

I quirked my eyebrow. This… was unexpected. I sidled back till I was leaning against the wall, sitting cross-legged on the bed, and set her down on my lap. The only problem with this position though, was that my still-erect dick was pressing up against her ass. Such temptation, such sin.

I leaned my head back against the wall as I caressed her thigh with one hand and gently ran the fingernails of my other on her spine. She purred into my neck and rubbed her body closer into mine as if she wanted to merge with me.

If I wanted to survive, I had to get to the bottom of what had happened to make her act this way… and get as much as I could out of her about this cultivation business.

“Hey, girl. Answer some of my questions, will you?” When she didn’t reply, I bent my head down and gently blew into her ear, making her squirm and hug me tighter. “If you tell me what I want to know… I’ll give you a reward.” I tried again, throwing out a tempting bait.

She went still, then slowly withdrew her head from the crook of my neck and looked up at me with shining eyes. “Good.”

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